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  1. I definitely prefer text to voice. That way I can review what I typed out before I hit enter. I have a chance reword anything I think doesn't sounded right or may be misinterpreted. That's not a fail-safe, of course, but at least I won't blurt out something completely inappropriate. I have used my mic a few times, however. That being said, I don't mind hearing others use voice. I don't talk on the phone in real life unless I have to. The ringer isn't even on. I rewrote this short post 4 times, changed the wording and order of the sentences, fixed a spelling mistake, added another sentence, deleted a different one. It may be best if I just don't try to hold an actual conversation. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. The things I have learned in SL would fill a book. I had no idea what a T-girl was until I entered SL either. SL is an education if your world started out fairly small.
  3. What am I listening to today? The radio as usual - 94.7 Alternative Portland. Some of the best music I've heard though I found in this post and I listen to everything. My exposure to world music is here since the town I live in is very small. The oldest songs on the old iPod are bluegrass rerecorded from the 1800s and all the way to music I heard on the radio last week. My true love is metal, but it's all great. Last 10 songs on the radio playlist:
  4. Darn, I was going to check out what groups you are a part of, but your profile is set to private or friends only. I wonder what groups guys think they'll get lucky in. Still, you have to admire the perseverance of a phishing trip into the members of a random group. ๐Ÿ˜‚ (fellow Oregonian)
  5. /me raises her hand for the 40+ crowd. Most people I meet claim to be 40+ unless I happened to be craving the chaos of a busy infohub and stopped by to observe. Many of the people there seem to be under 25. It would appear to be unusual by the comments in this thread, but most of my friends present themselves as straight males. They are lovely and intelligent and can hold a conversation and my interest for more than a few minutes or a dance. I get very few just "Hi" messages, so I have to wonder where people teleport to have that kind of thing continuously happen to them. Is it music/dancing venues? Sandboxes? Shopping sims? Anyway, the 40+ crowd is active in SL and I enjoy it immensely โค๏ธ
  6. I finally got a camper and had to scramble to get holiday decorations up to keep up with the neighbors. The inside didn't get the holiday treatment, but I do like this little camper.
  7. It's no surprise or secret that I have no imagination. It is also no secret that I use my real life first name. It's easy to remember and I can spell it correctly nearly every time. I might have been more creative with a name if I had known what I was getting into, but I had no idea what to expect and just jumped in.
  8. SL things to be grateful for: The chaos of an infohub Slow rezzing clothing after others teleports The ability to meet people from other places I will never travel to see Live music My partner Sosumi Antigravity skirts I can do a handstand in The ability to learn something new each time I log in The chance to find fancy clothes that look good on my avatar Physics that always make me laugh I can fall out of the sky without a parachute and not get hurt Dancing animations so I don't trip over my own feet
  9. /me taps her foot to the rhythm of all the manly music and adds her own contribution to the stereotypes even if it doesn't attract more men to SL
  10. I read the criteria that the women here think should be in a Manliest Man contest. It's all good stuff, I wonder what the guys here think a manly man should be. What do men think is manly? I see quite a few men inworld with the big arms, small head, tattoos look. I also see the ones who dress impeccably in 3 piece suits, nice shoes, perfect hair. There are plaid donning , boot wearing, manicured facial hair hipsters. I figure that is what they each consider the ideal man physically. SL is a very visual platform, but I find my idea of the manliest men criteria is in their personalities and temperament. I'm not sure there is a way to have a personality contest, but I'm willing to take a look at all the photos that the men see fit to post. ๐Ÿ˜
  11. I picked a few comments out because they stood out to me. Our opinions are based on our experiences. I've met very few men who only came here to have sexual relations with real life women, but I'm sure there are a few. The vast majority of people I've met are here to experiment with something other than what they are. They're here to live a different life. Do you really think the only way to attract more men is to take that anonymity away? That alienates the men that are here to try something else. You've just lost all those men. SL would shrink. I suppose the Lab could make a new marketing scheme where they advertise "SecondLife! Where you can only be a man if you have proven you are one in Real Life" or "SecondLife! Where you can only play as a woman if you are one in Real Life". I don't think that will attract more men. What about the vampires, elves, furries, tinies? What about Roleplay? Sorry, you can only play as what you are. Everyone else has to leave. SL shrinks. If SL required gender/species verification to play, just so a few men lacking confidence could know they were talking up a real life woman, men would actually leave. Women would leave, too. Not much of a world left. No imagination. No creativity in appearance. SL shrinks. Better to just create a small group for them where you can only join if your gender is verified. Maybe it will attract just those few men who are scared of accidentally running into a man playing a woman. Edited to add: Was the question How to Make SL more welcoming to cis/het men?
  12. As far as I know she is still DJing inworld, but I haven't seen her in quite a while. *waves* It's been quite a while since I've seen you as well
  13. Oh my gosh I remember Redzone now that you mention it. That was quite the drama for a while and I am glad it is gone. I know there are old threads on it here in the forums. The other vampire role play system I couldn't remember the name of was called Progeny. It was different because you didn't opt in with a bite request. You never even knew you were bitten, but your SL name, possibly IP address, and who knows what were stored in a server somewhere out of SL. The players thought it was more immersive because, "Would a vampire really ask permission to bite a person?" The opposition said "You can't bite me, steal my soul, and kill me without my permission." I have no idea if it is still around.
  14. I've tipped a store if some time was spent on making a great environment. If I spend time outdoors taking pics or enjoying the scenery and I didn't buy anything, I'll leave a tip for the entertainment value.
  15. I tried for a bit in my first couple years in SL, but I am extraordinarily bad at RP. I just can't let go of reality and be someone else. Must be my lack of imagination. Logic with a lack of emotion isn't much fun for others, but I can describe the contents of my backpack until you fall asleep.
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