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  1. I stopped posting here because once I get the negative out, first by identifying, writing and finally by doing...I generally start to feel my mood lift, I start to feel better and want to post more cheery and upbeat posts. Which I feel awkward posting about here in the thread. I also took bikini photos this week in SL, first I’ve taken in a really long time. I went to an SL pool party and socialized and it felt really good. I guess I do feel like sharing that tidbit because I often will have to take action to make my mood lift and sometimes it’s done in SL. Hoping it helps someone else make a small step towards feeling better too, I guess?
  2. 3 RL including my current one. We met in SL and have been together RL 11 years in April. It was my only SL relationship. but now I want a chintz ground texture for a project...🤣
  3. So assuming it’s a bot avatar, block them, I guess. Since my notices like this in firestorm are set to not ever pop up, I just clear stray group invitations when I check and clear system messages and group notices. I have them all set to not just pop up, too distracting! The only time I get a pop up is if I click on something myself or for sim restarts.
  4. Mute and blacklist the item with the script in it? I also have my viewer set to not pop up group invites, requests to attach things or to be animated by things.
  5. Meetings are surreal in SL. Admiring my winter kimono sleeves in a decidedly not winter landscape. 😎
  6. Back from the New Babbage pool party at Brunel Hall, time to shower the chlorine and my spray tan off, take a sauna, meditate and go to bed. We had quite a bit of fun and I pushed Mr Pearse into the pool...AFTER he played my song request ofc. Music of the day: Black Swan - BTS. It is both easy and difficult to decorate in our suite at Angel Manor. Easy because you just look for (or make) the most elegantly styled things to add personal touches, difficult because in a 12 region royal palace estate, very little in the way of luxury hasn't already been provided for us by the family.
  7. This week my request would be (and I need to learn to make a JIRA I guess...) is ability to leave certain stores out of a MP search. One of my SL activities is costuming for Ballet Pixelle dance company. It would really make my searches so much easier if I could eliminate the shops/makers who make things that I know we will never use for costuming. I do use ‘NOT storename’ which works sometimes but not consistently, depending on the listing and keywords used. I am building myself a little page of search strings. But it’s a slog.
  8. Tropical archipelago theme! 🌴🍹🏝
  9. I usually use Maitreya body but I have always liked SLink hands and feet better, more options for nail length and coloring and this update, 2 more foot options. Since they are what I started with, I have SLink-only manicures and shoes I still like.
  10. Well today deserves a short video because I did indeed take a prisoner, one might say...does she look familiar? 😉 she did work very hard so I gave her lunch break.
  11. Then we wouldn’t have anyone to ridicule? what if the singularity never happens?
  12. When I joined the avatars looked less varied and I didn’t join to be something, I joined to explore and make things and see what other people were doing in there. That’s still basically why I’m here, these reasons at their simplest. Some days I’m human, sometimes a doll, I’ve been a butterfly, a colorful puppy, a peacock and anything else I can think to wear. I’m often invisible or lately, a wearing only a little sparkle poofer.
  13. I would restructure my SL hobby to not need such large land in areas with hiked up costs...and spend within my budget, same as I always have. I’m doing this anyway and I don’t have any budget cuts. Just because being right sized in SL makes me happiest. Aside from community, I asked myself about the extra land I was keeping in one place and decided to cut our holdings there by about half and dive deeper on everything instead with my projects there. I was spread too thin over too many things. I have a place to build in several communities and access to premium sandboxes in addition. I’ve learned to take out and put away my projects neatly just as I do at home, with a Gyazo folder full of snapshots for each and so also gone is any messy build platforms. 2020 is going to be a ‘less but better’ year for me to refine my plans and streamline my projects.
  14. I went to Greenies, most of AM Radio’s installations and I’ve been to Berlin. I have only been to Blueberry twice and Maitreya a couple of times and for redelivery only. I have worked through the Ivory Tower tutorials, been to ChouChou many times and I’ve bought their music as well. To my chagrin, I never got to see them perform in SL. I’ve been to Svarga and the Galaxy before they were added to the Preservation Society. one of my favorite things was Black Swan, art installations and parties along with commerce.
  15. Thanks, I guess it’s good to get a misinformation squashed. I’d just rather be coming from a more informed place instead of starting from a place of ‘I heard that....x’, and it’s something that needs correcting. side note that might need its own thread: I just wish there was a better understanding of low latency. I have some puzzlingly low frame rates sometimes but I’m moving fine and avatars and the world are rezzing fine, but then some days the textures I see are blurred and keep re-rezzing.
  16. Thank you very much, this is why it’s good to confirm, I’m sorry for my dis-information folks.
  17. Ok and for my alt, here’s a good one (somewhat Explicit lyrics)
  18. The kicker? I can tear this UP in karaoke. Dare me. I dare you.
  19. Are we playing ring toss then? I did not read the whole thread. I’m just here to say there should be some demonstrations. Feats of strength, some recitations, perhaps some other types of ‘manly’ displays that can also serve as the entertainment portion. I vote Scottish Games. With music to follow?
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