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  1. Well do keep in mind that firestorm default settings are not the same as the SL viewer, LOD specifically.
  2. How do you test how your objects look then? On Firestorm only?
  3. Isn't each draw call processed as a separate mesh? And yeah most MMOs consolidate as much as they can per-avatar to process as much as possible in one go.
  4. Useless unless they can also consolidate the draw calls however.
  5. You mean it isn't on purpose?
  6. Start with that part then. Sounds like a legit license.
  7. Lots of mesh bodies blend the weight between fitmesh and non fitmesh bones to reduce the slider effect.
  8. 2900 sounds extremely low. Utilizator's avatar 2.0 clocks at 4442 triangles M4 Venus is 6816 triangles. CATWA HEAD Catya [DEMO] (grabbed it just to give you a comparison): ~81000 triangles. Now it depends the style you are going for and features, but you do have quite a bit of margin if you want to use it.
  9. High altitude magnifies floating point math errors within the rendering system.
  10. There are two schools when it comes to 3D orientation: World space: +X is forward, +Y is left, +Z is up (architectural POV, the world is mostly flat, Z only matters if there is some height). Screen space: +X is right, +Y grows up, +Z is forward (screen POV, we don't change X and Y we just add Z). Neither is inherently wrong, they simply conceptualize 3D space from a different starting point.
  11. With Utilizator's Avatar 2.0 you can sometimes get lucky with standard sized wearables.
  12. Or anything but a carefully optimized singleplayer game.
  13. I'm looking forward to the geometry node graph system to be fleshed out more.
  14. "Slightly more robust graphic card" is such a bull***** take. Unless you are on a really underpowered laptop, Your GPU is basically asleep when running SL. You can literally mine ethereum in the background and see no change in FPS on a gtx1070. @Tonk Tomcat1.3M triangles and 100Mb of textures too. Why compromise when you can have both! Please tell me you left the review it deserved.
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