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  1. Easy enough... // if agent is sitting & agent velocity is greater than 0, they're moving, not sitting on your couch if(llGetAgentInfo(AGENT_KEY) & AGENT_ON_OBJECT) { list agent_info = llGetObjectDetails(AGENT_KEY, ([OBJECT_VELOCITY])); if(llList2Integer(agent_info, 0) > 0) { EjectExplorerTimer(60); }else{ EjectAgentBecauseImParanoid(5); } }
  2. I'm sure the majority of grid explorers will agree with this thread, security orbs are a nuisance for those that explore the grid via vehicles(plane, helicopter, balloon, etc). When trying to get from point A to point B, everyone encounters a paranoid security orb owner's parcel which ruins their exploration of the grid by teleporting the agent home. For security orb creators: Why not add a feature to check the agent that enters the parcel to see if they're sitting, if they're sitting, assume they're exploring the grid via a vehicle, give them at least 30-60 seconds to pass through the parc
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