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  1. Wulfie Reanimator

    Getting the initial position of a duplicate object

    Also.. your suggestion, Rolig, may be exactly why that person's wind turbine was resetting for no apparent reason. Prim property changes. Not someone selecting them.
  2. Wulfie Reanimator

    llTargetOmega... what is client-side?

    This was prompted by something @Rolig Loon posted in another thread. I believe what you're talking about is a much older bug that was fixed many years ago. Back then, some things were not as client-side as they should have been and you could even stop physical vehicles/projectiles by selecting them. This is no longer the case as far as I know. But now that I've gone and tested things, this got even weirder. I created a little windmill (so cute!) with a llTargetOmega script in the child prim and logged in with two Firestorm viewers at once to observe it. Selecting the object on the viewer I logged in with first: Object stops on both viewers. (left) Selecting the object on the viewer I logged in with last: Object will not stop on the first viewer. (right) Then I got an actual friend over to double-check. Selecting the object on the viewer I logged in with first: Object stops for them and my last viewer. (left) Selecting the object on the viewer I logged in with last: Object will not stop for them or my first viewer. (right) Them selecting the object: Object will not stop for either of my viewers. Here is a video demonstrating the effect with two side-by-side viewers, but the same applies to outside observers in-world. Ignore the jittering on the recording, that was caused by the encoding process. https://puu.sh/Cfu73/aa54cc5e01.webm Edit: I tried changing the order in which my viewers were logged in. This time, I logged in with my alt first, then my main (this) account. When my main selects the object: It stops for the alt. When my alt selects the object: It doesn't stop for my main. I figured that since the object is actually owned by my main account, the object stops for everybody when I (the owner) select it. But if someone else (alt, friend) selects it, it will not stop for anybody else.
  3. Wulfie Reanimator

    Who else is against the afk sex doll places?

    You should've put a plywood cylinder on that snowmeow instead, and it would've been perfect.
  4. Wulfie Reanimator

    Sansar hits Steam. Will Secondlife be next?

    Sansar most appropriately fits into the Games section of Steam over any other category, it's pointless to argue about the semantics of what is a game or what is Sansar. By the way, Steam's main store content categories are Games, Software, Hardware, and Videos. Not just games. (Clarifying since some people weren't aware.)
  5. Wulfie Reanimator

    Sansar hits Steam. Will Secondlife be next?

    This is a MASSIVE over-simplification, arguably very narrow-minded, and just plain wrong. Gamers, just like the non-gaming SL population, love to customize/personalize their own in-game character. In fact, gatchas and other paid aspects of character customization are one of the biggest sources of revenue in the gaming industry (for better or worse). Gear-based games even get dubbed things like Fashionframe (Warframe) or Fashion Souls (Dark Souls). To pretend like no gamer wants to customize couldn't be more wrong, and then going on to say that the VR Chat population just imports someone else's work as-is and pretending like that's also the entirety of Steam is ridiculous. (I guess you're going to conveniently look past the fact that this is very common practice in Second Life as well...) [cont.] I don't even have the words to describe how baffling it is to read something like "..building things with prefabs, like Minecraft.." when Minecraft is the modern equivalent of LEGOs, which is an incredible creative outlet. You just can't use the word "prefab" in the context you're trying to use it in. If you do, anybody in SL who isn't creating everything themselves outside of SL and importing it is just "building with prefabs." Prims? Just prefabs. Buying clothes? Just prefabs, someone made those for you. Choosing which clothes and accessories you want to put together is not creative if you didn't create those 100% yourself. I am typically very calm and composed at the face of mind-boggling posts, but this kind of vast chasm of blind ignorance has me fuming.
  6. Wulfie Reanimator

    Sansar hits Steam. Will Secondlife be next?

    Regarding Steam stats, especially from sites like SteamCharts or SteamSpy, those are not reliable anymore. (I'm not disclaiming the numbers given though, this is just an aside.) A while back, Steam changed the privacy defaults (and set everybody's settings to the new default) to ones that would hide game ownership and activity on a profile. SteamSpy, which has been the longest-standing stat tracker before Valve even provided an easy API to poll for these things, has been interviewed about this many times. https://kotaku.com/latest-steam-update-is-bad-news-for-steam-spy-1825163900 https://kotaku.com/steam-spy-is-back-but-not-as-accurate-as-before-1825608646 https://kotaku.com/valve-shuts-down-new-way-of-estimating-game-sales-on-st-1827374270 Just reading those URL headlines gives you an idea of how bad it is.
  7. Wulfie Reanimator

    How to make bento tailed with fixed length?

    Isn't that done with animations with fixed bone lengths/offsets?
  8. Wulfie Reanimator

    What Are the Best Bento Head Poses/Animations for Photos?

    Don't forget the built-in pose creator of the Black Dragon viewer. Better than any pose you might find and works with anything, if you're patient.
  9. Wulfie Reanimator

    seen a new one...

    It was an intentional RLV feature for setting the avatar's active group/role. Note that RLV is completely third-party and it's nothing more than making the viewer do things it could do anyway. Changing your group is nothing new, this just allowed the viewer to do it automatically in response to specific chat messages (which is how RLV works).
  10. Wulfie Reanimator

    seen a new one...

    Kitty has already removed this functionality from the RLVa code, so these animated titlers will break when the next RLV update comes around.
  11. Wulfie Reanimator

    Detecting alphabetic characters

    I don't think this "gravestone with text-on-a-prim" thing is what OP actually wanted, which was to convert "weird symbols" into their legible alphanumeric characters A-Z, 0-1. Text on a prim is not particularly difficult, you just need to lay out any symbols you want on a texture (or couple) with some clever arrangement and coding. I'd imagine that's what LL's gravestones are doing, if not even using the already existing user-created functions.
  12. Wulfie Reanimator

    Temporary Demo :: llSleep or llSetTimerEvent ::

    Does llDie unsit avatars before deleting the object? I'm not home to test and I can't remember.. My memory tells me that object can't die while sat on, but I might be confounding that with being set to temporary (which definitely works this way).
  13. Wulfie Reanimator

    Temporary Demo :: llSleep or llSetTimerEvent ::

    In the edit window, there's a checkmark in the Object tab to make the object temporary. This means the sim will clean it up automatically after about a minute. Similarly, there's permission checkmarks in the first tab for "next owner." You can also go into the Contents tab and set the permissions for all items in there at once (but if those items also have contents, they won't be changed).
  14. Wulfie Reanimator

    Temporary Demo :: llSleep or llSetTimerEvent ::

    Make everything copy/nomod/notrans and you're effectively set. (Except animations can be copied out of the vehicle but they would be notrans.) The big question here is who owns the vehicle rezzer, or are you giving the demo through marketplace? 10 minutes is a long time and an object can't die if an avatar is sitting on it (it will die when they stand up), so you should also add an llUnSit before llDie. If they can rez a new copy from their inventory, the timed death is pretty pointless. What I would do is make the object temporary and die as soon as someone has sat on it, that way the demo only stays around until they stand up or gets cleaned up by the sim if nobody sits on it and it won't count towards a parcel's prim limit. Demo should also be all nocopy/nomod or preferably only given through an inworld rezzer they can't own.
  15. Wulfie Reanimator

    The touch_start event becomes unresponsive after a while

    I've never noticed a problem with touch_start, could it possibly be just coincidental script lag? How many scripts on the sim are running (based on the Statistics window)?