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  1. This is my experience as well. It is rare that I run into a full kink situation and I rarely get propositioned. I often hear people complain about the adult content, but I go to clubs, live events, role play sims, stores and Adult rated places and hardly ever see anything overtly sexual and even more rarely do I see sex acts. Where do people go to see these things? I see skimpy clothes all over, but in SL where you can have your perfect body, I figure people want their perfect wardrobe, too.
  2. Update: The alt was not able to delete the URL and leave it blank. Each time she opened up the land window again, the URL was back and the music continued. I tried both a bad URL and http:// and both of them worked to stop the parcel stream. Thanks! Sorry it took so long to get back.
  3. Disturbed is playing in the background because some days you just need to scream
  4. It can only be replaced? Is there an URL for complete silence?
  5. There is a music stream on my alt's land. How do I turn it off. I tried deleting it. It just reappears. If I have to listen to that easy listening muzak for much longer, I can't be held responsible for my actions. I may have a music stream on my main accounts land, too, but I only just turned media on after years of blissful silence. Just to be clear I know I can turn my own media off, but I don't want to subject visitors to my land with THAT.
  6. Although I try to be understanding of newbies and socially awkward people starting conversations with just a "hi" in IM, it does get old. Shifting the burden of chat to me is destined to fail. I am no better at small talk in SL than I am in RL. If I get even a hint of a sexual pass, I'm out, but subtly. I ask them what they like to do in SL. The standard answers are clubbing, meeting people, live music, having fun with the ladies. That question is almost always returned to me. After I answer with attending science lectures, atheist talks, visiting art installations and nature sims, it's all over. Anyone who sticks around after that might be a keeper of a friend. The very rare occasion that my "no thank you" turns into attempts to insult with responses like 'you must be a lesbian or a guy in real life', I ask if that has ever worked for them. Does accusing someone of being lesbian or a guy lead a gal to trying everything in her power to prove you wrong? Has anyone ever agreed to sex, voice, or camming because you questioned their sexual orientation or gender? It's wordy and takes time, but it is effective and can be fun. Just "hi" is still the most annoying.
  7. I get bit, scratched, stung and knocked into walls by large animals on a daily basis, but I hurt myself mopping at home. Housework can be deadly.
  8. Your Monday is my Friday, so a good couple days of freedom ahead for me. I also get my stitches out today, so bonus! I'm thinking a long hot bubblebath is in order... Just have to make it through the day. Happy Monday to the rest of you.
  9. It is money spent for entertainment. Going to a movie can cost $15 USD and double that if you want popcorn. You get 2 hours of entertainment, no one talks, and then back to real life. That same amount in SL entertains for much longer. I love shopping, playing dress-up, decorating my little chunk of SL and rarely give a thought to who I should be interacting with or showing it to. Yes, it might occasionally be nice to have someone besides myself to show off a new outfit to or a newly redecorated house. (that feeling usually passes quickly) Not everyone is a social butterfly. Sorting inventory is relaxing, almost meditative, so spending time alone is enjoyable. If you are having a good time on your own, then you are making the most of your Second Life. That is exactly how it should be. It does seem to take forever to put an outfit together. I have to plan ahead if I do plan on going out in SL. My inworld experience sounds a lot like yours, but I add exploring nature sims and taking pics to the list.
  10. Slower than what I usually listen to, but I love the bluesy sound of this
  11. Why did I come here? Why did I stay? When I first signed up, I was sidelined with an injury that had me stuck at home for a few months. I was bouncing around on the internet one day bored and saw an advertisement for an online world. "Meet people from around the world! Make new friends! Create your own dreams!" Sounded good. I had a lot of free time. I lived (and still do) in a tiny town of 2000 very spread out, rural people. It is a very small window to the world that is out there. Very small. The idea of meeting people from somewhere else, anywhere else was a big draw. I signed up and logged in. I underestimated what I would find here... I don't remember where I first rezzed, but as a clicker-of-all-things I found myself in a busy infohub. Korea. It was total chaos, avatars everywhere, humans, furries, cartoon characters, blobs of snot (I kid you not). The language I heard over voice channels was shocking and it wasn't that different in local chat. I sat myself on a wall each time I logged in and watched and listened and tried to make sense of what I was seeing. There was a sandbox there at the time so I played with my avs sliders, found freebies, tried to make things with the building tools. I never asked for help. I kept going back to the same wall and sitting there in the midst of the chaos. I did meet people that were very different from myself - a furry in a diaper who always wanted to cuddle, several vampires who actually stayed in character, a young woman who was really a guy and was honest about it, people who seemed to have nothing better to do than scream and call people names, people who enjoyed discussion and debate, people from all over the world. I laughed, I was shocked, I saw something different every time I logged in and started recognizing a few regulars. I tried other info hubs then found the search feature and discovered even more - beautiful builds, art, science, music and dancing. Over the years I have learned a lot about computers and technology, I met some amazing people, I learned to build simple things with inworld tools, I gained new skills and my very small world expanded, and I learned about different people and cultures and that not everyone is honest or kind, but most people are. Today Korea is abandoned. I still miss the chaos and bustling activity of newbies, oldbies, and trouble makers. I spend a lot of time alone, but that is just my personality. When I have the urge, fun is just a dance club or live music venue away. If I feel social, I have groups I can check into to see what's going on. Why did I come? "Meet people from around the world! Make new friends! Create your own dreams!" Why did I stay? Because that is what I found.
  12. Popcorn and a favorite movie? Netflix and chill? Borrow a puppy from someone? An afternoon playing Super Smash Bros? A trip to the zoo? Hiking outdoors? Finger painting or ceramics? I don't know what kind of funk you're talking about so hard to come up with ideas.
  13. Unless you plan on being naked, the male mesh bodies don't improve a look much. I have been attempting to put together a male avatar and it is not easy for me. The mesh clothes were a huge improvement over system ones, but since the clothes I chose are mostly long pants, long sleeves (a few t shirts) and the avatar always wears shoes, no one would really see a difference. Things people do notice are hair, a mesh head (which I don't have for any of my 5 avs), windlight for taking photos, and a decent looking skin. So, meh, on the investment in the male mesh bodies unless you are hanging out topless in a speedo on the beach or your new hobby is pron pics. You have a fine looking avatar, but if you are looking to update it, just demo some hairs and see how it goes.
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