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  1. We all forgot to ask: what are those slogans supposed to inspire us to do? Did anybody read the story btw? Or were everybody too busy looking at the pictures and silly "quotes"?
  2. Yous scepticism is shocking. Next you'll be saying Santa Claus doesn't exist.
  3. A few would. That's a pretty dramatic picture and that matters more than the words.
  4. What really disturbs me about all of this is that I know lots of people both in RL and SL who would take most of these "quotes" dead seriously at least when presented with those moody background pics.
  5. ChinRey


    They must stop fearing each other then.
  6. ---- It's interesting to see those waiting messgaes too. Right before this one, the message was "See? Everything makes sense now"
  7. Here's one that is sheer sacrilege! Box of chocolate pointless??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  8. 😮 That one actually makes sense! I actually managed to get two in a row that weren't complete and utter nonsense: Most of the time it produces stuff like this though: i agree. Only a human mind can create that level of confusion.
  9. ChinRey

    Marketplace Llistings OH SO WRONG :D

    Thanks for the headsup, Chic! I had a look at my Garden and Landscaping store and the item that has been my best seller almost every week for almost a year - and second best the few weeks it hasn't been on top - is no. 713 on the best selling list. It's even listed below some recent additions that hasn't sold a single copy yet.
  10. ChinRey

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    Ok. I was mainly responding to the LoD factor thing. What you're talking about happens earlier in the chain of course and has nothing to do with rendering so the LoD factor won't make any difference whatsoever in those cases. When a file is downloaded, the viewer is supposed to send a receipt back to the server with some info (typically a checksum) to confirm that it got it all. That failsafe fails depressingly often in SL and I'm not sure why. It may be overload - not in the gpu but the cpu, connection or server - but this should be a high priority task so that shouldn't be a factor. Btw, one thing we have to be very clear about here, is that this thread covers a lto of very different lag/render/performance issues with very diffrent causes and very different (if any) solutions. As for lag in general, the only two solutions are that people realise that you can't fit a pint into a quart pot or that LL takes some drastic measures to keep the load in check. Neither is going to happen this millenium so for now, Second Life is what it is. Take it or leave it.
  11. ChinRey

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    It's informantion, not view - well and truly documented, tested and explained. If it was as easy as those merchants claim, LL would simply have set the LoD factor to 4 by default and be done with the whole problem. But yes, I know it's not a very popular fact. People want to both have their cake and eat it - that's a fundamental part of the human nature. The "for years" is an important part of the explanation. SL requires a lot more bandwidth today than it did only a few years ago. There's more mesh for a start. A mesh can easily require several thousand times more data to be donwloaded than a prim or a sculpt. Then there are textures. There are far more of them now than there used to be and people also tend to use higher resolution ones. A 1024x1024 texture can easily take a second to download even on a high speed connection. On a modest 3 Mbps connection it'll take more than five seconds, with 1 Mps 15 or more seconds. That's for each texture. There may well be a thousand or more of them in a modern SL scene and that means even with the top rank high speed connection it takes several minutes just to download the textures. Fortunately SL does have mechanisms to soften the blow, we have caching where textures and objects are stored locally so they don't have to be donwloaded again next time they are needed and we have a rather elaborate priority system where the objects and textures that are presumed to be most noticeable are downloaded and rendered before the viewer starts working on the finer details. Those features help a lot but there are limits to how effective they are.
  12. ChinRey

    Bitte helfen Sie einem Amerikaner

    I tried with this and it didn't actually come out half bad: https://www.ispeech.org/text.to.speech I think the Americans should blame their strange inability to speak understandable German on the Andrew Sisters. When AS recorded their version of "Bei Mir Bistu Shein" they translated the title to German but they still sang it in Yiddish. That caused a lot of confusion and ever since the Americans have been struggling to distinguish between those two very different languages.
  13. ChinRey

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    The main problem with sculpts seems to be in the way they are handled by the client's cpu. The file size of a well made sculpt map is so small it's hardly worth mentioning so download time doesn't matter much. Without going into details (it gets very technical fast) a sculpt has to be converted into mesh before it can be rendered. In theory this is a very simple process but SL had no direct support for mesh back when sculpts were launched. So instead of doing it the straight way, LL came up with an absolutely gruesome hack to the prim and texture handling codes. Think of it as going from San Francisco to Los Angeles via New York. Increasing the LoD factor won't cure render failures, it will actually make them worse. To use another travelling metaphor, it's like trying to flog a horse within inches of its death to speed it up when it's already running as fast as it possibly can. With the LoD factor you set the LoD level you want your viewer to achieve. When rendering stalls at too low a LoD level it's because the viewer is overworked and can't manage to reach the target. If you try to push it even harder by increasing the LoD factor and it will only struggle even more.
  14. After only a few minutes? At the time of day when the activity on the forum usually is at its lowest? You have to expect to wait a little bit longer than that. 😉 Anyway, the x axis is the same for all 3D sofware as far as I know. But some use y as the vertical axis, some (like SL and Blender) z. If the mesh goes through Blender anyway, it should be fairly simple to convert. In object mode, select model, click Ctrl+A and select Apply rotation.