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  1. I understood this X line is another "line" of Evo heads not an update to the original Evo, I tried the demos with the new UV map and didn't notice any improvement over the current ones.
  2. I got a M1 MacBook Air with 7 core GPU and 16gb RAM, even that I am aware it may not be the ideal laptop for Second Life. I'm surprised it can run the official viewer with decent FPS, at least for me, with ALM on. In Bellisseria I got an average of 20 FPS and on Mainland 30 FPS. I was worried about this MacBook getting too hot but it feels just warm to the touch and as soon I close the viewer it cools down. Previously I used a 2015 MacBook Pro where if I turn on ALM I couldn't move at all, I used similar settings except for ALM and local lights. This are my settings and what I got in Chakryn Forest using the LL Viewer (Second Life Release (64bit)😞
  3. Today I got a new "potato" (for running SL) laptop, this one works better with ALM and I can move with shadows on, that's a big improvement for me and I'm pleased. 🤩
  4. Amara Beauty, they have plenty of Lelutka Evo skins in different tones, personally I like them a lot because they are full skins, not just a head tattoo.
  5. This Camper its like my dream home: waterfront with a nice mix of sand and grass, plenty of trees, surrounded by houseboats and even some traditionals, with access to the road and a rez zone! I used Asian inspired decor this time, I have been struggling with texture trashing so this theme is helping a lot with it, also its great to save prims, I still have 119 available prims and I don't feel the camper looks empty.
  6. Magika Hair started their sale too.
  7. Check the Normie Head https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UTILIZATOR-Normie-Head/13071631 its inexpensive, good looking and can be easily edited to be BOM, it doesn't come with eyes but any unrigged mesh eyes can go with it.
  8. Overall I'm happy with the update but I agree that adding more applier layers when the head is supposed to be BOM oriented seems a little off to me. Personally I like more the new rig for the eyes and nose but not the chin, I prefer the "softer" look of 2.0, so far I think I'm pretty close to replicate my 2.0 shape: This is interesting to me, among other Spanish speakers I hear often that appliers are better than BOM and praise Omega a lot, this version removed Omega support for everything but the eyes, I'm sure this is going to be mayor concern for many.
  9. If you use a BOM Skin try this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/gift-EVERMORE-skintone-tintadjust-BoMonly-wear-me/19133362
  10. Amara Beauty makes full skins, not sure about the others.
  11. If this helps most of the Genus skins I own worked fine with the Free LOGO Chelsea head. Glam Affair has a FLF (L$50) skin that looks good with the LOGO head and comes with neck blenders, this means you can use the head and match it with any other body skin you may own without a neck seam.
  12. Of course, I'm using LeLUTKA.Brows.Lake.004 those are the eyebrows included with Lelutka Lake head.
  13. Thinking about how to decorate this place. 🤔
  14. Check 7 Deadly Skins, most of their Skins are for Genus and they usually have discounts and free gifts. Another brand I like and recommend is Amara Beauty, they have a lot of skins for Genus. Both brands come with full skins, what I mean is they include the face and body skin in the same layer.
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