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  1. paraphrased, "funny and scary." see also: https://qz.com/quartzy/1439590/a-viral-typo-from-2009-is-the-perfect-word-for-this-spooky-funny-time-of-year/
  2. We go to one of any number of communities that are full of what appear to be living-breathing avatars, nametags, pop-up menu, the whole deal. They have profiles, seem to be real individuals, but they're in a semi-public region with many other such individuals and they're just frozen in place. And you know you're getting into the Experience when it starts feeling spooky. When you stumble across these empty full places- and they're usually public places with clubs and plazas and other businesses- what stories do you tell yourself about what is going on to stay immersed in the experience? We
  3. Here's an all-inclusive video thread for all posters to share non-PSA non-music videos that seem just too good to miss. Post animated and cinematic shorts, fiction and drama, or whatever. Please keep it to one item per post and one post at a time between others' posts by making it only the very best stuff on your screen.
  4. While we can understand the gripe that you feel the timeliness of your support experience was disappointing or didn't meet SLAs, and we can understand a post saying that you're frustrated how a period of technological transition can have awkward moments or take longer than expected, it's still hard to understand this seeming suggestion that Linden Lab employees specifically or workers in the USA generally have too much free time away from work for lives, for personal development, for inner enrichment, for their families, for rest and recreation, or that here and everywhere people shouldn't exp
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