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  1. Easy enough... // if agent is sitting & agent velocity is greater than 0, they're moving, not sitting on your couch if(llGetAgentInfo(AGENT_KEY) & AGENT_ON_OBJECT) { list agent_info = llGetObjectDetails(AGENT_KEY, ([OBJECT_VELOCITY])); if(llList2Integer(agent_info, 0) > 0) { EjectExplorerTimer(60); }else{ EjectAgentBecauseImParanoid(5); } }
  2. I'm sure the majority of grid explorers will agree with this thread, security orbs are a nuisance for those that explore the grid via vehicles(plane, helicopter, balloon, etc). When trying to get from point A to point B, everyone encounters a paranoid security orb owner's parcel which ruins their exploration of the grid by teleporting the agent home. For security orb creators: Why not add a feature to check the agent that enters the parcel to see if they're sitting, if they're sitting, assume they're exploring the grid via a vehicle, give them at least 30-60 seconds to pass through the parcel. example: if(llGetAgentInfo(AGENT_KEY) & AGENT_ON_OBJECT) { EjectExplorerTimer(60); }else{ EjectAgentBecauseImParanoid(5); } For security orb owners: For those security orb owners that give an agent 30-60 seconds to vacate the parcel, thank you, that gives explorers(particularly hot air balloons that move slow) plenty of time to pass through. If you're so paranoid of agents entering your parcel(those that have their orb set from 1-10 seconds), use an allow list, save the server the script memory/time and explorers the hassle of having their expedition ruined by your paranoia, at least this way explorers can work their way around Paranoiaville(ban lines) without getting teleported home. Also, IM the creator of your security orb creator and ask them to add a 'grid explorer' feature to give those 'sitting' a few extra seconds to passthrough. Thanks PS I hate ban lines as well, but at least you can work your way around them. </rant>
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