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  1. upon further study, the 5LI object was not set to physical. when i set it to physical the LI changed to 14. why? the uploader doesn't indicate there will be any change to the LI if i turn the Convex Hull to Prim? i uploaded it with a physics model. how do i know what the REAL LI is from the uploader?
  2. is there any reason why a mesh of 5 Land Impact is copied, the copy and original both blow up to 14 ?
  3. well that's weird. new region, uploads good.
  4. i can't upload anything on the Beta grid. it's not just animations, it's anything, images, mesh, animations. uploading files that worked a while ago, now fail. i was able to upload this animation on the main grid.
  5. i too feel as if there is something fishy going on here. it's not like every last one of the most popular artists in SL fiercely protect their RL identity. i'm not sure why that is, it's just a fact. so, when someone gets hit with a DMCA, your RL identity is revealed to the accuser [on filing a counter-notice]. as far as i know, once the accused submits a counter claim, the RL identity of the accuser is given to the accused. or maybe i should read all the DMCA cases SL's had over the years again? [mere speculation. claimant's identity need not be revealed at this stage of the process.] if
  6. if any of the above alterations to your design result in "nothing" i would suggest there is something seriously wrong with your program.
  7. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetColor llSetColor(<vector colour>, face number);
  8. the interpolations between your keyframes, as can be played, viewed, paused, & edited in Blender should be what you get in SL. i don't know of any means of viewing the animation frame by frame in SL as you seem to suggest. aside from a host of other factors that can destroy your one to one ideal if what you see in SL isn't what you see in Blender, you can change Blender's viewport "Frame Rate" from the Dimensions tab of the Animations panel. (this setting is not the "Animation Export" fps, just how it's played in Blender.) you can play with either at your pleasure till it feels right. don'
  9. i was about to tell you, before your edit, the problem is that you are animating facial features (as is indicated from your dope sheet). that is why your facial HUD won't work. muting those facial bones positions or deleting them will get your HUD working. i would recommend not showing any face bones in the Avastar Rig Display when you are editing so they won't show up in your animation.
  10. if your avi doesn't play the animation at all, you may not be exporting the right frame(s). if it's a simple pose, only one frame needs setting. animations need a start/stop setting. which frames you export depends on where they are in your Blender timeline.
  11. Ginny Talamasca (last call) Nicky Ree Ruth Quan [rQ] mirai Jun (cubic effect) camilla Yosuke (insolence) paeoti Pomeray (nymphetamine) Sh Oluja (sheer)
  12. setting aside all of the imposed limitations for an official implementation into the SL viewer, have you considered creating a stand alone pose/animation editor (similar to Qavimator) made available for purchase so we could use it to make live poses/animations inworld? as it is for moi, i'm using the Blender/Avastar rig and would die to create on an inworld avatar. of course, this would be starting from a Tpose, so no "tweaking" other's poses.
  13. while your Poser application is superb (do you have a Patreon account we can support your development?) i'm worried about copyright infringement. as it is now, as far as i understand, there is no ability to export .anim or .bvh. are you working on getting it to export poses/animations based on other's work?
  14. haha, no, that was merely a literary device to capture the ill intent. i've done it enough times to know it's not a method i'd ever consider worth more than mocking.
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