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  1. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    *runs through and waves to everyone* Wait... *sneaks a dark chocolate square off Clover's desk*
  2. Crashing of Sims (A description of SL in verse)

    Even with all the annoying parts of SL, we continue to login over and over. We know (and sometimes celebrate) the naughty fantasies, the crashing, the failed sim crossings, the upgrades, and new features. Still we log in. We persist in this world despite what we consider the crude behavior of others and the calls for "teh secks" from random people. We celebrate or or denounce the drama that some people live for and try to thrust upon others forming teams of angry residents with like minds. */me types in her password and enters the fray*. We play our characters regardless of what SL throws at us. Judgements form in our mind of the intent of others and whether our LL overlords care about our individual peace of mind and we curse the technology. We still log in.
  3. The VaNiTy ThReAd

    You guys are all so very good at this vanity thing. I am in awe of your creativity every time I check in. I took an alt in the other day to take a Topless Tuesday pic (because Cinnamon would never do that) Wearing - nothing Hair - some new VIP gift from Truth Skin - ? Head - System head Windlight - something that didn't match the skin on my head to my maitreya body Editing skills are all Cinnamon
  4. Is this a griefer or just a plain idoit?

    I know you didn't get the answer and support you were hoping for, but your answer is in your title Is this a griefer No or just plain idoit? Yes You are in control of your Secondlife. Just mute/block/derender the idiot and enjoy your time inworld. Comparing an idiot blowing pretend flames at you in a pixel world to a real life rape victim will not help your cause. Someone flicking a pretend booger at you is not the same as someone shooting you with a real life bullet. I am sorry you had to deal with an idiot inworld. I wish it didn't happen. It does and a good way to deal with it is to just make them disappear.
  5. Looking for a young girl that loves lonely needy guys

    I first met Quinn 6 or so years ago. He is consistent and straight forward - what you read is what you get. At least he is honest in what he wants. People come here wanting to fulfill all kinds of fantasies. His has never changed. Better some fantasies are played out in SL than RL.
  6. Looking for a young girl that loves lonely needy guys

    *waves to Quinn* You'll find your perfect girl eventually. SL is full of people and your perseverance will pay off. Best of luck on your search!
  7. Log In Issues

    You could try asking your question in the Answers section of the forums. There are tabs at the top of the page (at bottom of the picture of people at a restaurant) Click the Answers tab and choose a section to ask your question in. "Technical" might be a good one to choose. People there will ask you about your computer, your connection, and which viewer you use. Good luck.
  8. Account security

    Just out of curiosity, where would I find those security questions? It's been 7 years since I joined and I have no idea what the questions are/were. I don't remember any questions when I created my alts.
  9. Where do you live?

    I live on the side of a mountain in Oregon, USA and my SL partner is Dutch (a more than 5000 mile distance closed over an internet connection)
  10. Just Ignore and let this one die

    The thing with emotions is that any of these can be positive or negative depending on the context. Love, awe, and ecstasy can be destructive in some circumstances. Rage, fear, and disgust can keep you alive. I don't have a favorite color or food either.
  11. The VaNiTy ThReAd

    Just bumping this pic up as a remembrance to a great guy with a great sense of humor passing too soon. For those of you who knew Sir Ian, his passing was announced here
  12. Just Ignore and let this one die

    First Aid and CPR trained for humans, but I've never had to use the CPR part on a person. I have used it on many animals over the years and is part of my professional training... Except those 2 years as an aquarist with the octopuses (they have 3 hearts anyway so which one would I work on?). The best medicine practiced for those 2 years were injections in goldfish and anesthesia for an eel operation.
  13. issue with inventory

    You will be able to find answers to your request for help more easily if all the responses are in one thread, so don't start another new one. Are you using the official Secondlife viewer? What are you trying to detach or add? Individual clothing items? Hair? Shape? Skin? Have you tried changing to a default SL avatar? Tell us a bit about your computer specs and what kind of internet connection you have. We would love to help, but we need a little more info.
  14. Avatar basics, what to know

    There is a creation Forum with Building and Texturing and Mesh subforums. I bet that is a great spot for your more technical questions. The people there are a great resources. Welcome to Second Life.
  15. I have no clue how shoes work annymore

    Are you using your old shoes from 7 years ago? I believe the old masking system using invisiprims is broken. The new masking system uses alphas to make areas of the body invisible. There might be a way to update your old shoes, but it might be fun to just go shopping and find new stuffs. @Rhonda Huntress you're our resident shoe hound. Can she update old shoes?