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  1. Wulfie Reanimator

    HUD Clicks to World Position

    By the way, I don't think it's a reasonable assumption to say that there's a distance between "camera origin" and the "HUD." The HUD is rendered orthographically onto the surface of the viewport, it has no depth. If you place an object on llGetCameraPos, it will be on the exact spot your view/HUD is, not behind it. Basically, adjust Myrmidon's drawing by moving the camera point to the center of the HUD width.
  2. Wulfie Reanimator

    Subtle Texture Animation

    Nothing a script does internally has any effect on any viewer. Scripts are 100% server-side. That said, you're not going to kill a sim with a 1-15 second timer. Even if you had a 0.022 second timer running constantly, the sim would be chugging along just fine. (Not saying you should do it, that's still terrible practice.) If you wanted a random chance for no animation, you could do an extra llFrand(1) with a ratio to determine whether or not to pick a random animation at all. Your script is perfectly fine, by the way. I kinda like your unconventional multi-lining style, too.
  3. Wulfie Reanimator

    HUD Clicks to World Position

    This was my attempt at it, before reading your script. It.. kinda works? I can't get the accuracy quite right, it either undershoots or overshoots. My "HUD" was size <1.0, 1.92385, 0.2>, rotated <0, 90, 0>, and attached to HUD Center. // HUD integer channel = 2935; float range = 10; default { state_entry() { if(llGetAttached()) llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRACK_CAMERA); } touch_start(integer n) { // Since touchST covers the face of the prim and // our screen is NOT square, vertical FOV needs to be reduced. // These values are the two sides of the prim. float verticalFOV = ((1.92385 - 1) / 1.92385); // 0.480208956 ratio float fov = 30; // Adjust this for a wider range of movement. // Changes ST range from [0.0, 1.0] to [-1.0, 1.0] vector STOffset = ((llDetectedTouchST(0) * 2) - <1,1,0>); rotation Hud2Rot = llEuler2Rot(<0, STOffset.x*verticalFOV, -STOffset.y> * fov * DEG_TO_RAD); list data = llCastRay( llGetCameraPos(), llGetCameraPos() + <range,0,0> * llGetCameraRot() * Hud2Rot, []); llWhisper(channel, llList2String(data, 1)); } } Maybe this isn't any help, but it was fun to tinker.
  4. Wulfie Reanimator

    Will we ever be able to filter out demo items on the MP -completely-?

    Fun fact: you can type "NOT demo" at the end of your search on MP and it will filter out any items with "demo" im the name or tags. You can remove multiple keywords this way by writing "NOT demo NOT fatpack" If this is documented somewhere, I have no idea where. I heard this from another user.
  5. Wulfie Reanimator

    Subtle Texture Animation

    The longer you script, the more you try to find ways to simplify your code. Sometimes your code can be simplified with the way the object is built.
  6. Wulfie Reanimator

    Subtle Texture Animation

    Did/can you create the grass? If the answer is yes, you can offset the texture UV map so that the "center" of it is at the base of the mesh face where you need it. If not, you can also set the texture offset parameters, but doing this is not smooth and can't be combined accurately with the client-side effect of moving the texture.
  7. llName2Key converts avatar names into UUIDs. llGetObjectDetails is able to get a lot of useful data about an object/avatar in the region, such as position, rotation, and velocity. Also llGetAgentList gives you a list of all avatars in the region in UUID form, regardless of distance. This is not necessary if you know the target, though. That should be enough for you to figure the rest out.
  8. Wulfie Reanimator

    complicated rotation issues

    Post your code (preferably) or screenshots of the object so we can help you better. Child prims are moved and positioned relative to the root object and its rotation. You can remove the root's rotation by dividing your offset by the root's rotation.
  9. I've just spent the time to read through the majority of your posted JIRAs, and I don't see any that were closed unjustly, even though one of them was reopened some hours ago so you could respond (after what seems like you having edited in some all-caps shouting which you've been told not to do in your previous JIRAs). But what I am seeing is some repeatedly poor conduct on your part whenever things do get closed as you seem to take it very personally (especially since you pull the gender card). Going so far as to abuse report a Linden for closing your JIRA..? Anyway, for the actual topic: That's.. not at all what the function/status does. That's not even what GRABBING is! I don't understand how you can say that even after Rolig copypasted a bit from the wiki. llSetStatus(STATUS_BLOCK_GRAB_OBJECT, TRUE); This prevents grabbing the linkset. llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE); This makes the object physical. llSetStatus( STATUS_ROTATE_X | STATUS_ROTATE_Y , TRUE); This allows the object rotate around its X and Y axes. This has no effect on a default object. llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, FALSE); This makes the object nonphysical. llSetStatus( STATUS_BLOCK_GRAB_OBJECT, FALSE); This allows the linkset to be grabbed. At no point do you even use the status that affects the prim the script is in. The first caveat on llSetStatus is that "Status is an object attribute; all prims in an object share the same status." which continues "Except for STATUS_BLOCK_GRAB, this only affects the prim the script is in, child prims in linked objects will not be affected." You have a completely incorrect idea of what the function is actually doing. Your latest JIRA is incoherent (the title says STATUS_BLOCK_GRAB but your example uses *_GRAB_OBJECT) and it should have been closed and it has nothing to do with you being a woman. I will grant you that the wording for BLOCK_GRAB (root only) vs BLOCK_GRAB_OBJECT is weird, but you're not even close. If you use STATUS_BLOCK_GRAB in a child prim, it has no effect. If you use it in the root, you can still grab by child prim, but the whole linkset will move. P.S. Female here as well, since it was pointed out.
  10. Wulfie Reanimator

    Completely New and Have Some Questions

    To clarify this, Premium Membership comes with a weekly stipend of 300L. After 45 days (so two payments of premium), you get a one-time additional reward of 1000L on top of your stipends. Even though you get it slower, premium is definitely worth the price, especially if you consider the free land tier, extra groups, etc. Almost all content in SL are created by other users like in IMVU, but the big difference is that people even create the functionality (scripts) in SL. Nothing is exactly standardized, so how things work might always be slightly different. Klytyna already mentioned permissions, but here are the specifics: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Permission
  11. Wulfie Reanimator

    Need help understanding mesh after 4 years away

    This is not really true. While it's true that even the modern mesh bodies (from Maitreya, Belleza, Aesthetic, etc) have a specific overall shape, their size and proportions can vary very drastically with the same clothing (for that body) staying compatible at both extremes. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the name of your mesh body and what the clothing is made for. (protip: type the body's name into Marketplace search) Fortunately LL is working on a new feature called Bakes On Mesh that will allow you to wear normal clothing layers so that they are automatically applied to the attachments (eg. body) you want, exactly as they are on the base body (because "bakes" are your base body textures). Once that feature becomes available, you'll be able to upgrade pretty easily. But I agree; It's confusing, dealing with the scripted HUDs and appliers are frustrating, having a big enough selection of clothes is a major concern, and it costs up the wazoo to buy each body. But you don't HAVE to upgrade. Don't feel pressured to give up your avatars just because other people have.
  12. Wulfie Reanimator

    Belleza appliers not working on Belleza 5.1 Bento body

    That seems like a big leap in versions, it's very likely that the scripting has changed so that your old Belleza-specific appliers just aren't compatible. For future reference, your viewer has nothing to do with how scripts work. You won't fix appliers with switching or reinstalling.
  13. Wulfie Reanimator

    Something should be done about 1L$ items on marketplace.

    *Lists promo gifts for 11L$.* What, is it against the rules to price anything at 11L$?!
  14. Wulfie Reanimator

    Web Prim Potentialities

    You'd be amazed of how many things you can sell to the technically illiterate.
  15. Wulfie Reanimator

    Web Prim Potentialities

    This just isn't possible with the way MOP currently works. When you see a webpage on a prim, it's YOU who is directly requesting and connecting to that page. For LL to make this system "secure," they'd have to become a proxy service and carry the burden of all of the network data going through MOP to any and all avatars. I doubt they have any interest in doing that.