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  1. Believe it or not, you just get used to it eventually because your expectations are usually amended pretty heavily as a matter of course when meeting and spending time face to face for the very first time with online friends, although maybe less so today with voice and video chat being what they are for some. But what you're describing was the same when going to MUSH meets in the 90s. I'll bet there are even historical antecedents to this online stuff.
  2. That's understandable, but for some individuals it may be because they're growing and evolving, or seeking, their authentic selves. In these cases, that's healthy and beautiful and perhaps even emblematic of some internal development. A rare and unique privilege to witness growth in a friend's life.
  3. Adapted this fully de-saturated version of my av, with monochrome outfit, and then made a black and white digital print in photoshop from the color snapshot. This was for an LEA monochrome-themed concert event around April'18 that took place mostly in high-contrast black and white. That was a magical experience.
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