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  1. My package shipped! Doll heads to paint for an upcoming hobby competition. It has been 5 years since they held the last one so I’ve been waiting for my chance to come up to enter for a bit now! Nothing better jinx this, we had a package go missing recently so I’m a bit anxious. I’m tracking this one with an eagle eye. Those heads sold out so fast!
  2. Peeve from a recent RL kerfuffle (but chances are if you spot it, you got it): people who are all about the sassy ‘back in my day’, ‘ you kids get of my lawn’ schtick but then get all soopa-huffy when you reference them as ‘older’. You can’t have it both ways, you know...
  3. Any meme with historical art images
  4. Yes but I think many of the powers that be will both triage and then will pander to the social and economic climate somewhat at the expense of the general populace, like the CDC not recommending masks, even home-made ones...at the beginning...for fear of the shortages.
  5. In the 10 point plan, provisions for ‘when in public, when using public transport and when outdoors’ are all outlined so I’m assuming those are all places they allow/expect people to be? Unless some new order has supplanted this policy? Religious gatherings and Memorial Day gatherings limited to 10 people or less, and wear a mask in public. https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/new-york-state-pause https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/home
  6. This thread needs more brunch, later taters!
  7. You can post as you like but when you post in public, do you not expect reactions? As in my ‘no, I don’t usually just post random RL stuff in the SL peeves thread wondering what it is, I just look it up” one for instance?
  8. No because I know stuff and things...and when I don’t, I do know how to research? https://www.walkamileinhershoes.org
  9. Fair enough! Sorry if it seemed like I was poking you too much about it, I was honestly just curious about. I don’t think anyone needs to justify or be agreed with when a peeve is indeed a peeve!
  10. Even so, my pffffft point would be reached before my ‘detective work’ got done. 😉
  11. Then there’s the rest of us who don’t give a flying flip-flop who your other account is and we just....
  12. Unless they are being either a sock puppet or a troll, I think that ‘extensive history’ can be as much a burden to clarity as It may be somehow informing and everyone is open to misinterpretation equally every day the sun comes up anew too. By considering all the long ago posts of all the avatars here when the topics are really no more serious or weighty than they are, I can see how it would be head-splitting to keep them all straight but what I’m saying is that it might have a misplaced importance to think one needs to? But if you do, you do.
  13. I don’t mind. Every avatar is a limited entity, given more or less of a typist’s persona or overplayed with another one or any combo. I think it’s a thankless task to try and sort alts. That said, this is my first and oldest SL account but it’s not the one I use most in-world anymore, Fauve logs in only for specific purposes. So which is the alt? They are both my typist’s alts. Every account here is that kind of alt, only showing a portion of ‘themselves’. Some people just compartmentalize differently. Sock puppets and trolls get the block if/when I catch it. I’m not sure why ‘keeping alts straight’ is such a big deal. Not because I’m tsk-tsk-ing or criticizing, I just don’t get it. Why waste the time?
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