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  1. Months ago I made a BOM Applier, including eyes, using their Kit and BOM textures.
  2. Kinda fancy for a trailer. 🤔
  3. AMITOMO 🤔 https://www.flickr.com/photos/yu_ui/
  4. I have been checking whats new on the library and just found we have horses!, also a wonderful EEP sky I got from the marketplace.
  5. Underwater, wearing my pajamas while ordering the inventory, what a Saturday!
  6. This whole thread reminds me of this:
  7. September 20, 2013...
  8. I still use my system avatar for the simply reason that I like how it looks and when I'm not full mesh I notice some improvement in performance. But I have to admit that I own several mesh bodies and bento heads both paid and free. Only after BOM I have been using them more, even staying in full mesh for weeks! before BOM I used them mostly for pictures or to play with shapes and outfits.
  9. Shopping with my personal style advisor.
  10. I'm liking a lot the Genus Strong, here is a little comparison between Strong and Classic: Genus Strong Face GIFT001 Genus Classic Face W001
  11. I *almost* abandoned my camper to try to get a Log House, its like everyone gets an amazing location... instead I remodeled my camper.🙈 While camming around with my camper already empty, seeing something like this made me change my mind: I'm kind of glad I keept my camper, this time I'm only 25 prims left and the Williamsburg isn't that big.
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