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  1. Wulfie Reanimator

    Revived JIRA for increase in memory limit

    @Oz Linden Save us from this nothing we've become.
  2. Wulfie Reanimator

    Animesh and LI sky rocketing

    It's.. not, though. Let's recap: What you said is a universal truth about all objects in-world. The server (sim) handles all objects this way -- polling for updates and sending those out to all clients (viewers). Whether or not the object is prim, flexi, sculpt, mesh, animated mesh.. same thing. The number of triangles does not increase the amount of work the sim has to do to maintain it. There are different kinds of "changing position," though. Instant changes like llSetPos, or smooth, physics-based like llSetKeyFramedMotion. These also cause the same amount of work for the sim, regardless of the type of object being moved. Definitely, but I don't know what LL's reasoning is exactly. Things like keeping a list of active animations does have a little overhead, but not 15 LI's worth. The simplest explanation might just be that they chose to lump it together with Pathfinding Characters. (Especially if we consider the fact that Pathfinding + Animesh doesn't result in 30 LI like Animats pointed out.) This doesn't bother me though, because 10'000 triangles should be quite enough for a full-body NPC. You can try this yourself by rezzing a prim cube, going into the Features tab, and checking the "Animated Mesh" box. Then you can put this script into it to turn it into a character for pathfinding: default { state_entry() { llCreateCharacter([]); } }
  3. Wulfie Reanimator

    Group Role Inviter? Scripter wanted for hire!

    In fact you will have to use some kind of a bot service. Scripts alone cannot send explicit group invites. At best, scripts can send a link in chat for people to click on.
  4. Wulfie Reanimator

    Animesh and LI sky rocketing

    In that case I don't know why you would bring that up as an explanation at all, because the same applies to all objects -- even regular prim cubes -- with animesh bringing no additional overhead over any other type of object..
  5. Wulfie Reanimator

    Animesh and LI sky rocketing

    No. Animesh animations are handled the same as avatars. The server only communicates the state of the object (eg. "playing X animation"), and the viewer handles actual animation playback/rendering. A very easy way to check this is to press Ctrl-S (sync animations) on Firestorm. Animesh objects will be synced as well.
  6. Wulfie Reanimator

    Animesh and LI sky rocketing

    From the Animesh User Guide:
  7. Wulfie Reanimator

    Byby Mobile Phones, Hello VR/AR Glasses

    Ever seen The Matrix?
  8. Wulfie Reanimator

    Looking for documentation: "Color under Cursor"

    I'm really failing to understand why @arabellajones makes it sound like this feature is somehow a "hack" or "very confusing" and "shouldn't be there." The first three numbers are RGB, ranging from 0 to 255. This can be easily confirmed by checking a fullbright prim with a blank-white texture. White is 255 255 255, black is 0 0 0. While doing this, you'll notice that "alpha" for white is also 255 and black is 0. 50% grey (128 128 128) has an alpha of 132, which definitely seems odd at face-value, but the alpha value can be completely disregarded because you really only care about the RGB values. (And yes, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE switches the range from [0,1] to [0,255], as explained here) You as the user can't figure out why the alpha value is what it is. The simplest and broadest explanation is that it doesn't measure the transparency of what's on your screen, but what's in the corresponding "memory" (that you don't see). The reason for whatever the value actually is is hidden deep in the rendering code, which most won't dare to venture into. The solution for this "undocumented hack" would be to just not show that fourth value. Functionally identical, just no longer bothering some people. As for llformat (source), that's just a common string-formatting function, it allows you to replace patterns with values, %d means decimal (aka integer). LL's version just has some platform-specific lines, it doesn't alter the input/output.
  9. Wulfie Reanimator

    Byby Mobile Phones, Hello VR/AR Glasses

    As someone who has a Vive HMD, what I wanna know is how the screens actually look on the glasses. The screen seems to be on one eye and you can see past it, so how do you comfortably focus on it? More so what's the resolution like, is the tiny text actually legible, and to what degree?
  10. Wulfie Reanimator

    Puppy Play, or Kitty Play?

    I'm usually a cat person, but...
  11. Wulfie Reanimator

    Somebody loves me...

    In my country it's called literally "Friend's Day" so the whole world is my valentine for one day and you can't stop me!!!
  12. Wulfie Reanimator

    If you were a teacher how would you use SL?

    There are ways for teachers to remotely monitor what every student is doing on their computers, and close programs/windows or lock the computer if they're too distracted. Besides, if we're going to go with "what would probably actually happen," almost none of us should be saying "I'd do X" because most of us have zero experience in being the teacher. The premise supposes that we'd be in charge and capable of doing it, why wouldn't it also suppose that the kids would sorta pay attention? (I also think some people here massively underestimate the newer generations' ability to learn computer-related things like programming or navigating SL.)
  13. Wulfie Reanimator

    inventory in cloud?

    I don't think that's what I'm talking about. Doesn't sound like it. I don't mean exporting any assets, I'm talking about the local copy of your inventory that your viewer downloads from LL's database every time you connect, which doesn't contain any actual data but placeholders/pointers to them. You couldn't copy or edit these (not because of permissions but because the new copy/edit wouldn't have a new UUID), only move or delete them and you'd need to send updates back to LL about what you're changing so the real database/inventory is affected, just like normal viewers have to do. It would basically be a text-only viewer, minus chat, with extra tools specifically for inventory sorting. Or maybe (ideally) it wouldn't even require a login until you were done and wanted to send the updates in bulk.
  14. Wulfie Reanimator

    inventory in cloud?

    Did you know that your inventory is downloaded onto your computer every time you log in? You could parse and edit this file directly outside the viewer, but nobody has created any tools to do this in a user-friendly way as far as I know.