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  1. I am having a hard time coming up with something I want, but can't have. I lived a quarantine lifestyle before covid and don't like most people enough to miss being with them. I have shelter, food, clean water. Most of my bills get paid each month. I'm employed and kinda like my job. I have a few healthy grown up kids. My old laptop runs well enough to log in to SL. So, I will go way out there and say I wish I had enough wealth to be a professional philanthropist. Although, some of those good looking men that others posted would be okay (as long as they don't stick around too long)
  2. Releasing this nicely placed camper in Wolfington. Nice landscaping and really good privacy. 2:15pm SLT https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wolfington/76/24/0 ETA: Still in maintenance half hour later...
  3. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tawakoni/96/232/0 I'm putting Tawakoni back at 5:15 SLT. Here's a pic. It's the one with the green roof in the center:
  4. According to my teleport history, Leech Lake has been taken. I'll hold on to Tawakoni for the rest of the day, so feel free to click campers again.
  5. I don't decorate anything in SL or RL until December. In SL it is a tree, some lights, and maybe change the seasonal trees to a winter theme if I have that kind out (I have considered putting out a Krampus statue, though). I have had Belli neighbors who go all out with a foot of snow covering the entire parcel, roofs covered, fake cloud dropping particle "snow" on their houses, and lit up like Las Vegas. I consider winter to be December, January, and February. In RL I also have two new kittens. There is no way I'm getting a real tree. If I get a small potted one, they'll probably use
  6. I find they make really good neighbors. Quiet and keep to themselves for the most part. They never let their dogs run over to my yard to crap and never invite themselves to an afternoon BBQ, but are the life of the party around an evening campfire. The wine is to die for. To keep the speculating on topic - Castles and medieval styles!
  7. I keep looking at the map of the stilt area and thinking it might be too crowded for me (and my non driving skills) to navigate without ending up in someone's living room. Maybe I should invest in a minisub so I only hit the deck supports and save myself the embarrassment of jet skiing through your kitchen. Maybe a rowboat would be slow enough.
  8. I am okay with waiting until the release is really ready to go. I seem to remember a release where some sort of glitch happened and people got homes on the land page only to have the region restarted and finding someone else had gotten the home they thought they had. I felt bad for everyone involved - moles, Lindens, and residents. There were several different issues when the log homes released like double homes rezzed and issues with permissions on the homes. If they need to wait to try and prevent a few of these issues, I can wait a few more days. I'll probably be at work when the r
  9. Soooo, back to the abandoning of houses so others can have them... I've had this spot for a while. Decent Privacy, surrounded by water, a rez zone right out front on the sandy road. Sand Sand Sand. I don't really like it and I caught a camper inland that is surrounded by green and water. However, I figure other people might actually like sand, so I'll clean up after myself and let it go about 4:30pm. Feel free to check it out while Zerrine cleans up her stuff. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Soggy Shore/132/220/0
  10. I don't know. It could be a new hobbit hole/Medieval type fantasy house like in the old Linden home areas. For the door person here - I know it's not round 😄 Wasn't the next theme suppose to be notably different? I hope it's something besides just another squarish house with different siding. I am hoping for something really different. I can dream on the Peter Pan/Neverland theme, though. How many different home styles would there be? Tree houses, houseboats (like floating pirate ships 😜) mermaid homes, fairy glens, mountains, cave homes. It could be an updated Elderglen. If
  11. Caught this Vic a few days ago and finally had time to log in and see what I caught. It is in the middle of a lot of things, but you have the whole block to yourself and an amazing view. It'll be available at 8:30pm SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Huddleston/128/41/32
  12. I'd go for desert waste land if it included SL wind, random sandstorms and the occasional tumbleweed bouncing by. I'd really like some kind of modern or futuristic theme. I just got a houseboat (not my favorite style) and decided I would decorate in the least tropical/ocean theme possible. It looks like a space capsule inside with holographic plants and food rezzers. Now I need some kind of hoverboat to park outside.
  13. Just tossing out a pre-emptive "I'm not missing." I've been evacuated from my home due to wildfires. I have a place to go and places for all my animals. I packed the important stuff and have a plan. I'll be back when I can and hopefully I'll still have my home when it's all over. CInn
  14. Looks like a fun trip. Did you see some wildlife like alligators or snakes? I bet the birdwatching was fabulous. /me tosses a log on the fire and stirs the coals
  15. Enjoy your extra time in the real world!
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