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  1. Maybe so, but I've also advocated for the benefits if having one extra layer on a body specifically for "clothes." I don't think clothes and BOM are meant to go together, even if the system inadvertently supports it. It's bodypaint -- unless that's what you want, in which case body shine isn't a problem. A clothes layer should bridge the gap on things like butt and cleavage. Obviously, BOM can't be used for both, but that's kind of besides the point. Baked-in clothes is a bad idea all around. We should forget those as a viable product besides for historical purposes. BOM should only be used for things directly on the skin itself, add-on mesh for everything else. That's my interpretation anyway.
  2. Define "active." I still log in sometimes, not every day, or even every week (especially if each account is considered separately). As far as the furry(/anime?) community goes: There's just very little interesting stuff going on inworld for me. The days of social sandboxes where people build stuff or play with random toys is basically gone. Hangout areas are dead silent with everybody talking in IMs, afk, or waiting for someone to ask them to bang. For the human community: I don't even know. It's always been weird.. Like either stuck in 2010, or just full of "normies," and I mean that un-ironically. Residents who are just tech literate enough to interact with SL as a chat room but without any knowledge of how SL works or how to use the edit tools, or any interest in other games. Residents with generally weird social etiquette that feels really... out of touch? Out of place? Naive? I don't know how to describe it. Whenever I log in, it's at my own private home so I can write some scripts, or friends asking me to come over to work on their projects. Just like with inworld, I'm here mainly out of habit. But also because I like helping, answering questions, and going "actually..."
  3. If your goal is to actually learn, a "working script" isn't going to be helpful. Instead, I would point you at a basic LSL tutorial or even just the wiki page for "listen event." Basically, what you need is to: 1. Detect a touch 2. Send a message. (Like llSay) 3. Listen for a message 4. Play a particle effect Just Google for any of those and add "LSL how to"
  4. You don't have to pay someone to be out of touch. It also doesn't matter that you're out of touch if your audience is equally out of touch.
  5. That's true, but that's not what most people are talking about when they say "you can't use materials with BOM."
  6. And to prevent any script errors... integer anim_status; default { on_rez(integer start_param) { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); } touch_start(integer detected) { if (llGetPermissionsKey() == NULL_KEY) { return; } if (anim_status) { llStopAnimation("sit"); anim_status = 0; } else { llStartAnimation("sit"); anim_status = 1; } } }
  7. This is a false-equivalence. Just because 100K+ triangles sounds like a small amount by SL's standards, that doesn't mean it is a small amount. What you've done is just point out how incompetent most creators are at creating real-time content, especially the big names that popularize that bad content and hurt residents the most. No modern game spends that amount of detail on that small of an area. It's ridiculous at the face of it and the literal antithesis of optimization.
  8. I script and can work Blender decently enough. The process is simple on both sides and it baffles me how slowly everything is moving on the creator side. That doesn't really matter though. If you want your BOM body to have materials on it but you don't have a "material applier" (they exist, I have one), you can just find any skin applier that *does* come with materials as well. Apply that skin, then re-apply your BOM. Now you have materials with BOM without anybody having to write a new script. Also, if the body uses Omega, you don't even need a BOM update because you can just get the free Omega Dev Kit and put in the BOM textures so you can add BOM to your body yourself. Anyway, I hope it's clear now that there's no problem adding materials to your non-onion bodies. šŸ™‚
  9. Yes, I've also said as much. That's kind of correct, but it's a little more nuanced. If an avatar changes from using onion layers (assuming every layer has a unique texture on it) to onion layers (same textures) + BOM for skin, there's no difference. Once you begin adding tattoos and makeup with BOM, the value of that feature goes up even if it still takes "as many textures as before" to render you. The body is now displaying more detail that it wasn't able to before, but without any additional cost to anyone's viewer. One of the (I think) two main goals of BOM was to reduce texture load. As long as people are using BOM with more than one layer, that's achieved. The other main goal was to reduce onion layers, but that's going to take longer to achieve because it relies on creators removing backwards-compatibility or maintaining multiple versions of mesh bodies which takes more work.
  10. Allow me to illustrate, using BOM on a regular prim cube: https://giant.gfycat.com/HoarseDefenselessGoose.webm What you see in the above video, is the script I used to apply BOM onto a regular cube. On the cube, you can see my torso texture. In the edit window, you can see that I have applied an orange texture (as an example) as the material of the prim. I have also set up a light so the reflection is clearly visible. You can see that the prim that has BOM applied on all sides also has materials on it. BOM šŸ‘ works šŸ‘ with šŸ‘ materials šŸ‘ without šŸ‘ onion šŸ‘ layers.
  11. When you say "bot," people usually think of an automated viewer -- an avatar. Is that what you're talking about? A simple script can do all of your basic security needs. Either way, yes there's a way to do it. I'd link my MP product but it only tells you who visited, without security features.
  12. You šŸ‘ can šŸ‘ have šŸ‘ BOM šŸ‘ with šŸ‘ materials. Say it with me now.
  13. Or using pictures of a certain personality with her own business, to roleplay some pretty dark things...
  14. @ChinRey I have used enhancements before. End users see ads, the end users aren't paying for ANY ad experience, they simply receive one (a very limited one). When I said that people are specifically paying for that experience, I am discussing the MERCHANT experience. I was also talking strictly from the merchant's point of view. At no point did I speak from the consumer's point of view. When you said "you see ads on other sites multiple times because that's what merchants are paying for," I responded with "how do you know people aren't supposed to be seeing the same ads multiple times on MP?" I can't be bothered to get in another hamster wheel with people who don't understand that we're on the same page. Bye.
  15. The point here is that the big guys are moving towards SL's niche. This is both an opportunity and a threat for Linden Lab management. They might be moving towards SL's niche, but SL's niche is such a small target that Epic can't hit without a lot of collateral. (Meaning, Epic will have to make some risky decisions to get on SL's level.) Basically, while Epic can create a virtual platform, it won't have the same appeals as SL. That's not to say that they can't succeed -- I'd be almost surprised if they didn't -- it's just not going to draw a large chunk of users from SL because of the things it'll do better. Metaverse will probably even be bigger than SL from day one, but not because of anything LL could learn from. (Mainly the vast userbase and mainstream visibility.)
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