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  1. Abandoned Land Auctions

    If you're a paid member, you can send in a support ticket and ask that an abandoned parcel be auctioned off. I've done that and bought a parcel. That's probably where most of the abandoned parcel auctions come from, which implies someone wanted that parcel.
  2. Who else came from other virtual world ie IMVU ?

    Gazebo/ROS, the robotics simulator, and my own system from the 1990s, Falling Bodies.
  3. How do RP sims break even?

    Enter through the gift shop.
  4. Encroachment on Robin Loop ?

    Yes, that's it. I'd been looking in wireframe, and they don't show there when "highlight transparent" is not on. Some mole was trying to patch the region crossing, but they didn't get it right. One of my planned projects is to build an inspection truck which drives around and finds road problems like this. Then make it self-driving and log the results to a database.
  5. There's something strange at the point where Robin Loop crosses from Juanita to Grote. Vehicles get knocked off the road at the region crossing. There are some nearby encroachments involving a private parking lot, but I can't see the problem even in wireframe mode. Go to and head southeast in the left lane of Robin Loop to see this. This may be new; I ride around Robin Loop regularly and haven't hit this before. I've tried different motorcycles and Firestorm versions, and it's the same every time. Logging out doesn't affect it. Even moving at very slow speed, the problem appears. It's a small bump, not a solid wall; going fast enough will get through it. That's the reverse of most region crossing problems. Sinking at a region crossing is a general problem and well understood, but this is something else. The last time I hit something like this, someone had put an invisible prim across a road.
  6. I like voice when in a vehicle with someone. You can't text while driving.
  7. How Are Griefers Able to Spam Everyone On a Sim?

    That's throttled, but the throttle level is high: "All object IM's are throttled at a maximum of 2500 per 30mins, per owner, per region in a rolling window. this includes IM's sent after the throttle is in place". Maybe that level should be much lower. Or there should be also be a limit of the number of unique destinations per minute. New avatars might start out with a limit of maybe 3 destinations in 30 seconds, and that increases with avatar age and/or paid account. It should decrease with the number of people who block that sender.
  8. Farm to Fork Restaurant: HIRING

    Do you use only organic prims?
  9. The advertising photo shows more water space between parcels than the seller provided.
  10. Desperate help with lag

    That's useful. If you're authorized to query "Top Scripts", that should tell you where to look.
  11. Desperate help with lag

    Far too much script time being used there. Less than half the scripts finished during that time step. Not much network traffic. What's the location? SL needs a performance tool which shows which scripts on a sim or parcel are using the most time.
  12. More technical stuff. I commented previously that network lag can cause region crossing failures. I now have more precise tests for that. Network lag of 1000ms (1 second, lag meter turns red) will produce a quick fail at a double region crossing. It may take a few tries, but a few minutes of driving in a circle around a 4-way region crossing seems to trigger it consistently. Even in an empty sandbox. I'm on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04LTS), and Linux has a command for introducing network lag for test purposes. The shell command sudo tc qdisc add dev eth0 root netem delay 1000ms adds 1000ms of delay to every packet, and the next double region crossing on a vehicle fails quickly. Even in a quiet sandbox. Failure means the avatar ends up in the air, can't unsit, and the next teleport produces locations such as "Vallone (-156721, -71944, 100)" You turn this mode off with sudo tc qdisc del dev eth0 root which stops the lag, and region crossings start working again. It takes a lot of lag to trigger this. 500ms (viewer network lag meter goes yellow) won't do it, but 1000ms (network lag meter goes red) will. Most SL functions can tolerate a 1000ms lag; they just become sluggish. But not region crossings. This is pure packet delay. No packet loss, no reordering. I've tried forcing packet re-ordering; that doesn't seem to cause trouble. Basic SL operations still work with 1000ms delay; you can walk around, but it will take a second or two for any response to controls. Avatar-alone region crossings still work. But not double region crossings with vehicles. In regular usage, a 1000ms delay is unusual but possible during moments of high network load. If you watch the viewer's network load meter, you may see it flash red occasionally, especially on slow connections. If one of those slow network moments happens to coincide with a double vehicle region crossing, you're toast. I'm trying to diagnose the problem well enough that LL can fix it. Their resources are limited, they admit. This bug has been outstanding for years because it was hard to reproduce. Now it's easy to reproduce in a controlled test situation. This makes it a repeatable, testable bug. Such bugs are fixable.
  13. I've seen encroachments into roads, but not often. I've seen Linden roads that encroach on private land. The latter is really annoying when the private land has a ban line. You can lose a vehicle while on a Linden road with a guard rail. A common encroachment in Kama City is to fill in the 4m x 8m hole at each corner of each intersection. The buyable parcels don't include that, probably so that the buyable areas are multiples of 512 m^2.. Sometimes the moles put a big flower box or a tree there, but often it's just bare ground. The ground is lower than the sidewalks, so something is needed to bring it up to sidewalk level. Just extending a pavement slab is most common, but I've seen landscaping, big rocks, and a fountain used as space fillers. The most impressive encroachment I've seen is one waterside owner who put an entire reef with a lighthouse off the edge of the world. Well off the edge of the world - 20-30 meters. It's off one of those beachfronts which goes right up to the edge of the world. The result looks like a good boating channel, but it's not traversable. Overrunning your parcel with a building is kind of tacky.
  14. Is "LIFE Properties", which holds a huge amount of land full of placeholder buildings, separate from Linden Labs? Or is it just a name Linden Labs uses for real estate?