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  1. But no one is going to roll up in FS and fall back to the official client when something doesn't appear to function. It's hard enough to get people to do that when validating actual bugs ... to the point they will actually lie about having tried it in order to skip ahead when resolving problems.
  2. Sounds like someone needs a spare afternoon and a large lego set.
  3. It worked ok for me too. I'm not suggesting a technical problem with the actual build, more of a general MOAP accessibility issue, disparities between how MOAP is presented in the various viewers and what hoops are required for people to jump though to make it work.
  4. Roblox has a wider demographic that just very young kids and it has a plan to grow the platform with the kids as they grow up. The idea is keep your son playing Roblox when he's 12 .. 15 .. 19 .. and so on.
  5. A single mesh object (made from a single mesh part) can only be scaled the same as prims. If you need to rescale part of a mesh, that part needs to be a separate mesh
  6. Bump & specular maps. Most mesh bodies come with some way to apply them, after that lighting. Shiny highlights need a light source, rez some lights, don't depend on the SL sun to do all the heavy lifting. Don't aim to capture the final punchy image in SL. Aim for a well balanced image that has plenty of subtle shading in the highlights and shadows. This gives you the most wiggle room in your photo editing tool of choice to adjust the final contrast. As an alternative to pixel editing tools like photoshop or gimp, give Raw Therapee a try - it's a free raw image processing tool int
  7. Tapestry of time is well put together and very beautiful. I only really have two criticisms - There are some huge transparent barriers around the central memorial that interfere with camming, which is essential when a build has abandoned all notions of relative vertical scale. And, heard more than one person expressing in local chat (!!!) frustration getting the media on a prim videos to work. MOAP really needs more design iteration.
  8. I was meaning engineered in a mechanics sense (and not really about the forums, forums are perfectly good at generating friction, right down to getting upset over passive aggressive reactions). Twitter for example has quote tweets , these only exist to put someone else's opinion in front of your own crowd to either riff or rail on it, and are very much a design choice on the part of the platform. The length of tweets is deliberately kept short because it prevents nuance. Twitter can be an absolute S-hole that has made an art form of interpersonal strife. But .. irrespective of everything
  9. Modern social media is driven by engagement. It's the primary metric of a successful platform. Every other platform generates engagement by pitting users against each other. Twitter with it's nuance free tiny messages and ability to quote tweet being the worst of the bunch. Facebook thrives on the modern equivalent of chainmail from that racist in law. Reddit is thousands of insular bubble communities just waiting to overflow and brigade each other. And in SL .. well .. we stand about in silence pretending everyone else is really active in IM. Grif is at an all time low. It's al
  10. Decentraland hype shows user numbers are irrelevant. Media doesn't care how many players a platform has, if they care at all , they care about how many it just gained. Who's winning, who's growing, who's doing something meta, who's spending crazy money. Steady state SL gains only one kind of coverage, the annual set piece OMG SL Isn't dead yet!
  11. We're going to have a lot more finical pain unless SL can show growth. The fewer of us there are, the more proportionally expensive things get.
  12. Growth growth growth growth growth. This one is going to be tough, LL haven't managed it in a decade going carefully, and without platform change, likely wont. I don't wish to sound pessimistic but no amount of Linden homes or tinkering with premium or land product stack is going to suddenly change SL's fortunes. Focusing on the new user experience implies sign ups still have terrible retention, although again .. tinkering with newbie island parrot isn't going to change that. There needs to be a step change in how SL feels. People starting SL for the first time have basic expectations (su
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