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  1. This won't trigger attach, but will trigger changed (CHANGED_LINK).
  2. Nah, I like blunt people. His response was fine, especially as a general reply on a thread not aimed at personally anyone. (We all know people exaggerate their social interactions on the forum.) Even if it was said verbatim to a customer, I wouldn't be upset enough to write a post about how upset I am. The second part of your post is the reason why I brought it up when responding to you specifically. You don't know anything about me or what I do and I didn't expect you to. I don't go around broadcasting to people what a good and helpful person I am, except when I'm making a point that I p
  3. If I understood correctly, you want the projectile to "predict" the user's movement by rezzing slightly ahead in the direction they are moving, but only when they are moving sideways. (Or rather, you only want to account for any lateral movement, not forward/backward motion.) This isn't too difficult, you can get the avatar's velocity with llGetVel, cancel out the avatar's rotation, then check for the Y component. That'll tell you how fast you're moving and to which side. Here's a simple visualizer you can wear: default { state_entry() { while (TRUE) {
  4. A merchant's right to choose their price overrides your entitlement to the price you want to pay. The product is what it is, price included, and you have the choice of whether to buy it or not (and where you want to buy it). If one of the options is too much for you, then go for the cheaper option if you still want the product. And I say this as someone who runs a very generous charity.
  5. Looks like a red ribbon on a transparent background. Do you have a particle emitter that does that? Having a texture "always visible" like that is a workaround for having textures appear immediately as they should be, rather than grey.
  6. Can somebody explain what the actual goal/feature is, or is this purely a trigonometry puzzle?
  7. Speedlight, as cool as it is, runs in your own browser and doesn't have the same graphical capabilities as a regular viewer.
  8. Probably the misguided copybot protection then. Have you tried asking the creator what purpose the server has? Even if you send out the update before losing the old server, there's no guarantee that customers will update (whether they ignore the update or fail to update some specific outfit with the old version).
  9. Mono scripts have dynamic memory, meaning they only reserve as much as they actually use. There's no way for external scripts to measure anything besides the maximum limit, though.
  10. I've always believed they're still in memory. The script retains its exact state without any observable initialization period. When the script isn't running, it's simply ignored each cycle.
  11. Sad to see this happen. The 5xx HTTP errors are things like "Internal Server Error", "Bad Gateway", or "Service Unavailable." They probably just ditched the server/domain they were using and/or moved to another one. Since the scripts can't be updated remotely (and weren't developed with this situation in mind), they're stuck trying to communicate with the obsolete address. The most innocent use-case would be checking for updates. I can also imagine it being another misguided creator trying to prevent copybotting by having the scripts check back with the server. (Won't work, btw.
  12. If you search for "SLMC" (SL military community), you should find a bunch of sims owned by different groups that exclusively do a lot of shooting at each other. (Usually pretty competitive.) The community itself isn't what it used to be in terms of size or activity, but there's been a great deal of R&D put into making shooters/combat fun in SL. Epsilon is one of the currently active groups I'm most familiar with and I've done a few projects for them.
  13. No need to llLookAt, you can rez the object with the correct orientation directly.
  14. If you mean the same effect as you see in the LL water we have, that's impossible.
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