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How does your avatar look today ?


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22 hours ago, LaskyaClaren said:

Ok, so I finally got to do some shopping, and buy myself a new and more modern skin. Here is my current look, although possibly it doesn't show off the skin particularly well.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking!

Laskya, this can't possibly be a system avatar! (Well, wrong! It is!) How can you look this good on the meagre budget your miserly main allows you? (It's difficult, but I'm a magician at budgeting!) And those boots are much nicer than anything Scylla owns! (Heh, yeah. And she knows it, too!)

Anyway, I've made good progress on getting myself ready for the upcoming "Alt Party"!


Love that I need an alt 

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5 hours ago, Saravendi said:

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 3.31.39 AM copy.jpg

I had to shop for something, anything today, so came over to Glitz! Super cute store... kind of a sophisticated sexy style. I just love the space and entry here with the glowing diamonds 💎 strewn about the floor, some the size of boulders! So, I had to take a few pics!

I have so much stuff from there it's great and you look great too 

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Waiting for Gyoza. And Scylla, who is (as per usual) late.

This is a lovely little build across from SLLU Unity Station on the Heterocera SLRR line. I love that SL features these beautiful little gems that serve, so far as one can see, no useful purpose except to surprise and delight.




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5 hours ago, Kotelle said:

This week I don't that much time for SL as I expected, but hope to have more next week and come back to finding better places for pictures than my boring skybox



You need to find something more fun to read than Schiller, too! (Unless it's by your bedside to help put you to asleep, in which case, good choice.)

Edited by Scylla Rhiadra
Typee! I mean, typu. Typo.
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