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  1. What do I want to see? Well, as I am all for improving SL, even if it means redoing all my stuff and taking a hit on multi-scripts* as has been mentioned elsewhere, I will adapt to whatever comes down the pipe BUT I want full detailed lab-sourced documentation and guidelines, Lab sourced, not knocking the great advice given here in the forums by any means but I want the Lab to write it and sign ioff on it. Great recent example is the bacon mesh update - not my biz but detailed enough to work with. That was good to see. And please can we have back the text records of the user groups involved (much as I would like to attend I can't) like there used to be. Again, Inara does a stellar job but I want it official. And yes - text. *I try to stick to one script per where possible using the linked prim fast thingy but there are some missing bits - is why I had to resort to multi sound players for one.. Have tried to search through the jira to see if any movement but despite speaking several dialects of SQuirreL it is - frustrating.
  2. Religion in all forms. "thorts n preyers" runs away
  3. Housework done and news of 4 healthy newborns from 80-100 grams and it is Caturday night so mikka heads to the pub for breakfast. After all - it's where I..caught her eye...
  4. Catbox cleared, time for the hoover (tm) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OswFpx5SDqA
  5. The burn 2013 one is fun but this has sheep. Housework music :^^__^^: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srLkQLBwVuc
  6. From that '20/Aug/18 1.03 PM We're going to confer with the relevant stakeholders to determine how to go forward with this report, thanks!' - and then what happened?
  7. Improved llSameGroup, integer llAvInGroup( key av, key group ) with caveats same parcel only and that script owner must also be in searched for group (ie no bypassing hidden groups) . Save all that group member checking workaround malarky when prim can't be set to target group.
  8. @Ethan PaslongOdd, seeing something different (also a quarterly here) and get the extension offer.
  9. BTO takin' care was too obvious and No Doubt Oi to the World =^^= but I would like to dedicate all of Stop Making Sense to all at the Lab. Now, whos got a match? I used to dance this - probably still can but need a lie down (memo to self - stop trying to point to playlists and complaining about radiohead pasting in..... sometimes it is my own fault and not a technoconspiracy..)
  10. First thought was "well, something was coming and could have been worse". Second? Its put a stop to my plan of adding another quarterly to bump up the group a bit (well was planned for the first and could possibly sneak it in but meh - lost the urge now. Sorry, LL). So left with the option of renewing my existing quarterly (and yes the extra) or scrabbling enough to bump to annual. Depends on cashflow TBH. Cashing out can't comment on. Groups, never filled my slots and yes can understand the infrastructure load they add (been talked about a lot) but also have sympathy for those feeling they are losing out. Other existing perks (beyond the 1024 and messing about with experience stuff) rarely make use of so ... waiting to see if anything new really piques.
  11. Good to read actual suggestions here so will only add : " Even more improvements to Premium Membership are coming later this year " Actually having them ready to go and announced at the same time might have been a good idea (Yep the new homes are a start for those into that sort of thing so - what else is there?)
  12. Its great. Took off the limiter on my speeder and dragged it at 250 m/s (est) and made every crossing. OK the camera took three weeks to catch up. Going the other way more sedately I realised not a lot to see
  13. As I get older I sometimes wonder if there is a deity. Then I remember there will always be a Feynman - so it is said
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