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  1. Did you make sure the visual and physics models are exactly the same size? The uploader will scale the physics (and all LoD models) to the same size as the main visual model so if tehya ren't to start with, you can get unexpected results like this.
  2. To find out, you have to use this: Most people have one, usually located somewehrre behind their eyes and between their ears. Not everybody have figured out how to use it though. With brain switched on, rephrase the question: if increased LoD factor has no negative effect, why isn't it set to 8 or more by default?
  3. That's one of the reasons obviously. That's another reason obviously. Walking speed is a third one. Try to move around in your RL home at a brisk jogging tempo and see how many bruises you can get.
  4. /me raises a hand. Look for the regions, Keswick, Buttermere, Langdale, Windermere and Coniston. Northern English countryside/small town themed. Houses in all sizes from 10 L$ budge cottages allt he way up to castles. Quiet, laidback athmosphere. Lots of public areas. Four ports and an extensive road network conected to the Sansara Waterways and Linden Roads. Flexible prim limits. Lower lag than any Linden Homes, new or old.
  5. That's not actually true, it's much worse than that. Buildings - to the extent that they have any RL relevant proportions at all, tend to be scaled to anything from 1 1/3 to more than twice RL size, older buildings are usually made to a larger scale than more recent ones. Furniture is generally 1.25-1.5 times RL size although it differs a lot and avatars, as you say tend to be about 1.25 times RL size with the additional complication that the height you see in the shape editor of the standard viewer is the bounding box which is always a bit bigger than the visual shape. There are several causes of this mess and I'm sure others will give you the details and their views on it.
  6. I'm not sure if I understand you correctly but to me it seems like you've accidentally switched off texture stretching:
  7. The textures would still have to be baked though, only in realtime, and that's what makes me nervous. Done right it can save not only build time but also render load and streaming cost, allowing much richer and more varied scenarios. But done wrong it's a recipe for disaster.
  8. I'm very much for this in principle. Imagine a tiled 256 for basic structure and another not tiled 256 for shading and a few extra details. Far more details than you can get from a 1024 but with only a fraction of the pixel count. There is one serious problem though: Have you seen how some of the gacha/event sellrs and other lagmeisters abuse the texture options we have today??? Imagine things like two 1024 alphas stacked on top of each other for a shadow prim! There has to be a way to reward good habits and penalize texture abuse before anything like this can be implemented. Maybe project Arctan will solve this. We'll see but for now at least it's too dangerous. Btw, welcome to the forum Alex! It's lovely to see another of the few competitors I really respect joining here and I hope we'll hear more from you in the future!
  9. That shouldn't be the case anymore. With well optimized mesh you'll always run out of space long before you run out of prims (unless you are filling up your place with prim babies and/or breedables but you onviously aren't). Just to give you a benchmark/example: typically I'd calculate with 1000-2000 prim (or "land impact" as we should say these days) for a sull sim "realiztic" landscape with a couple of houses and ltos of vegetation and such. A power plant building shouldn't require more prims/m2 than that althugh it does depend a bit on the machinery you put inside it of course. What I suggest you do, is build it with prims and without worrying about the prim count. Then, once it's finished we can talk about converting it to low land impact optimized mesh.
  10. I wrote a reply about this is for the duplicate post (and I'm nto goignt o mention double posting) but I should say it here too, and perhaps explain a little bit more. We can always discuss what "fair price" means but L$10,000 is about 30-40 US dollars in RL money. Chic suggested a build like this would take months and she may well be right, we're certainly talking several weeks of full time work. So let's say ten cents an hour or a dollar a day. It may be even less. Would you work for that little? Could you afford to work for that little? If by "fair price" you mean a decent income per hour of work, you have to add two more digits and make it a million to be in the right ballpark. What you need is a skilled mesh house maker who has a few hundred hours to spare in the near future and doesn't care about money. That kind of person is hard to find of course and what you are likely to get (if you get anything at all) is somebody who hasn't thought it through, spends a lot of time and effort making it work at first, then gives up and vanishes without a trace when they realize what they got themselves into - long before they have anything to deliver.
  11. A quarter sim should be enough - or a whole homestead region. A good rule of thumb to guesstimate the land impact of a well optimized house is to count the number of doors and windows. If the land impact is somewhere betweeen half and twice that number and the LoD and physics are good, it's likely to be a well optimized buiding. If it's higher, it probably isn't, although there are a few exceptions.
  12. No offense and I wish you the best of luck but you do realize 10,000 L$ is less than a day's work worth of pay? Still, there are several skilled amateur builders in SL and if one of them have time and fancy the project, they may be willing to do it for a symbolic price.
  13. I can't find it right now but I think there is some clause in some rules about "excessive use of sim resoruces" that should fit.
  14. File a support ticket about it. Alwin, Molly and Qie are probably right but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  15. The most fascinating aspect of this is that at some point somebody at LL must have thought about this very carefully and decided that displaying the sculpt map on the edit palette for anybody to copy was a good idea. What kind of "logic" could possibly have led to that conclusion?
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