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  1. not sure where to post this suggestion... went to the jira; i thought there was a 'suggestion' category, and a 'website' one too, but... didn't find that. anyway, when i go to check my real money balance -- uh, first of all, is there a specific place to see that? and/or see my open lindex orders? -- well, i use the 'process credit' page, because that shows my us$ balance. usually $0.00, because i'm usually waiting for a lindex sell order to go through...! it's just that every time i got to the process credit page, and i do have a zero balance, there's this big red error box that says "THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR ACCOUNT. Your account does not have sufficent funds to make a process credit request. " well... yeah, but that's NOT a "problem" with my account. my balance just happens to be zero at the time. (okay, so no monehz is a problem... but does it need to look like a huge 'omg, a problem with your account: you have been haxxorxed!!11!1!!' message?) (ps: the spellchecker just noticed that 'sufficient' is spelled wrong on that page, too :X ) (just sayin'!) oh, DUH! i found it! it's called 'account summary.' which i thought... is what i was looking at when i was looking at 'account'. :X that page doesn't have my open lindex orders, though. like dollars/lindens tied up, which are still in my account. while i'm making suggestions no one will ever see... i thought it might be cool if i could somehow get an in-world notice when my lindex sell order went through. (yes, because i have a terrible time paying attention to real life!)
  2. oh, hahahha, i see! all this time, when i had to send my painstakingly-age-verified friend to go buy me a contact juggling ball, and all those gacha guild avatar release events i missed... all i had to do was change one preference thing!?!?? OMG, THAT'S HYSTERICAL!!! ;D my cashing out is fine, i did that banking rigamarole months ago. the marketplace is good... IF you know what you want, and can find it. there's just no replacement for strolling up and down the mall, gazing at all the cool creatures in the vendors! crazy japanese stuff you never knew existed! (or that you needed very badly. ;D)
  3. anybody remember NorthStar AV? with fond nostalgia? no? just me? ... :X then i found Avagora Mall at Montecito Bay. hallelujah! the proprietor DOES remember NorthStar AV and wants to keep the Avatar Mall concept alive! but now they have switched from a moderate sim to an adult sim. which is fine. i've never age-verified because i've never had a compelling reason to... maybe now i do! BUT... as also a merchant there, i don't want my in-world vendors to be in a restricted access area. so i'm looking for places to shop (preferably not adult sims), as well as places i might rent shop space. oh, just to clarify... these are for NON-HUMAN avatars. furries, yes; but also ferals, animals, fantastical creatures, robots, mechs, food, dragons, ghosts, toys, tinies, chibis... anything weird! and a mall, which has many different shops from many, many different vendors. thanks!
  4. why am i the lucky one?? when i go back in world, i'll try it in a different region. thanks!
  5. i'm trying to play it once. but it doesn't play at all. did it work for you? i posted a jira. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-228006
  6. i don't understand why this isn't working. i have this old texture for blinking eyelids, and instead of having each prim do its animation, i thought i'd get the root to do them both. buuuuut... it won't do it just once. THIS WORKS: llSetLinkTextureAnim(LINK_ALL_CHILDREN, ANIM_ON | LOOP | PING_PONG, 0, 2, 2, //--grid size 0, 4, //--frame start/end 10.0); //--speed THIS DOES NOTHING: llSetLinkTextureAnim(LINK_ALL_CHILDREN, ANIM_ON | PING_PONG, 0, 2, 2, //--grid size 0, 4, //--frame start/end 10.0); //--speed same thing if i use an individual link number instead of all children. why??? :(
  7. same thing as happened Nov 22. 1: log in very slow (stuck on 'loading fonts' of all things!) connecting to region slow, then aborts to... 2: 'unable to connect etc. would you like to try to go home?' i select the 'home' option, and after a little bit, i load into the grid at my home point. 3: unable to teleport after this log in. i just relogged and didn't have any issues. yet. just reporting in.
  8. just a quick note to say "THANKS, VIR!" for your answer to my questions. (so long ago, yes.) :) everybody else, carry on.
  9. technical questions for the lindens. (or if anybody knows??) 1: BAKES PLACEHOLDER TEXTURES: are we gonna get, in the library maybe, the textures for the bake zones? so we can just throw the textures onto stuff, instead of having to always use a script? 2: BAKES ON ANIMESH: yes, yes, it only works on avatars, because only avatars can wear skins, tattoos, etc etc. but i understand enabling animesh to use body shapes is in the pipeline. if animesh can be made to use/wear body shapes, perhaps it could also be made to wear... skins and tattoos, etc etc etc... someday? well. i can hope? thank you, and everybody enjoy your baking! i know i am
  10. i had two sell orders placed and waiting before the whole Tilia thing arrived. and they were sitting there pending. i recently cancelled one, in order to try a different sell price. then when i went to sell them, i ran into the whole 'you need to register for tilia' etc etc deal. that's fine. but what is going on with the lindex orders that were placed before the Tilia thing came in, and are not being filled until afterward? will they be processed using the 'old' system? will they be processed into tilia, and then people will have to register with tilia to finish the transaction? are they in limbo and not being processed at all?? my friend also has a buy order that was placed before the changeover, and she is still waiting... will she wait forever? that would be good to know...! thanks!
  11. i have a set of riding animations... and i'm sure you don't want to hear my whole sob story about THOSE. the pertinent point is, i need to make a hip/COG animation that has the hip in position (up in the air), and nothing else, while turning left and right. and, because reasons, it needs to be priority 3 or less. simple, right? i made an animation that has the COG location, loops that, no ease, yadda yadda. YET, unless i make that animation PRIORITY FOUR, the avatar sinks to standing on the ground while turning. i can't explain this, because the animation info shows two animations involved in turning: turnright/turnleft at priority 1 and walk adjust at proirity 2. (and a bunch of priority 0-2 system background animations.) according to the wiki: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Internal_Animations the only animations with priority 3 are the (female)walk. i'm not initiating any walk, i'm just turning in place. i don't see any notes on the turning animations that there is a secret(?) different priority for the hips in those animations. maybe there is??? (does everybody already know this but me?????)
  12. OH THANK GOODNESS! i saw that what i was doing was TOTALLY wrong... especially as y approached zero... thank you so much, for helping me untangle THAT mess. i'm still trying to picture what's going on... but the formula is working! and i will definitely have to bookmark that, kyrah!
  13. i think i figured out what i'm doing wrong. i am trying to calculate the angle of a slope between two points. point 1 = the spot directly below the avatar where it is standing. (in region coordinates) point 2 = the spot the ray intersects the ground ahead of the avatar. (in region coordinates, translated from the avatar's local forward axis) and i have this formula: angle = RAD_TO_DEG*( llAtan2( (p2.z - p1.z),(p2.x - p1.x) )); i THINK the problem is, that i'm just using the X and Z coordinates, and not correcting for the Y coordinate, if the avatar is not facing along the global X axis. so i found this: https://www.euclideanspace.com/maths/geometry/elements/projections/index.htm how to project a point (my target hit with x,y coordinates) onto a line (the global x axis). um... okay, so i have to take the line that is the avatar's facing, project a line at a right angle to that line from the point, and find out where it hits the X axis. uh... yeah, i dunno how to do that :/ except by drawing on graph paper! :X drawing: https://prnt.sc/onjtdl okay, i worked THIS out: http://prntscr.com/onk6ao if i can just get the x/y plane distance of a, then calculate the x/y coordinate of 2a along the avatar facing... THAT x coordinate should be the one i need. and i don't need to mess around with all those pythagorean thingies. what's the 2d version of llVecDist? oh, set the Zs to 0 first... okay, i came up with this, and it returns total BS. it even returns different answers if i click it (activate the calculation by touch) multiple times, without moving in between. float getSlope() { float ht = 0.75; //--normally a calculated global. vector pos = llGetPos(); //--we know where the floor is, cuz we're standing on it @ -ht. vector target = pos; rotation rot = llGetRot(); target = pos + <3.*ht,0.,0.> *rot;//-- test 3 ahead and 2.5 down target.z = target.z - 2.5*ht; // llOwnerSay("Aiming "+(string)pos+" to "+(string)target); list res2 = llCastRay(pos, target, [RC_REJECT_TYPES, RC_REJECT_AGENTS | RC_REJECT_PHYSICAL, //RC_DATA_FLAGS, RC_GET_NORMAL, RC_MAX_HITS, 1]); llOwnerSay("RC returned:"+llDumpList2String(res2, ",")); float angle; if(llList2Integer(res2, -1) != 0) { vector p1 = pos; vector p2 = llList2Vector(res2, 1); //--calculate X without Y vector xy1 = p1; vector xy2 = p2; xy1.z = 0.0; //--get rid of Z influence xy2.z = 0.0; float dist = llVecDist(xy1,xy2); vector xTarget = pos + <2*dist, 0., 0.> * rot; //--SLOPE: p1.z -= ht; //--make this the floor p1.x = xTarget.x; //--make this our actual distance along avatar FWD angle = RAD_TO_DEG*( llAtan2( (p2.z - p1.z),(p2.x - p1.x) )); } else //--we didn't hit anything, the slope is WAY down. angle = -45.0; //--midway to down. fudged. if(angle > 90.0) angle -= 180.0; else if (angle < -90.0) angle += 180.0; return angle; } and no, i don't know how to do angle math, either :X
  14. hey, thanks, madelaine! buuuuut, i'm having trouble. i'm trying to get the angle from the slope. which is the z difference divided by the x difference, which gives me one float. the llAtan2 is looking for 2 floats. annnnnnd i don't know what those are supposed to be? i tried using the z difference and the x difference in the formula, but i came out with 1.5 for the 45 degree slope. hmm, in good news, facing down the incline gave me -1.5, so at least it's sensing direction... and now a 30 degree slope is giving me bogus answers. i'm sorry, this is why i'm an artist, not a mathematician!! okay, the wiki page says it is dividing the two inputs. i still don't get it. WAIT! further reading shows, that the fool thing is returning PI. so. RAD_TO_DEG to the rescue? or is it that other fool thing. should not post while in the middle of doing stuff. okay, it's consistently coming out to be 12 degrees more than the angle i have the prim facing. i'm not anticipating needing the exact angle, so that's good enough for me... just weird.
  15. so on my slope quest... i have two coordinates, one that is right below my avatar, and one that is about 2 meters ahead of it. these are raycast coordinates, shooting out from the avatar's center point. anyway, i have gotten the formula that the angle of the slope is Tan^-1 (slope). and slope = (z2 - z1)/ (x2 - x1). vector p1 = llList2Vector(res1, 1); vector p2 = llList2Vector(res2, 1); float angle = llPow(llTan( (p2.z - p1.z)/(p2.x - p1.x) ), -1); so tangent of the slope to the -1 power. i'm standing on a prim rotated at 45 degrees, and facing upslope. but the angle keeps coming out to tiny numbers like -0.41267. eh??? my brain is melted. https://www.quora.com/How-can-you-find-the-angle-of-line-by-using-its-slope if you're nuts, these are some of the readouts i got: yeah, i tried getting the normals, but... i don't think i can wrangle those into anything useful for my purposes. i'm trying to see if the avatar is walking up or down a slope, and how steep it is. the normal just gives me the angle of the prim surface, not any idea of which way im facing on it.
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