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  1. Just Ignore and let this one die

    Popcorn and a favorite movie? Netflix and chill? Borrow a puppy from someone? An afternoon playing Super Smash Bros? A trip to the zoo? Hiking outdoors? Finger painting or ceramics? I don't know what kind of funk you're talking about so hard to come up with ideas.
  2. Virtual Eye for the Geek Guy

    Unless you plan on being naked, the male mesh bodies don't improve a look much. I have been attempting to put together a male avatar and it is not easy for me. The mesh clothes were a huge improvement over system ones, but since the clothes I chose are mostly long pants, long sleeves (a few t shirts) and the avatar always wears shoes, no one would really see a difference. Things people do notice are hair, a mesh head (which I don't have for any of my 5 avs), windlight for taking photos, and a decent looking skin. So, meh, on the investment in the male mesh bodies unless you are hanging out topless in a speedo on the beach or your new hobby is pron pics. You have a fine looking avatar, but if you are looking to update it, just demo some hairs and see how it goes.
  3. Looking for friends who won’t judge me or my past.

    I thought we were all Maddy's alts.
  4. Artist Creates Attractive Male Avatars

    I definitely find the second one more approachable. He is a little different giving me something to start a conversation with. Where is he going all dressed up? What secrets does he have? Maybe he has other accessories like a cane to ask about. Does he RP? /me checks his profile, groups, and picks for a conversation starter. The first one, by superficial looks alone, holds no appeal to me. I have already decided he is as deep as a Ken doll. Hang loose, dude! I have nothing to start a conversation with. He is carrying a surf board, ready to hang out on the beach with a beer and bikini clad woman. (I hate the beach) /me might check his profile for confirmation of my initial response. I recently made a male alt and made him to be what I consider MY ideal look. He only gets hit on by other men. No woman has ever started a conversation with him.
  5. Looking for friends who won’t judge me or my past.

    So, you're using the same avatar, going to the same places, seeing the same people and you want the same friends. If only there was some way to give all the avatars you know to mass amnesia. I'm all out of stupid advice. You have to want to help yourself because you can't force others to change/forget for your comfort.
  6. Looking for friends who won’t judge me or my past.

    @Ashlyn Voir you mentioned you were tired of being outted. Have you already made some alts? If so, how are people finding out who you were? Making an alt to start over only works if you start over. That means you do NOT go to the same places, you do NOT contact the same old friends. New alt, New Secondlife. No one knows you or your past mistakes or drama. No one. It may not be as easy to start over as you wish it to be, but someone you are contacting is telling others who you are or were.
  7. Racist 'Bots' Impersonating Me

    I was in Clyde. Many rentals there, but none of them Ravenglass.
  8. Racist 'Bots' Impersonating Me

    An alt received this today from a one day old avatar: Rent from Ravenglass Rentals today! In business now in 12th year with mainly Mainland communities. Self-service rentals, open group to start building, no waiting, refundable! FREEDOM! #MAGA community. Muslim-free zone! IM me to add powers to ban, media etc. Your abusive IM is permission to publish your chat. Best regards, Prokofy Neva (Manager, Ravenglass Rentals). AR'd, but I don't know what else to do for you. Best of luck.
  9. Lemme See Your Linden Homes! ♥

    I have an alt who uses my Linden home. It is on M land, so I have removed some of the *ahem* questionable furniture for the pic. She uses 88 of the available 175 prims for this parcel. Added spiral staircase and second floor and the vined pergola outside on the deck. If she turns down draw distance, she has no neighbors.
  10. Violence in Second Life

    There are plenty of people (a majority it seems some days) in SL that have emotional or mental health problems. Still NOTHING compares to a real life physical assault or rape. Something may trigger a memory, but unless you have lived through it, you have no personal comparison. Maybe there are people who are too fragile to be in this kind of platform or who can not separate reality from the cartoon world. There will also always be troublemakers in SL (see BillyJo Aldrin above ) We have all read posts of people who will argue forever that they have really been assaulted in SL and "someone should be banned!!!" and "I want justice!" and "WTH is The Lab doing to protect me?" It may be in the best interest of some people to not log in.
  11. Violence in Second Life

    I hope no one is susceptible t that kind of emotional harm, but just to help the OP out: When I was 1 month into SL I met a very lonely avatar named Quinn (not saying his last name) I was tricked onto a pose ball thinking it was dancing. As I sat there not quite figuring out how to "stand" and watching my prim skirt fly all around and watching another avatar rutting like an elk while we were both fully clothed, I teleported away to some random place and was still animating at the infohub I landed in. Well! I was naive enough not to realize what kind of people are found in the dark corners of SL. Education happens quickly here. A month or 2 later I made a friend who gave me a necklace. Pretty little diamond one. When I put it on all my clothes and hair detached and I stood there naked. I did not realize that it was the necklace and quickly attached everything again with an "outfit". A bit embarrassing. I figured out it was the necklace when I was alone under the sea changing and tried the necklace again (2 more times it took for the realization to hit! So maybe MY education was a bit slow) HAHAHA! I feel for people like me that log in with no real idea of what they can find here. Never did I consider it rape or violence. It was just my own ignorance in thinking SL was filled with "normal people" like I meet everyday. Now I am grateful for the people that are different from me. I can even enjoy the company of Quinn.
  12. Violence in Second Life

    But we can pretend to feel the heat! *points to a broom and dust pan to sweep away the ashes of my unclean soul*
  13. The VaNiTy ThReAd

    I love the colors in that dress!
  14. Violence in Second Life

    I am not sure exactly what you are asking. It is not possible to physically rape someone in SL. There are people who role play it willingly and there are people who consider general griefing like bumping or shooting flames at someone rape, or possibly newbies who are tricked into sitting on poseballs. Hopefully you will find someone who immerses themselves so fully in their avatar that they might not consider clicking the little red X in the corner to close the viewer or wouldn't think to turn off RLV when logging back in. Mostly the "violence" and "rape" I see in SL is consensual.
  15. The VaNiTy ThReAd

    I realized the other day that I not only do I NOT take many pics in SL, but I haven't changed my profile pictures in years. So here is a new one. I figured if I put up a seasonal pic, I might remember to change it before the winter holidays arrive. (don't hold your breath). I can log back in and look at what I'm wearing if anyone wants to know.