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  1. Shopping with my personal style advisor.
  2. I'm liking a lot the Genus Strong, here is a little comparison between Strong and Classic: Genus Strong Face GIFT001 Genus Classic Face W001
  3. I *almost* abandoned my camper to try to get a Log House, its like everyone gets an amazing location... instead I remodeled my camper.🙈 While camming around with my camper already empty, seeing something like this made me change my mind: I'm kind of glad I keept my camper, this time I'm only 25 prims left and the Williamsburg isn't that big.
  4. Scandalize, Blueberry, ISON, Addams, Vinyl, COCO, Neve, Riot
  5. Days ago told myself "do not demo that new Lelutka head", yesterday out of boredom I demoed "Lake" and had to buy it. This head actually feels like a huge upgrade, I'm so happy my avatar can smile, the moods and expressions are amazing! 😸
  6. I have been working in my camper, had a hard time deciding which model to choose, this time I'm using the "Colorado" as I think is perfect for spring, its still a work in progress.
  7. Just me discovering my old Simone head looks amazing with system avi skins. 😸
  8. I like the Campers as they have many styles available and I love the forest environment, next to Campers are Traditionals, my favorite styles are the one floor ones. I tried to make the Victorians work for me but even the smallest one was too large, but their style and environment are definitely beautiful.
  9. This is my mainland home, I wanted something different and fun, so when I saw this tower house I knew it will be my next home, took me a while to find the perfect place for it, it's leased land in my favorite continent. 😸 The living room in the second floor is my favorite spot in the house.
  10. I had a similar issue yesterday and today, out the blue my mesh body, AO and some clothes ended in "Lost and Found" folder, at least for me they kept being worn. If this helps I'm using the LL Viewer.
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