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  1. 1024m and 351 prims, protected side in front of Route 1, only L$2,500 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sponsa/10/220/44 😄
  2. I'm so happy with my new head 😻
  3. Keep changing things at my house 🌿
  4. Glam Affair body appliers include a freckles version, but on the face at least on the skins I have, the freckles goes to a makeup layer.
  5. Found a beautiful place while exploring The Atoll, so I had to take a picture 👀
  6. Made a new shape for my Catwa Hanako head, I'll try to use it more 👀
  7. Today I went shopping, got high waisted jeans, eyes and new mesh feet for my system avi, I was doing great until I went home and got a reminder of why recently I rather wear my system avi 🙈
  8. Sure, is this one from inVerse: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/inVerse-MESH-DESTIN-full-furnished-modern-house/8367549
  9. This year I started to renew my home, so far it's looking like this: And I still have 149 prims free 🙀
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