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  1. The female default isn't that bad. The male default is often '70s Disco Guy With Radio. Starting at the Firestorm gateway is a good user experience. There's usually someone on duty. New Resident Island has a walkthrough tutorial that gets you a Ruth or Roth mesh avatar, the open source avatars. You also get some clothing basics. Then they have a shopping area where there are some free items and some items for sale from the designers who contributed the freebies. Ruth and Roth sort of fit classic avatar clothing, but not quite. Too much fussing, tweaking, and alpha layer creation is r
  2. Ask in the Drivers of SL group. People there collect many vehicles.
  3. From that article: "The real estate world looks towards a landlord-led model, where large property owners lead the charge, buying up the Metaverse and letting consumers wander around listlessly." Ouch. Parts of SL are so like that.
  4. Meli Imako has full perm hair for animesh, along with some other minor items. Shoes in SL tend to have huge triangle counts and will push the LI of your animesh way up. I got Duck Girl to make me a nice pair of low-poly sneakers and a hoodie as custom jobs. But that's all I have in mesh animesh wardrobe. There's not that much clothing available for animesh. I just had a few items made to show it was possible. I was hoping that some already in the SL clothing biz would pick up on that and offer low-poly versions of their items. But nobody did. If anybody wants to produce low-LI a
  5. I don't think so. Although you can create HTTP servers from inside SL, there's no easy way to find them. There's no SL DNS server that lets you name them. They don't have persistent IP addresses. SL doesn't use IPv6 yet, so there isn't enough address space for that. This is to some extent intentional. A general web server in LSL is a terrible idea. It's a load on sim resources better spent on in-world tasks.
  6. It's a classic problem in game balance design. It's easy to botch. Dual Universe just botched it. Dual Universe is a huge MMO, with multiple planets. It allows building, but you have to mine resources first. However, you can write programs and automate some of that. Luca Grabacr, who's well known in SL, went over there and went to work, streaming her progress on Youtube. She started out going around and mining rocks, like everybody else. Soon she had a base, and some ships. After three months, she was up to "Fur Admiral Luca", with three huge spacegoing aircraft carriers loaded with smal
  7. From one of the articles linked above: "The gulf in prices between a Second Life kitten (about $3.25) and a Nyan Cat NFT (around $600,000) raises the question of which kind of temperament in the NFT market will outlive the other. It’s difficult to say if the crazier valuations will persist into the near future—just as it’s difficult to say, for instance, what the value of bitcoin will be a year from now. The action feels too new and too superheated to extrapolate." Yes. Think of NFT's as gatchas that cost serious money, like enough for a car or even a house. Last month's big Make Mon
  8. Not really. There's a huge amount of abandoned land in SL, and even more land owned by landlords but not rented out. Areas near roads and water can be rented, but interior land not connected to anything has near zero value. Look at what's not selling on the auctions.
  9. There's growing interest in creating artificially rare digital objects. Gacha do that, of course. But it's getting bigger. Look up "non-fungible tokens". These are tradeable digital things with traceable ownership. Uses a blockchain. Some are artworks, some are purely symbolic, like the "property deeds" to real places that Upland sells, using Tilia as a payment system. It's a way to monetize Fear Of Missing Out. Also, non-fungible tokens are really a way to avoid regulation by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Decentraland and Sominum Space use those extensively. The effect is tha
  10. Yes, there are two of those in-world. Somebody thought that was a clever joke once, but it's outlived its time and reduces the value of land beyond the bridge.
  11. The new owners of LL may think that Tilia will give them a strong position in the exciting new make-money-fast world of non-fungible tokens. That's the business which Upland, which is powered by Tilia, is in. Non-fungible tokens are a scheme for monetizing Fear Of Missing Out. See Upland's home page. Depending on how old you are, you may remember Crypto Kitties, Beanie Babies, Cabbage Patch Kids, the Franklin Mint, or baseball cards. Same concept; crank out "collectables" in "limited editions" and convince people to overpay for them. A lot like gachas, but at far higher prices.
  12. The fear of censorship is so high that we have this. Movie is not meant for kids. May include discussions of advanced topics in computer graphics.
  13. I ran into a new user in SL recently who wanted to make a co-working space where people working on projects outside of SL could work together. I'm in Silicon Valley, where such places exist in real life. (Or did; I miss Hacker Dojo and TechShop.) So I showed him a co-working space someone else had built. But no one goes there. I explained how you could subdivide a parcel and have local talk zones so people could use voice chat within their zone without bothering anybody, or go to another area, or the common area, and chat. I showed him a few office spaces in SL, including the SYZM Tower and my
  14. Yes. If you're going to use up land for a parking lot, may as well make it usable. One of my back-burner ideas was a security orb for parking lots. You'd place a prim under the parking lot to mark its boundaries for the orb, then allow rezzing and object entry. The security orb would greet anybody who parked (arrived attached to a vehicle and unsat) and tell them how much time they could park. Or allow them to park longer as long as the avatar stayed nearby. "Free parking while shopping here". Shortly before time ran out, they'd get an IM, telling them their time was running out, please r
  15. animats

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