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  1. missing L$

    The balance displayed int he viewer isn't always up to date but usually it's just a temporary problem. If it persists, try to click on the L$ amount that shows up in the viewer to force it to update.
  2. Is sharing a chat log a breach of the TOS?

    Usually necroposting - that is reopening old threads - is frowned upon in thse forums. But in this case: well done! This is important information that many people seem to be unaware of and it's a good thing to bring it back up every now and then.
  3. How to purchase Maitreya Lara mesh body

    Because they don't have to. I can't imagine there are many serious SL merchants who want to list their products on MP. The clumsy and amateurish merchant interface is a nightmare and the lack of proper stats makes it hard to maintain anything resembling decent accounting. And as if that wasn't bad enough, LL actually charges us for it. For most it's a necessary evil though since LL is very aggressively driving customers away from inworld stores and over to MP. The Maitreya body is an exception because it was such an instant hit. When I bought my Maitreya body, only a few hours after it was released, the store was already overcrowded and it was still going on when I returned a few days later to buy it for another alt. It was absolutely crazy. Onyx LeShelle must have sold hundreds of Maitreya bodies before she even had time to sit down and sort out the MP mess and by then there was no point in doing it.
  4. It is not possible for anybody but Linden Lab themselves to get your IP address through the Second Life software. However, media streaming and music streamign are external services and if you have one of those switched on, it may be posible to get your IP address that way. If you are concerned about that, simply switch those functions off. An IP address is not a reliable way to identify somebody but there are a few "anti griefer" hoaxes that use the method and a few landowners who are fooled into believing it works. That being said, if you are going to rp with two characters at the same time, you really should the sim owner about it.
  5. Sansar Vs Second Life - Discussion

    I can't see how Sansar can ever succeed in education. When it comes to formal education, Unity is free for accredited educational institutions and already has far more to offer there than Sansar is ever likely to have. As for non-institutional education, well, it's hard to teach if you don't have any students and they will be difficult to find in Sansar.
  6. Sansar Vs Second Life - Discussion

    To clarify since the old educational tier scheme was mentioned earlier in the discussion.
  7. WOW! Dress complexity

    Perfectly reasonable as long as they stay away from public places. Which reminds me: I noticed yesterday that LL had rejected Casper Warden's JIRA about the lsl mistake that makes it impossible for a script to determine an avatar's render cost. So I opened a new one at It would be great if people could vote for it and maybe add their comments too. We need a lots of votes and time is short - before LL has time to close it. Casper's JIRA got 13 votes and even that wasn't enough for LL to even consider it seriously. For those who are a bit uncertain what it means: if it was possible to make a script that read avatar render costs, landowners would be able to keep track of which visitors had high lag avatars else's viewers and do whatever they deemed necessary to prtoect the other visitors from them.
  8. Sansar Vs Second Life - Discussion

    Yes, there are lots of that. But more "informal" teaching outside accredited institutions was never covered by the special low tier offer anyway.
  9. Can someone explain how L works?

    Yes and also the estimated time can be very misleading. Here's a screenshot I made just now: Estimated time to fill a 400 L$/dollar order is seven days at the moment. The actual time it would take to fill that order is measured in aeons, not days.
  10. wiki user page creation

    You're not seriously suggesting that wikipedia isn't a 100% reliable source of information, do you? That would be... blasphemy!
  11. Sansar Vs Second Life - Discussion

    I'm not sure about corporations but Second Life has never been big in education. There has never been more than about 300 educational institutions in SL and that is a drop in the ocean.
  12. Oh. Firestorm was first then. Yes, llSetAnimationOverride() was introduced in 2013.
  13. I think the Firestorm AO function was introduced a bit later actually. Some of my alts have an animation repalcement HUD. But people aren't going to replace the old outdated freebie scripts with new more efficient freebie scripts. That's simplu not how SL works.
  14. Fire Pit or Water Feature

    Very important. Besides, water can often be cool and fire hardly ever is.
  15. About Origin of Meshes

    How do I phrase "the single minor flaw in an otherwise perfect piece of software" in a way so that even casual readers with no knowledge of said software whatsoever immediately catch the sarcasm?