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  1. Not sure what you're trying to do. Make a cylinder prim and put a wheel texture on the flat ends. Figure out how to get that to rotate properly. When you can do that, go back to the bike. It's also possible to rotate the wheel geometry with llTargetOmega. This is useful if there really is wheel geometry, like mesh spokes. Controlling this properly is not too hard but needs to be coded efficiently. Make sure all timers and repetitive events are shut down when the bike is parked. That's why the script sends a message to all prims on startup and shutdown - so scripts in the child prims stop.
  2. Right. I use the 4-sim premium adult sandboxes for large jobs. 4 hour autoreturn. Those are rarely used. I've set up ramps and tracks there for bike testing. I'm also a Builder's Brewery member. And I sometimes use the Linden sim adjacent to Orville Airport, Arowana, for quiet testing. It has zero scripts running, so it's useful for checking the script overhead on objects. If you're a premium member, there's no shortage of sandboxes.
  3. If you don't get a region crossing failure, driving works pretty well with the better vehicles. I've boated all the way around Belessaria and have been from the southwest to the northeast via motorcycle to visit a friend. It's an easy place to drive. What's the problem?
  4. There and back again. Belessaria to Jeoghot and back, at 65 knots. About 5 minutes each way. Nice dance club at Debbie's LCC in Jeoghot.
  5. Nice hillside neighborhood (This is real life, a Silicon Valley suburb. A bit of image processing to make it look more like SL. Taken this afternoon. Doesn't it look like a good Second Life build?)
  6. Clearly there will be more space soon. The original version of SSP, way up north and inaccessible to non-Lindens, already has more land. This one is copied from that master. It looks like LL finally got someone who understands "game balance". Tweaks to the convenants were made to rebalance travel vs ownership, and it seems to be working. Changes like that have to be made slowly. Now that the change has been made, we wait and see how people react to it.
  7. animats


    That's a really good idea. A small section of regular mainland off the side of the new continent. A good place to start would be these things. This whimsey should be a rez zone. It's not useful for anything else. Currently, 1 minute autoreturn, so you can't even park. A boat launching ramp would not be out of place. Then residents without water access could rez their boat and go sailing. Or even trailer it over and launch it properly.
  8. animats


    Ah. That would finish this continent's shape. All edges are complete. So that's as big as this one gets.
  9. There are limits on those things. I ARd some recently on mainland that were 1) oversize, 2) floating, 3) glowing, and 4) rotating rapidly. All of which are TOS violations. They were also bright yellow. Ugh. Especially at night. The most successful landlords in SL put up little, tasteful signs. As in real life. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the property management business, the smaller the sign. One of the biggest just uses little disks flush with the ground. Since they probably own the property next door, they don't want to annoy their own customers.
  10. animats


    Mine is like that, too. But it's clearly on purpose, since they built a walkway to the mailbox. I wish I could move the house a bit. I have too little space on the ocean side and too much back yard on the road side.
  11. WTF? This is at the edge of the developed area, and will probably be rebuilt when more houses go in. My place is on the west coast of the new continent, and I have a friend on the east coast. So I drove all the way over there, which takes much checking of the map to find a way through. We had coffee and hung out for a while. We were both surprised that I made it all the way there without problems. I drove back. Got about halfway back and had a region crossing failure that crashed Firestorm. (I have the Firestorm log, and may file a Firestorm bug report. The trouble began sim side and a logout was inevitable, but Firestorm should handle that more gracefully, and provide an error message rather than just exiting.) Yes, need more road rez zones. It's nice having a place to go.
  12. Seven more hours and this is gone. Ban lines over open water suck. I didn't realize that the new continent had them until I hit this one.
  13. animats


    Yes. You can already get to Jeogeot. That connection works fine, and I've been to Jeogeot by boat. You can then dock in various marinas. At the Sansara end, you can reach land with a boat, but can't get anywhere useful. The southern edge of Sansara was never really finished. A few more water sims, a road connection, and a dock/marina would make the trip worthwhile. Blake's "Siren Island" is a permanent party. That would be fun. For boat rez areas, some of the lighthouses have a dock. The water next to that dock should be a rez area. When in trouble, head for a lighthouse and re-rez. The new continent is likely to be a busy place because it's populated by people who were in-world on a slow day. So they're active users. The old Linden Homes were owned mostly by people who just checked the box during signup. Those houses just were not used much. The world map would show two or three green dots for a thousand houses. You'd expect this to be a rez zone, but it's not. Yet. Longer term, an airport or two, some commercial marinas, and a little retail might be appropriate. See how the place gets used first.
  14. No, you can get "failed to set physics shape type" due to a clash with pathfinding. When an object contributes to the pathfinding navmesh, it's locked against certain types of changes. For most conflicts, there's a clear error message, but not for this one.
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