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  1. it doesn't work like that. your avatar sits on the sit target (stationary relative to the object center). if you want it to move with the animesh it is sitting on, you need to create an animation for the sitting avatar that matches it.
  2. first up, straight, out, using location keyframes for bones is a Bad Thing. Every time you use a Location Keyframe, an avatar dies. using location keyframes for bones creates a deformer. as soon as you move a bone, your animation becomes incompatible with any and every avatar the doesn't have that bone in a very near location to where your rig has it. need i explain exploding face syndrome? i'm sorry, i didn't mean this to be an accusatory diatribe. i'm just wondering WHY this is so prevalent. when it shouldn't be? are animations from a specific pro
  3. okay, maybe i was thinking of unlooped animations. but then today, i saw this: http://prntscr.com/1361s4h which is indicating that bff9 and 3a1f are both playing multiple times in multiple places on the stack. this is the nutbusterz maneki neko avatar, using the tavatar gaited AO. so it's not out of the question that more than one script is applying these multiples of animations, but... different scripts, same scripts, scripts+gestures...??? oh. maybe these are unlooped. well, i found bff9, that's cat trot, and it IS looped. and
  4. am i going crazy, or did this change recently? (and i'm not talking about animesh, animesh is... WAS... different.) i seem to recall that if you make another call to play a (looping) animation, it will restart that looping animation, at the top of the avatar's animation stack. however, today, it is not doing so. i'm on firestorm version-i-dont-have-it-running-right-this-second... so i'm wondering if someone with the official viewer can check this. please. thank you. even if i play a gesture that starts an animation... playing the gesture again doesn't
  5. i know just enough to really screw myself up... i read this: and this: and this: https://lslwiki.digiworldz.com/lslwiki/wakka.php?wakka=bitwise and i understand how to do things like: if(change & CHANGED_INVENTORY) and i understand binary counting, etc etc. i don't understand binary notation or hexadecimal? thing? :/ so what i've done is this: integer ERROR = FALSE; string s = "RA:Liberty:Standing"; if(llGetInventoryType(s) != INVENTORY_NOTECARD) { llOwnerSay(s+" notecard not found!"); ERROR += 1; }
  6. so i wanted to do this thing... where if you buy an avatar from my store, you get a 25% off coupon for your next purchase. you can use this coupon to A: buy a 'basic' avatar and get a discount on one add-on B: buy 'basic' avatar, then use the coupon to 'upgrade' it to the advanced version 😄 get discounts on subsequent avatars 😧 after you buy 4 avatars, you can get one free by combining your four 25% coupons (smilies? seriously? ::sigh::) i have purchased a vendor system (not caspervend) that has percentage coupons, and allows the combination of discount coupons up t
  7. awesome, thanks quarrel! maybe i was having a flaky script day. that happens :X
  8. heyas, quarrel! thanks for doing some testing! in your LOOPED test, did the loop stop on the last frame of the animation, or did it have 'outro' frames after the loop? as lucia was saying, SL treats them differently. if the last frame of the loop == the last frame of the animation, the animation can stop anywhere on the loop. but if there are frames after the loop, stopping in the middle will cause the loop to go to its end, then go on to the outro frames. also curious if you started/stopped from inventory, or via script. like i said, i was getting different re
  9. okay, so... if i have even just a one frame looping animation (pose), that's technically infinite time, so i can use any ease settings i want on it, up to ten seconds. what happens if i have .5 seconds of intro, 1 frame of infinite loop, and .5 seconds of outro... and i set the ease in/out to 10? i can do that, right? because there's that 'infinite time' in the middle? or CAN'T i? because... wait. if the single frame loop can ease out for 10 seconds, that means... it will keep looping for 10 seconds AFTER STOPPING, to perform the ease? so the intro/loop/outro SHOUL
  10. we all know that ease in and ease out keep the animation from ending abruptly, and let it blend with other animations, right? do we... know more?? i used to think i knew this, not EXACTLY, but in a vague, general way. in fact, i only recently found out that the ease setting is IN SECONDS. not in, say, percent or relativeness. oops. and is it my imagination, or when i stop an animation with a script, it tends to cut off the last part of the ease out too quickly? this is outside of the repeating loop. i usually do an intro, the loop, then an outro. so i have th
  11. (pardon my ranting style, it is used for humor purposes only.) i belong to a couple of discount shopping event groups, you know, the weekly ones. and i go to web pages/galleries to quickly visually scan the goodies on offer. more and more, i have been confused at what exactly some of these ads are selling. i thought it was just me, being a stupid old geezer, but i happened to mention it in one of the aforementioned groups. i was just about to buy an awesome formal suit in raven black and crimson (my colours!), when i noticed there wasn't any demo options to test it first.
  12. i accidentally associated the wrong item in a marketplace listing, then i put the correct item in the listing box (the in-world thing, what's the official name for that?), and i associated it, but then i deleted the RIGHT one instead of the wrong one, and that managed to delete the whole listing right off of marketplace. i got the association number back, by looking at the number on the url on my merchant control panel for the item. but when i put that number in, to re-associate the item, the marketplace couldn't find it. so i had to re-create the listing. okay, t
  13. heyas! i saw somewhere once this sign, and it said like: 'if you can see the word in this rectangle, you have materials enabled.' it was like a "materials zone ahead" warning sign? i wasn't able to find it on the marketplace... i dunno if it's a freebie or not or what. anybody seen anything like that??
  14. nobody really replied to my topic? (how did they know i was bad about following up on forums? :X) managers just sharked me directly? hm. well, i thought i'd add a little more details about me and my business(es), in order for any interested parties... to know if they were interested? i'm aspie, and i do not respond well to people who get in my face, and advertisers. i appreciate managers need to be gung-ho and in-your-face advertisers, just know i will have a negative reaction to that. i do not use voice, i can't hear voice, i do not have the voice module in
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