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  1. Guess school's out.... not even worth waking Rev Alice for though
  2. I know of a few places that run two tier sort of arrangements (got some tied up which are useless to me before I realised). TBH, with no monetary value (doubt my landlord would take them for rent for example) then no, no interest. Having a dual vending system . not even going to try to think that through (unless someone wants to do the needed parallel LSL stuffs)
  3. Well, animation uploads have a 'fist' option (ok, so its fists) as I use it for simple driving poses. Could be that.
  4. Been meaning to dust off my 'give something from contents decided on some random spread when someone pays me' script. Not exactly dragon magic to write. Would add it to library if it was opened.
  5. Only Colon I trust (to be a bit of a wally) is a Sgt in the Watch. Carry on
  6. Yay Dakota:) and well if you are in the mood there are some other six month plus old whinges to clear up
  7. I don't know. But the ability to save 'whole page' is a hoot. I think I might publish them all in my dotage. Which is sometime next week at last count.
  8. Ah terrace is in BC so officially falls under the seventh official language of Canada. To my chagrin I only speak 4. Well OK 5 at some point during a two four.
  9. Well it is an interesting take but... it would mean me switching out my 3 month recurring premium to a slightly less equivalent tier cost. So not a lot of incentive for the Lab there.
  10. Easy enough to do. Budget? script wise well. wiki has it
  11. Easy. IM to email works fine. Two emails one for me main one for me extras. Excess snitsnack == log in, message, mute. Solved. Use the tools.
  12. Well, the roaming part wouldn't be too hard (couple of ways to do it) to do and there are a few cmt birds on MP it could be added to. Might be worth dropping a request in employment section if they really don't exist as you would like them. Someone might be able to make them (or shell out a couple of k for the kits).
  13. @CoffeeDujour I thought it was just me with my annual clearout.
  14. No. Currently I am sort of an abstract Salmonidae but will change into my pink M3 G&P to go dancing later.
  15. 25% less lag for premiums as we all know they do it on purpose (hides in cave)
  16. Always happy to entertain custom variation requests (not quite the same situation but the closest for my stuff) and even state so in profile, IM or NC is fine. Do three or four a year, as vast majority is provided as at least mod so customers usually adapt to what they want. Depends on my capabilities and from time to time because 'ooh what a neat idea'.
  17. uBlock Origin and Privacy Budgie on both externals so...
  18. By history - def Casper. Anything still working from my first incarnation that still does with exceptional service - go for it. Sounds like an ad but from an outside view it seems solid as hell.
  19. ... and depend on a third party who might flutter away at no notice. I believe the coarse term would be FIFY. I would have included a picture of Cyanistes caeruleus inverted but the joke would not have translated.
  20. All is fine. Idiots are monitoring thread. Tango Foxtrot alert. Love the 'not recommended' warning on a default tick. Do these people not read the news?
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