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  1. Just get the stupid shot': Unvaccinated mom who got Covid-19 https://www.cnn.com/videos/health/2021/07/23/unvaccinated-mom-coronavirus-vaccine-kaye-pkg-ac360-vpx.cnn
  2. Big textures aren't what eat up all your VRAM, that's mostly mesh. Make sure your cache folder is set as an exception for whatever AV software you're using and put it on the fastest drive you can .. IO performance has a huge impact. Cache on a ram drive makes SL rez very fast. To be honest, the entire fetch-cache-decode-gpu-render pipeline needs to be rethought as part of any upgrade to vulkan.
  3. You don't want to know how many people change a setting in SL and then forget they did it immediately. Rolling up to viewer support weeks or months later and have someone sherlock out what happened.
  4. My second (Moderna) was rough for a few days. Expecting we will need boosters or a new vaccine in the next year, hopefully it will just end up being a combined shot.
  5. But both sides ... I've seen one try and argue that smoking cigarettes was preventative because the nicotine would kill the covid before it could get into you blood.
  6. Aside from us all obviously being alive and not dying from covid or the vaccine, yeah, nothing at all. By the time you're happy with the vaccine the virus will have mutated to the point we will need a new one, and then you can do this all over again.
  7. Those same people would object to their taxes rewarding the wrong people for getting a vaccine.
  8. No.. it actually got quite a few friends and family members vaccinated. It's amazing what denial of access to social events or grandchildren has accomplished.
  9. We're past that. Attempts to deflect with safety concerns is just a smoke screen and no different from refusing to use a condom because might not get pregnant anyway. The vaccine is clearly safe and effective, opposition is clearly ideological and patience is in short supply. The only thing that's going to be effective now is shame and social ostracization, to use a favored phrase from the right .. facts don't care about feelings. We don't try and baby people who refuse to drive sober or without a seat belt.
  10. Answers can no longer be down voted.
  11. As discord links can expire and social landscapes shift, resurrecting a 3 year old thread probably isn't what the OP wanted. We run a Catznip Viewer support group on discord https://discord.gg/rxKQMG7
  12. Because disabling all ban-lines everywhere (forever) because of a single case is not a solution. When Catznip was working on the feature to show parcel boundaries on the minimap we hit the problem that even then, showing properties with access restrictions in red was problematic because the viewer simply didn't know about them till you we're about to hit them.
  13. This is also ableist. https://www.spreadtheword.global/resource-archive/r-word-effects https://www.jfcsmpls.org/sticks-and-stones-changing-our-vocabulary-to-avoid-using-ableist-language/ https://www.specialolympics.org/stories/impact/why-the-r-word-is-the-r-slur
  14. This is as pointless as requiring llRequestAgentData to have a permissions request Even though it is actually none of your (or scripts) business if the RL operator of an avatar has an on the record RL financial relationship with LL or not.
  15. I'm not peeved. I'm angry. https://news.bloomberglaw.com/daily-labor-report/activision-blizzard-sued-by-california-over-frat-boy-culture
  16. There is no use case for this function with a permissions check from the target. Even simple friends access security fails because there would be an indeterminate delay between issuance of the check and the user responding.
  17. Guess we will just have to stick with Forum Daddy from now on
  18. It's an extreme edge case and doesn't match how such ban events pan out. If a club owner bans Bob, Bob's friends leave all by themselves, because they are Bob's friends. Those that don't, aren't "friends" with Bob for much longer! Draconian, "the avatar wears the prim or it gets the hose", does not happen, even in places that depend on experience tools to function. (and if they did, such an experience would end up attracting abuse reports!)
  19. I used to run a dedicated SL proxy cache server for everyone in my house that used SL in the period between the introduction of HTTP textures and the CDN. It was a pain to set up, stored hundreds of GB of textures and was only marginally better than the CDN, just wasn't worth the effort to keep running after that.
  20. I disagree. The worst we've been able to dream up has been entirely self defeating and would operate better without this function existing at all. A club owner bans Bob, and then bans all bobs friends at the club. This is based on the assumption that people who attend the same club together are even on each other friend lists, which in my experience simply isn't the case. "Friends" at a club tend to remain in that bubble, they are unlikely to even be actual listed friends, and don't associate outside of that common meeting point. In the rare case where everyone at the club is a fully fledged "SL Friend" of Bob, the club owner just emptied his venue .. an action that wouldn't go unnoticed by people who weren't Bob's "SL Friend". Self defeating. Marketing schemes work better without knowing who's "SL Friends" with who, spamming everyone is simpler .. which is exactly what we already have. More work with no gain. A club or business could record bobs friends via some experience attached prim, and then message his known friends when they didn't show up .. again, this is more work than just storing keys of every attendant, requires many extra steps, and would be less effective than just messaging everyone. More work with no gain. Good luck to the first region owner or business that bans friends, probably will be one or two that try it, and the wider population will rightly dump them in a heart beat. Self defeating. Multiregional ban lists could be accomplished right now, and we don't see them in use. Self defeating. Plotting friendship webs sounds scary .. but it requires a stupid amount of data and could be done without this check (just logging who is seen on a region with who and then adding weighted links would be more effective and can be done without this). Even then .. Someone making something to enable them to be in a position to even attempt this would have an immense amount at stake. They would need a product on the scale of a top tier mesh body, which alone would make the risk reward equation out of the question. Self defeating. Any nefarious activity based on this function that operated at scale would be a clear and unambiguous ToS violation.
  21. The resources beyond our earth are limitless on timelines beyond our comprehension. De Beers might get the first diamond asteroid, but they can't hope to control the second, or the fifth or the five hundredth. Our ability to impose ourselves on resources beyond our earth does not scale in any meaningful way, and the tools we develop trying to do just that will in turn make us just as irrelevant.
  22. This is the only sliver lining. Accessibility to space. Becoming a multi planetary species, and an end to all natural scarcity. Let the idiots dream about access to resources worth insane amounts of money, in the end, when diamonds fall from the sky they will be precious as dust.
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