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  1. Video of the week great idea. Here's one. Note lack of wet tee shirts =^^=
  2. I was dong some MP stuff so I thought something relaxing. Also nsfw (possibly hammer to fall)
  3. You can still get a linden world av. Links in here somewhere. Backpack is quite nice.
  4. =^^= bicycles are good but define good looking. As always this is SL - make your own. Current is an Indian as working up to make a NorVin..... real bike.
  5. Only chimed in on the OP original post as thought it was a good idea. I didn't realise what it would turn in to. As a teeny tiny seller who has no story to tell of personal problems (that is any of your business), who doesn't fall in to the middle or top sellers or even the micro sellers, who had the gall to attempt to raise the fact that what I have learned here can make a teeny amount in markets elsewhere - I apologise for having the temerity of thinking I could take part. I do sympathise with those who have made SL a major part of their financial survival though. I am not dismissing that. And community - significant numbers concerned? So why are they not here. If the OP still wants to go through with their original post I am willing.
  6. That about sums it up. Things change. Forced me to come to swearing terms with Blender for one. Mesh body/head/bits well - tried them as demos as they have arrived. Even made my own (so very bad) and played with Ruth/Roth (not bad still over complex but is just me) - so far, I don't need to be erm smooth limbed and limber as it were. Each to their own. As many things in SL it means I can take what I like with me anywhere. Only mild annoyance is noobs (used with affection as I will always be one) being told they have to go and buy mesh because...reasons. Overhear it every day. Little sad about that but hey. Your world your imagination. Things pass though - not seen a duck lipped invisible pony rider in months. Unless I decide to for erm fun =^^=
  7. Certain orange shades when on an LCD monitor trigger an annoying fight/flight response. CRT does not have the same effect nor anything similar in RL, which is good else the LED xmas lamps would have driven me doolally. Blue 'laser' makes me uneasy so had a bit of a problem trying out win 10. (Surprised I got a zero on that test and took about 30 seconds but as the site says it is easier with a comparison strip. I doubt I could have done it trying to match that sort of gradation with discrete samples. )
  8. A little late but yes I like this. Had to as hoping it blocks their pointless copy pasting of vids. First is nice and fun. Reposting is so many dead bandwidth beasts.
  9. I am now and will ever be e6a7f532-a23f-44cb-bd75-679fe7d9e991
  10. @Grumpity Linden nice but 23:00 local is not a fun time and as there is no transcript can we assume its all voice? Chapeau to those that do this externally but LL should handle this across all inworld meets. Elsewise, most of the above (also on TS etc so fees have been bloody reasonable so far. Not going to mention the other wannabe =^^= As long as they remain within Linden Dollar terms. Those that cash out have other concerns I know) Ability on web side to create a 'demo' version ie as a mostly component maker - duplicate a listing, set perms to 'something possibly xfer only' and change description to DEMO for the duplicate (with new web listing reflected in world inventory - never had the nerve to do it in viewer as perms are tricky historically). I love viewer managed I just hate doing more than the initial listing. I would even be happy to run an official LL 'made to raise hell. I mean merchant' viewer. Ability to open profile directly from reviews (merchant profile does, why not all). Also fix review options (high to low etc and erm I know there are a lot inaccesible from previous but.. xstreet? Loss of last names came after that. Its about time ) Prefs to stick across sessions... ok that's for emphasis. As a buyer and seller I do not want to log in and have to reset to 96 (or a 100) each time. Also date of listing. 'Last Visited' only if it refers to MP. Also when I select in my merchant page I want to go back - I selected sort by date (newest first) so of course I want to... go back to earliest. Not. Prefs to stick within sessions =^^= Listing templates. Please. Simplified categories. I make a fence. Its a fence. How many fence options...ermmm =^^= Expanded external links - I experimented with sketchfab for another market. Understand it might be seen as a competitor right now. (Even IW had a thing at one time to display a 3d model. Far as I know still does, for certain items might be a bit of a nice option) On general clean up of MP? We all got the 'verify email' thing a while back so that data is available. Send another. 2 weeks later (insert time frame) if no reply - remove all listings. Big assumption that the MP and other SL dbases actually have some connection that is known ofc.
  11. Sheena Easton Barmy Army (reformed ICF Targets)
  12. Selling an NC for zero is a workaround but then - what is the 'services' category on MP for? There are 327 entries. What are the criteria (as can see @Antieux confusion here)
  13. Dandelion Radio as I need a little John Peel remembrance in my life. Well PsyRadio if I am building ofc.
  14. If it turns up in the LL viewer or the tpv I use for general work then sure why not, I mean screenshots of menus and things I can do, its the actual pictures of items I am a bit pants at. Although hopefully someone will have come up with a linkable explaner of it all as I have a hard time keeping up as it is.
  15. Lou Reed Metal Machine Music Parts 1 to 4. Can't remember why right now.
  16. Magic and way points and a lack of trying to over complicate. Also distinct lack of RLV @Love Zhaoying
  17. A twist on a 'bumper' might work for Rolig's suggestion there. Come within x meters and I go 'eeek' and jump on a stool. Must be something in the library
  18. Just in that last point. If I had the chance to make any script included in an item Copy, Mod and no transfer I would very happily. But it is not possible. Would be nice in terms of how an item shows up in inventory but its not possible with the granularity of current permissions system and adding a note in the listing to explain... well yes it is an option. Copy and Mod != open source. Another box to tick which == CMT isn't really useful. Unless I am missing something. On reviews in general, are comments on a review still allowed from people who never purchased a product? If so, why?
  19. Lion (and I mean purrrrrrrrrrr he is magnificent) would be better running..ok they are lazy so slothing free =^^=
  20. @Hunter Stern I disagree on principle. Or possible Occam.
  21. As most mesh hair looks like Barbie let Ken apply it with a trowel.. sticking to my little flexi 'tail (which I can wear under a helmet and looks fabulous) and has a teeny render hit looks like the right call. See you on the asphalt, Barbies.
  22. @Beq Janus remember, in SL no good deed goes unpunished... this is a great additional tool even as is so thankyou. I have a cleaver proof shirt somewhere just in case. @arton Rotaru "disillusioned" well not quite the right word. Shrug, just another chip in the fun part of making stuff. Maybe go back to scripting although I remember why I gave up that apart from personal satisfaction and the odd custom job. (I only asked about a change in behaviour as its always been an instant reaction to that warning to fix my mistake and never noticed it could be over ridden. Although sing is my weapon of choice for day to day piddling about, I use the LL viewer to upload and test mesh since the time years back when I realised the major diff between my LOD default of 2 and that of the official viewer. Done it that way ever since. Personally I reckoned all this set LOD to a zillion fell under the same [redact rude word] as 'clear cache to fix all known problems' and the time where the perceived wisdom was to pump up that other mesh rendering setting, the name of which I am happy to have forgotten)
  23. Is this new behaviour? Always seemed blocked to me but that might have changed and I am in the groove to correct on auto whenever I see that
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