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  1. Mesh Front Sides are not visible

    Not just the upload cost, it will add significantly to the actual lag too. I actually commented on the ridiculously high triangle count of that cube in my first reply here. But then I noticed the OP's other question and Optimo's reply and realized this is just a rigging test and not an object that is actually going to be used in SL.
  2. I have been one of the people saying that a lot and perhaps I should have made myself a bit clearer: It is a well known bug and everybody who aspire to make mesh for Second Life at anything above basic weekend-hobbyist level should know about it by now. If they don't they haven't done their homework. It is also a bug that is very easy to work around. A mesh makers who have good work routines and are in control of the material they are working with will never even encounter that bug - not after they've learned the basics. But it is still a bug. It shouldn't have been there at all and that is Linden Lab's responsibility. Look at it this way: imagine some maintenance guys from the government have dug up a hole in the road you drive to work every day. Then they forgot to cover it up when they were done. The government has been notified but they're busy working on a new road and besides, the people responsible for the hole don't work there anymore. It's not a big hole and it's easy enough to steer clear of if you watch where you're driving but yes, it shouldn't have been there at all. Every day when you drive to work, you drive right into it and break the wheel suspension of you car. Who's fault is that? I couldn't agree less. Misleading error messages are in themselves serious bugs that can cause a lot of trouble and time wasted looking for a fix in the wrong place. It may be a good idea file a new JIRA about it. I filed a JIRA about the LoD bug for three and four face meshes only a few months after this one. It met the same fate: Maestro Linden looked at it, was unable to explain what was going on and sent it to the Graveyard of Undead Bug Reports. I filed a new JIRA about that problem about a year ago, this time it was assigned to @Grumpity Linden and I don't think it took her more than an hour or two to fix it.
  3. Mesh Front Sides are not visible

    Edit: Callum finished his answer before me but here's a picture of the menu you want:
  4. Do people still buy objects made from prims?

    Are we still discussing this? I think if we made a chart comparing the efficiency of the three main building materials in SL, it would look something like:
  5. Good at meshing bad at texture

    Well, both you and iamyuorneighbour certainly have serious talent at scripting so neither you has any reason to feel down. But remember: talent is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.
  6. question for land impact

    We may need a little bit more details but with differences as big as that, it's almost certainly the physics model. This is what you do: make a simple mesh cube and export it as a dae file. When you upload a mesh, in the Physics tab select "From file" and select thart cube
  7. Bay City

    Yes. No matter how much they need to save money, they have to have hire some builders if only to do maintenenace. They rebuilt the Portal Parks recently and I think they also have upgrade the Social Islands. But if you mean brand new projects, Horizons may have been the last, although you never know.
  8. What is the Default Grass?

    Not necessarily, at least not if it's only to match the blending on the system ground. Look at this picture, can you event ell what is prim and what is system ground here? But large areas of unbaked terrain texture can look dull anyway so you may want to break it up a bit with a few plants or decals or other stuff. It doesn't have to be much though. Edit: Forgot to mention: texture repeat rate for the sstem ground is 0.125 per meter.
  9. What is the Default Grass?

    On Mainland there are different ones for different places but you will find them all in the Library folder in your inventory. On private estates, it's whatever the estate owner has chosen but the default one is named "Default Grass" and yes, it's in the Library folder . You won't get an exact blend because the system ground blends several (up to four) texture onto each other but if you choose the main one for your fake terrain, it'll be close enough nobody will notice.
  10. Making sense of things....

    But this is Anna, Aquila. Technically she may be a hobbyist but she's still far more advanced than most of the people who regard themselves and are regarded as pros. She doesn't strike me as somebody who is particularly keen on doing things the quick and easy way either.
  11. Making sense of things....

    Yayyy! Great!!!
  12. Random Invisible Avatar?

    That's perfectly normal. Even the best made mesh bodies and body parts are incredibly heavy for the computers and network. There is a lot of data that needs to be downloaded and processed before the viewer can even start to draw it ont he screen and it doesn't take many glithces before you get render failures like that.
  13. Land Size

    Is that 15 dollars a week or 15 dollars a month? In any case, land owners who have a whole sim or more will get some quantity discounts which means we can sometimes offer better prices than if you rent direcetly from Linden Lab. For 15 dollars a month you'd get 2048 m2 and 700 prims from Linden Lab (in addition to the 512 /175 included in the premium package). I could give you twice as much for that price and I think that's about what you should expect renting from somebody else on mainland.
  14. Land Size

    Oh kay. In that case, the 512 m2 that comes with the premium membership is peanuts. If I were you, I'd go for at least a quarter sim for that - that's 16,384 m2. On mainland that means 75 dollars a month in tier on top of your premium fee. Perhaps the best option though, would be a homestead sim, that would give you the space of a whole sim with the prim quota similar to a quarter of a full sim. Homesteads are only available on private estates, not on mainand, and you shold be able to get one for about 100-120 dollars a month.
  15. Tattoo creator dev kits help

    It wuold but the way Theresa understood it would actually be a good idea. If the mesh bodies were made with it in mind that is.