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Found 5 results

  1. We want to thank everyone for the kind words they have expressed in the last 24 hours since Linden Homes has launched its first phase of homes. We are delighted so many of you are enjoying the homes, the decor, and especially the feel of community. As part of fostering that community feel, we are going to address two changes that are occurring over the next week or so (and explain our reasoning). The first is that at 6am SLT on Wed April 17th, we are going to uncheck the box on the Linden Homes estate that allows parcel owners access restrictions to be more restrictive than the estate. Meaning: no ban lines. It's our belief that with a sense of community being a main goal of Linden Homes, ban lines send the wrong message. Parcel owners can still ban troublesome individuals by name on their parcel but they will not be able to put their land in virtual lock down by restricting access to group only. The second goes hand in hand with parcel access, and that is security devices. We want to allow Residents to fly, walk, drive, sail and explore freely across Bellisseria without compromising Residents privacy and security on their own parcels. To that end we are allowing the use of security orbs. However, since many orbs can be set in ways that preclude even the most innocent of straying across a parcel boundary or being sent home even though you are 500m in the sky we are forced to come up with a compromise. You may use your personal security orbs or devices in Linden Homes for now, but early next week: we are going to provide you with an approved device via the Linden Homes Content Packs. It will work just as aggressively in protecting your homes from unwanted intrusion, but still reasonably allow Residents to explore without fear of being ejected or teleported home without warning. Once those are added to the Linden Homes Content Packs, the use of other scripted security devices will not be allowed and this will be noted in an update to the Linden Homes covenant. So, to recap: - Ban lines will go away for Linden Homes starting 6am SLT on Wed April 17th - Linden-supplied security orbs will be distributed via the Linden Homes Content Creation Packs early next week - Personal security orbs/devices will be allowed from the above date until approved security orbs are distributed (and not after) We’re thrilled you’re enjoying Linden Homes and we’re excited for everything else to come!
  2. Recently, I bought my first waterfront land in many years. It's on a river near the Mare Secundus. And yesterday I decided to go take a trip all the way down to the coastal areas around the snowland subcontinent. And so I set forth. I journed across the Mare Secundus and proceeded into the perilous straits of unnamed to the Sea of Fables. I passed through the perilous river of whatever it is to Ice Bay. And south I went to another lake whose name I don't know. And as I entered the strait heading further south, I came to a sim crossing. I bravely continued on seeing no hazard. And as soon as I crossed the sim crossing, I immediately was in an area with ban lines with no warning whatsoever. I got instantly ejected back to my home. So much for a long trip. Almost finished and then ruined very close to the destination. There used to be a HUD used to warn of ban lines that could help avoid them. But it doesn't seem to exist anymore. Does anyone know of tools that would help deal with the ban line plague? They needn't be sailing specific since all who travel in vehicles on the mainland seem to have the same kind of problem. I run into it when I drive my car too, for example.
  3. ...of a parcel after a certain amount of time? I don't. I don't mind people coming onto my parcel. I actually thinking flying around the mainland can be troublesome because of all the ban lines and stuff protecting parcels....
  4. =========================================================== Available For Rent @ Alan W. Real Estates -AVAILABLE- Rubys Roadhouse | Sqm: 1/8 | Prims: 2,812 | Price: 3,100 L$/W Insanity | Sqm: 1,760 | Prims: 537 | Price: 537 L$/W Insanity | Sqm: 6,144 | Prims: 1,875 | Price: 1,875 L$/W Sea Hurricane | Sqm: 6,640 | Prims: 2,026 | Price: 2,026 L$/W Sea Hurricane | Sqm: 10,240 | Prims: 3,125 | Price: 3,437 L$/W Diamonds are Forever | Sqm: 1/8 | Prims: 3,715 | Price: 4,100 L$/W Barbuda West | Sqm: 1/2 | Prims: 1,250 | Price: 1,850 L$/W Sea Breaze | Sqm: 1,984 | Prims: 605 | Price: 605 L$/W Sea Breaze | Sqm: 1/8 | Prims: 2,500 | Price: 3,000 L$/W HullaBaloo | Sqm: 1/8 | Prims: 3,647 | Price: 3647 L$/W Sea Escape | Sqm: 1/2 | Prims: 9,936 | Price: 8,000 L$/W City of Concord | Sqm: 13,728 | Prims: 4,398 | Price: 4,398 L$/W RideOn | Sqm: 2,032 | Prims: 620 | Price: 620 L$/W Slapdoogle | Sqm: 6,608 | Prims: 2,200 | Price: 3,600 L$/W Nuernberg North | Sqm: 1/4 | Prims: 5,000 | Price: 4,500 L$/W Exotica | Sqm: 1/8 | Prims: 2,636 | Price: 2,636 L$/W Exotica | Sqm: 5,584 | Prims: 1,704 | Price: 1,704 L$/W Costa Iberia | Sqm: 1/4 | Prims: 5,487 | Price: 4,300 L$/W Luquillo Beach | Sqm: 1/4 | Prims: 5,000 | Price: 4,500 L$/W Brork | Sqm: 5,632 | Prims: 1,933 | Price: 2,600 L$/W Golden Place | Sqm: 1/2 | Prims: 2,500 | Price: 3,600 L$/W Bay | Sqm: 24,576 | Prims: 7,500 | Price: 6,500 L$/W Ciudad | Sqm: 1/2 | Prims: 2,500 | Price: 3,600 L$/W Barbuda Bay | Sqm: 1/2 | Prims: 2,000 | Price: 3,100 L$/W Maui Resort | Sqm: 1/4 | Prims: 1,250 | Price: 1,850 L$/W Yellow River | Sqm: 1/4 | Prims: 5,000 | Price: 4,500 L$/W For contact: almm1000; tzooki; amyalka; norajulian
  5. Currently I need to be within 10m of banlines to see them (both LL Viewer and FS). this is just way too late to be able to steer around the parcel with vehicles. I don't remember it being this short, is it me or a general change in SL? Would like to increase the range a lot, preferably past 256m, so can see enough to try find a path around the banned areas. Wouldn't hurt if you could extend it past normal drawing range.
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