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Found 11 results

  1. Help about tank?

    I've been working on a T-55 model for the marketplace, using scripts from an example I found some time ago on VICE. This is the tank I've working on, I can't figure out how to make the cannon to be able to move vertically instead of just rotating. I've tried using Space Tech Advanced Turret Scripts but it seems not only not to work properly with this one for the first time since using it for long, but also making the barrel turn 90 degrees back, aiming at the sky and shooting so. Still could not manage how to make a single-person tank with this pack: Seems to work properly but only with at least two crew members. Seems like the rotating turret/barrel scripts are obsolete because the way it turns, kinda laggy. Does anyone know how to make the tracks work properly? Like, to climb some stuff at least. Thank you.
  2. Hello! I need some help please! I'm trying to make a speedometer. Does anyone know what is the actual speed of the flight or walking avatar in the sl? I need to calibrate. I tried two speedometers at the same time they show different numbers. Thank you!
  3. Boat Wake Particles

    Hello! Help please with particles! I build a boat and I want to make such a wake on the water, which starts from the very nose and goes around the boats's hull. I saw it inworld so I believe its possible, I just dont know how. Particles does not go through the hull. They are slightly spraying forward and then circling the boat. But my particles go through without encountering obstacles. How can I simulate such particle wake? I have a particle script generator. I'm playing with sliders but I can not find the right one yet. Maybe someone has done this before and just tell the right parameter? This would greatly help. (Animation shows my particles going through obstacle)
  4. Hello! Please help to make a depth gauge for the boat. I have a script that shows the depth in the form of hovertext. But I need to turn it into an analog scale with an animated arrow texture or a fixed arrow with an animated scale for one mesh prim. I can provide this script. Please, not very expensive, I dont want this gauge to be more expensive than my boat. I can wait as long as you need. You can leave this script no mod! More details .: that's how I see it. One prim mesh with two - three faces. One face for the background, the second for the arrow, the third for the body (not necessary). We need to animate one texture, depending on the depth. Mesh and textures I do myself. Simple scale from 0 to 20. I also have full perm scripted analog compass and altimeter gauges, if that helps. Thank you very much! _------------+------------_ THE PROBLEM SOLVED!
  5. I found a useful little wheeled stool on Marketplace that's scripted as a vehicle. You can move it round with the arrow keys. Animations make it look like you're moving it with your feet. When you get off, it goes back to its home position. That ought to be a common feature for wheeled office chairs. Bar stools should let you rotate. Unfortunately, the script isn't very good. You can't turn in place. The turning radius is huge, about 5 meters. I wrote to the creator asking for a fix, or at least mod permissions so I can fix it. Good project for someone selling furniture to write a better script for this.
  6. There's something strange at the point where Robin Loop crosses from Juanita to Grote. Vehicles get knocked off the road at the region crossing. There are some nearby encroachments involving a private parking lot, but I can't see the problem even in wireframe mode. Go to and head southeast in the left lane of Robin Loop to see this. This may be new; I ride around Robin Loop regularly and haven't hit this before. I've tried different motorcycles and Firestorm versions, and it's the same every time. Logging out doesn't affect it. Even moving at very slow speed, the problem appears. It's a small bump, not a solid wall; going fast enough will get through it. That's the reverse of most region crossing problems. Sinking at a region crossing is a general problem and well understood, but this is something else. The last time I hit something like this, someone had put an invisible prim across a road.
  7. Suggest a road trip

    I've been working on making vehicle sim crossings work better. I can now drive fast around SL for two hours with few problems. So I'm looking for some good road trips. Any suggestions? I've driven around the Circuit de Corse. That's great. I've driven around Heterocera, which has some good spots. I've driven across parts of Sansara, most recently the region around the airport in Bradmoor. (In Sansara, I've enountered three bots, two AFKs, an abandoned hearse in the roadway, and no active users. The mainland is deader than I expected, even though 34,000 people are logged in right now.) I've explored Kama City. What am I missing?
  8. I've been looking at why vehicle behavior when crossing sim boundaries is so bad. One problem is viewer-side. The effect where vehicles go flying off into space at a sim crossing and then come back is a viewer-side problem. Whatever extrapolation algorithm "Velocity Interpolate Objects" uses is flawed, at least in Alchemy. Try driving a vehicle at moderate speed over a sim boundary on a connection with some lag. You'll probably fly off into space and then come back. Now turn off off "Velocity Interpolate Objects" in the Develop menu, and repeat. Now you stall for about a second when crossing a sim boundary. That shows what's really happening back at the servers. Is this a problem in the SL browser, too? (I'm on 64-bit Linux, so I can't run the SL browser easily.) Please check, so a bug report can be submitted. The extrapolation algorithm needs to be fixed. It needs clamping, or a low-pass filter, or it may even be differencing two positions from different sims and getting some huge velocity. Or it may be a straightforward math bug. Extrapolation from derivatives is always touchy. But those huge bogus velocities that rubber-band back to normal are a viewer-side problem. Sim-side screwups don't return to proper positions. See, for example, [1]. This is the kind of bug that doesn't show for devs working on high speed connections with low lag to the servers. (There are other server-side problems at sim crossings, most reported about ten years ago and not fixed. But this one is viewer-side and probably not hard to fix. [1]
  9. I first saw this when I started using an updating system for the scripts in my vehicle builds. However, this isn't specific to my scripts, it seems to be a generic vehicle behaviour. After replacing the script which manages the Vehicle settings, the vehicle seems to acquire a huge amount of mass causing the object to sink down when it next goes physical. The amount of pull is more than the vehicle engine can counter. Here's a way to reproduce the behaviour without using the scripts I've been writing.. 1) Take a simple boat such as BBX's Aqua which has modify permission 2) Go into edit linked on the driver's sitting position and take a copy of the Yacht Engine 1.0 script 3) Sit on that prim and observe that the boat drives normally (page up/down to change gears, up arrow to increase speed, down arrow to stop) 4) Stand up, go into edit linked, delete the Yacht Engine script 5) Put back the Yacht Engine script from the copy you took to inventory. Observe the chat output indicating that the engine script has initialised normally. 6) Sit on the driving position again. The boat will sink to the seabed and it either won't move at all or will move in directions other than the motor should be sending it. Larger vehicles will hardly move. Smaller vehicles like the Aqua can end up shooting off in unexpected directions contrary to the motor direction My question is - what's causing this? The boat is only set physical whilst it is being driven, so it's not physical between steps 4 and 5 Second question - what can a script do to fix this effect? Thanks in advance for answers... --Chorazin
  10. At Home Indicator/Vehicle

    I think it would be cool to have an object scripted to place a low prim model vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, boat) out near your home when you are within a chosen range (maybe even region) to indicate to others that you are home, and then have that same vehicle disappear when you leave range or go offline. Perhaps it could even be scripted to allow you to hide it when you wish to appear out even when in range. This could be handy on community or RP sims as it would indicate if you were "at home" or "away" for RP purposes.
  11. I've recently learned skills to texture and create graphics and designs for rp sims. I am looking for advice and for ideas for getting the word out there as well as pricing tips. I was very fortunate to win the best chief car at the most recent vehicle car show but I want to branch out and advertise more. Below are some examples of work ive done and I would like to know where the best demand is or what people look for. Do you see more US vehicles than European vehicles? I want to do this cheapest for my customers but still be able to cover my expenses.