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  1. I thought this would be keeper, but even after decorating, I'm not feeling it. Seaside Vic going back https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Reston Laurels/196/96/0
  2. Letting this camper go in a couple minutes. Good privacy, lake across the street and small pond behind. (the yellow one) https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Huney Junction/140/172/0
  3. I find myself hoping the new theme will just be beachy, so I can hang out, stress free and wait for nice abandons in log or vic regions. I've never liked the beach. BUT if it a lush, buggy, misty swamp, I'll have some hard decisions to make. I'd love an alligator or cotton mouth in my yard and lizards crawling up the side of my house (I'll skip the roaches in my corn flakes, though). I want to sing Jambalaya (on the Bayou) at the top of my lungs while poling my pirogue down the waterways... Okay, it's just a dream, but still. I started singing that song at work today and realized no one knows it but me. 😪
  4. Caught this one this morning, so I thought I would let it go at night. Nice spot for a Vic. Small public area with benches and willows behind the house leading down to the water. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dombey/24/232/0 letting it go at 9:45 SLT
  5. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Quelzarana/160/188/0 Putting this log home back in a few minutes. If you choose the Grand View it faces the water.
  6. Why would someone choose a cabin in the woods and cover the entire parcel with decking? Why pave paradise? You're in the woods. Go sit in the dirt. Why would someone choose a houseboat and then cover the parcel with fake land? Just get a spot on land and save yourself the trouble. Why do people put lag inducing, breeding farm animals on tiny parcels in suburbia like they have a farm? Geez, put them in the sky somewhere. That huge boat you rooted on your parcel then placed in the water far outside your parcel boundaries as a decoration is not convincing because the water is a very small pond that's not much bigger than a mudpuddle and your sails block everyone's views. Okay, done bitching now
  7. This is nice! It always amazes me how other people see their inworld. I did however think that the How Do You Look Today thread was for raw shots and The Vanity Thread was for those who do editing. I realize it didn't turn out that way and super-processed photos are in both threads. Every photo I've ever posted anywhere in the forums is raw. Here's Z at home:
  8. Since I got that ocean front one, I'm going to put back this pretty spot on a river. I've had it for a month and only decorated the outside. It just hasn't gotten my creative juices flowing and I want one hopper to check new stuff. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tivoli/192/132/0 Going back at 5:30 SLT
  9. Thanks! I'll stop chasing my tail now. Lovely spot. I've never had ocean front before.
  10. I should know to just peek in here first, but I just kept clicking and wondering why I couldn't check out the Vic on the land page... Stuck, huh? Oh well...
  11. First you need a skill to offer someone. What skills do you have? DJ, musician, CSR for a store, hostessing events, if you emote well there are escort or stripper options, can you build or create?
  12. Same thing I look for in a friend except I have a preferred gender appearance for certain relationships. I look for someone that can hold an intelligent conversation, has a good sense of humor, and shares some important similarities in personal and world views. I expect communication to be a two way street. I want a partner who is confident, but not cocky. They would be encouraging and challenging and exciting, but also able to chill and do their own things as well. I prefer someone who has their own life, so they don't expect me to entertain them constantly or spend every waking minute with them. Mr. Perfect should be comfortable and confident enough to let me go out alone and have a girls night out and have male friends without feeling threatened. A good relationship has enough trust to allow freedom of movement and association. I am not expecting a partner to have the latest mesh body or even a human form. The person behind the screen is what I want. Luckily this is SL. No matter what you want, it is probably out there. Some people want a great looking partner and won't settle for less. Some people like to have several partners while others want monogamy. Some want a person to spend all their in world time with. Others are here for whatever personal fantasy they want to live out and gravitate to niche groups like furries, tinies, BDSM, aliens, animals or whatever. "What are you looking for in a potential partner" will get you an infinite number of answers. Thank goodness for that.
  13. In addition to the requested hug emoji, we also need a groan emoji for all the dad jokes and amazing puns. This doesn't seem appropriate: 🤦‍♀️ Maybe this https://giphy.com/gifs/moncho-3o7WIMPobHmxGPnYre
  14. I do this as well. It takes a while sometimes to decide if I want a certain location. It is how I decided I didn't like a certain cabin style. The one with a back porch and windows that open by lifting from the bottom. Yes, I open windows and doors and peer out at views to see if it feels right. I NEVER put a photo in the land window, though. I wish that was auto-deleted when property is abandoned.
  15. Ugh!!! I am still surrounded by unclaimed parcels. I wish I knew how they decided to offer up the new regions.
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