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  1. Not set up right .. group land not being deeded is pretty common. So you get the warning and nothing happens.
  2. Tilia came into existence to provide distinct legal mechanisms for exchanging money for tokens and back again, that was the part of the operation that was under scrutiny.. It has nothing to do with the L$ itself or how it's used. Tilia provides the same services to other platforms including VRChat. L$ are not money, they can be bought and sold for money. Cakes are not money, they can be bought and sold for money. Govt doesn't care about the cakes, they care about the money.
  3. Nooo non ono no noonon no. The L$ is a token. A worthless token. It does not have any govt oversight or any kind. It's not even on the same page as a crypto coin. See the ToS. It might as well be called gems or blasts or beans.
  4. There are many ways to find out someones alts. The easiest and most reliable being to ask them.
  5. Oh these forums, lol .. not a chance. Half the regulars are only here to troll each other within an inch of the rules.
  6. Lets so some MATH - Say you make a TREE - You spend one WEEK on the TREE - Sell that TREE for L$199 because that the price set by the market. How long does the TREE have marketable value, will LL release new tools that make your TREE TRASH before it has had chance to earn the required amount? How many trees do you have to sell to attain parity with a min wage burger flipping job? 1000 TREES with a 2 year shelf life? That's L$199000 ! A whopping US$796 for a weeks work, of which you get to keep 60% after Linden fees and income tax. US$477 total spread over two years. (Which is pretty terrible, and doesn't compete with the min wage job that will include a corporate rate healthcare plan and other perks. You likely need land to show off your items and that gets expensive fast for outdoor stuff) What if this tree is a DUD and it doesn't sell, for no discernible reason. What if the actual SL economy is event driven and you have two week in which to make 80% of your sales for TREE and they want L$9000 to book a stall. A bad stall off to the side. All the good ones are assigned to the event operators friends. What if someone rips off your TREE and sell it for L$50 in the weekend sales.
  7. Philip wanted to make a physical immersive VR haptics rig (which is is still perusing, see his YT channel). He did not dream up this mess. SL is what happened when his developers and testers starting playing with the tools while he wasn't looking. None of this mess was not on purpose. When it came time for him to put on his big boy CEO pants, he was charmingly terrible and didn't last long.
  8. Couple of points ... "this is a hobby" The workload required to make a thing has increased exponentially, so has the tooling required. Once upon a time anyone could rub some prims together and call it a hat, but not anymore. SL now requires industry skills, software and a high degree of competency with those tools. SL is also weird, so special knowledge of the platform is often required in addition. Things take considerable amounts of time to make, test and debug. As much as this might be a disposable hobby that could all close tomorrow for some here, it consumes the time and labor of a real job to make the content. SL business owners are often working 60 to 80 hours a week, just to turn out something you all think they should be able to make in their spare time while doing another job. "sucks to be them, they should get a real jerb" You do all realize the kinds of people who end up in SL right. The name of the place is kind of a hint. Some quit their real jobs to work here, plenty didn't have or couldn't have real jobs in the first place, and rather than wanting to support people who are finding ways to be productive and self sufficient...... Running a recognizable brand here is a full time job, and as anyone who has been self employed will know, when you work for yourself, you are never away from work. Try working where you play. The fun evaporates pretty fast. SL is a high pressure working environment with constant deadlines, customer service headaches and fractional incomes that can be wiped out by one person leaving a crappy marketplace review. Burn out is a real problem, no one takes any time off (because they can't). "everything should be cheeeeeep" Even if we increased prices by a factor of ten, it still would be cheap, and that's not what I'm suggesting at all. I'm suggesting that the L$ presents a high apparent value, and that this exerts a downward pressure on the entire economy. Also ...
  9. If they weren't called Linden DOLLARS and American DOLLARS maybe you would have a point.
  10. No I'm not. My problem is with the apparent value of L$ once in SL.
  11. That's your opinion, obviously I disagree. yet your input into the economy would be unchanged...
  12. Carefully ignoring the fact he has ONE hours work and in the example, every single person at an 80 person event tipped. We all know no more than 10% of attendees tip at all, and that events rarely run to 80 people. The cost of hiring a DJ for a real world event is more like $700 US for 3 hours of performance time.
  13. Say you were making clothing. Time from inception to store is about a week's work full time hours. You have to make the item, hand paint it 14 different shades and do 6 special patterns for the fat pack, rig it for 6 bodies, box art, documentation, set up huds and packages, list it and get up in a store or at an event. You keep 60% of the money you make after fees and tax and you get no paid time off, no healthcare, etc etc/ Still happy with a buck fiddy? He made $17 an hour for ONE hour. Is min wage (which is not a livable wage) really the benchmark here? How is he paying for his comfortable home.
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