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  1. Related to this, there's a nice feature LL could implement to allow user-created water to be swimmable. Add a pathfinding type of "Water". You'd tag water in pools or small lakes with that. It would be treated as "Solid obstacle" for pathfinding purposes, but would affect the water height returned by llWater when over such an area. So boats and swim HUDs would automatically recognize water in a standard way.
  2. But not directly. And if you're renting out a stack of skydomes, you don't want another landlord upstream of you. Corsica is an interesting case. By buying only part of a region, building a skydome stack, and making the domes so ugly at ground level that nobody will buy anything else in the region, the skydome operator gets the compute power of a full region at a fraction of the cost.
  3. One does not simply walk into Mordor. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Experia/235/208/3009 Start at the Experia entry point, get an OOC tag, walk through the entry portal, be teleported, walk to a cab, click on the cab, select Luxxon Plaza, and be teleported again. To eat at the restaurant, you have to sign up for RP and get some RP credits. Cocoon expects you to wear an OOC tag if not roleplaying. Not wearing one does not seem to have lethal consequences, although some things won't work for you. There's also a taco place and a deli. Gigabites seems to have been replaced
  4. Yes. The abandoned interior of Corsica, which is about 10 regions, needs more roads. All the development is near roads. Unfortunately, the potential value of that area has been destroyed. World of ugly low-altitude skydomes. And no, you can't just derender them. They have large numbers of objects. This is part of what could be a large, pretty valley. LL needs to offer isolated regions for people who want isolation. The people who want walls, skydomes, and other stuff unrelated to their neighbors should be able to buy parcels on a non-continent, rather than messing up mainl
  5. The interior of Corsica makes this clear. There are entire abandoned mainland sims of bare rock hills. All the development is near roads or water.
  6. I'm lost somewhere in the forest of weeping willows with crystals.
  7. It sure is. I just visited the BeYou region. I thought it was just a farming system, but they've gone way beyond that. They have their own furniture, their own kitchens, their own appliances, their own bathrooms (there are lots of toiletries to buy and use up), their own phones, their own food... It's a whole MMORPG within SL, with hundreds of purchaseable in-game items, most or all no-copy. I'm not sure what to think of this. It's a walled garden, but it seems well-executed.
  8. I've made that trip. It's nice. You end up at a club with a dock and rez zone. That's as far north as you can get by boat in that area. Going east or west along the coast will run you into obstacles or ban lines. There is also a 512m^2 parcel with ban lines and no keep-out buoys messing up the waterway, as noted.
  9. I know that, of course. But this is about restaurants in SL. Here's what I'm talking about. This is Kitsune, in Cocoon, a busy MMORPG within Second Life. "Come for the neon. Stay for the intrigue". Menu: 1.Spicy Ramen - 50c +100 HP +46 Dice Dmg +10 Rage [20] _ 2.Tofu-Takoyaki - 10c +40 HP +40 Dice Dmg Synths or OOCs will not be served. Payment is in Coccon's roleplay currency, which you can buy with Lindens to get started, but should try to win in-game.
  10. I'd like to see MCs get out more. After driving over 3,000km in Second Life on a bike, I've seen an MC run on mainland roads only once. Yes, some have their own tracks spiraling up into the sky, but they don't seem to get out much.
  11. As Lucia points out, the "sit" system does not work for animesh. Worse, animesh can't access the animations inside seats. It's an IP policy thing. You can sit on things you don't own, which results in the unusual case of a linkset where not all the links have the same ownership. But you can't lend an animation to a different user unless it's copy and transfer. So "sittter" scripts can't interact usefully with animesh, even if both sides are programmed for that.
  12. The Nolo Press books on copyright and trademark are useful if you want to understand what you're legally allowed to do. If it involves Star [Trek|Wars|Gate|Citizen], or the Marvel Overextended Universe, don't go there. They have strong rights-enforcement departments, and besides, that stuff has been done to death. Do something original.
  13. Check the SL ad policy. Spamming messages in chat off-parcel is a TOS violation. So are ads which include adult content. If they're doing either of those things, just submit an abuse request from the viewer. You can suggest to the landowner that they consider swapping their parcel for one in Zindra, the adult continent. Then their tacky adult parcel can compete with less-tacky adult parcels, which may induce them to up their game.
  14. Now that's a good review. His main complaints: Frame rate sucks. He's right. SL users are way too tolerant of low frame rates. That's fixable, but it takes a viewer rewrite. (I can say more on that in a more technical forum.) "What do I do now?" - SL's big question. He wants to find a place where he can hang out and talk to people. The Destination Guide sent him to three clubs where he was immediately kicked out for being too new, and was angry about that. He got to Social Island 10. He finally made it to London City, but was stuck at 2 FPS. Interestingly, he never talked to anybod
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