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  1. I do keep it open when flying, driving or sailing. Otherwise not.
  2. I have this whale, I love her..but I can’t think of a reason I would let her loose to fly in Bellisseria.
  3. Large cities where 3/4 of the buildings are just mocked up empty hollow boxes.
  4. Granted, but this means everyone has to stand, holding their hand luggage and cling to a strap to steady themselves and woe betide those who have to navigate the bathroom! I wish there was an “It” origin story prequel.
  5. I figured that it was one reason for even holding the contest, to gather a big list of names, see how many were the same or similar, then use the ones they like. Probably much less labor intensive to do the sort of 6k of entries than for one LL staff member trying to gather that many. Even ‘best’ is subjective since afaik, the winners are just going to be the ones they like most, maybe influenced a bit by the ones that were submitted most? I submitted a lot of names for my Resident account, I’m fine with any of them being used.
  6. This makes the most sense to me. I think that *most* SL relationships do not go RL for various reasons. I think if there are going to be any RL disclosure requirements, this needs to be conveyed openly right from the beginning, even before something romantic or intimate begins. It’s a very big deciding criteria on whether to even begin. If you enter a romantic/intimate relationship and engage someone’s feelings without giving them all the criteria you expect them to meet, then it can easily be seen by many as a bait and switch...to pull out a RL disclosure request (or any other hidden requirement) after the fact. If you are looking for certain important RL things, and they are relationship deal-breakers, shouldn’t you be up front about them from the start? IMO, that’s giving enough disclosure at the correct time so that people who don’t want to disclose, who don’t meet your criteria or don't want to take it RL can click away. No, it won’t prevent all deception, but it would prevent a good many people from starting a relationship where they only later discover that they don’t, won’t or can’t meet some of the criteria. Sadly, I don’t see this initial disclosure happening for many reasons. But in a place where we KNOW that avatars more often then not don’t actually ‘match’ the RL typist in one or more ways (or are often quite idealized even when they do), I really think SL is a bad place to go looking for RL love. Some of us found it anyway but instead of seeing those videos as aspirational, I definitely see them as a highlight reel of the very very few that have successfully done this thing. That’s why my partner and I didn’t volunteer for it.
  7. Granted you choose authentic Tyrian Purple and now you have thousands upon thousands of snails to milk. 🐌 I wish I knew how to fly a drone camera well.
  8. You are but the discipline is kundalini tantra so you are constantly having to fend off people expecting...something different. I wish I wasn’t catching a cold.
  9. Isn’t the voice morphing a free extended trial of a service from another company? So just a feature they thought the premium accounts might like to use and that they partnered with to hopefully get a commission from? Lots of companies offer these related perks, coupons or trials but we don’t make that kind of assumption.
  10. Well I hear you went up to Bellessaria, where your house naturally was Then you flew your mesh jet up to Sansara, and caused a total eclipse of the sims well you’re where you should TP all the time, and when you’re not you’re with some furry sex god or the crowds of the shoppers, crowds of the shoppers and.... (sing it!)
  11. But that is your definition, or their definition, not mine. Thats LL’s definition, the only one that really sticks. So any other definition or usage is a construct of the individual user and other users are NOT bound or in any way obligated by it. No one is saying you are ‘wrong’ for wanting what you want, but I’ll venture to say that you are going about it the wrong way to actually achieve success at it. As you’ve painfully experienced. I’d estimate that you were deceived largely because you were not at all clear at the outset what the true requirements were. Since you said that the intimacy was already happening and the emotions were already engaged *with the current criteria being A-OK* before the verification card was played, WAS it fair? Or did you move the goalpost? When I meet someone, I assume they are here for their version of ‘their world, their imagination’. But if you haven’t already noped out of this thread @Beth Macbain, I know several of us who are weighing in here *have* quite successfully mixed SL and RL. So we might know a bit about the topic. Just saying.
  12. This whole thing feels kind of dumb and conflated somehow because to address the first part, I’ve never seen ‘voice verified’ on someone’s SL profile unless they were working in a financially compensated job or seeking a situation where that will be a benefit to their clientele. in the relationship arena, I think it’s up to the one who already knows they likely may want to take things RL to disclose THAT info up front, that RL info is going to be an expectation somewhere down the line, not put the onus on the partner later, once emotions are engaged, to ‘verify’ something that they never even presented as an option in the first place, that being any of their RL information. It’s kind of a trap situation, and I bet it’s far more common to see it as ‘they tricked and deceived me’ than it is to realize (and own) ‘i set myself up to expect and require something that they never agreed to give’. We all know to go by face value in SL and what we do here really applies for SL only unless it’s mutually agreed to be otherwise before-hand right? I sure hope so! But that of course requires a person to be honest and up front with the fact that they are using SL as a potential RL dating search and acting accordingly from the start. No coyness or fooling yourself. I think that’s more where the honesty and disclosure needs to happen first. But if your MO is to fling and play first, then start bringing in the requirements, that’s going to fail 99% of the time and yes, you’ll be opening yourself to the probabilities of many partners’ typists not being in RL what they portray themselves to be in SL. They never claimed to be.
  13. I had some dreams, they were clouds in my WindLight, clouds in my WindLight...
  14. The Community Forums are run with a 3rd party service, Invision. I’m assuming the enterprise plans are also time-based leases like the regular ones so I’d expect the forums to also go poof.
  15. Nuuuuu, that’s just evil. She just wants to ‘get the Resident off’. I, I mean she...hasn't even thought about a new first name if that’s part of the package.
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