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  1. Ху бол манай улсаас хамгийн том экспорт юм, гэвч харамсалтай нь Google Translate нь уйгур бичгийг ашигладаггүй
  2. 400 quatloos for the virtual Earth technology.
  3. Yes, Mr. Tracey, my middle-school English teacher, is likely spinning in his grave over that sentence.
  4. So, the question is... How much will I be taxed, when I meet my death, from CoVid-19 infected avocados, and my estate has to bribe the Church to bury me in holy ground?
  5. As long as it doesn't make SL more tasking to the average computer to run, I agree, it would be terrific. Imagine being able to hook SL up to your RL sound system during a performance by one of the better live singers in SL. Or how much better vehicles would be with good, realistic, sound. You, Sir, are a visionary.
  6. I'm not sure this is all quite accurate, although I'll admit in advance it's a distinction as fine as frog's hair. The thesis isn't that women are inherently inferior (beyond physical strength, which is after all basic biology) it's a bit more insidious, actually, especially from a feminist perspective. Free Women, in fact, are supposedly (stifles a laugh) held in high regard, even deferred to. The idea is that women WANT to be enslaved in this manner, and that submission is natural for them. Fighting against that nature is unhealthy for them and inevitably they relish being subjugated. On the other hand, I haven't seen much evidence of "the worst kind of abuse." In theory, Gorean men are not prone to cruelty for cruelty's sake (as opposed to, say, a sadist such as yours truly), and, due to the supposed (I'm trying not to laugh here) "scarcity" of slaves, they would, other than for disciplinary purposes, treat them as highly valued objects. Although, yeah, branding is a bit much by modern standards, and hamstringing your valuable property the second time it tries to escape seems rather counterproductive. Also, there ARE a small number of male slaves in Gor (including the books) - about ten times as rare as female slaves. And, as in BDSM, women also own slaves and. supposedly, Free Women treat female slaves worse than the men do. Anyone surprised by the stereotyping there? Anyone? Anyone at all? Getting back to that scarcity thing, possibly the silliest thing about Gor (other than the God awful dialog) is the economic nonsense a 1 to 50 slave to free population would be given the fantasy social and cultural structure. Any woman captured in battle would be a slave, all their descendants would be slaves, any woman convicted of a more than a minor legal violation would be a slave, random women would be enslaved on any number of pretexts, any daughter of a man who cannot pay his debts, or dies indebted, can be sold to pay those debts, let alone simple kidnapping...why would there be any free women at all? It simply doesn't make sense.
  7. Yes, but you will not die standing when you starve to death. There is an old saying - starving people do not care about freedom of speech. Or, " A hungry man can’t see right or wrong. He just sees food. ~ Pearl S. Buck " Not sure if you've spent time in China, but I have and it's hardly a nightmare. North Korea, sure, but not China. Most of the people I have met and spoken to there understand that they are not as free as people in the West, but they also understand that 30 years ago, their parents were subsistence farmers in the countryside and today their children will go to college and have opportunity to join the middle class, or better. That is progress, and significant progress, to them. And, it hasn't come from Communism, and everyone there understands this. Recognizing truth should never be thought of as disgusting, and recognizing the accomplishments of your opponents is not defending them. If you wish to provide a source for your insistence you cannot access SL form China, feel free. The only things I can find on it suggest you can, or at least could, as this is dated.
  8. Ummm ahhhhhh hmmmmm sorry, I cannot answer that. My johnson is screaming in pain - most distracting.
  9. ROFL! I do have kids (in their 20's now) but I never would have gotten them such dreck to read. They started with the classics - "Where the Wild Things Are" and "There's a Monster at the End of this Book" before being fed a steady diet of Conservative propaganda. (I shall be sorely disappointed if people don't line up to hit that softball I just threw to you out of the park)
  10. Several other clubs, including some owned by African Americans in the area, had the same dress code. The people chanting racism didn't bother to check their assumptions before they broke out the torches and pitchforks. If I own a club and suddenly wearing Winnie the Pooh pajama pants with Justin Bieber pink t-shirts while sporting man buns with hair nets while wearing purple Birkenstocks suddenly becomes all the rage with gay white men, I sure as heck won't allow them in my club, and people can call me as racist, sexist, and homophobic as they please. But, only if allow in similarly clad straight Asian women will they have a valid point - as in your example.
  11. I don't know much about scientology, but knowing how popular it is with Hollywood stars leads me to believe it's not something to take seriously enough to learn about.
  12. Goreans arguing over who is more "Truly Gor" is a bit like watching women argue over which of them has the largest phallus.
  13. More than half of all people in China now live in cities, and those who have made it above factory drone level lead surprisingly Western lives, thanks largely to the reforms which make their economy far more capitalistic. I'm reasonably sure you can access SL from China, but I never tried when I visited myself. I'm no fan of communism, but say what you will, the communist government keeps the peasants fed, which is better than what they generally had before.
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