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  1. heyas! i saw somewhere once this sign, and it said like: 'if you can see the word in this rectangle, you have materials enabled.' it was like a "materials zone ahead" warning sign? i wasn't able to find it on the marketplace... i dunno if it's a freebie or not or what. anybody seen anything like that??
  2. nobody really replied to my topic? (how did they know i was bad about following up on forums? :X) managers just sharked me directly? hm. well, i thought i'd add a little more details about me and my business(es), in order for any interested parties... to know if they were interested? i'm aspie, and i do not respond well to people who get in my face, and advertisers. i appreciate managers need to be gung-ho and in-your-face advertisers, just know i will have a negative reaction to that. i do not use voice, i can't hear voice, i do not have the voice module installed. part of my aspie affect is that i don't respond well to people talking to me. i communicate via text only. i have.... 3 and a half businesses. 1a: Willow Creek Mill: this is for my tiny and titchy (and someday dinkie) stuff. 1b: Bloodsong Termagant/Termagant Industries: this is for my non tiny/titchy/dinkie mods and products (chibi noodle, manticore, pudgy puff, etc etc), mesh builds, scripts, etc. 2: 3D Menagerie: this is for my mesh animal and creature avatars. 3: Brass Ring Ranch: this is for my horse-specific mods and stuff (mainly teeglepet).
  3. it's a long story i'm sure you don't want to read, but i discovered that some businesses have a manager. i've always thought i would do a lot better with a manager, or a PR person, or... something. so my FIRST question is... What does a manager do? (i'm not talking about club managers, or mall managers, but a person who 'manages' stuff for a shop/brand.) i'm generally good at creating stuff (i build, model, script, animate, even texture), but i suck at promotion and advertising. and i HATE boxing up stuff and putting it in caspervend and marketplace. i do have a couple people who have offered to help in making product photos at least, but... that end of production is real slow. stuff like posting advertisements, buying advertising space in world or on the marketplace, or getting into promotional events... i suck at. do managers handle all that? do they do PR? do they do CS? do they create copy and advertising images and stuff? do they ride herd on the creator and demand deadlines and such? do they ok/reject project ideas? i see a quirky little shop like hextraordinary, and they have a manager... and i wonder... can i become big like them, too? so my second question is... How do I find a good manager? And how much do I pay them? do they get a percentage, a salary, wages, perqs...???
  4. Sunday, March 15 i noticed in my Group IM list, i had some conference chat from "BELLYSNIFFER"... and decided it must be some griefing something and closed it, then blocked that person. several minutes later, i got another conference im from the same name (different account? dunno). i reported it through the abuse tools. others posted the settings below to prevent conference IMs. since i had the 'report automatically ignored' setting on, i began getting spammed by other accounts trying to conference me. these accounts were of established avatars, much older than the account that started this nonsense. i have a concern that this conference spam is somehow gaining access to people's accounts, though i don't know how. aside from the abuse report sent, and, well, here... i don't know what other channel to use to report this. so... A: where/how do i report it, if i think it is more serious than random griefing, and... B: is it actually hacking accounts, and how do i protect myself against that happening to mine? Settings to avoid Conference IM Griefing:
  5. thanks, guys! it wasn't under the setdebug command. it really is intrinsic to the detach locking on the hud, like kt said. but i dont see on the rlv page how to use the 'nostrip' setup. it sounds a little complicated. ;D thank you, coffee, for how to contact the RLV team!
  6. i'm using @detach=no on a hud i want to remain on me during avatar/outfit changes. which is all fine, but today i got a strange message from the rlv api, stating i could not go into wireframe mode due to rlv restrictions. i can't find anything about wireframe mode on the RLV API page, so i'm wondering if that is part of the command (it's pretty draconian, really, you can't edit the locked object at all (which is desired, of course)), or if i have some setting turned on that i don't want on or what?
  7. not sure where to post this suggestion... went to the jira; i thought there was a 'suggestion' category, and a 'website' one too, but... didn't find that. anyway, when i go to check my real money balance -- uh, first of all, is there a specific place to see that? and/or see my open lindex orders? -- well, i use the 'process credit' page, because that shows my us$ balance. usually $0.00, because i'm usually waiting for a lindex sell order to go through...! it's just that every time i got to the process credit page, and i do have a zero balance, there's this big red error box that says "THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR ACCOUNT. Your account does not have sufficent funds to make a process credit request. " well... yeah, but that's NOT a "problem" with my account. my balance just happens to be zero at the time. (okay, so no monehz is a problem... but does it need to look like a huge 'omg, a problem with your account: you have been haxxorxed!!11!1!!' message?) (ps: the spellchecker just noticed that 'sufficient' is spelled wrong on that page, too :X ) (just sayin'!) oh, DUH! i found it! it's called 'account summary.' which i thought... is what i was looking at when i was looking at 'account'. :X that page doesn't have my open lindex orders, though. like dollars/lindens tied up, which are still in my account. while i'm making suggestions no one will ever see... i thought it might be cool if i could somehow get an in-world notice when my lindex sell order went through. (yes, because i have a terrible time paying attention to real life!)
  8. oh, hahahha, i see! all this time, when i had to send my painstakingly-age-verified friend to go buy me a contact juggling ball, and all those gacha guild avatar release events i missed... all i had to do was change one preference thing!?!?? OMG, THAT'S HYSTERICAL!!! ;D my cashing out is fine, i did that banking rigamarole months ago. the marketplace is good... IF you know what you want, and can find it. there's just no replacement for strolling up and down the mall, gazing at all the cool creatures in the vendors! crazy japanese stuff you never knew existed! (or that you needed very badly. ;D)
  9. anybody remember NorthStar AV? with fond nostalgia? no? just me? ... :X then i found Avagora Mall at Montecito Bay. hallelujah! the proprietor DOES remember NorthStar AV and wants to keep the Avatar Mall concept alive! but now they have switched from a moderate sim to an adult sim. which is fine. i've never age-verified because i've never had a compelling reason to... maybe now i do! BUT... as also a merchant there, i don't want my in-world vendors to be in a restricted access area. so i'm looking for places to shop (preferably not adult sims), as well as places i might rent shop space. oh, just to clarify... these are for NON-HUMAN avatars. furries, yes; but also ferals, animals, fantastical creatures, robots, mechs, food, dragons, ghosts, toys, tinies, chibis... anything weird! and a mall, which has many different shops from many, many different vendors. thanks!
  10. why am i the lucky one?? when i go back in world, i'll try it in a different region. thanks!
  11. i'm trying to play it once. but it doesn't play at all. did it work for you? i posted a jira. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-228006
  12. i don't understand why this isn't working. i have this old texture for blinking eyelids, and instead of having each prim do its animation, i thought i'd get the root to do them both. buuuuut... it won't do it just once. THIS WORKS: llSetLinkTextureAnim(LINK_ALL_CHILDREN, ANIM_ON | LOOP | PING_PONG, 0, 2, 2, //--grid size 0, 4, //--frame start/end 10.0); //--speed THIS DOES NOTHING: llSetLinkTextureAnim(LINK_ALL_CHILDREN, ANIM_ON | PING_PONG, 0, 2, 2, //--grid size 0, 4, //--frame start/end 10.0); //--speed same thing if i use an individual link number instead of all children. why??? :(
  13. same thing as happened Nov 22. 1: log in very slow (stuck on 'loading fonts' of all things!) connecting to region slow, then aborts to... 2: 'unable to connect etc. would you like to try to go home?' i select the 'home' option, and after a little bit, i load into the grid at my home point. 3: unable to teleport after this log in. i just relogged and didn't have any issues. yet. just reporting in.
  14. just a quick note to say "THANKS, VIR!" for your answer to my questions. (so long ago, yes.) :) everybody else, carry on.
  15. technical questions for the lindens. (or if anybody knows??) 1: BAKES PLACEHOLDER TEXTURES: are we gonna get, in the library maybe, the textures for the bake zones? so we can just throw the textures onto stuff, instead of having to always use a script? 2: BAKES ON ANIMESH: yes, yes, it only works on avatars, because only avatars can wear skins, tattoos, etc etc. but i understand enabling animesh to use body shapes is in the pipeline. if animesh can be made to use/wear body shapes, perhaps it could also be made to wear... skins and tattoos, etc etc etc... someday? well. i can hope? thank you, and everybody enjoy your baking! i know i am
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