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  1. I just noticed something about Legacy, BOM and ALM, when I turn on ALM the BOM layers disappear, I can reproduce this either on Firestorm and LL Viewer. I don't have this issue with any other of the mesh bodies I own, one more thing to test while demoing in the future 🙈 , so it is just me or someone else can reproduce it?
  2. Came back to Linden Reveal to visit this lovely ducks
  3. My home in Bellisseria 🙃 I love so much my spot, this forest next to my backyard is what convinced me to keep this house.
  4. Respecto a las paredes muy grandes con fondos de paisajes, he visto que a la mayoría le molestan, sobre todo si es en un lugar donde tengas “vecinos”. La mejor solución para privacidad es la que menciona Elena. En las Casas Linden de Bellisseria se pueden usar skybox siempre y cuando estén a más de 2000m de altura
  5. I wanted new hair but end up with a new head and body 🙈
  6. Usually I choose duck related names, after many failed attempts, I mixed “Pato” the Spanish word for duck and “Duck”, being this one the combination I liked better and was available.
  7. So... I'm wearing Freya because now I can't unsee the shoulder/armpits weirdness of Maitreya 🙈
  8. Pauck


    Hola, entiendo que te refieres a las nuevas Linden Home del continente Bellisseria, en la página de selección las casas se muestran de acuerdo a la disponibilidad, te recomiendo que cuando tengas oportunidad entres a la página a ver si hay alguna disponible, es cuestión de paciencia esperar a que aparezca una de las nuevas ya que generalmente son las que alguien desocupó. El siguiente enlace está en inglés pero contiene información relevante para facilitar proceso de conseguir una de estas casas: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/441469-help-and-info-to-get-a-new-linden-home-or-try-to/
  9. The very first time I heard about Second Life was around 2008 from a Livejournal friend, she used to post a lot of pictures of what they looked like raves or huge parties, but didn't catch my attention. Many years later, after being on IMVU (and hear about SL there too, but not very positive comments), during a class a teacher mentioned that article about Anshe Chung and explained the basics of Second Life, days later I registered and here I am.
  10. Yes it is, in preferences (Me > Preferences) go to Graphics tab and lower down "Avatar Maximum Complexity" to the minimum. Si la hay, ve a preferencias y en la opción de gráficos debe venir esa misma opción de la complejidad, si tienes alguna duda me dices.
  11. I have been playing with BOM and couldn't be happier, now I can wear so many clothes and makeup I love! 💃 BOM: Amara Beauty - Yvette Ivory - CATWA [theSkinnery] Obscurity eyes - 17 (Chemistry) Natural Blush [mock] Miss Vanity Eyeshadow with lashes [neutra] [mock]Lucir LipColor Venom [lip 0] E. Vary Gina Hairbase / BROWN 2 Mesh: CATWA HEAD Blueberry LucyBody SELENA Gown: :KR: Audra Gown & Dress Set Hair: A&A Isis Hair Butter Toffee
  12. Try Lucybody, they have a PG-13 body for BOM only, I can’t recall it’s name but it is at their mainstore.
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