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  1. Oh no! you guys give me no choice! It's time for a.... a... TOM LEHRER quote! " I know there are people in the world that do not love their fellow human beings and I hate people like that ."
  2. We don't know that until we actually know what kind of experiences people will create on Sansar. But that's a crucial question. Whether Sansar succees or fails does not depend on how fancy the graphics are or how wonderul or awful VR headsets are, it's all about content. Not content in the way we usually use the word in SL but experiences. I can't imagine many people will log on to Sansar just because it is Sansar. Most people will log on for a specific experience they are interested in and probably couldn't care less whether it is programemd with Sansar or Unity or you-name-it. I don't think LL intended to mislead us. At first they seemed to genuinely believe they were creating an "SL 2" and then gradually they realized they couldn't so they had to find some other use for their new project instead.
  3. It's the same with all viewers, not just the LL one, and it's a completely different bug. I'm not sure exactly what causes it but it seems to have something to do with the render engine having problem handling alphas on fitted mesh when your gpu is hard pushed and it's possible it's an AMD issue only. Switching ALM on usually helps but if you're desperate enough, try to turn hardware skinning off.
  4. You set the tint for Blender materials here: Select a material in the list and crank the R, G, B and Intensity sliders all the way up to 1.000 and you get white. It's the same function as the colorizer in the SL build window (only a bit more advanced) and the data is included in the dae file. When you export from a grid with Fs or Singularity, you get the tint the material had inworld which is usually white. When you create a material in Blender, you get the default Blender gray unless you change it. If you get white tint for single face items made in Blender, it's because your default template was set up with a single white material. Mesh Studio is a bit unusual since its dae files does not include the tint/shading data so it reverts to whatever is the default for the environment you import it into. Btw, if somebody wonder why I have set the color to green in the screenshot, it's because it's from a rather complicated mesh with about 200 different materials. Color coded materials can be very helpful for such builds.
  5. That gray has nothing to do with SL mesh actually. It's a Blender thing although for all I know, other 3D editors may use it too. As far as I know, you can't change the default shader in Blender (you have to do it manually for each material) but you don't really want your meshes go all white anyway. That light gray shading makes it so much easier to see the details while you edit your mesh.
  6. They say Britain and USA are separated by a common language.
  7. We all do. It's of course traditional to make fun of how little 'mericans know about the rest of the world but that applies to most people of all nations.
  8. And that is exactly the difference I had in mind. A black person in - say Denmark to pick a random example - will be seen as a foreigner and the racism he or she is met with will be mainly based on the fear of the unknown. An Afro-American is of course not a foreigner and US racism is more based on old unresovled conflicts. Either is of course equally bad but the cause, effect and cure can be quite different.
  9. Most people in SL wouldn't even know what the word "blackface" means And that brings up a rather important and often overlooked aspect of racism. So a double caution here: For Americans: do not assume that your concept of racism has any relevance whatsoever elsewhere in the world, and for non-Americans: do not assume that your concept of racism has any relevance whatsoever to the USA. I'm not saying one kind of racism is less bad than the other, they're probably about the same in that respect, But apart from, that, they are very different.
  10. I think there are two completely unrelated bugs here. There is a bug in the last two versions of the official SL viewer that causes it to display wrong owner and creator names for objects. Sometimes the owner and/or creator is TestStringPleaseIgnore, sometimes it's the data from the previous object you checked, sometimes some random object in the vicinity. It's jsut a nuisance, if you check the data again, you'll probably get the correct data - or some other random nonsense. This has nothing to do with being able to rez the item though, that's probably an older and far more serious bug. Did you try to rez on a mesh or sculpt surface? There are still some meshes with faulty physics in Second Life and you can't rez on top of those. If you do, you get that rather misleading error message. The same applies to sculpts under certain circumstances. In case you wonder, as Whirly said, Alexandria Linden is not an actual person, it's just a placeholder account used as the "owner" of Libray items. Eric Linden did exist - he was the original cotnent creator for Linden Lab and made jsut about all the good content from the early SL years - but he quit in 2005.
  11. And of course, there is a hidden lake in the Hidden Lake District. It's called Lake Hildrign and there's an old medieval castle on an island int he middle of it which is a bit strange since nobody's ever discovered it...
  12. Second Life does not have anything similar to the Opensim NPCs. As Rhonda says, you have to use bots instead.
  13. Maybe. But the timer event isn't really that precise anyway and of course, any script event may fail every now and again. For a function like this it is probably better to have the script check the clock for the times to trigger rather than rely on any internal timer.
  14. That makes sense. A shot in the dark here, did you add any pictures to the outfit gallery? Those pictures count too and they cost 10 Lindens each.
  15. My reply wasn't just a joke. But if you want me to put it straight: if anybody wears a facelight that is so poorly made it lights up the surroundings too, not just the face, lag is not the biggest problem they cause. That's a direct response to this: A facelight isn't supposed to light up any object or surface except that one face. It's very easy to set a facelight up that way and then the brightness shouldn't affect lag at all.