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  1. why we do not see the moles when they fix or are fixing the log homes ,,,,,,lololol had to post this ,,,,
  2. just chceked lp and NO LOG CABINS are showing ,,,, wow ,,, are they all claimed ? My hubby and i kept getting the same ones a few times they would work od and then bam stuck ,,, i wonder if it is the rotation of the one that seems when you do that one note we stay next to the mailbox so itt not due to being in the ome during the rotation ,, also if someone before put music or meida url in saw that that to be a common when we checked the options on the log home that did the knot up thing ,,, before you abandon clean out all your old info for the access information on the wall pannel as well important hubby saw it never clears out the past owners /// persons names that have been put in to access the wall panell their names are still there !!!! the systen not clearing them out that could also be a bit of the confusion ??? so go to access put a name in you have to hit use list as otherwise you will not be able to see it ten hit view list and if the previous owner put names that can acces you have to hit remove and manually type in all thoses names one by one and make sure it said they were removed as the chat said they were but wen checked again they w ere not so i think a couple of glitches ,,, we always check that now ,,, so that may be may be part of the problem the mail box saying new owner and the tall panell is getting confused and knotting up the houses and we hit the mail box first ,,, then check the wall panel so its not hit wall panel whn i a wondering if tht could be a bit of the issue the homes are having ,,, so hoping today we are able to get a new fresh log home ,,,,
  3. ok so waiting a few hours before i try again to get a log home hoping wit no glitches and watching the minion movie and the part came on and reminded me of the log house glitch so please no one take offense ,,,, and i love and respect everything the moles and every one have done ,,,, so hoping no one takes this little clips the worng way and just hope it brings a giggle in the mist of the crazy in rl and sl ,,, love hugs
  4. location armitage 146, 207, 53 that is where mailbox is so if someone can do it remotely . i will t back in a hour or so to see if its been fixed if not sending it into the pool so
  5. i thought by waiting a few hours i would do ok ,,,, nope got a house that all stuck together and in a region beginning wth the letter A ,,,, so a wasted try as i doubt any one is around to fix them on a saturday ,,,, so i think that when we get a bungled house it should not count ,,,, or start to post on the thread where they are so someone if any of the moles are reading thi tread could zip by and reset or whatever majic they do ,,,, and that is why alot get abandoned ,,,, so i will wait a few more hours , ,,,, and try again,,,,,,
  6. love the log homes and here we go again ,,, i was lucky to get a log home w a beautiful stream in the back ,,,I thought ,,,,wow forever home ,,,((( i gave up the boat saw there are not to many available and people still wanted them so i hoped to get a nice log home))))) ,,,, and did !!!! got it . looked great.... happy ... logged out went to bed ,,,, and up this morning to decorate..... BUT ,,,, i log in and my neighbor placed line of huge trees by using the invisible prim thing the tress trunk are on their property and the open space between homes so their trees are on their parcel and the middle space between the homes but all the huge branches and leaves ,,, willows reaching to the grown ,,, are all on my property from the road you can see the """" wow that neighbor is doing that !!!!""" taking up a good part of my lawn ,,,,,, i had this happen before and it was with the same avi , ,, so this time i sent in abuse report took pics ,, etc , not going to try to talk to them because i know how it went the last time and they were very mean and condensending i had to abandon then ,,,,,,,,,,,i do not expect it to get addressed due to the releases and the teams are busy fixing the stuck houses issues but this person has been in sl a long long long time and knows what they are doing , , sadly i abandoned it a bit ago ,,,, just sad a seasoned resident behaving this way ,,,,, but the log homes are great ,,,,
  9. lolol as a matter of fact my son told me all about the spagetti monster and he is a minister now ,,,, he has his colander and his certificate ,,,, and he still believes in GOD ,,, love the spagetti monster thing ,,,,, great fun ,,,,, and not offended ,,, thank you for the big smile ,, and laugh ,,,,, hugs and love
  10. as i stated in my previous posts ,,, to respect each others perspectives , what another believes in and part of that is reading listening to each other ,,, we all help each other and share our experiences that do form our own beliefs ,,,, NOTE my post above was just sharing a few important events ,,, and with that people who say what makes er believe in that ,,, well for me i only posted a few of life events ,,, just to share nothing more . as i read others reasons i felt it was ok to post mine . Sadly on both sides people are treated badly and ridicluled ,,,,, Regardless what one believes we are all in the same sandbox called earth so we can build with love kindness and understanding or destroy with hate and belittlement ,,,, we are responsible for what we personally choose , NO matter what one choses to believe ,,, the one thing we all share is love...and unconditional love ,,,, How every day i try to live my life The Prayer of St. Francis Lord, make me an instrument of your peace, Where there is hatred, let me sow love; Where there is injury, pardon; Where there is doubt, faith; Where there is dispair, hope; Where there is darkness, light; Where there is sadness, joy; O Divine Master, Grant that I may not so much seek To be consoled as to console; To be understood as to understand; To be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive; It is in pardoning that we are pardoned; And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.
  11. will there be any releases today or just enjoying the weather systems ,,,which btw are very cool and be awsome if they were kept and someone could start a thread on the daily weather report for all the different regions ,,,,
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