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  1. Turning RLV off to fix the leash could trigger "cheat detection", how that works and what it does varies from product to product (not all have). You might be lucky and the item has none. Have you tried asking a friend or friendly passer-by if they can unleash you. To put the RLVa menu back at the top. Advanced menu > RLVa > Develop > Show Top-level RLVa Menu
  2. Don't clear the cache. It doesn't go bad. Clearing the cache just means your viewer has more to download the next time you log in. Grid status : https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ Try logging in to a different region - "KARA" is a good one (A full, entirely empty mainland region).
  3. There is no vaccine here. Less than 5% vaccinated so far. Partner works retail in a high traffic store that was deemed "essential" right from the start (corporate & regional management evaporated and haven't been seen in a year). we have to wait till general public phase. 🤬
  4. The free to play economy was for the most part vendor/merchant supported, exchanging time at a location (etc etc) for L$. That's been pretty much obliterated by the SLM and move to shopping events. There is no incentive for those long term committed SL users to create L$ sources. Even back when those sources were a thing, there was nothing stopping industrious users making dozens of accounts. What remains is older locations, old content traps, scams, all of it heavily botted & multiboxed, exchanging huge amounts of time for literal pennies. Which probably isn't a new user experie
  5. Try not to get sentimentally attached to land or homes in SL. Half the fun is finding a nice place or plot of land and making a home. Your premium comes with 1024 sqm of tier. That can be used for a Linden home (which you can't sub let) or regular mainland (which you can), or any combination of the two up to a maximum of 1024 sqm (eg campers are 512sqm, so you can have a camper Linden home and a 512 plot of regular mainland somewhere else). The only thing you lose by abandoning your Linden home is that specific Linden home. You don't lose the teir.
  6. LL stopped telling us what they were doing in the datacenter about 10-12 years ago. Not quite the same thing. There is no reason to assume LL's datacenter operations were not proactively maintained right up to the very last day of operation, this includes cycling hardware and consolidation
  7. Can't really force rebuilds or hope for that it might meet arbitrary standards of "quality". Give people more prims, some will just rez more literal fullbright prims, some wont change anything because they left SL a decade ago and are still paying for the land, the rest of us will rez more hyper detailed gacha tat.
  8. I don't shop there. Simple as that. Thirst is not attractive. Someone who runs multiple sessions at the same time.
  9. Personally .. If i'm going to a store, I am there with the sole purpose of buying something or browsing with the intent to buy. A host of fake people (alts, multiboxers and yes, BOTS) crowded around a fishing mini game for token amounts of L$ or freebies informs me that the store is not infact popular for the products they sell. The products should sell themselves, if they don't, that's a red flag and I wont be wasting my time or money at that store.
  10. My avatar is not a character, more the expression of an aspect of my real self that I am choosing to indulge. The specific aspect changes and drifts over time in reaction to interactions with others. It's more or less me, depending on context.
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