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  1. A fair reminder is that animeshs have a hard limit of 100K triangles for the entire animesh avatar. Now that this feature is out, it's a fair expectation that people are gonna try to use your products to compose animesh characters.
  2. A metaverse without adult content is not a mataverse worth having -_-.
  3. normally "delicate texturing" & fur tuft "cards" is the proper way
  4. It's a terrible way of doing, grossly inefficient too. They doubled/tripled their base mesh and slapped an alpha texture on top.
  5. To keep company; associate; hold intercourse: followed by with.
  6. @animatsNone of those will have tolerance for adult content, and thus will leave most of the SecondLife pie on the table.
  7. And that's why i'm slowly considering other payment options than L$...
  8. A while after Onrez and Xstreet where bought, assimilated and shut down, one of the vendor solution providers created a web frontend to their vendor system which was called primbay. At some point the website closed and they said they would reopen soon, and nothing happened.
  9. I guess I missed it given how it got buried in absolute utter nonsense.
  10. But what was the script error... 😭
  11. You can also just ignore "internet though guys".
  12. Id love better metrics on listing enhancements, but I don't see them happening as it would likely REDUCE the amount of enhancements sold by LL. It's one of the big rules of advertising. On a sidenote, I'm looking at my patreon account and wondering if i should start using this more, offering some kind of in-world reward, rather than using L$ at all.
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