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  1. you'll never watch your life slide out of view and dance and drink and ... nothing else to do.
  2. Average home user here cured all Win 10 problems with one fell swoop. Went back to 7 for win. And I liked 10. MTtP also had a few issues with official viewer, cured as I let it update at will. There again, sing mostly and official for UL mostly. YKMV.
  3. Nice. Only equiv I have seen this well done is Lani over on OS. In terms of performance? Didn't feel a thing.
  4. OK. 1 million AUD best offer. Whats physical coin in SL anyway. Please contact here, we like a laugh.
  5. Thank you for that, As a paying resident it is very assuring that something I have no need of will not divert resources. I am also assured that it will take a single day (well with caveats as you say so - day and a semi? =^^= ) to implement. And reall - 2 guys over a weekend? I would hire to fire in a New York Second I remain, respectfully, stupid. Thank you for that (mea culpa - ret Sys Ad)
  6. Thank you for that snippet. Will keep it in mind. My only objections have been on making this compulsory (alluded to various times including for the 'merchant class' howsoever defined). If the Lab have sufficient resources to implement this as a voluntary option - fine. Focus on 'voluntary'. Just to hammer point home - voluntary. May be those who want could crowd fund it =^^=
  7. Confirmed it seems to be working. Thanks Oz ( well safe to guess was him =^^= )
  8. Echo Chic Aeon but - which game would it be. Some already do optimise despite these here forums
  9. Thus the religion of Chin. All thou who bow .. I am a simple old school maker of *****. I mesh a bit. I script. My mesh n script has been as low impact for ever. As have my sculpts. And I sell elsewhere. Small congregation?
  10. How much data. There is a hell of a lot available within 'prim' parameters. Sight faster than p'ing with notecards.
  11. SO land impact vs prim for those that sell build kits. No change. Same old then.
  12. Yes. It is. ( I rent a fair bit but its great to have a fallback position as in a little land )
  13. Pro-tip : rename any items you use in a totally TOS reliant way to anything not containing 'security' type terms (note FluffyClouds already taken) Pro-tip : locate a proper parcel control system at random altitudes. Also have them on at random. Bonus : make your own SAMS are a wonderful display of lights and joy for all events.
  14. But as we will have 'plenty of time' I am sure we can all get behind this. Just one point who do we all send the bill to for the uploads, testing, new techniques, learning etc (billed at reasonable rates ofc - hey I will underbid at 15US an hour, min 3 hours + call out) ? My vote is for the one who said 'plenty of time' as it seems - logical.
  15. Aside from the " hostile areas " comment by animats on the previous page, Qie makes a good point. How are these security devices being detected if not by users reporting them to some central collator? Any automated scanning would be incredibly resource hogging to cover entire volumes.
  16. In RL, limited to MSF (nqa), Red Cross/Crescent for certain campaigns (directly to area reps where possible) but not for 'general' things, the Sally Ann at Yule and the odd local one. In SL, have done work for a couple of fund raisers run directly by people I know for their very local causes (animal shelters). Apart from that, in SL - no. Lack of accountability is one reason. Their are other reasons. Not even if they are running a dream house raffle.
  17. That is an interesting point. I normally steer clear of this sort of 'school is out and bored' recurring thing. That you say 'keeps them entertained' speaks volumes. Being 20k years old on this cycle I still find the idea of paper entertaining of course. And making marks... shakes head before being distracted =^^= Good point though. Well unless I am supposed to entertain them. If the Lab is then - well ok. As long as I can keep doing my own thing within, no problem.
  18. Ian Dury (Geezer!) Reasons to be cheerful and this for obvious reasons.
  19. Sad to learn of InWorldz troubles. Not been active there for years but was an alternative.
  20. OK then - show me the fun part (grind grind sigh). Oh unless can make others do that boring bit and skim off? Ah wait - no monetary i forgot.
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