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  1. Are Free Accounts Throttled

    Dude(tte). Calm down. The insults are unnecessary. If you can't keep them to yourself, go post in another thread instead. But yes, almost any sort of bot (for anything, not just SL) runs independently of their login. When the avatar gets logged off, the actual bot program is still running on a computer somewhere. It will know it's not logged in, and it will try to log back in whenever it's configured to do so (probably immediately).
  2. Need help with avatar detect name and listen script

    Instead of "llDetectedKey(0)" use "llKey2Name(id)" "id" is one of the input values the listen event has every time the event is triggered / the script hears something, and it's the key of whatever sent that message.
  3. Are Free Accounts Throttled

    Sounds like coincidence/placebo. Any changes in your internet bandwidth/quality, viewer settings, places you've been visiting, or computer usage habits? There are so many factors to consider. Especially if you're having low framerate (which seems to be the case since you mentioned loading separately), there's no way LL can affect that directly.
  4. Fur Textures

    The creator's native language obviously isn't English, judging by how they worded things in general. I doubt they meant that as literally as you took it. More traditional way to say the same rhing could've been "you put a little bit of yourself into the things you make." Your personality/character, your effort, your pride. A different language/culture could think/say soul or something similar. It is normal to be attached and a little protective of your work. That is also where retail and SL differ. Retail is just buying ready products in bulk to sell forward. On SL it's your own handiwork (for the most part).
  5. If you do this. I will NEVER buy your product

    I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't the case.. Also, another pet peeve of mine is the use of fullbright for MP photos. Sure, the texture looks good (assuming you don't need to show materials), but actually using fullbright is unrealistic and obnoxious.
  6. Touch Linked vs Touch Texture Coordinate

    I would use multiple links. Links are easier to tweak if your layout changes and they are more ""accurate"" since they're visual and you can see exactly where the edges are, and you don't need double/quadruple the IFs to check where you've clicked. Compare: if( link == 3 ) if( touched.x > 0.51 && touched.x < 0.23 && touched.y > 0.78 && touched.y < 0.92 ) Which do you think is less work for you and your script? Edit: I wrote two lines and I already typo'd on the less/greater than symbols.
  7. searching for a script

    My understanding was that OP wants the whole object be one color based on the key of the closest avatar. It doesn't sound like they want to store any real info.
  8. searching for a script

    You are correct with your concern. Even if you took a larger set of characters to turn into an integer, there could still be two people with the same integer, or "close enough." No matter how much randomization you add into the mix, there will be "collisions." The human eye can't detect enough colors to guarantee every person to have a unique color from each other.
  9. searching for a script

    Good ol' binary. Might as well. vector Key2Color(key id) { integer value = (integer)("0x" + llGetSubString(id, 0, 5)); return <(value&255)/255.0, ((value>>8)&255)/255.0, ((value>>16)&255)/255.0>; } default { state_entry() { llSetColor(Key2Color(llGetOwner()), ALL_SIDES); } } In short, the function I wrote above takes the first 6 characters of any given UUID (RGB is 6 hexadecimal symbols long), converts them into an integer (so we can use bitwise operators), and checks the first 8 bits (2 hexadecimal symbols) which will give you a value between 0 and 255, then divides that value by 255 to get down to the proper [0.0 - 1.0] range used for color vectors in LSL. The rest is up to you.
  10. Best Scripter Tips and Shortcuts

    This is exactly what I do, sans the custom function. I have an automatic snippet in my text editor which lets me type "os" and press Tab, which gives me "llOwnerSay(llList2CSV([]));" with the caret placed between the list brackets.
  11. Sensor with restricted angle

    Raycasting does not offer anything different or helpful here. It has the same limitations as we've already covered.
  12. Sensor with restricted angle

    Since the cube is attached to your avatar, the sensor will be pointed from your avatar's front. (Or at whichever direction you are looking at in mouselook.) You also cannot have anything collide with something attached to you. Things can only collide with your avatar as a whole.
  13. Script of an exploding barrel

    I'm not sure why you're mentioning me @Berksey.
  14. New Rules on Bots

    Yes, it's mostly just semantics in this thread. Whatever word you use (call them NPCs for all I care), it doesn't matter as long as everybody involved understand what's being talked about. But if that distinction needs to be made, there is one. I just went back to read the actual status page (which Fionalein quoted below), and I actually take it back. And with the tone this convo is starting to get, I'm out, be nice to each other.
  15. The Latest on Last Names

    You can't assume it would be that simple to change how the database is operated on or how anything outside of it might be connected. Development (especially for systems this old) is rarely even remotely easy. You don't need the viewer to download anything related to names. The avatar name inworld is just a string that's sent to you just the same it always has been.