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  1. It was supposedly fixed in Firefox 63, but no. The problem is that the "Authentication required" message in Firefox is a modal dialog - you can't do anything else in that window until it's dismissed. If you dismiss it, it pops up again. This prevents clicking on the "Stop it" button. The attack page uses as much memory as possible to force the system to swap to disk and run very slowly. Sent Firefox a bug report. Firefox is supposed to be able to deal with that.
  2. It's not just an attack on Second Life. Other searches, such as "Firefox bug" lead to the same place.
  3. This is an ad on Bing. Sometimes the top search result for "second life". Don't go there. This is what happens. That's where the link goes. It's supposed to look like a Windows desktop and asks for your user name and password. This is on Linux, so that's not very convincing. If you had the browser in full-screen mode on Windows, it might be convincing. It's really hard to get rid of this page. It has something that uses huge amounts of memory.
  4. It's really annoying, running current Firestorm 6.3.2 on an EEP sim. The day/night cycle is off. Sometimes, after entering the sim via TP, the only light source is direct light from the sun, with no diffuse light. Changing from "estate time" to something else and back will get reasonable lighting.
  5. How about trying a new covenant on the Sharp Continent, the old Teen Grid? That's been underutilized since the separate Teen Grid was phased out. Hyperion, on Sharp Continent. A nice little city, but empty and neglected now. North of Sharp Continent would be a good place for the next continent of premium homes, too. That could connect more continents, and Hyperion could be a convenient commercial district for the premium homes.
  6. Either it's an estate where someone turned pathfinding off, or, randomly, sometimes the viewer misses the message saying that pathfinding is available. Pathfinding doesn't use server time until you have a pathfinding character present. The first pathfinding character costs about 3ms/frame, depending on how much stuff is in the sim. More pathfinding characters add little overhead, because the first one turns on the system which tracks all moving objects and updates the navmesh. I've tried 50 pathfinding characters, and the overhead doesn't go up much past one. Unless you're using pathfinding, don't worry about it. If you are using pathfinding, you have other headaches..
  7. I know. There's so much that could be done with SL, but it's way beyond the abilities of the current dev team. It would require a new viewer, based perhaps on Unreal Engine 4, with parallelism and physically-based rendering. It would take a set of creation tools which took you from a good-looking but inefficient mesh to optimized game-quality assets without pain points. It would take a level of detail system which was smart about what to load in what order and what resolution. It would take a background system which automatically worked through all the mesh assets, re-making optimized versions of lower levels of detail where where they had holes or were really bad. It would take an overhaul of the back end to improve concurrency, so that entering avatars didn't cause two seconds of slowdown, scripts didn't slow the server, and region crossings worked every time. It would take an impostoring system, so distant objects were represented by billboard impostors or simple forms, and you could see all the way to the horizon. And that just gets you SL's current capabilities brought up to modern game technology. Then you'd need to go on from there. Figure out how to support crowds, so a few hundred people at one event will work. Offer webcam facial expression tracking, so your avatar reflects your own facial expressions. Optional, but it would be expected of performers.
  8. Dani taking a a coffee break. Another of my animesh NPCs at work. Or shirking work. Dani, in a "GTFO Hub Loss Prevention" shirt, patrols the Bruissac GTFO hub, randomly makes stops at about ten locations, and finds and says hello to anyone in the area. Just set up more of the dock area for pathfinding. First place she went was the coffee stand. As usual, this isn't posed; I just watch them move and take pictures. (This is a good test for my NPCs. Bruissac, GTFO HQ, is a full sim, with docks, a large mall, an airport, truck traffic, and many visitors. If the NPCs can make it here, they can make it anywhere.)
  9. The real question is, is Sansar dead? And if not, why not? Reality.
  10. Yes. The usual SLRR convention is that each station and each siding has a rez zone. Bellesaria doesn't have anywhere near that many. And where there's a road to a station, it should have a rez zone.
  11. The Linden Labs jobs page recently changed to "No jobs open at this time". Last time I looked, there were three Sansar job openings.
  12. A rez zone near the S.S. Galaxy's landing dock would be nice. Then you could re-rez the boat that brought you to the ship.
  13. Oh, so llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast uses unreliable updates. That should be documented. Second Life sends update messages either as "reliable", which get retransmitted a few times before giving up, or "unreliable", which don't. Properly, the only "unreliable" messages should be ones that are regularly superseded by later messages, like move updates. (ImprovedTerseObjectUpdate, which tells the viewer something moved, is the main legit unreliable message. Can you put a color change in an ImprovedTerseObjectUpdate?) But apparently more than that is sent in "unreliable" mode. Try SetLinkPrimitiveParams, without the "fast". That's supposed to be synchronous. If you're doing this to animate something, don't. Use texture animation. Much lower overhead; it's all viewer side once started.
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