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  1. is there any way to import a .anim file into Blender?
  2. this is the reason why a new business model would need to be created. i'm not sure the Lab's up to the task. really, if anyone's serious about capitalizing on competing and dominating this work from home sector, the game aspect and repute of the wild and crazy SL has to live separate and apart from any serious offering. i submit that it would require a different viewer and possibly a new grid. i'm sure someone could cobble together a version of the viewer that holds only features and menu options that are focussed for the specific target market. it's a big deal/dream. something that is perfectly doable with proper coordination, skills, and motivation.
  3. a Wix style About page does not a portal make. as a prospective customer of the service, reading the linked Learn More or FAQ wiki page's (>Second Life Work/FAQs) history page doesn't give me confidence they are seriously looking at providing New & Improved enterprise services. seems that removing the ancient attempt for newby help/guidance the Solution Providers Program (2010) hinted at was the only edit bringing the whole sale to present time. it's an exploitation of current events. good on em. unfortunately, it points to services they've had for ages which are too expensive and proven to be too complicated. what is needed is a new look at being simple, effective, and affordable. instead of luring the mark to purchasing land, they should be looking at providing secure and privately accessed spaces with the least amount of cost and hassle. sounds like the ideal solution would be for private residences to build this trusted resource. anybody have a reputable business geared to providing services which is based upon Linden Lab's hands off business approach? i haven't viewed the Brett Linden's Lab Gab announcement but from what Rosie Helendale had to say on her YouTube channel's Second Life News Flash there's a WAY CHEAP solution for Educators and Non-Profits to get in on the fun. not sure where that's being reported so i'll hunt it down and report back laterz maybe. LL Blog on Educational & Non-Profit Discounts oh, btw Brett Linden is THE MAN in this situation. well done!!!!!!! God Speed Son.
  4. this would be a great use. now all the Lab would need would be some method to guide the mass of new corporate requests. i'm not too sure how the Lab's current setup could be adapted to handle serious business requirements. short of devoting a high level management team to direct this lucrative venture, an office distinct from the bug crushers and rabble, the opportunity has meh written all over it. ever since their failure to capitalize on the influx of mass market appeal, way back in 2006, i'm sure some big head's have some revolutionary ideas they'd like impleneted in the quiet dark corners of their minds. if anyone needs a lead, i'm available at the right price.
  5. is there a way to send particles to multiple targets in a primset? i've been toying with Jopsy Pendragon's templates but i just can't seem to generate particles from the root that go to three separate links from the root. does anyone know if it's at least possible?
  6. found a new place to dwell. all good there/here.
  7. anytime i try to save a script it gives me that whirly cursor thingy (timer indicator?) then some arcane code error:
  8. i've not been able to compile/save ANY scripts in the beta grid for some time. seems like forever. anyone else hindered by this lack of functionality?
  9. i'm loosing my mind. forgot about FireStorm's backup settings. gave that a try et voila! all is good. still don't know where that damned switch is tho. no matter....
  10. my hovertext is not working anymore. i don't know what i did this time in Firestorm or my puter settings, but every hovertext opacity seems to be getting dimmer and dimmer, some gone altogether. they're all set for full opacity. i can barely see them anymore. this goes for other designers hovertext so it's no just my scripts. anyone have any ideas what's gone wrong and how to return to their former glory?
  11. 2020 (with faceapp smile) & 2010
  12. thanks Vir (for all of us awaiting the fix)
  13. couldn't find any BoM wiki Optimo. plenty of fun in the Jira though.
  14. why is my torso and left foot texture wiped off when i open Appearance Mode? all other textures, legs, head, hands, right foot have perfectly applied textures. if i close the Appearance window, all reverts back to normally viewed textures throughout.
  15. you have an attachment named Flight Assist. find it in inventory and detach it.
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