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  1. I have several m and f avatars just on my Fauve account and I switch them. I made a new account with a gender neutral avatar at some point and I will be using them more in 2021. Currently they are just wearing the default start avatar I was assigned because I have not decided on whether they will even be a human or just a series of changing avatars that take my fancy with no limitations whatsoever. I’ve been meaning to spend some SL time in an avatar that does not require any ‘styling’ at all, maybe an animesh puppy or a penguin or even just a bling spark, as both a social experiment and a bre
  2. I think this. I can see wanting to add more clarity and light to the face, maybe I would want to also dodge the clothing edges of the body to separate them from the background more but for my taste and this type of dance, the dynamic mood of the light falling across the body in the original is what I like most. This following comment isn’t a critique of your photo skills but I’ll make it anyway because that’s what ‘breaks’ this photo for me regardless of any edits. The first thing that struck me about the scene is that the hands and feet don’t seem to be planted, she’s not supported
  3. I do think many places provide the gift calendar or holiday gifts for existing customers and group members as a thank you. I know I’ve been in a couple of groups that actually close group enrollment just before and during the gifting time. I also feel like it’s their choice to do so to make a nice holiday atmosphere for those customers. I’m not a freebie hunter so I’m not offended. No store owes me any gifts or freebies.
  4. I live on an estate like this, a 12 region palace with mostly public builds and beautiful grounds to explore. The residential areas are parceled, and they do have clearly visible polite signage but we do also have both lockable doors and security orbs that we can configure for ourselves too. I’m always surprised how many people do actually try to walk in, or will even use the sit-in trick to bypass the locks. I’m not bent about someone camming in because they can’t see avatars but once they actually cross the parcel boundary with their avatar, we are visible to each other so I do keep the secu
  5. Feeling cute, might steal some gifts later. #mood not my photo morph, ofc...stolen, duh.
  6. Irl some do... I’m actually surprised. US$74.99 with the special coupon too!
  7. Y’all need to level up...there’s soooooo much worse to be found...and guys, why stop at a sweater when you can have ugly Christmas SUITS!
  8. I remember a bunch of us had Starbucks cup avatars, the stir sticks were little swords and if you poked another avatar (on damage-enabled land) it did a certain % of damage up to kill level and also made a cute *poik poik* sound when you were stabbing everyone. 🥳good times!
  9. I have some LSD. It starts out as a clear HUD screen overlay then gradually has some effects. 😉 For mushrooms, I think you’d need a similar screen overlay HUD with a wavy, wobbly rainbow effect, then also some tiny glowing particle sparkles to wear inworld. There is a drunk AO on MP, complete with vomiting. Looks like someone copybotted it though because I found 2, both with the same photo, one edited to remove the shop name. They go on my ‘no buy’ list. I hate that.
  10. I like SL food things, I think they are charming and fun. Any kind of ingredient hunt with a cooking station to take your gathered ingredients and give you a finished thing to eat or drink. Find and pick some grapes, find a barrel, find a bottle. Take them to the winery and rez them. Get a bottle of wine that gives glasses of wine. Maybe there’s a drunk animation in it. find mushrooms. Eat them and see what happens. (A hud with some effects). a cookie gun that shoots cookies, but you have to quickly run over and touch the cookie to attach and ‘eat’ it before it de-rezzes. Wh
  11. I think adopting this as a sort of ‘Black Heart of Doom’ to signal that a thread has gone into a decline is too good of an opportunity to pass up.
  12. I tip L$100-250 for a dj, depending on how long I stay and L$500 for a live performer.
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