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  1. I swore (those who know me can attest to that) I would foreswear these forae but the title.. too hard to resist. I hereby derail with something odd for me because sometimes ~!WRONG != (string)RIGHT -= possibly mais quand on laissez les bons temps rouler as we say
  2. That explains a few oddities I have run in to over the years. A prim property? Would never have occurred to me. Thanks Wulfie et al
  3. Well lets see. How about SL has not decided to just close due to one loan mess up? :=) And done a go fund me ahem. (Yeah also driving - between ODE and Bullet and ooh what OS version are we on today ...)
  4. A little old school and NSFW - always a bonus =^^=
  5. What a neat idea Now make it flyable (kidding) =^^=
  6. Totally OK to use llTargetOmega in its linked form for wheels. Snippet follows. rotate_wheel( integer which, float speed ) { speed *= TWO_PI; // llSetLinkTextureAnim( which, ANIM_ON | SMOOTH | LOOP , ALL_SIDES, 1, 1, 1.0, 1.0, speed); // for actual 'prim' wheels mod // llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast( which, [ PRIM_OMEGA, < 0.00, 1.00, 0.00 > * llList2Rot( llGetLinkPrimitiveParams( 1, [ PRIM_ROT_LOCAL ] ), 0 ), speed, 1.00 ] ); llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast( which, [ PRIM_OMEGA, < 0.00, 1.00, 0.00 > * llList2Rot( llGetLinkPrimitiveParams( which, [ PRIM_ROT_LOCAL ] ), 0 ), speed, 1.00 ] ); } As always its full of my usual over commenting and I upload my wheels in correct easier to move orientation. YKMV Why is this forumj so crap at strike through anyway.
  7. You can mass update at least the listing. On listing form select multiple then hit edit The SLURL field ('see item at') is one that can be mass changed. Had to do it a couple of times. OFC, my shops tend to be only 32 by 32m in well signposted levels so its pretty easy. Use as always at your own risk. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent).
  8. Ozzy pushing plushies (checks spelling) really is a sign of the end times.
  9. Just quick caveat on that - have an inworld monitor thart emails me stuff and the UUID does not seem to change on sim restarts. Eg inworld email address generated by UUID via llEmail 09 01 2019 <2a988bd4-1d35-e0*f-f981-e788*ab8823c@lsl.secondlife.com> 09 12 2018 <2a988bd4-1d35-e0*f-f981-e788*ab8823c@lsl.secondlife.com> And reckon main channel has restarted at least once during that month (and yes redacted a couple of the UUID chars just in case =^^=) Have used it for experimental comms (even inter-grid) but yes there does seem to be the 'stuck' issue sometimes so never pursued it.
  10. I don't bite anyone - unless they really pay. So to reiterate - I do all sorts of stuff exactly as everyone else has said.
  11. Stuff. All sorts of stuff. Also swear a fair bit at stuff.
  12. You don't say =^^= And redeemed too Especially realising the bit that "how you look plays a significant role on this platform" is not the case for all of us (well not all the time, I should add). Do NOT visit when I am up on my build space is all I am saying.... last one who did is still having nightmares, poor thing.
  13. From linked site " 3. Do not reveal to a mortal that you or anyone else is/was tainting or blessing them " because you will be banned so fast your little hooves (or whatever angels have - might have to find out) will not touch the floor. Same applies to anyone calling me a mortal anyway.
  14. Thought it was just me. I have been using touch_end for as long as I remember (probably since I first used _start to reset the llGetAndResetTime counter for user control. I expect to be told I am doing that wrong too. So it goes) Now habitually change it. Had a vague idea about 'debounce' judging by some of my comments in dusty vehicle scripts but that was probably caused by brain fog. Or dealing with controls in general. Never come across unresponsive as a reason though. Don't do best practices as its a middle management thingy. Best ignored has been my experience there (with no apologies to mm everywhere). (Qie is right, forgot the state change thing. Brain fog again)
  15. Not going in to my personal viewpoint because have not had enough coffee yet but the online retail aspect of Sabbath/Shabbat observance interested me. Found a piece in the NYT from Jan 10th 2006 that covered some of this. (Not sure about external link policy so search for it 'Never on the Sabbath:For some online retailers, it works' ).
  16. Not sure if already there - one of the pinned sections? Because its bitten me on the behind once or twice.
  17. Easy enough if you own your own land, just cut out a wee square - I have one myself for some of my riskier testing (fireworks, before you ask - honest). If not possible there are some no script sandboxes (I think the vortex one on Zindra is but have not been back in a while).
  18. Agree with Qie about how many actually log into world as opposed to being some sort of auto account generation. From the Lab numbers (format is SL timestamp, signups, logged in) Sign up SLT : 2018-11-26 04:55:01 : 57071004 : logged in : 31442 Sign up SLT : 2018-11-26 03:55:01 : 57070699 : logged in : 30273 305 in a one hour stretch At around 4 am west coast time... Spend any time at a welcome place to watch how many 'new´avs actually appear. I don't know all the possible (what do the kidz call it) 'spawn' points but seeing actual records from them would be nice. I have seen that vid before and more like it. Usual youtube rubbish =^^= As for the not-a-game ongoing debate, after all this time I just glaze over when it comes up. Performance? Well never stopped me nor the supposed complexity. I am not a gamer so have no idea how it relates. Maybe it is either drop in pow pow or extreme hand holding. As for numbers, it seems we can get negative signups too Sign up SLT : 2018-11-25 22:55:01 : 57069317 : logged in : 31241 Sign up SLT : 2018-11-25 21:55:01 : 57069352 : logged in : 34052
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