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  1. Are you wearing or adding the item to yourself and then trying to drop it? Or dragging the item from your inventory and dropping it on yourself? Have you tried dragging the item directly from your inventory to a spot on the ground? The error message seems to imply that you have worn or attached the jeep to yourself somehow.
  2. /me skips over the cream and sugar and runs for the double espresso!
  3. If you want a simple answer, go to the Answers section of the forum. If you want discussion and opinion, stay here in the discussion section of the forums. You chose to post here, so you chose discussion. You just might get opinions that differ from yours. Oh, the horror. How dare other people give opinions that aren't what I want to hear. Please look to the top of the page and choose Answers next time you just want that.
  4. You already roasted me, but it took 2 times to finish the job. There are plenty of new victims friends to keep the home fires burning now. You are welcome to set up a skybox on my land (General rating because I am a prude). I have more prims than I know what to do with.
  5. So that's what happened to them all. Intergalactic snacks!
  6. This belongs in the "Let this one Die" thread
  7. In the Commerce section of the forum is a subforum called Inworld Employment. I have no idea what skills you have since you didn't list any. Do you build/create? Emote well? Do you have equipment to DJ? Can you sing or entertain in some way? Teach something? What skills do you have that someone will pay you for?
  8. Hi Val! *waves* More people returning every day.
  9. I like the idea of a unique avatar. I think we all do, but there are creators out there trying to make a living by selling their creations. If someone sees something they like - that shirt, those shoes, a pretty skin or hair - and no one shares where they got it, a creator loses a sale. If you want to have a one-of-a-kind look, pay someone huge $L to create something just for you. Don't take away a sale from them.
  10. No lovely weather here, but life is good anyway. Happy Sunday, Josephine!
  11. Started again about 8:45pm SLT and gone by about 9:05pm. WTG!
  12. @Tem Haalan I love when people lurk.
  13. It's nice to see some names I haven't seen in a long time. There are still a few missing voices though. Some of them not allowed back due to forum bans or complete SL bans, but I miss the trouble-makers some days.
  14. The "Ignore User" Feature is suppose to hide posts from users I don't want to see posts from. Is there a waiting time for those posts to disappear? Is it retroactive? I tried ignoring the spam posters today, but their posts still show up. I clicked all the boxes and updated preferences. They show up in my ignored user area as being ignored. Since I've never ignored or blocked or muted anyone, I am not sure if I missed a step somewhere.
  15. I guess you're right. The logo in the corner now just goes to the Forum home page. It was handy having a link to the main account page there.