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  1. OMG I can't be on the same sim as you as you might get an anaphylactic shock.
  2. Reapit is when I try to use my phone in a bar.
  3. The eagel is landef. I reapit The eagel is landed.
  4. OK so there is a topic about lines what you hate. But what about the lines you like to read when somebody say hi to you? What should be the next one after heey?
  5. I read your past post and if I don't know that you are a bird you could be a guy. You don't need to know about gaming. Not all bloke are interested in gaming. And if you make time to time some sexist references and you will be fine. Btw: We (guys) not as bright as you would think (mostly). And nobody how is a male would think you are a female. Because why would you do so? Nobody will ask you to voice verify. If yes just say that your house hold is too noisy with the wife and the kids.
  6. Tin tin tin! How tells me his said it win a romantic meal with somebody how is not me.
  7. I really don't think that the colors are meching. Waaay to eclectic.
  8. As my old forestry teacher would say. " To get a head give one first." Or something like that. he was drinking heavily in that time.
  9. Those succulents not going to get enough light.
  10. Well I can spank you if you want. (No I won't)
  11. Can you write a bit more paler color? I'm still able to read it.
  12. No. I'm surprised that you find ppl how was able to read and understand most of what you wrote. As I see most "dom, master", etc are think the fallowing: me, me all about me, want want, me want, me, me.
  13. “It's beautiful," said Mort softly. "What is it?"THE SUN IS UNDER THE DISC, said Death."Is it like this every night?"EVERY NIGHT, said Death. NATURE'S LIKE THAT."Doesn't anyone know?"ME. YOU. THE GODS. GOOD, ISN'T IT?"Gosh!"Death leaned over the saddle and looked down at the kingdoms of the world.I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU, he said, BUT I COULD MURDER A CURRY.” ― Terry Pratchett, Mort
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