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  1. Zena had Ziptie!!! HAHAHA Some of the moms already had names, but not all. I'm going to pass this list on to her!
  2. Real Life funny: I know most of you are city folk. I am not. My sister in law is a sheep farmer and it is lambing season. 18 babies and a few more on the way. She was going round and round trying to come up with names for all the new ones before she came up with a fun theme, until... Finley had Finlet Eevee and Evette Annie had Annette She stopped when she got to Magby had Maggot. She's still trying to come up with names.
  3. Not even to hear a grudging "you have a point, but?" I hate typing on my phone. I really like the new direction of this thread. What are you reading today? My closest book at the moment is HG Wells The Time Machine.
  4. I have to work today, but I will address this when I get home tonight. I didn't want to just dismiss it.
  5. Just to add really quickly that is takes a certain amount of arrogance to think that I just must not have understand you the first time, so you just have to say it again and I'll agree. Disagreeing for a discussable reason is not the same as being offended and saying it expecting others to change because someone didn't like that something was said. That was a painful sentence to write. I hope it makes sense.
  6. I am tired of seeing people enter a thread not to add to the discussion happening, but to just say how offended they are. What is the intent of the person entering if not to stop the discussion? I couldn't care less about tone in a written platform. <-- this idea is not new for me, but goes back on the forum for nearly 10 years. Tone is subjective. @Beth Macbain it is not sudden or new. You can look at my posting history for proof. It is too bad that you took this as a personal attack. It wasn't. No one person was singled out. I was careful not to, in fact. What was singled out is the idea that someone being offended is enough to stop a conversation. This same idea has been brought up at least 3 times on different threads and each thread had disgusted and insulted people saying the idea should not be up for discussion. I take offense at that not at the person.
  7. I am not fussing at anyone. Then is this a question of miscommunication? I thought it was for this entire thread. A few people have come in, read it, then proceeded to say they were offended and this shouldn't be discussed. Nothing is directed at Selene. I did not call a person out, but the idea that this can not be discussed.
  8. Nope, I reported it 10 minutes after he posted it. That was a jerk move for personal profit.
  9. It is in a thread with funny Covid-19 memes. Yes, it's related to every other post.
  10. Okay, so no discussion on providing alternatives for communicating or socializing?
  11. Sure. Okay. If you don't have an opinion on why this post shouldn't exist, it's okay.
  12. No one is making fun people who are ill, dying or dead here either. "Bring out yer dead" No one has to spend money here either, but if it is a side effect of offering the platform as an alternative communication method, then it is. Now if someone had suggested raising prices to gouge others, then even I would have said it was a bad move. Do you guys really think that this discussion should be censored and everyone who commented should be shamed?
  13. It's okay that you are repulsed. I am enjoying that thread. (there is another response in between because we were both tying at the same time) What I don't get is why that is acceptable and this isn't.
  14. It's an honest question. I really don't understand the difference. The people coming in here to try to shame people into not having this discussion are over in another thread laughing about the same thing. I am really enjoying the Make me Laugh thread. Just wanted to say that.
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