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  1. The issue is that it only takes one selfish ***** to really spoil the view in any region. I suppose what atracts people to this kind of planned community isn't so much that it looks amazing and unique, but that there is some guarantee on what potential horrors your neighbors can deploy. That being said, most neighbors try to play along with the people they share space with, but it's a big gamble whether a newcomer will embrace the existing community or be the type "don't care, don't talk to me, i'm building a wall so I can pretend you don't exist"
  2. Yeah SL wasn't exactly designed with privacy in mind, it's a multi user experience after all. You can actually drag your camera many regions away from your avatar. Well even the ToS changes, I suspect the linden home rules will change a lot more on the future as people test the boundaries of the rules and how to circumvent them.
  3. LL doesn't pay its bills in L$ So i don't really see them doing this.
  4. And I'm surprised that you would buy into this, anything that enters your computer is pretty much an open book, it's just a matter of having the skill or the tools to extract it. There are some people who will never give you a cent even if there was no other option, so why even factor them in?
  5. One of the reason the houses have such a high LI is to ensure that they don't crumple into a mess (at the default viewer settings) as soon as you move away from them, which is sadly the case with a lot of "store bought" houses because "lower LI = more sales".
  6. One issue with mirroring is that the "revolution" prim setting only goes clockwise if i recall. Unless there is a trick I'm not aware of.
  7. I know @Wulfie Reanimator it's just something that came to me when i was reading the topic so i dropped it here
  8. integer entry = llGetListLength(mylist); while(entry--) { if(<something>) mylist = llDeleteSubList(mylist,entry,entry); } The reverse while iterator, useful when you don't care about the looping order (since it's back to front) or when you are deleting entries since it won't cause re-indexing of the data for future iterations.
  9. An "easy" trick you can use to determinate on which side of the door the user is, without going into complicated maths is to use a sensor with a half-sphere detection area pointed in one of the doorframe directions. When the user touch the door, fire a sensor sweep with their uuid: If they are detected by the sensor it means they are on side A, if no_sensor fires they are probably on side B.
  10. You mean " avoid layering alpha blended surfaces as much as you can "? Never did I say that you can't layer them, but if you solely rely on that to create the illusion of hair volume it will absolutely break, do remember that SL like every game, is realtime 3D, and a lot of the time it means we have to create the illusion of something , rather than making the thing because it's simply not computationally reasonable ( modeling and texturing the appearance of fur vs actually simulating individual fur hair ) There is a bunch of good examples here. http://wiki.polycount.com/wiki/HairTechnique. A lot of hairpieces you see in videogames only use alpha blending at the very tip of hair strands and tufts, and use masking or no alpha at all for the rest of the haircut, but they also typically build haircuts as carefully textured volume+strands+tufts rather than just a "pile" of strands, and that is a skill that can take time to learn. My advice would be to specifically look at what game dev studios do for their game characters and not what people do in SL because you can't assume that popular SL creators actually know what they are doing (business skills != art experience). Also many youtube tutorials are done by people who are not more experienced than you and are just eager to share what they just discovered/learned. Sadly, that tend to be how bad habits spread, and how their legitimacy is reenforced. (I realize I sound like an ***** everytime I give advice but believe me I only want people to get better)
  11. A few zoned plots residents can rent provided they provide some sort of community services? (Might require some serious zoning rules ...) Gas station Thematic landmark Cafes ...Stores? Rez zones This is starting to sound a lot like sim city hehe. On more practical issues, i noticed some of the mesh trees and bushes actually encroach on the roads and are very much colliding with tall vehicles.
  12. You can't, not reliably. Alpha sorting is an issue that exist with every realtime engine out there and the typical answer given to asset creators is usually along the lines of "avoid layering alpha blended surfaces as much as you can".
  13. I'm a firm believer that this is also the kind of thing that condition secondlife usages. Residents used to be a lot more "mobile" years ago, but as content became longer and longer to load, we've been moving less and less. It's a miracle that sailing and driving is still somewhat enjoyable. So yeah, we could have a lot more activities around the grid if it wasn't so punishing to partake in them.
  14. And this is why allowing objects/avatars + a fast autoreturn is the best solution
  15. Yeah but creators do that (when they do that) once per product, with gachas it's once per reseller.
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