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  1. Yup. Doesn't make sense. Using tattoo layers for the actual skin is not convenient since it allows the skin to go over all of your current skins (remember, your old skin-tattoo isn't replaced) and tattoos. You'll just have to reorder everything by hand and remember to take off your old skin if you don't want to pollute your outfits. If I put my tinfoil wizard hat on, the one myth I can conjure is that "skins are only 512 resolution, tattoos were always 1024" which was true but the Skin wearable been updated to support 1024 on the same day when BOM came out.
  2. Never let it be said I didn't do anything nice for you. Source: #define FIRST_LINK 1 #define W 16 #define H 16 #define MAX_ITER 256.0 vector cmin = <-2, -2, 0>; vector cmax = < 2, 2, 0>; vector offset = <0, 0, 0>; float scale = 1.0; adjust_scale(float factor) { cmin *= factor; cmax *= factor; scale *= factor; } float iterations(vector c) { vector z; vector next; integer i; while (i < MAX_ITER && llVecDist(z, ZERO_VECTOR) < 2) { next.x = (z.x * z.x) - (z.y * z.y) + c.x;
  3. Are you able to make the sign in 2D and show it here, since you have the 'font and colors and stuff?'
  4. Oh, okay. I assumed you had prior knowledge of seams existing. The thing about LL creating "better" light presets is that there isn't a universal solution that looks natural (especially with a day cycle) and avoids those seams. Gabriele's image for example has basically no shadows at all (or rather, everything is in shadow -- no contrast). It's overcast weather, which is fine, but should we replace our default midday/night/evening with overcast versions? I think a world without shadow looks very artificial. You could try to change the angle of the sun, but that would stop working as soon
  5. What I'm still scratching my head about is, how is this relevant to this thread? Creators have been including notecards about "light settings" for literally years. Why are we talking about it?
  6. How many scripts are you dealing with exactly? This system seems a bit... cumbersome.
  7. Downside to this is that if you don't have Advanced Lighting Model enabled, you just see multiple stacked point lights, which are proportionally brighter and probably ruining the immediate surroundings.
  8. I'm posting from my phone so I can't easily find a link to the image I've posted before (recently), but you can create one from your inventory by creating a New Clothing > Universal. Basically, it has a slot for every avatar texture, plus 3 "aux" slots that don't normally show on an avatar unless a script enables them on an attachment.
  9. BOM does "put all those textures into one texture, but for each section of the body separately. BOM still has a separate texture for the upper and lower body, but BOM allows you to wear something around 60 layers of "upper body textures" as a single upper body texture. BOM is not only about tattoos. It works with all wearable types, including the new "Universal" type that didn't exist before.
  10. LSL can easily run a raycasting engine like seen in Doom or Wolfenstein. One example can be found here, although it only has player movement and static walls. It's only one script, too. LSL has all the elements it needs to fully run Doom (heck, you can run Doom in Factorio using 2.2 million items on conveyor belts), just nobody has done it as far as I know. Running an OS... I don't think that's feasible even if you had the skill and time to create it. One of the biggest problems there would be that scripts don't have a cheap way to render things. LSL is very slow, and very low on mem
  11. I did read what you said, and I have re-read it again. "A downside with BOM skins is that you have to change your lighting or you will get a neck seam." As opposed to... not using BOM skins? This statement clearly implies is that "neck seams are a downside of BOM skins." Is this not how the sentence structure in the English language works? (I'm not a native speaker, do correct me if I'm wrong...) If BOM was not the cause, why would specify BOM? Why not say "downside with skins?" But at that point anyone should tell you "yeah, we've always had neck seams" and pointing it out
  12. Well, no, there's no amount of texture-perfection that can fix mismatching normals between the two objects. Try it with a blank white texture. This should be perfect but you'll still see a seam. This could be fixed if the creators of the two different objects collaborated and shared the connecting areas of their models, so one could manually match the other.
  13. BOM has no effect on neck seams. Neck seams are caused by two things: Mismatching textures. Obviously, if they're a different color at the seam, you'll be able to see the seam. Lighting, or more specifically "vertex normals." Essentially, shadows are created based on the surface of a mesh. The further away a surface is facing from a light source, the darker it is. This works well with a single surface, since all the "points" of that surface are connected to each other. But the "neck seam" is actually where two separate objects connect. Their points may be at exactly the same lo
  14. Group chat has never been "fixed" in the sense you're talking about. It always has (and always will) have spotty issues. The thing Linden Lab fixed was only one specific issue, but "working as usual" is far from perfect.
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