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  1. I've finally found some time to update my builders' blog. It's the first in a series of posts that are (hopefully) going to eventually cover all important aspects of lag. I started by looking at the geometry, comparing our three main building materials, prims, mesh and sculpts. I've tried to simplify as much as possible with a minimum of "tech talk" but it is actually a very complicated topic so if you are easiy bored, you may not want to read through it all in one go. Maybe bookmark it and keep it as a reference instead. Feedback is always apreaciated, either here or on the blog. I do not claim I know everything about good building and there's always room for improvement. https://chinrey.blogspot.com/2019/03/lag-geometry-prims-meshes-and-sculpts.html
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    Probably. Usually you'd expect to find fewer people there. But if you check parcel details, you'll see that most of the houses are owned by somebody and most of them show up with zero traffic count. This is not really up for discussion. What happens, happens and nothing we can say or do is going to make any difference. I'm not going to bother myself but if somebody wants to keep track of the emmigration rate, it's fairly simple. Pick a few random Linden Home sims and count how many of the parcels have an owner. Check again after SSP is launched and again every month or two for a while. Or they can leave SL.
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    Time will tell. But there is one thing I forgot to mention that makes me even more sure I'm right. Premium members who are active "home makers" can already get something as good as or better than an SSP house. All they have to do, is shell out a month's worth of stipend on a mainland parcel. If they haven't done that already, why would they suddenly want to now? Oh, I'm not saying there aren't people interested in the SSP homes. But to expect the vast majority of current Linden Home owners to pull up their SL roots and move, that's not realistic.
  4. ChinRey


    They did at first actually. It wasn't until 2016 Ebbe started to mention in interviews the possibility that some people might choose to remain in SL. To quote from memory what he used to say: "Some will move over right away, some will wait." Eventually he started to add "Some may never move." But speaking of SSP, no, I do not think the Linden Home owners will move over en masse. In another discussion here some people say they stay in SL because they don't want to start over somewhere else. That's a very common view both in SL and in RL and it doesn't only apply to SL vs other virtual realities but also to different locations in SL. Moving is always a bother and I'm sure many will feel it's not worth it, no matter how much encouragement LL offers. Others only use their Linden Home as a "safehouse", a place to log on to and maybe change outfit once every leap year. They won't see any point in moving. Many won't even notice. Pick a random Linden Homes sim and take a closer look at the parcels and houses. Most of the has zero traffic count and only very sparse - if any - furnishing. The owners of those houses are not active SL users. They may log on every now and then to reminiscence of old days but they're not really doing much here and they're certainly not paying attention to any messages from LL. Some Linden Home owners will move - to SSP, to some other part of SL or away from the grid entirely - and new premium members will of course go straight to SSP. So the Linden Home sims will start to empty. But it will be slow and I'll be very surprised if the LH sims aren't still more than half full two or three years from now. That bring up an interesting question, how empty will a Linden Home sim have to be before LL clsoes it down?
  5. ChinRey

    Snap Vertices On Mesh avatars help!!

    Try this: http://ainetutorials.blogspot.com/2015/11/tutorial-principles-of-blender-rigging.html It's a bit outdated and doesn't cover Bento but still an excellent introuduction
  6. ChinRey


    Wellllllll, Linden Lab expected everybody to flock over to Sansar too, didn't they?
  7. ChinRey

    Above Second Life

    A theoretical question, would it be possible to use something like this as an automatically generated surrounding in-world?
  8. ChinRey

    Why beginners don't learn the basics first?

    That's a good question but it's also the answer. I'm only talking about the technical aspect of course - LoD, lag, physics, load time and the use of available shaders - and the point is, in Sansar there's nothing special about those compared to the more common mesh based 3D platforms. From a mesh modeller's point of view, Sansar is basically a simplified and slightly outdated Unity clone so if it works in Unity, it works in Sansar too. Except load time of course but that's mainly due to a fundamental flaw in Sansar's core concept so there's not that much a builder can do about it.
  9. ChinRey

    Why beginners don't learn the basics first?

    The essentials: How to make the most out of each triangle and vertice in the mesh When to use mesh and when to use prims How to make good solid LoD models How to make efficient physics models How to make the most out of each texture pixel When (and how) to use baked texturers and when (and how) to use tiled ones How to avoid The Deadly Sins Of Texturing And if you want to make fited mesh or animesh: how to rig Aine Caiomhe has actually written a good primer for rigging: http://ainetutorials.blogspot.com/2015/11/tutorial-principles-of-blender-rigging.html. It's a bit outdated though, it's pre-bento and I think it's even pre fitted mesh. It's also for opensim (Aine gave up on SL long ago) but that shouldn't matter. I have another good example of that. Remember the first build LL showcased to promote Sansar, the Grand Hall. If you visit it in Sansar, you'll see it's a really great build, mae by a top quality professional mesh maker. It's not a Sansar original though, it was part of the set for a fairly high budget movie and the maker has reused it several times, including in Second Life. The SL upload of it however, is rubbish. So, there we have one of the best mesh makers in the 3D modelling and he still doesn't know how to build well for SL. Becoming a good SL mesh maker is more about understanding SL than about understanding mesh so the basics isn't found in Blender or Maya at all. It's on the first floor of the Ivory Tower and at the classes of Blu and Toady and the other good teachers at BB and HHBS. I can't think of a single good SL builder who didn't start with prims.
  10. ChinRey

    Why beginners don't learn the basics first?

    Don't be so sure about that. The old LL developers weren't going to (or possibly weren't allowed to) put more effort into the mesh code than absolutely necessary and they had to bolt that new feature onto software that was never intended to support it. So they resorted to quite a few ... let's call them unconvetional solutions. The result is that very much of what is true for good mesh in general don't apply to SL's variant and information not specifically made for SL by people who understand SL mesh, can be downright misleading. On top of that, LL doesn't have a tradition for documenting what they've done - they tend to go for the old programmer's motto that the code is the documentation - and to make maters even worse, Falcon Linden, who was in charge of the mesh project, quit shortly afterwards and he seemed to have been the only one with a reasonable overview of the whole thing. As far as I know, the only group of people who have done a substantial job to get to the bottom of SL mesh and made their finds public, is an informal bunch of forumites and (mostly) ex-forumites. That info is buried in the vast number of old posts here though so it's disorganized and very, very hard to find. --- I think the best way to illustrate the problem is by looking at the mesh produced by the Moles, the builders hired by LL themselves. When the Mole force was originally organized, back before mesh was launched, LL was able to hire some of the very best builders in SL and their early prim, sculpt and texture works range from really good to absolutely briliant. Recently they've hired some new Moles, presumably because they were thought to be mesh experts. Even so, the Moles are not making very good SL mesh. They are good builders in every other respect and I know from what Michael Linden once told me, they've really worked hard to figure this out. But after eight years they are still fumbling. Perhaps most telling, a few of the pre-mesh Moles seem to have a slightly better grasp on SL mesh than the newcomers. Even Silent Mole does and she's supposed to be mainly a scripter rather than a builder. I don't kow but I strongly suspect that indicates that experience with and knowledge of the old SL buidling materials are actually mroe important than general mesh experience from otehr environments if you want to make good SL mesh.
  11. ChinRey

    Why beginners don't learn the basics first?

    Well, we can go on complaining, and we probably should to keep the topic hot, but this is what need to be done: First somebody has to write the documentation, because that is the basis. Any good and reliable practical tutorials have to refer to the docs. How much work that is, depends on how much reverse engineering and research has to be done but even with the full cooperation of LL's developers, it's easily two months or more of full time work for a trained educator who udnerstands both practical building and programming. Without LL's help, it may well take more than half a year to finish. (Except of course it's never really finished, it'll have to be continuously updated.) The tutorial authors wouldn't have to wait for that long of course, once one part of the docs has been written, they can start making tutorials based on that. But somebody still have to make the tutorials. How much work would that be? The documentation writing is not something that will be done by volunteers in their spare time and crowd funding isn't realistic either.So the only way I can see that would make this possible at all, would be if LL decided to finance the ground work and that ain't gonna happen.
  12. ChinRey

    Things to add to a landscape

    I suppose insects should be mentioned separately even they are animals too of course. Fishes too