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  1. Oh yes! I have to Realistek horses, one old sculptie and one of the new animesh ones and they're both lovely. We can always do with more animals in SL though so a new creator of horses is good news indeed! Now, if only somebody could make a better centaur avi too...
  2. I does indeed. Each face of a mesh is treated as a separate "submesh" with its own vertices and everything. That often means vertices will have to be split and it can also mean that the compression algorithm won't be as efficient. Usually the difference isn't enough to affect the land impact but sometimes it can.
  3. Oh, I know exactly how it is and yes, it can be rather frustrating. The only solution I have found is to split of one little piece at a time and then rejoin them afterwards.
  4. First question is of course if you need scripted vendors at all but I suppose you've already considered that.
  5. I have a couple of purses like that nicely boxed up in my inventory. My different alts have different inventories of course but Chin Rey has a little bit more than 32,000 items in hers right now. If I were to unpack all the boxes, it would probably be well over a million. I know there are close to 100,000 textures, between 10,000 and 20,000 of my own builds, Arcadia Asylum's/Aley's complete works, everything from Yadni's Junkyard, enough clothes to last for a hundred lifetimes and that's just the start. That's absolutely amazing. Library is 3,500 items and each person on your friends list count as one or two item(s) (contact cards, remember).
  6. I hardly ever throw anything away, the only significant exceptions are when guys send me pictures of their RL private parts, those go directly to the waste basket. I keep my inventory relatively organized and small by boxing stuff up. It's amazing how much you can fit into a single little prim - they're far bigger on the inside than on the outside.
  7. Oh, that would be trying to sell something like this in SL.
  8. Four triangles, twelve vertices, a 256x256 texture. It doesn't work as an upfront feature plant of course but it should be good for adding color and variety to a dull landscape.
  9. She definitely is. A triangle distribution like this is never ideal but it can work reasonably well for some indoors objects about 2 m or slightly less in size.
  10. That's a lovely piece of SL history, thank you for bringing our attention to it, Prokofy! I knew Brown had a suburban theme of course but it never occured to me that it was official like Boardman. In fact it's exactly like Boardman, seems the Linden just copied the entire sim. Maybe we shold mention there are also four other slightly later but still early suburban themed regions in that area, Blumfield, West Haven, Shermeville NW and Shermeville Central. There are other such old LL vendors scattered around the early sims. There's one at de Haro (another early themed region btw) and I've seen one at another color sim too - possibly Green, I can't remember exactly. Of course, you don't have to pay for any of those items anymore, they're all available for free at Stillman and at any Yadni library these days. What is this fascination for American suburb about btw? I never understood that. I would have thought it was the keast itneresting theme you could have thought of for a virtual reality but not only does LL return to it again and again, it's also quite popular among users. And of course if we look outside SL, the Sims are all about that theme.
  11. One thing I don't do, is trust them!
  12. Not quite. The modify checkbox doesn't matter at all in this. But if you tick on Copy, Transfer won't be grayed out anymore. And if you tick on Transfer, Copy won't be grayed out.
  13. Woops yes, a silly typo there To clarify, it is not possible to uncheck both the copy and the transfer checkboxes at the same time. If you want to uncheck one of them, you have to make sure the other is checked first.
  14. That's a quick-and-dirty way to fix a rogue alpha since the jpg format doesn't have an alpha channel. If the quality loss from the jpeg compression is acceptable, the problem should be solved. That is correct. The alpha channel is where the transparency values for each pixel of the texture is stored and it adds a bit to the file size and a lot to the render weight. A rogue alpha is an alpha channel for a texture that doesn't actually use transparency at all. It's a waste of resources and can also sometimes cause alpha sorting problems in-world.
  15. O'm not quite sure if I understand what you mean but the transfer checkbox is always unclickable when the Copy checkbox is unchecked and vice versa.
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