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  1. As a certain "YT Game Guru" once said, Second Life was made by developers for developers. In this particular case it does does make a bit of sense since prims without curves don't really need as strong LoD as the ones with. You may even argue they should have made the difference bigger. But in general, yes, it is a problem that LL's developers so often don't understand the practical application of all those wonderful new features they develop.
  2. The question is how is the "radius" of the bounding box - which of course is a cube, not a sphere - defined. I got the formula here from a later post by Drongle and it's been later confirmed by Kyle Linden and also by tests I've made. I only included the part of the formula direcvtly related to the object size. The complete formula for LoD swap distances should be: For cylinder prims: Dmid=√(x2+y2)*n*Lf For all other prims, sculpts and meshes: Dmid=√(x2+y2+z2)*n*Lf For all prims, scultps and meshes: Dlow=Dmid*4 Dlowest
  3. That's not too far off. The size element of the weight calculations is actually √(x2+y2+z2), that is the square root of the sum fo the size along the three axises squared. I've stayed away from this thread since I didn't have that much to add to what Aquila and Beq have already said but since I'm posting here anyway now, keep in mind that a difference of only a single LI may well be just a combination of compressability and rounding. The download weight is based on the size of the transferred file and since that is a gzip file there will always be a slight difference between the two mirro
  4. It's not SL as such, it's OpenGL and I think it applies to the other graphics APIs too, so there's nothing LL can do to change it. It's not a big problem though. As Rolig and Wulffie said, just make sure the surface you apply the texture to has the right ratio and the texture will stretch to fit. If the surface turns gray the next time you log on, it means you were using local textures. There is no other possible explanation. I assume you did upload the textures but did you remember to reapply them afterwards? That's a step that is very easy to forget - I do it myself
  5. I think we need to correct a misunderstanding here. Cloud hosting does not in itself make sim crossings easier, it makes them more difficult. Without knowing the details, I'm fairly sure this is the main reason why it's taken LL so long to move the sim servers to the cloud. Fortunately it seems the LL developers have found a solution and they have also made some other unrelated improvements to sim crossings so hopefully we'll see some improvements in that field.
  6. In addition to what Marianne mention about trying to be a decent human being, don't forget that this goes both way. They aren't paying your tier eitehr and there are a lot of things they can do that you won't like.
  7. It's hard to say without more details but it looks like a classic lag issue and since both you and you friend is affected, it's probably caused by an overloaded or malfunctioning sim.
  8. If you study the pictures carefully you'll see the offset Arton spotted explains it all. .0.4 offset is almost halfway across the surface and that's exactly what we see here.
  9. I was looking for a tool to genrate super elipses, found more than I bargained for - a lot more - and though others might enjoy it too: https://drajmarsh.bitbucket.io/supershapes.html The shapes can be exported in Wavefront, Standford or STL format, all importable to Blender. You probably want to use Wavefront though since it preserves a basic UV map. Unfortunately the curve resolution is fixed at an insanely high level for game virtual world use. You have to be prepared to do some serious simplification first and since the meshes are triangulated, simple edge loop decimation ca
  10. Oh yes it was. It's all your fault, BilliJo!
  11. Tell the people who use the official viewer. Considering that search is a rather important function and web search is the only option in that viewer, what you're actually saying is that the viewer LL supplies to all newcomers is a piece of crap. well, I can't fault you there of course but in my experience web search do tend to give more relevant results than the old style search functions. The old 1990s style search functions really could do with an update but it has to be done properly and a web based solution is probably the best way. Butto do that somebody at LL needs to learn the basics of
  12. That doesn't solce that ridiculously oversized search phrase field though: Whoever at Linden Lab got the idea that it needed 86 characters??? I mean, ususally the LL developers (yes, this is their fault, FS just uses the code from the official viewer here). Usually they make text entry fields far too small but this time they went way over the top in the other direction. 1000+ pixels wide window if you want to access the search buttton without having to scroll. It's just horrendously poor web design.
  13. It's been a while since I did sculpts in Wings3D but the export option you want is this one: However, I think you need to isntall a special plugin for it and just as important, you can't export just any mesh as a sculpt map. The mesh needs to be made from a special template because the vertices have to be sorted in a very specific order.
  14. Yes, all the time now. And it's not just me seeing it that way, others see my avi that way too when the error hits. It's not BOM itself, it's avatar textures and alphas failing to load. The only thing I've found to work is to switch to the official viewer, go to a low lag palce and do the regular bake failure routines. Strangely nothing I try to do in Firestorm will help.
  15. I get this error message every single time I log on to SL now. That's with an alt that does not have an MP store and hasn't bought anything on MP for months!
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