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  1. Avatar 2.0 & kemono are free, you can just grab the files from a download on utilizator's website.
  2. For the post, i would even go as far as a smooth shaded box with a point on one end.
  3. Or just widen the wheelbase, the SL track gauge is fairly close to a standard used in India (I think)
  4. I don't see you selecting an export preset there.
  5. I maintain that a 4D object in a 2D projection is not realistic. unless representing a sphere (3D) with a point (1D) is acceptable.
  6. SL Represents 3 dimensions on a screen (two dimensions). "Representing" 4 dimensions would requires 3 dimensions.
  7. I dunno i've never had this kind of complaint from people in my store and i've been in the business just as long as you have. Over the years i've been pushing my texture usage down with each product.
  8. Yeah I actually have a megaprim somwhere that is 65536x65536 meters.
  9. I thought I"d repost an excellent article from Robert Yang https://www.blog.radiator.debacle.us/2012/04/on-joiner-detail-and-greeble.html And a quote from this article that I believe applies to SL more than ever:
  10. If they use the LL UV layout, use that. If they don't, use the provided layout.
  11. I'd like to add that the DRM circumvention clause of the DMCA kicks in regardless of the complexity of the protection scheme.
  12. Alternatively, don't generate PBR maps at all, setup diffuse/normal/specular outputs in substance, configure them to auto save on change, hook those textures as temporary textures in your viewer, and use SL itself as your preview window, rather than substance's preview
  13. Avatar 2.0 could use some love, there is definitely an untapped market there, but I'm biased.
  14. "The bad workman blame his tools." Hair making is picked up by a lot of people who just picked up modeling, because "layering alpha" strands is a pretty forgiving process and there is a lot of dodgy tutorials out there for it, if you compare what your average hair creator does in SL, to what is used in games, it's basically night and day. Alpha sorting is nothing new in video games, you had to deal with it for as long as I can remember. It is pretty much a "solved" issue unless you insist on ignoring how the professionals deal with it.
  15. I'd keep it as 1 or 2 parts really, I find it hard to believe that using more parts would end up being better from a download/rendering standpoint, and the LI gain in this case seem counter productive.
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