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  1. Why Are Nicks Allowed on the Forums?

    Something about being in a hole and thrown for a loop. I was so confused about the "ru" thing too, tried scouring every link in the previous posts but it's just not there.
  2. Why Are Nicks Allowed on the Forums?

    I don't think that's a realistic expectation even for people who do use their main accounts to post on the forum. The userbase here is a fraction of the amount of people who go in-world. More so, the majority of the people who do post here, do it rarely, or they do it only occasionally and in their niche subforum. The regulars of the forum who read and post all over are a fraction of a fraction, but even then I don't think their forum rep (and I don't mean points, I mean social reputation) has any effect on them in-world unless they happen to hang around the same places as whoever they have a negative rep with, which is relatively unlikely.
  3. Why Are Nicks Allowed on the Forums?

    Being a moderator on another forum that uses the same software/framework as we have here, it's trivially easy even for technically illiterate moderators to find connected accounts on the forum. Making an alt alone won't hide anything, and even then, most people will rat themselves. And using the information from the forum, it should be equally easy for LL to find any related avatars, even if you've never posted on the forum with them.
  4. virtual reality headset

    Congratulations, you are a rat. Dance! On topic though: VR headsets are not really 'easy' most of the time. They need dedicated (empty!) space if you want to use the hand controllers, and good places for the sensors. They might come with wall mounts and screws, but not tools or stands which you'll need to buy separately (unless you have convenient surfaces). There's also stuff to plug in, each sensor separately and the cable is not that long, plus the headset itself needs power and a GPU slot (if you have enough to spare, especially with a dual/triple monitor setup). Even if you've set it up once, any time you move the sensors, you'll need to recalibrate the play area. The VR could just suddenly stop working too, causing your GPU to crash as soon as the headset starts even when no updates have been made, and in my case the only fix was 6 months old drivers.
  5. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    You could just create a copy of your current mesh body, that way you won't have to worry about reapplying all of your stuff again.
  6. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

  7. Animal roaming/wanderer script

    I'm very confident that doing some basic float math and setting a non-physical object's position is cheaper than creating an physics-enabled character and using navmesh with llWanderWithin. How much cheaper? No idea, and it depends on implementation. The difference could be insignificant, especially with how few/many of them exist at once. I don't know how that compares to raycasting either.
  8. Show / hide objects by HUD Script

    You should try sending messages like "vis1", "vis2", "vis3" from the HUD and then check which of those messages was received in the target object. Rough example so you can have some practice: If "vis1", llSetLinkAlpha(link1, visible), llSetLinkAlpha(link2, invisible), llSetLinkAlpha(link3, invisible)
  9. Animal roaming/wanderer script

    Another, cheaper method is to use raycasting or even just random positions within a radius and llSetPos in steps. You'd have to make sure the surrounding area doesn't have walls or other obstacles that would make the behavior too obvious.
  10. rez object

    Actually "++value" increments the value before it is evaluated, so it is 1 by the time it is checked the first time. What you're describing is "value++" but it would loop 11 times in total if the initial value was 0. These technical details are important to know once you have the basics down, but not super important for OP to understand yet at this point. Since you want to use llSay, your rezzing object is going to need llListen so it can hear all messages sent on a specific channel. Then, when the listen event triggers, you'll have access to a bunch of information about the message that was heard, most importantly: key id - The UUID of the message's source (object/avatar) string message - The actual text of the message. Since anybody could be sending messages on the same channel, you should limit your script to only respond when you want it to, like if the source is from the same owner. if( llGetOwnerKey(id) == llGetOwner() ) // OwnerKey is the same as Owner Then, you can parse the message however you want, and store it in a local variable. If we assumed the message only had a number in it, you could simply typecast (change the value's type) the message directly into the local variable. And then do all the loop-rezzing stuff right after. if( llGetOwnerKey(id) == llGetOwner() ) // OwnerKey is the same as Owner { integer count = (integer)message; } But it is important to keep in mind that if the value of "message" is not a valid number (like if the message said "rez 10") typecasting that would result in a default value, which is 0 for integers.
  11. SL = Video Game

    So all online games/platforms are "communications platforms?" Your definition is extremely broad. Guys. The reason why this debate never resolves is because everybody is trying to come up with a single definition for SL or a single box to put SL in. I've called SL a game and a platform, but which is it? ...It's both. SL is very general, so it fits in a lot of different things without being specifically any of those things. Likewise the game Garry's Mod is a platform for user generated content, while it's still also a game.
  12. SL = Video Game

    You're comparing unfinished games with clear plans to bring in goals to a 15 year old platform. That doesn't make any sense. All survival games have at least one goal by definition, and it's in the label.
  13. SL = Video Game

    Choosing to do something other than what the game tells you does not make those goals not exist.
  14. SL = Video Game

    Minecraft has way more distinct goals than Garry's Mod, even besides "survive," even if they are not made obvious. (Although the achievement system very strongly guides you through most of the game by giving you progressive challenges.) Garry's Mod literally has no goals in the base game, like SL, unlike Minecraft.
  15. SL = Video Game

    Second Life is absolutely a game. It's not your typical "do X achieve Y" game, but it's a sanbox game. Those of you who haven't played it, look up Garry's Mod or "Gmod." It's almost exactly like SL, minus the persistent inventory/avatar. The base game has no goal, you just boot up a server/map and spawn in with an inventory full of random assets which you can add to and put down / apply scripts to. It's still pretty popular and there are many different kinds of game modes and environments people have created that add goals like in SL, including RP servers, combat, hide-and-seek, obstacle courses, racing, etc. The idea that a game has to have inherent goals to be a game is an outdated one. Definitions change over time with new ideas and concepts.