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  1. i'd really like to know what type of work environment LL has. i read that their pre Kingdon days were meh, whatever. coders would kinda pick tasks from a jar by whoever felt they might "work" on it. managing that type of relaxed human activity would be challenging if the board's power elite wanted a more traditional PR faced organization would be more suitable to their bottom line. the period where they turned towards schmoozing up to more legitimate "mainstream" avenues for revenue proved disastrous. the people who made the world left. not sure who has the fire in their belly within their current structure to address the user's passionate and real concerns to improve the "game".
  2. only my desires to have what is not there. many ways to not get what you don't have. wonder when they'll implement the "Mesh" item.
  3. well, that's not too refined. they're buried with system clothing, alpha textures, shapes, tattoos, eyes, system brows, skins, physics shapes, & shoe bases. did i miss anything? might as well search for ALL. btw, i'm using Firestorm. the Starlight skin has no affect on any underlying functionality as far as i know. look closer, you'll see it's not a screenshot either.
  4. and, what function does the gear widget's "Always sort by name" toggle? seems to do nothing. acceptable to its client (LL) if they ever noticed? too late to fix? haha. is it too late for every little thing?
  5. where's the Shapes item in the Inventory's Show Filters window? look for yourself. it's not there in Firestorm or Sl's viewer. how come?
  6. ya think it's on anyone's list to fix? last bug i tried to put into their JIRA thingy i was told off. what ARE they doing over there. how complicated can it be? a few days locked up in a dark room all alone with no food and water till they find it and squish it. i believe they are distancing themselves from us by putting up so many complicated barriers to hurdle. so it's buried in a heap of caca: here's a facemask and a flashlight. go get it.
  7. when i rename an outfit in the Appearance window, either the Outfit Gallery tab or Outfits tab (My Outfits in the SL viewer) the title of the outfit changes in the Edit Outfit window but the listed name in both gallery and outfits tabs stays the same until i relog. bug or feature?
  8. you've been holding out hope for some time now indianwifecute. what you're asking for will take a considerable amount of time for someone with the requisite skillsets to 1. create a unique oneoff customized mesh model to fit your real world shape (or the illustrated Daz3d model), 2. create a UVmap of the mesh model head, 3. texture the UVmap with customer supplied photographs, 4. rig the head for SL use. that's a tall order, and would take frequent collaboration as is needed between artist and client to satisfy whatever quality you expect. instead of shooting for the moon, have you thought of applying real world photos onto an existing head? CATWA supplies a developer kit that anyone can use to apply whatever texture they have onto her heads. it would just take some time in Photoshop to blend all the images into a useable texture. quite a lot less cost and you might be happy with the results. knowing the real life limitations your dreams may have on your SL i'm not sure you'd be as happy with it as if it were your ideal offworld model. unfortunately, as far as i know, Daz3D models can not be legally imported into SL any way.
  9. well, for heavens sake. i knew it had something to do with Animesh. that's when the warnings started to appear. hopefully my ancient version of Avastar won't be completely broken before i can justify buying the new version every year.
  10. and the reason you ask is: ...? i actually stole some edges from another design i'd made before i installed Avastar. that was when the avatar skeleton front to back was oriented along the X axis. but that shouldn't matter since when i brought it into Avastar (skeleton front to back aligned along the Y axis) i rotated it, modded it, and weighted it from the beginning. since my post i've not had it go wonky (90° rotated) again. mayhaps, in the battle i had not applied skin weighting? i'm not sure, my routine was getting overridden with frustrations. still, in a new and calmer instance, the warning persists, but only when the skin weighting checkbox is checked. everything so far now, after a good nap, is working as it should (save that annoying warning). not sure if i'd done that initially but the next go round i made sure i did.
  11. what's with this message (topic title)? i'm trying to upload some rigged mesh made with Avastar which has never before given that error. everything i've uploaded before was okay. it's not Animesh, it's just a rigged necklace and pendant. now everything uploaded is 90 degrees off!
  12. unfortunately, the forums can't be used to name and shame another resident [wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Community_Participation_Guidelines >Interpersonal Disputes]. unless you remove the individual and business names i wouldn't be surprised when the Lindens remove any chance of you getting a hearing here. if i were you i'd be fit to be tied. have you filed an Abuse Report on the land holder?
  13. brilliant! moved the blacklist.xml to a convenient location i could find again if all went sideways. logged into the region i was trying to rerender and everything was magically there again. but, i needed the original blacklist since it's heavily laden with all the offensive content over the years that just gets in my way. Thank God for Firestorm's derender tool! so, putting two and two together i figured i could generate a new blacklist with everything in the region i didn't have in the original. i then proceeded to fill the new and empty blacklist with everything that was NOT in my original Asset Blacklist. then, after logging out, i just copied the appropriate xml keys from the newly generated blacklist.xml to my original, placed that edited file back into place and relogged. worked like a charm. opened up the Asset Blacklist, sorted everything by region, and Removed everything from the blacklist for the region. phew. must read harder than it seemed.
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