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  1. IM sent as requested. Red/Red signal is at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Timpson/246/249/32
  2. OK, trying various options with llSetPrimMediaParams. list params = [PRIM_MEDIA_CURRENT_URL, TESTVIDEO, PRIM_MEDIA_AUTO_PLAY, TRUE, PRIM_MEDIA_AUTO_LOOP, TRUE, PRIM_MEDIA_CONTROLS, PRIM_MEDIA_CONTROLS_MINI, PRIM_MEDIA_PERMS_CONTROL,PRIM_MEDIA_PERM_NONE]; As far as I can tell, PRIM_MEDIA_AUTO_PLAY does not affect anything. I've tried both TRUE and FALSE. PRIM_MEDIA_AUTO_LOOP set to FALSE won't stop a .mp4 file from repeating. It plays a .MP4 repeatedly after the face is clicked.
  3. Good point. Also, you can change the URL for the parcel media for media on a prim. So, if you have a theater, when everyone is in place and it's showtime, you can start everybody's players at the same place. If, of course, they've previously clicked on the screen to start things. A nice way to do this would be to run a loop of filler material that can be interrupted at any time. The prim shows the filler material until showtime, and then at showtime, the real content starts. Does [ PRIM_MEDIA_AUTO_PLAY ] work? I tried. It's still necessary to click the prim once, it seems.
  4. If you want to make your own clothes, there's often an intermediate way - get a blank or full perm article of clothing that fits and make new textures for it. T-shirt blanks, which are Photoshop files with lots of layers, are available for free. This is far easier than making your own 3D rigged mesh.
  5. You squared the number, then took its square root? But what you have in "rim" is the radius of the wheel, anyway. Not the circumference. Parentheses. I think you wanted float mag = dir * (llVecMag(llGetVel()) / (rim * TWO_PI)); rim*TWO_PI is the wheel circumference, which is what you need to divide the velocity by.
  6. I tend to agree, but SL has a rather loose connection between servers and avatars to allow for lag. There's a lot of fakery and interpolation going on to make that work. For example, when you turn your avatar, it turns immediately. That's in the viewer. The simulator then gets told which direction your avatar is facing. But when you move, that's done in the simulator, and you see a bit of lag. You'll see that this is fake if you use an avatar that's much longer than it is wide, like a horse. It looks like a horse, but it collides like a vertical cylinder. You can turn the head or rump through
  7. I have a little script I put in wheels. It calls llTargetOmega(axis, rate, 1.0); directly from the timer event, which fires every 0.300 second. Rate is calculated from the vehicle velocity in the forward direction. There are some protections. If rate is < 0.01 rad/sec, it's set to zero, because very low rotation rates don't work with llTargetOmega. If it's above 10 rad/sec, it's clamped, because rotating too fast for the frame rate is useless; it won't look right. The call to llTargetOmega is skipped if there's been less than a 20% change in rate since last time, to hold down the numbe
  8. Delay in block. Somerville, southbound. After passing about four sidings with good signal behavior, I reached this. Red on both branches. Waited 10 minutes, no change. That looks incorrect. Both the main line and the siding are empty. If the signal system has detected an oncoming train in the block ahead, it should put me on the siding and hold me there until the other train reaches the siding and clears the block ahead. For that I should get a red leaving the siding. This indication means the signal system detects the siding as full, I think.
  9. SL should have face expression tracking via webcam, for those who want it. The bento heads have enough features to follow along. Not many would use it, but it would be good for performers, machima, talking head videos, etc.
  10. Air Show at Firestorm help island. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Firestorm Sandbox/24/172/30
  11. Thanks. I'll do that next time. What's a good landing point for people needing help?
  12. Recently I ran into a new SL user who was having major clothing problems - shoulders transparent because they'd somehow gotten a mismatched alpha layer and clothing layer. Not being knowledgeable about SL female clothing problems, I tried to find a new resident area with helpers. No staff at Firestorm Help Island. Nobody at the Caledon Oxbridge new user tutorial help point. Nobody at White Tiger. Nobody at NCI Kuula. A few days later I ran into a guy who'd been issued the 70's Disco Guy with Radio avatar, and was frantically trying to figure out how to get out of it. He'd found a freebies
  13. I'm starting to see a pattern. I was driving around the block in Kama City, where blocks are one sim and the sim boundaries are in the middle of the road. I saw the "terrain only, disappear, reappear" thing twice a block ahead. This is with 240m draw distance. I think what's happening is that when you get beyond draw distance of a sim, there's a wait time before the viewer stops talking to it. If you come back within that wait time, there's some disconnect/reconnect confusion. This seems new. I used to be able to drive all over the Kama City street grid without any issues.
  14. LL says that, but that's just a self-serving statement. The US IRS is more interested in how they're used. IRS FAQ on virtual currency transactions. This is a must-read for anyone with Linden dollar revenue above the miscellaneous-income threshold.
  15. I've seen anti-push HUDs. They seem to be rare today. Search Marketplace for "Movelock HUD" if you want to try one. There are ancient freebies. I think they're turning physics off for the avatar until the user requests movement. The first avatar other than mine to try one of my escalators was wearing one. It took a while to figure out whey they weren't moving. Those work by friction, so if you turn physics off, you go nowhere. That kind of HUD should also break most SL elevators, and little stuff like those things that move incoming avatars off landing points.
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