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  1. Beat Sabre is probably the only thing I have seen that made me go - coo I'd like a go on that, out of all the VR stuff so far. Might be because its presented in that way - user actually moving against green screened game video. OK, so its dangerously close to exercise and I would want an Ace of Spades mod... Compare it to how a lot of this was presented (the whole google glass cardboard thing - not here so much but elsewhere ) where it was an awful lot of low rez practically identical square images side by side. Still not shelling out a months rent on one though.
  2. Only took a quick look but does this help? http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Color_conversion_scripts
  3. Had a few flits through and yep - nice. Nice to see the Lab using LI as not a barrier but as a challenge. Nice that it all seems to be made by people (NNNPD) that actually use the platform. Actually tempted to fire up a new. Mega LI for a house? Grin as we make vehicles for < 32 because history. That being 117 for a 512 back in the day =^^= Reckon could also knock out a few under that. @Marianne Littlehas a point there.
  4. For what it's worth all sounds I make are a combination of self recording (cats, Bovington), generated clips via various OS programs and mangled voice overs by a group member. This is SL - my ears my imagination. Oh but yes. Have hours of them new electric cars if you want.
  5. Good call by the Lab on this one. Not all that 'community keen' personally but cool for those who want that sort of thing to have a general place. Now back to making that line of ultra silent slow-moving air leisure craft =^^=
  6. @Roxy CouturierI could live with that. Willing to give up the top 2k of airspace in return for four times the premium land area allowance (with all the LI please - coo would use the extra on SSP in a shot) @Scylla RhiadraSee? Willing to compromise, as there is the carrot. The stick, of course, is the possibility of having to reconsider three premium accounts... a start on C/B analysis anyway. But the ' It could even be linked to a mini-marketing campaign that highlights flight in SL. ' - err - do you read the posts on region boundary crossings? That would be a marketing campaign to treasure =^^= (Declaration of personal niche : mainland indy 'owner' (my shop space is rented from someone else), careful vehicle user and part time vehicle creator - in case you are making a Venn or something)
  7. @KanryDragoYour first part - land and water usage I have no problem with. Hell, I am one. Compromise, agreement, live and let etc... BigBeardy given right to fly over? I draw a line there. Road and water users are part of SL to me. FOMO or whatever the group was are thrrrrp entitled-ists. If that is a word
  8. That cover of Zombie makes my spine freeze. In a good way. However, we will be fooled again =^^=
  9. " any scripter/builders up for the challange? " I can think of a dozen off the top of my head, both by rep and experience, but you are missing two bits of information. Budget and time frame =^^= (can probably fill in the defaults though).
  10. Used in complete form (as in the whole additional line KT posted) it compiles and runs fine. Unless I am on some other main grid.
  11. Well now. I am an avid mainland traveller (GTFO, Grid Drives and oh the horror - just wandering around for fun via road and water - any flight I take is over a large open body such as the Blake). I make a point of trying to avoid what looks like any one elses space out of politeness. Accidents do happen but hey it is the joy of it. Picking a route via the extensive road network and keeping an eye on parcel boundaries - all part of the fun. Frustrating at times but so what? Any sec device that shouts at me outside of a parcel - noted, muted and ignored. However, as a landowner I do sometimes restrict access. Usually a 2 km high block as that is the airspace I use over my land to experiment in. And no there is no warning - being nowhere near a road or Linden waterway, tough luck. Then again I am not that agressive - scans roughly once a minute and does not use that ancient sensor nonsense anyway. I mean, who does So - which side am I on Female Winslet? (Oh those auto cannons from earlier - now that I would consider an AR on simply for being unsporting. When I fire up my Parcel Missile System they are ground based and give plenty of approach warning to the targets)
  12. No dissenting voice from me there. That bolded part though - really? The Lab has complained? I would like a link (or links) to that please, text only*. I have tried to look through user group archives as since moving I have no real chance of attending but for a long time its been - crickets. * I have no patience for 'internet' voices with a few exceptions - have been really enjoying the tuts by Grant Abbitt on texture painting in Blender. What with me being incapable of drawing a straight line with a ruler.
  13. I swore (those who know me can attest to that) I would foreswear these forae but the title.. too hard to resist. I hereby derail with something odd for me because sometimes ~!WRONG != (string)RIGHT -= possibly mais quand on laissez les bons temps rouler as we say
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