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  1. To me it's not about saving LI and reducing lag for the sake of saving LI and reducing lag. You can compensate for too heavy content by having less of it, by switching from Ultra to high or mid graphics, by reducing the draw distance etc. But I don't want that. I want my virtual world to be crammed full of lush vegetation and teeming with life. I want the improved shadows and light effects Ultra high graphics can offer and I want to be able to see for miles. I get all of that on my own private SoaS sims, no problem, but it's not possible in SL. I can't even do it on my own land in SL since I d
  2. It's according to the latest stats we do have from LL but yes, those figures are way outdated and may not be correct anymore. I don't but I do assume that poor people in the USA can't afford computer equipment strong enough to handle SL. I have middle class American friends who are really struggling with that. Oh yes, some will find it attractive because it's something exotic and different from what they know from RL - in much the same way as a tree house would be actually. But as you say yourself, the concept of what counts as "higher class" accomodations is very
  3. Oh kay, let me see... what's the question again? Short answer: If it's regular mesh, almost certainly yes. if it's fitted mesh, definitely yes. I'm not sure if I should post a long answer, it'll probably end up being very long.
  4. I'm not sure but as far as I know, the only way is to run the animation and take the time before it repeats. Standing and walking animations for AOs are pretty much standardized to 20 seconds though and it's very rare to find some that are longer or shorter
  5. If you think that is bad, a friend of mine once complained that she never got any customers to her inworld store. It turned out she had accidentally switched on ban lines for it.
  6. ChinRey

    Faces Per Object

    It's generally bad news and not really news either since it's a few years old now. Yes, the uploader will split meshes with more than eight faces but as usual it does a horribly bad job at it. The function can be useful for test uploads and objects you're only going to keep for a little while but for anything that's going to stay in SL you should do it yourself in Maya and Blender. It only takes a few seconds and gives you much better cntrol of the result.
  7. Aww, it took me ages to figure out why there was no sign pointing to the car park! I should have seen the obvious reason right away! My answer doesn't count though since I'm the co-founder of LRC. Jazz doesn't count either - she's my alt and so close to me she can almost read my mind. But here she is just to show off:
  8. Oh, I actually thought it was easy. I suppose you see what it is. LL used to have yearly awards for the best places in different categories. Sadly they stopped back in 2009 so this 12 years old award whatchacallit is stills tanding. I didn't check but I can't imagine any of the landmarks it gives are still valid. Anyway, the overall area was one of the last builds the great Eric Linden was involved in. This was around the same time he made his famous wild west gun duel machinima and he was very much into that style at that time, even changing to a native American avatar. So he added some
  9. Even if they ahd a year to change the database, it's still a lot of work to do. What happened is that LL made a change that broke previously officially supported content. Content creators, including scripters, are obliged to make sure their works are compatible with SL at the time they make and launch it but they can't possibly take responsibility for any changes to the software that occur in the future. We had a similar situation back when ALM was introduced, breaking invisiprims. Invisiprims weren't even officially supproted yet I never hear anybody suggest that makers of invisiprim bas
  10. I think I'll do a dead easy one because this is a place we really need to be reminded of.
  11. Tethys. I loved that challenge. It was obviously somewhere north of the Snowlands but I'm not familiar with that area at all so I had to search for it. Turns out there is a lot of lovely madness going on there. Someday I'll explore it properly.
  12. Yes, I can see that point but it is Solution no. 3 on my list. With no new sales there is no money to cover the hosting fee for the database so down it goes, breaking the content for all old customers as well. It isn't fair to the buyers of course but nor is it fair to expect the owner of the database service to cover the expenses out of their own pocket long after the business and income stream was forced to shut down. I do agree that the sellers should add a note to their product descriptions about the potential issue once they become aware of it themselves. But also, people who de
  13. Oh yes! Unfortunately the default water level in SL is only 20 m and it's not possible to set ground level below 0. On my SoaS regions I have sea level set to 100 m and that makes a huge difference. Not only that, since it's opensim based it's possible to lower the seabed below 0 m. The sun doesn't shine at all down there so it's all about fullbright and local light sources giving the scene an amazing mysterious deep water effect. I wish we could have that in SL but unfortunately deep water scenes are opensim only, not SL whilst good content for deep water scenes is SL only, not opensim.
  14. Here's a sim most of you probably know well already but maybe not from this point of view.
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