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  1. A few people now have test bikes. I sent one to Klytyna. Since she's been so critical, I'll get a tough test. Yesterday, I rode all the way around Heterocera's central bay. I got lost and had to drive on railroad tracks over the mountains at a few points, but made it all the way around without problems. That long bridge with no railings across the mouth of the bay is scary. 21km, 54 region crossings, 50 minutes. A slow trip. Once I know the route better, I should be able to do that faster.
  2. It's a shot in the dark, but maybe this is also the cause of some Firestorm texture-related crashes. If you build the Firestorm viewer from source yourself, you get a few libraries that are, for licensing reasons, different from the ones used in the standard viewers. One of those libraries is a free JPEG 2000 decoder. There's a Firestorm crash which pops up a fatal dialog "Bad number of components for texture: 5". This means the JPEG 2000 decoder encountered an image with 5 channels. Usually, there are 3 (RGB) or 4 (RGBA). A JPEG with 5 channels shouldn't be in there. If another viewer is run, it gets the texture into cache without crashing, and then self-compiled Firestorm viewers don't crash in that area. But a 5-channel JPEG probably isn't decoding into a valid image. The decoder in the stock viewer may just be more tolerant of junk JPEG files. That could result in persistent bad textures in-world. Unfortunately, the message doesn't identify the texture name. I've suggested putting the name in the message, as a first step, so we can find out where that's coming from. It looks like bogus JPEGs are getting further into the system than they should.
  3. Can you use an array in SL

    LSL lists are arrays. They just have to be accessed through functions. Experiences get a persistent key/value store. Why that's limited to experience scripts isn't clear. Fear of choking the data server?
  4. Firestorm 5.0.11 New Mesh Building Tools

    That's well said. I keep seeing objects which have far too much high level of detail, and far too little low level. A good test is "if you have to go into mouselook to see the detail, you overdid it." I was in an in-world store today that was selling various household items. Each item had its own little alcove in the store.They had a bathroom shower with chromed plumbing, and it was beautiful up close. You could zoom in in mouselook and see the detail on the flanges on the pipe fittings. But from outside the alcove, it was one triangle. You couldn't tell it was a shower. As someone pointed out previously, there's no land impact penalty for reducing the low LOD model below 12 triangles (a cube). Somebody didn't get the memo. Key takeaway point: there are how-to pages on the web telling people to use Blender's decimate function to take low-LOD models down to less than 12 triangles. Find those documents and fix them. Decimate is for taking 10000 polys to 1000, not 10 to 1. An automatic imposter generator somewhere in the pipeline would be a big help. The real problem, of course, is that SL is a technology that makes the World Wide Web look simple, maintained by under 200 people. Maintained for an audience of maybe 30,000 - 50,000. And this is the biggest virtual world.
  5. OK, who wants to test a bike? I need a few more testers of the bike that survives region crossings. IM me and I'll send you a bike. I'm going to give a trophy to the tester who racks up the longest road trip. (This bike version doesn't fill up your chat window with debug info, like the previous models. Logging to a server now.)
  6. Obituaries

    Here and there, in world, there are memorials to deceased members. There's one in the Red Rum Cave pub in New Babbage, near the front door.
  7. Premium membership is $72 a year. Each premium member gets L$300/week, or about US$60 a year. It costs 3.5% to sell, so that's worth $57.90. So premium membership only costs $14.10 a year. Tier is $32.76 a year on 1024 m^2 if you buy an entire sim. So now it's a win to buy an army of premium accounts instead of buying land in bulk. Am I calculating this wrong, or are we going to be overrun with even more alts that do nothing?
  8. I noticed something like that, too. The region default windlight seems more boring everywhere I go - dull overcast, no clouds, no blue sky. Not talking about New Babbage, either. All the windlight customization works if I set something myself, but default to region settings seems totally blah. It's a Firestorm thing. If I log in with Alchemy, I see clouds again. Alchemy 5.0.7 (41341) (x64) Nov 9 2017 12:46:34 (Alchemy Release) (B) - clouds and blue sky Firestorm 5.0.11 (53634) Jan 12 2018 11:55:03 (Firestorm-Releasex64) with OpenSimulator support - no clouds. Firestorm 5.0.7 (52912) Jun 13 2017 10:58:03 (Firestorm-Releasex64) with OpenSimulator support - no clouds Firestorm 5.0.12 (53149) Feb 15 2018 22:01:30 (Firestorm-private-john-All-Series) with OpenSimulator support (self-compiled) - no clouds
  9. Physics shapes less than 0.5m

    I meant a plane edge-on. The vehicle control system keeps motorcycles upright; you don't need support against roll. The ideal "sled" for a bike is narrow, like a skate blade. Zero width turns out to work until it lines up with the joint between the left and right lanes of a road. Then it falls into the slot. So in practice there's a minimum width. It turns out that Murasaki's bikes ride on a thin ellipsoid prim, not a flat plane.
  10. I want a REALLY good pool table!

    How's that working out? There was someone at the server user group meeting today who has an in-world golf course, and the ball physics stops working right when there are too many people around. The ball won't go into the hole, and his golfers are very unhappy.
  11. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    There's something called "Mesh Generator" on Marketplace. It converts prim builds to mesh. It's running on a server outside SL, where it generates a mesh and sends it back to SL. Is that any good?
  12. 1904 World’s Fair

    SL used to have a model of Versailles, but the group behind it couldn't afford the tier charges. If good big stuff is going away, and you own it, consider moving it to Metropolis Metaversium, on OpenSim. Few people go there, but it beats deleting it.
  13. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    The usual solution to that is light fog after some large distance. You can do that now, as a windlight setting. Graphics cards do fog as a built-in function.
  14. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    Good level of detail out to the horizon. At minimum, display areas beyond the view distance with the flat world map, rather than water. (Extra credit: map it onto a displacement map from terrain data, so you can see distant hills.) Automatic textured impostor generation for low-LOD models. Done right, viewer load goes down and the world looks better. Some competing virtual worlds, and most modern video games, already have this. Offer to splice good-looking themed sims together into mini-continents, with LL-owned buffer sims between them. Avatars could travel between them, but there'd be a buffer area so they didn't clash and the edges fit. Themes might be "19th century/steampunk", "Urban decay", "Roadside America", etc. SL needs a level between the chaos of the Madlands, as Klytara puts it, and the single-ownership themed sims. The splicing sims would be mostly empty land, hills, and roads, matched at the edges to the sims they border, so they wouldn't need much server capacity. Some "experience" sims would fit into this model. LL could sell land in the buffer sims with a covenant acceptable to the neighboring sims, to keep the theme. The middle of the sim would be forest, hills, desert, or water as a separator. Encourage civic boosterism. Some of the bigger cities should have an elected city government with some authority over zoning and building. New Babbage has something like this, and it works quite well. In general, reward good building and attractive design. Double prims in urban areas that don't have them already. There are too many large, hollow, useless buildings. Automatic prim to mesh conversion. Build with prims, but when a linked group is saved, it's converted to mesh for display purposes if possible, with lower land impact. Open it for editing, and you see it as prims again. This allows in-world mesh work. If Amazon comes out with a "Snow Crash" series, as they say they will, LL should be prepared with a major marketing push. SL is the Metaverse of Snow Crash.
  15. How does land ownership work on the beta grid? There are parcels and permissions. I see LIFE Properties rental boxes. Are those just objects copied over from the main grid, or is there actually property rental there?