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  1. I'm not saying that there's necessarily a history of ancient Bellisseria, but I know that there's more than just what's on the surface. Not necessarily the LAND surface, but....
  2. Correct: we wanted to make sure everyone could engage in the fun, so we've migrated the egg to a new location. Swing back and grab Egg 1 again for the new location clue if you still have the old one! And happy hunting!
  3. Hi everyone! We interrupt your regularly-scheduled thread to make sure everyone catches this announcement https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/435612-securityprivacy-and-new-linden-homes/
  4. We want to thank everyone for the kind words they have expressed in the last 24 hours since Linden Homes has launched its first phase of homes. We are delighted so many of you are enjoying the homes, the decor, and especially the feel of community. As part of fostering that community feel, we are going to address two changes that are occurring over the next week or so (and explain our reasoning). The first is that at 6am SLT on Wed April 17th, we are going to uncheck the box on the Linden Homes estate that allows parcel owners access restrictions to be more restrictive than the estate. Me
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