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  1. While reading a book a second, third or fourth time may be entertaining, one seldom learns much from it after the first reading. My deep thought of the night. /me raises his glass of red and salutes you. I probably enjoyed Pep because in a lot of ways he's quite a bit like me. I'm surprised he got banned, but towards the end of my time hanging in the forums he was getting more combative than argumentative. Did Chris pass away? I'd heard he was ill. He was a real gentleman.
  2. "Literally" is literally a word I spank people for misusing
  3. My real name has no equivalent in Russian, so I took the name "Tolya" in Russian classes in college. Early on in SL I RP'd as a nasty Russian man, so it fit. Ugajin was just a name off the list (back when that's how you created your avatar) that I thought sounded cool. Turns out it's some sort of Japanese fertility deity, which is oddly appropriate, given my appreciation of Japanese rope bondage and of sex.
  4. Yep, that's the look. Now, add a bad goatee and change the glasses to thin wire rims and you know EXACTLY how I looked at you
  5. So, my post this morning about writing your own obituary seems to have squicked a few people out, so I'll try something a bit more positive. Share with everyone who in SL has had a major impact in your RL, changed you as a person, and how/why? I have 3 examples: 1: My SL partner, whom I shall be marrying in RL in a few months. The why should be self-explanatory 2: Scylla Rhiadra: This one is a little less obvious. Scylla and I are pretty far apart on most political and social issues (at least we were years ago) and one day she challenged my stance on abortion rights by arguing for them mostly from a conservative (ie. my) point of view. She made me realize that I had established positions on important issues without a sound foundation of values and beliefs from which to logically establish consistent and valid opinions. As a result I reexamined the fundamentals of my beliefs and drew some very different conclusions on positions on several subjects, and any time I come across some new controversial subject, I follow that process rather than taking a knee-jerk "well, good little conservatives take this position" stance. 3: I forget his name, actually - I think it was Pep or something like that, used hang in the old Forums a lot. Anyway, he was fun to argue with and taught me the value of googling anything you weren't 100% sure of, especially the meanings of words or proper grammar, a habit I now follow religiously in RL, calling out in a sportscaster voice, "Let's go to Google!". I now look a lot smarter than when I totally misused "penultimate".
  6. I'll bet your parents were constantly fighting over the thermostat! Слишком жарко! لا ، إنه بارد جدا! (I seriously hope Google translate got that correct!)
  7. Just gives her the "You don't seriously think I'm stupid enough not to have figured that out" look.
  8. Well, try this: 1: Change your password by randomly typing gobbledysnook into the box. Make sure the save button is off. 2: Send a "goodbye, cruel world" notecard to everyone you know, and to every group you have posting rights to. Immediately unfriend them all and leave the groups to avoid the "bye, Felicia" replies. 2: Find a dolcett place (if there are any still around), and have yourself be the funeral feast for your own funeral. I'll outmorbid anyone 😛 3: Log off, delete all your SL file directories and browsers. 4: It would now be far harder to recover your SL life than to create a new one, so you'd be as dead as you could get.
  9. Seriously, LL, your content blocker should be revised if it's removing parts of words like that.
  10. If that's the case, I'd like X-Ray vision and a universal translator that turns gobbleydee***** into the Queen's English.
  11. I'm feeling morbid today, so I came up with this as perhaps the first post I ever created. Perhaps it will get some ghosts to come out of the woodwork to write an obituary for former avatars, or it could just be a fun exercise for folks to talk about their lives in SL and what they'd want to be remembered for. Besides, reading obituaries is a sure sign we're getting old. Tolya Ugajin, age 84, passed to his reward Friday, succumbing to his long and noble battle with sexual addiction. This cantankerous curmudgeon had withdrawn to a hermit's life since turning 50, only occasionally venturing into public to buy adult magazines and proclaim "DOOM UPON US ALL! THE BORG ARE NIGH!" in the public square. He is survived by his wife, Huney, assuming she is still alive, as she has been seen even less frequently over the last 34 years. They had no children that Mr. Ugajin was aware of. Mr. Ugajin was best knows for his House of Ugajin library, art gallery, and den of debauchery and depravity. Rumour has it Prok is interred there in the ruins, beneath where the pink Saint Andrews cross used to stand. He was also known for hosting the biggest balls on SL. Funeral arrangements have been made for next Tuesday. He will be laid to rest in an abandoned field on Zindra. AC/DC has been hired to play for the remembrance gathering afterwards, which will be held at the Beaux Arts Gallery, Xaara. Guests are asked to make a donation to the Hillary For President 2020 committee.
  12. Shoulda checked the attic and the closet 😛 Besides, too many dust bunnies under your bed.
  13. For the same reason I go to McDonalds despite the service seldom being friendly. I didn't nothing they do is good enough. I said they constantly fail to follow through as promised.
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