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  1. How does it severely limit? I’m not seeing this as an issue unless one is interacting with people who are lying or being ambiguous about it. Steer clear of any adult behavior with (or around) anyone who doesn’t clearly identify as a legal adult in RL or SL. This is not difficult.
  2. ——————> https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/118-adult-content-forum/
  3. That stinks! I know this feeling. From what you have been speaking of a bit regarding your sleep in general, it sounds a bit worrisome. Please take care and keep an eye on that. my peeve: putting on the default adult human female shape that came with a very popular older mesh head with intent to work on the shape a bit later to compare/contrast new and old heads, blah blah...realizing I was running late so hurrying to my class and getting auto-booted from an adult sim because my avatar suddenly was under an (unpublished) height requirement - detected via script I guess? Maybe a good requ
  4. Yass gurl, shine ON - now just add a crap ton of accessories and blow out the lighting...so good! #mood You can just burn a few important details like your boobs and booty curves back in at post. Work the angles so it looks all artsy. Use a vignette! Try a popular freebie font to sign the work. Fresh, Cool Perfection. 💯 Note: not poking at any one person who may do (m)any of these because it’s so common to see them scattered about...but if you do these, might want to reconsider some choices?
  5. Is this similar to what happened with the old-style face lights and glow-infused twinkly lit crowns etc? That some of us returned to many having ALM on when we didn’t and got called out for being no better than walking lit up holiday tree? 🎄🎄🎄 GOOD TIMES! ...but most of us listened and quickly ‘got better’ too. 😉
  6. Yes. I’m sorry it’s like that too and I wish it wasn’t. I’ve never faced a case where my best or only option was to devastate and hurt other people who genuinely cared for me in order to ensure my survival, much less lived an existence where it was necessary to do it repeatedly as my MO in relationships. But if someone tells me something like that, I’ve also learned to believe them. Or at least to believe that they believe it enough to eventually throw me under the bus in the end over their issues. It’s OK to choose not to have relationships with actively destructive people, there’s no especia
  7. Impossibru! Ain’t nobody got time for that or trying them all on or quickly remembering which were ‘the good everyday ones’. THIS! @MrsSerenthank you, must check them out! That’s so fun.
  8. Same. peeve: (really more of a worry but also wit anoyance) Cat suddenly has taken to yowling mournfully and randomly for no discernible reason. Kitty-boo, what’s wrong wif you?
  9. Bloviated ranting and vague orations. *CLAPS*
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