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  1. You ask " Why, then, should a so-called friend be allowed to alter that without one knowing ?" - well, because its their choice to. Very simple really. The "allowed" part is an interesting insight.
  2. Well, playing Devil's advocate, what percentage of SLers read these forums...or even any part of the website? Yes some ongoing notification of the state of play on ogin would be nice, for example. The other point of using Twitface et al is to show the outside worls (ie people not on SL) that the CEO is taking an active role in the running of the company and hears users worries... =^^=
  3. Probably the wrong place but I wondered if it was possible to either pass ownership of a MarketPlace store to another or else abandon it (delete it?) so another could use the name, or are store names non reusable in the same way as group names? Thanks
  4. Seriously funny from the Av who was so insistent that wanting to be in world but showing as away was the basest form of skullduggery (yay neat word) and obviously 'up to nefarious...' i believe =^^= Certainly cheered me up. And there are people here who make a fair chunk of cash for being ahem verified.
  5. Hmmmm, well I'll adopt the simplest solution there and just address everyone by their UUID - simple, democratic, totally same format for everyone - problem solved =^^= f9f8f276-9e5c-4f71-8509-d3ed1b0047XX at your service
  6. Making a fairly convincing copy of any pictures/textures in anyones profile is trivial using a combination of screen shot/photo editor and then uploading them. In the past 6 months it has happened to someone in our community. In their case, the copiers life was even easier as the victim had only a first name (ie is a Resident) so all they did was create an account with one additional character. At first glance it was easy to miss that especially with a word for word copy of the profile text. In some ways you are luckier as your surname is a lot more difficult to spoof, hence the copyrats use of a display name. And yes it won't pass anything more than a casual inspection (rez date is indeed very hard to spoof but many people don't check these things) Follow the advice here and file a report if it is causing you any harrassment - gather any evidence you can of course. Good luck
  7. Running SIngularity too and Received works fine. For messing about with uploading DD I'll just fire up the LL viewer as needed. No biggie =^^=
  8. Also very curious as to what other software you have had up and operating on the system
  9. Well, my experience too recently is that TPs have not been any particular problem. I'm based on a Magnum sim and regularly TP over to all RCs and the main server for testing (mainland and off). Over the last week the only glitch I have had was from one main server sim to another and that was a one off from a sim that has been a bit flaky before. Otherwise, no problems.
  10. The functions used for XYText are supported in Opensim (as well as others) but yes the texture UUIDs themselves do not match. Several of the other grids have had replacement sets published (check the various forums for details). When I implemented my own versions of message boards I generated new character layouts to match as it gave me the ability to transport them.
  11. About given up with that one, I just work around it now. Makes for some clumsy kludges but....
  12. Rolig, nothing to do with ' fear of unnamed bad guys' or anything so simplistic. And if i want to hide in my turtle shell...well you know thats why i rent my own private sandbox, totally closed, so as whoever raised the point of 'bumping into people' who show as offline a) i don't care b) really unlikely anyway. There are times I want to be working on something involved with total access to my inventory (so using an alt is not an option) when I really want no interaction with the rest of the world for extended periods. Thats why I've taken to using other grids for some dev stuff - because, face it, they are more or less empty after all =^^= But not exactly an ideal solution, they just don't have the capabilities. So comes to 2 things - if i set my prefs to show offline I want all viewers to reflect that . All of them, no exceptions. And as for the LSL functionality - hey merchant guess what, its lovely you check if i'm there and if I want to be seen then hey doubly lovely. As I've used the online check myself in products I still don't see the problem with it being fixed.Like anything in this world of ours, it all falls under the 'subject to change' banner anyway.
  13. You are right it is a simple dress code - and you totally ignored it. Whoever it was told you they stand behind their staff..well good. They probably have to put up with people deciding the rules (and they are very simple easy to follow ones) don't apply to them personally all the time. And yes I know the place and make sure to assume human appearance if I ever visit.
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