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  1. I have some gorgeous stairs that I would like updated to Mesh. I had them custom made several years ago. I don't mind if you make me a set and later on, sell them to the general public. I just need to lower the prim count for our updated build. Contact me inworld Clint Quandry
  2. We are Hiring Hosts, Mods/GM & DJs You keep 100% of your tips always! Great Positive Work Environment! We understand Real Life comes 1st! We have our own Club Stream DJ's do not have to rent their own stream to spin at our club. Grab your application for Host or DJ, we are also hiring Set Mods/Managers (you don't have to know how to DJ, just have a loving attitude & enjoy working with people all over the world in an International club, Managers/Mods get paid per set you would not be on a tipjar, just fill out the host application and make a note about your management experience) Hosts: https://tiny.one/7exjr2ac DJs: https://tiny.one/ymwv9xkp Our Club Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cats/36/26/1952 Our Discord: https://discord.gg/xHUMm3dhKV
  3. is there a script to rez object on touch but near the avatar that clicked it? and also with a menu would be nice to chose which to rez from contents? if a scripter would give a quote for a custom one please IM me!
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a 20k or 30k private island that is not grandfathered. Send a lm and details. Thank you, Matty "Matthew" Kendal
  5. Good morning! I’m a DJ and musician looking for land that will be occasionally used for events of about 60 people. I’m looking for no more than 2k square meters. It will mostly be used for photoshoots for an ongoing art project I’m working on. Most days I will be alone (or with 3 friends or less) but the events would be about monthly. I would like the club in the sky (if there’s no other skybox rentals from other neighbors within view) I’ve been researching too. Message me in world if you know any rentals that would allow this or if you’re renting!
  6. I am hoping to find one or two roommates for my beautiful skybox penthouse! Having prims left and up to two spare rooms to fill, I figured why not get some company! ✯ What's the deal - Please spend some time at home at least occasionally. I'm sure you'll understand that naturally I am seeking for an active roommate, not just someone rezzing a single bed in the room and then never to be seen again. 😞😂 - If you are looking to socialise sometimes (hang out for a chat, have a movie night, plan small summer parties together, etc. then you are the right fit! - I'm more the quiet type. While bringing a friend or two over once in a while is totally cool, having huge gatherings every evening is a bit too much for me, sorry. 😉 - The wallpaper color of your rented room can be changed to your liking. Just rez a prim in front of the wall, test around to find your ideal color and name me the RGB values. ✯ Some amenities - The land uses a realistic EEP 24hr cycle in the timezone of Italy, a stunning "skydome", fireflies in the night and even lots of (ambient) sounds! - Every room is wired with functional lights that can be turned on/off through wall switches like in RL. - The house has beautiful high end RL art (some are even exclusive pieces) from my own collection all over the walls! - The huge patio has a (TIS) Dance System with plenty of solo and couple dances, a romantic dining table setup, a MudHoney jacuzzi, Backbone loungers, a Backbone BBQ station, a cozy seating area under a pergola with a firepit and much more. - Most of the furniture has PG & Adult animations. 🤩🛌 - The Aven TVs in the sitting room and outside can play radio (there is an actual radio stream changer, too), Twitch streams, YT, even Karaoke and more! - I'm running a multi-layered casper security setup per "invitation only", so no worries about griefers, your exes showing up or other unwanted guests! 🙂 ✯ Photos My Penthouse: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzYNpi Attached private Spa floor: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzYKtH Attached private home cinema: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzYNwh If you are interested in discussing details, please IM me directly inworld. I don't observe the forum a whole lot recently. ✯ The two available rooms:
  7. Looking for a scripter to help create a system that will be used to offer tasks to people and points for their completion. As well as track when they registered on said system and their current points amount. And show such things on screens as well for easy tracking. At current stage I am trying to figure out if there would be anyone willing to create such system and the cost related to it. For more information feel free to im. Senera06/Drone-Sen
  8. Hi, I am looking for a manager who can manage DJs their sets and hosts. The job is paid 500L per week plus tip jar. If interested please write me in the world or directly below to Haru Takeda.
  9. Hello Im looking for a co owner for a beauty store that im going to establish I already have an experiance in this field and i would love to have someone with experiance even if its a little in mesh or photoshop or creating skin, makeup etc so we can work togther.. Im easy to work with and all your requirments will be agreed on from my side if we talk, if you are interested please hit me up inworld by sending me msg or notecard my user name: aburob Thank you
  10. So yep, I'm looking to buy a 1024m parcel overlooking SLRR track. I'm happy to view any land in-world that meets the above criteria. I would also consider a 1024m parcel that has been/could be split from a larger parcel. Please leave a message here or IM me inworld, thanks.
  11. Hello! Names Shiko; I wanted to come to this Forum as I am curious as to if there are any Open opportunities for someone to read childrens books to a class? I have always been an out of the box thinker, and I after being in SL for over a decade, I come to enjoy the smaller things in life. Please feel free to comment, or point me in the right direction If you so please. My Roleplay is decent, I enjoy reading, and childrens stories are still so cute to me! I enjoy using different voices as I read through the stories. I have a small personal trove of Kids books in the RL that I would gladly take my time to read if interest is shown. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read!
  12. **** Bandaids **** (( HIRING )) Only Serious Applicants only! Open from Noon till Midnight DJ's - Must have Own Stream Host's - No experience Needed DJ's and Host's Will Keep 100% of their tips! No Limitations on Music Genre's (Rap and Country Included!) Hosts will be Trained - if Needed to be Freelance Dancers Welcome Escort Boards 50L a week Everyone is Welcome to Apply! BDSM, Newcomer, Furry, Dragon, Vampire, LGBTQ+ Anyone, and Everyone is Welcome to Apply! 18+ Bandaids has Now Opened Manager Positions. We're Looking for Experienced, Trustworthy Individuals Looking to help out a Brand new Club. If You believe you can handle some hard work, Fill out that Application below! Bandaids Link Tree
  13. Illuminati Club is a new EDM Club in Secondlife! If you're lonely come here. There's awesome people to hangout with and talk about anything! We're also hiring djs, hosts and staff. Ask us about adboards or advertising! Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dark Dreams/43/212/21 Join our Discord: discord.gg/WJ3qbZNJWT Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/IlluminatiClubLife Follow us on Flickr: For and questions and/or concerns, contact inworld: ---> ᴊᴏᴢᴇғ ɢƁᴄ ɪʟʟᴜᴍɪɴᴀᴛᴜs (thatshowigetmyvibes Resident) -or- ---> Asɦie Illuɱinαtus (TehAshie Resident) *Leave a notecard as they are often busy*
  14. Hi... looking to buy a Grandfathered full sim, 65536 sq m and 30K prim. Please contact me inworld @ aphroditecunning1 or my partner cunning1 . We are looking to furfil our dream sim. Thank you so much for considering us. ~Brandi Aphrodite Cunning
  15. GUARDS WANTED ________________________________________ WE ARE NOW HIRING. Squid game is looking for new guards to join the team. If you are enthusiastic about the game, want to wear that red suit, into roleplay and more importantly have a good aim, then apply NOW. Details below. Please contact xqueenvictoria for more information on what the job entails. (⌐▀͡ ̯ʖ▀)︻̷┻̿═━一-
  16. wanted 1/2 sim to rent no restrictions anyone have one to rent please im me in world ty
  17. anyone got a no covenant 1/4 or 1/3 sim to rent cheaper one
  18. not sure if this gose here but it kind of fits i think. anyway hi i am an amusement park designer and i would just like to say that when i first came to sl my dream was to have an amusement park that i could shier with everyone here in sl. and i went a long time before i had that dream come true. but eventually it happened... in fact the first ride i ever got was a dark ride called The Spookhouse by Atom Burma and that was at a bar that was known as THE GLASS DANCE HOUSE i was djing at. no park with it, but that is where it really all started. and then later on down the line as i got more rides eventually .. The dream became to be a virtual reality. like i always wanted. i could'nt then and still Cannot aford to buy or rent land to this day for a park so over the Years i would meet up with people that wanted a park on there land to attract people to their club or store or what ever, but it always would eventually fall through. i would get the park built on their land and the longest it would last is about a week. then the land would get sold without anyone telling me or like the one time a whole group i was apart of got land and said i could put a park there. then all of the sudden after about a week or so. i was building a new ride one day next thing i know i am out of a park. cause the people that were paying stopped without letting me know. over the years i have had about maybe 5 parks all fell through like that. and dynasty's kingdom is the first park that has ever lasted. it went on for about 13 ,14 years some where in there . it started june 12 ,2014. and the land held 182331 prims and land size was 53104 m2 and i lost it just last year 2020 about last february. and how dynasty's kingdom got started is i put an ad in sl saying i don't have money to get land to start another park . but i would like to build a park on someones land that needs one. well this real estate owner contacted me saying she wanted me to build my park on her land. and all i would have to do is advertises for her real estate company.. at the park on a billboard or something i agreed and that was the deal. and that is how dynasty's kingdom happened. and it was great. and i told her my stories of trying to get a park going but it always falling thru eventually. and she said that she had been in sl with that land since 2005 and she said that she was not going anywhere. well i beloved that. And for many years she did not go anywhere. and my park never fall on bad times until last year... i thought the park was in trouble awhile back. it turned out i was not going to lose it cause the guy i was talking to was talking about getting the land next door that my land lord lea had. also. and he had seen her store there and thought it was mine and said it had to go. well i misread thought he was talking about the park. but we talked and i found that that was not the case. then everything was fine. until the one day in february of last year. all of the sudden i logged in and i get this message that kept popping up such and such an object will not rezz cause owner will not allow it and i thought ok i guess i must not have the group tag to the land activated. so i check and it showed that the group tag to the land i had it activated had the tag on. but i could not rezz anything and i could not fly. here they were turned off i thought that was strange cause for me they were not supposed to be. tried to contact my landlord by message and note twice still never heard from her. tried to contact her partner about it heard nothing tried everyone in her group hoping someone maybe could help me or at least contact her. i only heard from one person from her group and they said that they did not know her. then i checked the land to see if she still had it. well her name was not on the land anymore her group that i was in was still around . but it was not on the land anymore. and in owner of land it says guy linden instead of Leia Lulu now here is the thing about Guy Linden here is what the profile said... (Hello! I work primarily with the Linden Mainland, abandoned land and auctions.If you have an issue with land, please detail the concern specifically in a support case.) and that is what it said just to give you all an idea where he is coming from. now this guy as you see deals in abandoned land and he is a linden. which means the land that my park sat on at the time was abandoned. and the only way that could be is if lea up and left it without telling me. witch means the lindens are gonna want to take the land back He or should i say THEY were the same ones i talked to earlier on like i mentioned. anyway it meant that my park was doomed.. but the weird thing is even though i could not fly or build. all the rides and everything i put there at dynasty's kingdom was still there at the time. Cause no one returned anything to me. which i was glad at the time. But i found it strange... And i didn't know what was going on.. i was scared for the park. But i thought that it was just a matter of time before things start getting returned. and that did of course eventually happen. And at the time i did not know when it would happen.. but i thought it would at some point happen. i put a lot of time and effort into that park. And i even in more recent years started bringing rides from rl that were gone.. back to life at that park like some of the bill Tracy rides like the wacky shack. and the journey to the center of the earth and the coal mine /gold mine that was at dorney park in rl. and i had plans for more of those, i put a lot of time and effort into this park. And at the time i could not do anything except invite people to the park and watch over it .. and that is pretty much it. cant do much when you cannot rezz things or fly. if a ride malfunctioned i could not fix it. That park brought more traffic to her land witch means it drove the value of her property up. and it could do the same for you too. if you are interested in taking my park in. i had someone interested in doing this. after i lost the land. but then for some reason they changed their mind. they owned a resort. and there was this one guy that was interested in this deal of bringing the park back and i even gave him some money to help him cause at the time he was looking for land just for the park. he was going to be co owner of the park. well all the sudden he just disappeared. anyway thank you for your time in reading this. and so if you or someone you know could help me or if you could help me let me know I'd appreciate it . if you can find someone who wants a park on their land to draw a crowd to their place for whatever reason i can advertise for you what ever agreement you want to make, someone out there let me know what you can do please i have links to videos down below so you can see what it looked like. if you find the prim allowance is more then you can give lets talk about it we can work something out. i will to work with anyone on this matter. it is negotiable.. the prim count of the land was 18231 prims that is how much for anyone who want to know this you can message me here DYNASTY Clip this is links to video's of what Dynasty's Kingdom looked like when it was in world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z15GRMD9R70 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3guQDM2S1w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxGH3zqoNRU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W2y6faZwdY
  19. it's based on Kanojo mo Kanojo School Uniform! an Recent Anime in this season! for Maitreya,Legacy and Belleza! Also Kemono Sizes Like Busty Fitted Kemono Torso and Jiggle Puffs @PetiteAnaiis Eleonara@crxsxs@Yumi Pancake
  20. Wanting to learn more about game play in SL, not looking to get paid (although that would be a benefit) I am really just wanting to learn and gain in game job experience! I am less than 30 days.
  21. Empire Entertainment Group is looking for an experienced DJ to work at least one evening shift. Please reach out to Bruce Leisay (Bruce Marioman) for more details. Why work for Empire Entertainment? You're treated like family Great source of income You're not overworked Great traffic and events Safe environment http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Draconia/68/159/3981 Talk to you soon! Bruce Levisay (Bruce Marioman)
  22. Hello there I'm seeking 6 people who want to help run a full sim for an RP that is currently in development at this time. These people would help have 1full sim that can be used for the group and eventually get 4-6 other full sims to create a Medieval Fantasy type roleplay village along with housing and of course like a castle along with other things. We are discussing by October to have the backers to produce one full sim. Renting is hard to find the proper land so we are stuck renting a 1/4 parcel at this time. If anyone wants to help gather the people and backers including role-players please feel free to contact me here on the forums or inworld on SL. Viper Nova (xxVi3perxx)
  23. EDIT: sorry realized we should be talking in terms of Linden. I will pay 14400 L$ Hi there, I have a model created, however I am unable to get it to rig properly for SL. I do have Avastar but it seems to be too much of a challenge for me, so I am looking to hire someone to rig it for me for SL. The model is roughly based on the Aesthetic body. I will pay 60$ USD to for someone to rig it and paint the weights properly. It is meant to be fitted mesh.
  24. Hello all! I have a custom outfit I'd like to have designed for the Maitreya Body. Would include shoes, gloves, shoulders and an upper body piece. It would be only for personal use. Pay is starting at around 50k L$, but further adjustments can be discussed. Feel free to contact me In-World at Sephi Coin(Sephidoll). You can also reply here with a Discord Name and I can add you to discuss there as well. Thank you for your time, and have a great day! Edit: I've been contacted and the project is now ongoing. Thanks for those that reached out!
  25. Celest is looking for lovely Shining stars of the night to twinkle in the club. ★ad space available for rent starting at 200L ★Tipping required ★Escorts, dancers, and akf girls keep 95 percent of your tips no required hours, no clocking in, no required add boards. ★all we require for you to work at Celest is that you are full mesh, and no flexi, and that your job if hired as an escort be routed through the tip jar. not a star for hire? that's okay come check out our free use furniture and dance music. here is your uber : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chicago City/89/226/3205 for more information or details message Aowhyn resident on second life or leave a post here.
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