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  1. And you know exactly why I made this comment.
  2. Your version of cinema 4D is out of date.
  3. Me: What is that place you where at it looks amazing. Them: Oh it was just a backdrop. Me: *sobs*
  4. From my point of view, I'm just wondering what are the steps to ensure no one inherits my stuff >_>. I know, I'm weird.
  5. Clickaction is just a convenience thing from a UI standpoint, it's just the same as setting payprice, it's just an UI convenience.
  6. So without a will, does this means no one can inherit your account?
  7. I hear you, and kinda take it personally, but you're also right. I'm not a good teacher, and I don't have a lot of patience, or tact. I'm probably not what you can consider nice, but when I'm replying, I genuinly want to help. Even if it's not delivered in the nicest manner. That being said... any criticism is good criticism, yes it hurts, but it's also invaluable. It's not possible to truly get better solely from a strictly subjective point of view, we all become blind to our own flaws eventually and we need others to remind us what isn't right in our work. Otherwise you end up like one student I was in class with who got absolutely obliterated by the teacher at the finals, when he revealed his project for the very first time since we started (6 months ago). It was so wrong the teacher didn't even know where to even begin telling him what the issue was. So yeah criticism hurt but it's probably better to risk a few little stabs along the way (and survive!) than a giant takedown at the end.
  8. Some people in SL have this approach to life that they won't get hurt by others if they hurt them first.
  9. Well the way i read it the OP wants a lot, but is unwilling to give anything in return.
  10. I already see a contradiction in the OP's statement. Hmmm...
  11. It's nice, do you have access to multiple algorythms for the reduction? That and a preview of each, if that's possible, would probably be nice? You might also want to make those tickboxes per lod specific because sometimes a solution is better than another at a lower lod.
  12. Hey sorry @OptimoMaximo Unfortunately I don't use Maya so I felt that whatever I would say would have be misguided, at best.
  13. Precisely, the idea is to tie the auth to the fob itself and not the avatar carrying it
  14. Yeah I agree that having scripts on the fobs itself is less than ideal, but i can't think of a way to make a fob unique and consistently detectable, yet and the same time being a duplicate of the original object, without inheriting the privileges of the original. Fobs also can't set their name or description to something unique unless they are nomod (tamper proof but frankly not ideal in SL in general), unless the script sets the fob identity right before self destruction. Or something like that. You also can't spoof a fob's identity if it's completely static, (while it's not really a requirement, it can be fun).
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