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  1. Some kind of Answer to the Land Baron problem?

    I actually know somebody who does something like that openly in an M rated mainland sim. They've been doing it for years and LL has never objected. But really, I think LolaSirena wrapped it up nicely: And that's it. Somebody pays the tier: all is well as far as Linden Lab is concerned. If LL wanted to make more "prime" mainland available to the "regular" users, they would have made more prime mainland.
  2. Tier discount for public non profit parcels

    The default medium quality/medium speed graphics for the official viewer is 1.25 so that's what nearly all newcomers have. Even that is too high for many users but once you go below 1, you start getting LoD issues with prims too so getting good visual quality and a good frame rate isn't really realistic for them anyway.
  3. Tier discount for public non profit parcels

    But then it wouldn't be Klytyna, would it. It's a very good idea to try to overlook her apparent rudeness and sweeping statements, because there are usually some very good points hidden underneath them. See? There it is! Many premium members have some tier they don't need or use and big landowners can rent that unused tier at a price far lwoer than you'll ever see on any official price list from LL.
  4. Land auctions out of stock .

    At least some of the land flippers have programs that bid automatically for them at the very last few seconds.
  5. Better building

    I have a database of about 700 plant textures I use or have used in the past. About 50 of the entries there are marked as "Blend" - they simply won't work with alpha masking. (I still use a few of them for some smaller plants and maybe even the occasional shrub but I won't recommend anybody to use them in large quantities and blended alpha textures are definitely not something you want on a big tree, let alone a whole forest.) For the rest of them, cutoff varies from 5 to 250 - that is practically the entire scale. Most are in the 80--150 range though. You can often adjust the density of the vegetation a lot by tweaking the cutoff and that can be a very good way too add a little bit more variety to a scene without increasing the render or streaming cost. One problem with alpha masking is that it's all a fairly recent hack to the software and it's not very compatible with windlight. The extremely exaggerated sharp afternoon shadows of the default day cycle are especially problematic here. The code handling alpha masking doesn't seem to be very efficient either and you get that ugly blocky look until the texture ahs been all downloaded and the viewer has managed to sort it out. If it's a high resolution texture, it can take quite some time.
  6. Mainland Beauty

    Oh. I bet the neighbors are happy about that. It's not uncommon though, just a typical example of what you might see on the Madlands. I know but 10-15 L$/m2 (which is what the neighbor plots are on sale for right now) is still more than ten times what you'd have to pay elsewhere for a parcel more suitable for a build like that.
  7. New to mainland

  8. Mesh skin with multicolors

    It has nothing to do with cached textures because it does happen to "fresh" textures that haven't been cached yet too, in fact it seems to be more likely to happen to those. I've heard of others having the same problem and it's even another thread about it one the forums right now. It's hard to find any pattern, it happens to different textures and is seen by people running different viewers on wildly different hardware. I've seen it briefly myself once. I was visiting a sim I had never been to before and one of the textures showed up "rainbowed" for a few seconds before it resolved itself. That seems to indicate that it's a download issue or possibly some sort of file corruption on the assets server but it's ahrd to be sure. I hope somebody will file a JIRA about it. I can't really do that myself since I don't have much documentation to provide.
  9. New to mainland

    Maybe you should clarify a bit just in case there are any misunderstandings. Are you saying that every single piece of mainland is worse than every single private island plot?
  10. Infohubs - no way out

    Aka "Mainland".
  11. Best Parcel Settings For Anti-Griefing

    I think that is optional. You must have autoreturn enabled anyway because the no object entry option sometimes fails and with that, allowing rezzing isn't likely to cause much problems. Oh yes, I forgot that. Do not enable pushing unless you really, really, really have to. That too. Check neighbor plots and fill any unattended non-autoreturn ones with invisible phantom prims. That too is an absolutely crucial security measure. I know Linden Lab says it's against ToS but it isn't. If the owner has disabled autoreturn it means he/she has given everybody permission to rez whatever they want and everybody includes you. Oh, you were relatively lucky then. Some griefer attacks are set to only last for a while, others have no time limit. You don't need to worry much about that anymore. The SL software has become quite good at determining what to return and what nto to return if the parcel is overloaded.
  12. Best Parcel Settings For Anti-Griefing

    The important setting is the autoreturn. I have it at five minutes and so far that's been enough to stop all griefing. On a private 1024, you can set it to 1 but never ever turn it off. The other settings aren't that important really.
  13. Mainland Beauty

    It's supposed to be sort'a art deco actually, so early 20th C rather than contemporary. But yes, it's a generic and "modern" enough style to be workable and have a broad enough appeal. I think of it as "Jetson style" I actually started working on a series of houses specifically for Horizons when it was launched - houses combining a more contemporary and general scifi style with common SL-practical layout and decor while still matching the original Horizons style closely enough. It's quite easy to do but there was never that much of a market for it and it became even less interesting commercially when Horizons quickly evolved into generic anything-goes mainland. The Horizons theme is not something that is very relevant to most scifi fans and definitely not to others. I don't think it appealed much to the Moles assigned to the project either. Much of the default content is obviouly recycled leftovers from other projects, in wildly different styles hastily retextured to look vaguely "sciencefictish". Whatever happens to Horizons, it's no big loss for the world and if somebody actually likes it, well, good for them. It's a bit different with Nautilus. The Moles really, really put their heart into that project. Crazy Mole especially. She's a very good prim builder and an amazing texture artist and she did some of her best work for Nautilus. But the theme was just too narrow and too off the beaten track for such a large continent. A small group of about hal a dozen sims would probably have been enough to cater for the few who wanted to second-live in greek mythology inspired new age. It always amazes me how people in SL insist on fighting against their surroundings rather than spend a few minutes looking for a place where their vision would fit in. It's a loose-loose situation: you reduce the quality of your surroundings and you give yourself a bit of extra headache and sometimes cost. There was some talk abut how expensive prime seaside parcels are. Here's what somebody who shelled out the Lindens for such a plot recently used it for: It's a skybox on the ground. They could have saved themselves a few thousand Lindens and bought a non descript parcel in the middle of nowhere and be just as happy there. Happier even since there'd probably be fewer otther users to share sim resources with and less chance to be bothered by intruders and complaining/avenging neighbors. But they insisted on buying the most expensive parcel they could find even though they had no interest whatsoever in the factors that made it expensive. Why? Heaven only knows. But I think it says a lot about humaity in general and SL users in particular. It sure is prime fuel for misanthropy.
  14. Infohubs - no way out

    Yes, you're right of course. There is some really good land along the Zindra coast. All the continents have some great palces actually.
  15. Mainland Beauty

    I don't know. But the residents at Nautilus and Horizons should be able to answer that.