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  1. Yes, just go with llUnsit. An error message to the attempted sitter is nice, too. PRIM_SCRIPTED_SIT_ONLY is mostly for things you don't want sat on at all, or where someone might be able to sit on the wrong part.
  2. Somebody into SL clothing should organize a "how to get dressed" class at Oxbridge Caledon, with models and demos. It would be popular.
  3. Ah, here's the FTC guidance. The real problem is that YouTube wants to track viewers, even if the video is not "monetized" and the user is not logged into Google. (If the user has a Google account, Google presumably knows how old they are, along with a lot more about them.) Google tracking kids is a COPPA violation. Has nothing to do with the content. This is really a Google-created problem, with Google wanting to track non logged in users. It makes SL look bad. How many videos do you see with warnings like that?
  4. Watch the Lindens and the Firestorm developers talk about the problems of getting EEP into Firestorm! See the viewer developers discuss the chat delay problem! Definitely not for children, unless they know C++. This is a big reputation problem for SL. How can someone hold a business meeting or convention in SL when there's enough fear that someone felt this warning was necessary? It seems silly, but it's a huge problem for anyone posting videos if they get hit by a badly aimed Youtube ban hammer.
  5. More metaverse news: Roblox just raised US$150 million to work on their approach to a "metaverse". Not quite sure what they're doing, but they have money to do it with. NVidia CEO says "We’re going to have a whole bunch of metaverses. Each one is going to be based on the stories you like. There will be some based on Minecraft, Fortnite, Battlefield, or based on Call of Duty. There are all kinds of styles and personalities. You’ll see one based on The Witcher, one based on Warcraft, and all kinds of genres. There will be hundreds of metaverses. That’s the exciting part of it." This is a recurrent theme - virtual worlds which are tied to comfortable, familiar entertainment franchises. It's a way to avoid SL's "what do I do now" problem? Most people already in SL are past that, but much of the population seeks more structure. Dean Takahashi from Yale (who is not from the academic side, but from the money-management side), in "It's time to hurry up and build the Metaverse", comments "You have to have a big audience that you can lead across the desert into the promised land of the Metaverse." He's thinking Fortnite, etc. While Fortnite Party Royale isn't that great, it's one click away from tens of millions of Fortnite players, and that matters. The usual guy from Forbes is plugging GTA V Online as a possible foundation for the Metaverse. His point is that in GTA V you build up assets and become committed to the world. GTA V Online and Second Life have about the same number of concurrent users, in the 50,000 range. And none of these articles even mentions Second Life. Somehow, SL needs to get the word out. And get better, technically. Before someone with a zillion dollars gets this figured out.
  6. Yes, when you rez your object in-world, you get charged land impact. Wearables don't pay that price. And for wearables, the lower levels of detail are rarely seen, because the level of detail is based on the entire avatar size, not the size of the individual object. (Plus there's a 2x boost due to a bug.) Here's a pair of shoes custom made for animesh. Animesh don't get the allowances for excessive detail that avatars do, so they need clothing with good LOD models. Like these, which are 5 LI rezzed standalone. Typical SL shoes have 20x the triangle count of these, so if you rez them in world, you get a huge land impact.
  7. It was the run-for-life event. Firestorm's message finally scrolled around again. But that's one day, all over the grid, not a current event in one place.
  8. Oh, yesterday there was some Firestorm message-of-the-day about a big multi-sim event. But now it's scrolled off. Anyone know what that event was? It's not the sci-fi fair, and it's not a shopping event.
  9. To have a saleable product, you'll have to automate the assembly process after the user moves the object. It's do-able, but complicated. You have to send messages to the moving part telling it where to go. Usually the fixed part rezzes the moving parts for such things. The sequence for this is something like: Fixed object rezzes moving object at desired position and rotation. Moving object, upon being rezzed, starts listening on a channel for messages. If fixed object is moved via editing, it sends a message to the moving object to tell it where it should go. Or just sends it a message to die, and rezzes a fresh copy. I do this in my escalators. The steps are a separate object from the frame. Move the frame, and the steps will be left behind, but will be deleted and re-rezzed the next time the escalator is touched. There's some additional work required to allow the customer to duplicate the object via editing without causing confusion over which fixed object owns which movable object. Random IDs or serial numbers are necessary. There's also the fact that rezzes take time; if you rez something, it may not be listening for a few seconds after the rez. A recent sim side change affected that, and broke some projectile weapons.
  10. The system seems to be well protected against individual scripts using too much time. A compute-bound script does not cause trouble. Huge numbers of idle scripts are more of a problem.
  11. It's not that hard. Make the swing seat, the ropes, and the bearing at the top of the swing set one object. Have the bearing be the root prim, so the center of the object is the center of rotation. Like this: Really big swing. Makes it clear that the swing is really part of a wheel. This ride is in The Unknown Theme Park on Heterocera. Great rides, there for years, nobody goes there. See the little swing set at the lower right? There's an ordinary swing, and it works. Same principle.
  12. Ah. As someone mentioned above, you're moving the child prim, not the root prim. Sitters are always tied to the root prim. Unlike everything else in 3D graphics, SL does not have a proper hierarchy. There are root prims and child prims, but no children of child prims. Philip Rosedale has said that was his biggest design mistake.
  13. animats

    Mesh at Lowest LOD

    It looks awful in close-up, but when it's tiny on screen, OK. You'd never get that close-up a view in normal use.
  14. I have two CasperVend vendors, a dropbox, and a redelivery terminal, all working. Those expose URLs so CasperVend HQ can talk to them. But LL support claims CasperVend vendors are not a problem. If they were, we'd see far worse problems. Moving the sim to another server raised Scripts Run from around 25% to around 80%. I suspect problems with some other sim on the same server. This has happened before. Over weeks and months, Scripts Run decreases, I complain, LL switches the sim to a different server, things get better, slowly they get worse again, and the cycle repeats. I'm on iteration 3 of this in 18 months.
  15. How are you moving the prim? Did you by any chance use llTargetOmega? That doesn't really move a prim in-world, but it makes the viewer show it as rotating. It's used for wheels, windmills, fans, etc. which need to appear to rotate and don't affect anything else. It's a low-overhead special case, usually used only for round things.
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