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  1. I usually use a normal, boring, fully-covered, unsexy, human female avatar with realistic proportions. It is actually rather boring. I am drawn to unusual or different avatars though. I like the imperfect and consider it more approachable. The absolute best friends I've made inworld were made because I found someone I could talk to about more than fashion and expensive mesh heads (I use mesh head and body that no one ever sees because I never take clothes off). I enjoy the company of happy, quirky people. Long live the misfits and artists of SL! I never would have met my partner if
  2. Bleh, I didn't notice this was necroposted. Back to bed now.
  3. Maybe Bloodlines should focus less on achievements and more on role-playing. More cooperative roleplay between clans would add interest, excitement, and longevity. Less focus on numbers and collecting souls and titles which can get boring after a while. I tried bloodlines a decade ago and it was all getting numbers, more people to play and pay for stuff and barely any roleplay stories at all. Maybe it's different now, but the constant grind of filling a blood meter was tedious without a fun story. I don't want to join bloodlines again officially, but I'd role play trying to stake one if
  4. If there is anything I've learned in SecondLife over more than a decade, it's that no matter what you are looking for in your fantasy life, it is out there. I hope you find someone to play out your fantasy with. Maybe there are some groups inward you could join. There are baby girls all over the place playing out their fantasies. Don't give up.
  5. Perhaps hanging out around the campfire making s'mores isn't the cool and hip thing to do. /me passes @Akasha Sternberg a marshmallow and a roasting stick.
  6. I finally started my chalet decorating. It is harder to go completely rustic than I thought. No electric lights in the house or anything obvious just candles and lanterns, then I realized I had a clock on the wall and a refrigerator. Oh well, it's kind of close. After sending in an alt (a tiny fairy) to see if she had any potted plants in her inventory and then sending her over to buzz @Nando Yip while he tried to decorate while half asleep, I tried to focus on all the clutter and details that some of you are so good at. So pardon my bad graphics card, but I like it so far.
  7. This has been answered by others, but I have an alternative. I have a sound setting that lets me hear noise from the placement of my camera instead of equally from everywhere. As I get closer to things, the sound from them gets louder. I have chalet next to a windmill and I can barely hear it unless I walk right over to the base of it and it gets louder the closer I get. When I am camming around inside of it, it is fun (and less confusing) to hear only the sounds of things I am close to. I can cam around inside the windmill and stop when the sound is loudest and be close to whatever part
  8. Top houses AND landscape (because its a package deal): Camper Log Victorian Chalet Stilt Houseboat (this one almost didn't make the list at all, but I rolled one with some green around it attached to land and not just a sandbar) Trad (this one doesn't even make the list because I've never found one I liked) As far as the actual structure, I usually pick the smallest, 1 level, most open floorplan in the theme I have at the moment.
  9. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Drumlin Farm/24/20/0 Letting this chalet in Drumlin Farms go at 11:15am SLT. Not sure why I posted a link to a map that doesn't work. Here are some pics so you can see where it is - Region corner with small strip of undeveloped land behind it and a void region to one side. There is a very pretty pond out the front and only one neighbor so good privacy and spectacular views at the moment.
  10. This thread is not indestructible enough to handle all the personal attacks. They WILL lock it. I believe everyone is playing characters anyway. Some people are just really really good at playing jerks and then laughing about their perceived cleverness 🙂 None of this would be said to anyone face to face. It's easy to insult people you know you'll never see or meet in person. I really thought I would like the chalets, but I am at a creative loss about furnishing one. I want to go rustic and hobbity, but the interior of the houses is just so modern looking and paved roads and pa
  11. My one roll today got me a chalet in Drumlin Farm. Every house around me is owned by Governor Linden. I am not sure if it's been released or not, but I see the large waterway nearby. Edited to add that there is 1 other owned home in the region. Just one. All others appear to be Governor Linden's real-estate.
  12. Maybe, maybe not. My "Objects" folder has disappeared, so I have no idea if I got it. Chat said it was given to me.
  13. Me, too. Since I got one quickly and I don't want to crash the servers, I'll hold on to it for a bit. Besides I have to get a content pack and cycle through all the styles, and try with and without walls. My one hopper did me some justice today.
  14. Up until a year ago I was an octopus keeper and cold water marine aquarist. Now I work exclusively with dangerous dogs in quarantine and animal neglect cases. I would whither and die if I had a desk job.
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