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  1. I live on the side of a mountain in Oregon, USA and my SL partner is Dutch (a more than 5000 mile distance closed over an internet connection)
  2. The thing with emotions is that any of these can be positive or negative depending on the context. Love, awe, and ecstasy can be destructive in some circumstances. Rage, fear, and disgust can keep you alive. I don't have a favorite color or food either.
  3. Just bumping this pic up as a remembrance to a great guy with a great sense of humor passing too soon. For those of you who knew Sir Ian, his passing was announced here
  4. First Aid and CPR trained for humans, but I've never had to use the CPR part on a person. I have used it on many animals over the years and is part of my professional training... Except those 2 years as an aquarist with the octopuses (they have 3 hearts anyway so which one would I work on?). The best medicine practiced for those 2 years were injections in goldfish and anesthesia for an eel operation.
  5. You will be able to find answers to your request for help more easily if all the responses are in one thread, so don't start another new one. Are you using the official Secondlife viewer? What are you trying to detach or add? Individual clothing items? Hair? Shape? Skin? Have you tried changing to a default SL avatar? Tell us a bit about your computer specs and what kind of internet connection you have. We would love to help, but we need a little more info.
  6. There is a creation Forum with Building and Texturing and Mesh subforums. I bet that is a great spot for your more technical questions. The people there are a great resources. Welcome to Second Life.
  7. Are you using your old shoes from 7 years ago? I believe the old masking system using invisiprims is broken. The new masking system uses alphas to make areas of the body invisible. There might be a way to update your old shoes, but it might be fun to just go shopping and find new stuffs. @Rhonda Huntress you're our resident shoe hound. Can she update old shoes?
  8. I dont use the official viewer, but the one I do use has a "move lock" button as an option. I have incidentally clicked it and spent ages trying to figure out why I wasn't walking, running, flying even after a relog. Perhaps you have the option as well.
  9. Happy uh, let me check... Friday! Need more coffee <3
  10. Try searching for "public sandbox" either inworld with your viewer or here on the website from your dashboard. You will get a nice long list to choose from.
  11. If you bought them off the Marketplace, they will be in your "Received Items" folder. If you bought them inworld, they are probably in your "Objects" folder. If you still can't find your purchase, try using the search bar at the top of your inventory and search for the name of the item you bought. There are tutorials for opening your boxes when you find them.
  12. Usually simple is best. Easy. Predictable. Point A to point B on the straightest path possible. Get things done with the least amount of drama. But I'd be lying if I said I don't occasionally revel in absolute chaos. The excitement of it, anticipation, puzzling out and untangling the threads of turmoil and bedlam - just getting right in the disarray and bedlam and rolling in it until I'm enveloped. So, I would live simplicity and visit complexity, but I am much more passionate about the chaos. How's that for a non-answer?
  13. I personally don't care what gender anyone thinks I am. I have nothing to prove, so people can believe what they want. I don't require a voice or cam to prove who you are either. You are what you present yourself to be in SL. You want a female avatar today and a male avatar tomorrow and a horse avatar on Tuesdays? Okay. I will change the pronouns to fit who you are when I see you. Problem solved. No you can't tell who is male or female by their avatar or their choice to cam or voice. The real question isn't why would a guy play as a girl - it's why does anyone care what another person chooses to be?
  14. I'll pop in, but it will be later 6 or 7SLT Is it come as you are or is there a theme?
  15. I met my one and only partner in an info hub just a few months into my SL. He TP'd in and pulled out this fully masculine RP character asking who was in charge and who to talk to about about all the "cold womenz around here'. I laughed at him and he laughed back. His RP roles still make me laugh, but the guy knows how to stay in character. 6 1/2 years later, I still find him fun and entertaining and he is my best friend. We now interact more outside of SL than in. Seems like searching for a relationship never leads a lasting relationship. I do hope you find your perfect partner. He/She is out there somewhere. In the mean time, enjoy the friendships you have and maybe join some groups to find people with similar interests.