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  1. only on the outside but the good news is maybe get some of your sl friends and have a decorating party within the allowed time !!!!
  2. wishing the owners and the djs and hostesses love and blessings of abundance hugs
  3. congrats to every one ,,,, i favor the campers ,,,,
  4. ok well what are the predictions for tomarrow ,,,, what areas trying to read do sl and make rl hubby dinner
  5. will there be a third release as well towards 5 or later sl time
  6. that is why itt is so hard for me to talk about it it is , when some have found out in my case and i was called ,,,,,,,,,, thank goodness for the medication the drs nurses , but even today ,,, the look you get or the whispers,,, you then just hide,,,, why in talking about mental health it has to be done with care and kindness , and thank you for posting the trigger notice that is important hugs hugs hugs , , see your dr see your therapist keep going to group and take your meds till the dr not your bbf, co worker tell you you do not need them ,,,, they have no clue as to what you are going through and most time family is clueless ,,, unless they are very close to you ,,, hugs hugs hugs to all and eat right but icecream is ok and hugs , and hugs and icecream ,,, yes i ama crybaby crying as i write this,,, this is so hard
  7. i am peeking out maybe i missed it but did anyone post about the suicide crisis hotline or resourses if someone is in crisis? or a local facility or drs or what ever,,,, this is very hard for me and yes my therapist gave me permission to post but be careful and only what i feel safe with. i am thankfull for the medications, and the drs therapists and nurses who at a bad point and faith though very shakie at that point when all i wanted was it to end , and evey day i move past that time but triggers bring all that pain back , and memories of things ,,,, why kindness is so important ,,, as my therapist said to me cruel words are the playground for abuse , words do not leave a mark on the outside of your body but the damage inside ,,, cruel words , taunting , baiting etc are all forms of bullying and that is abuse .......so please please ... when we do not agree can we do it with kindness and love and understanding and grace and compasion for words can never be taken back ,,,,
  8. will there be a total of three today ,,,, i know one was done and the next one mostly trad will there be a late one or just this next upcomming one ,,,, and about what time give or take
  9. what else is expected to be released and any guess about time
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