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  1. I'll just ignore that part. Very good example there: Clean geometry with no loose edge.
  2. There is so much wrong with this collision mesh I'm not even sure where to start...
  3. Sounds like a roundabout way to say: "I'm not gonna do anything."
  4. Yeah that's what I ment. They don't want my solutions
  5. Looks like it's back on track, in great secrecy~
  6. Just don't use collision meshs generated from your visible mesh lods.
  7. What would be the harm in providing both? It's literally one checkbox at upload.
  8. I sometimes wish SL could fingerprint content in some fashion, so that when you upload a texture everyone uploaded a thousand time already it just links to the existing one rather than creating a new one.
  9. Short Haircuts Unless we are talking buzzcut, there is no point in doing this, and not every avatar has a "standard" skull. Shoes Low shoes don't need to be rigged, they also don't need to be a single monolythic object, we don't have a toe bone. A lot of calf and ankle heels don't need to be rigged, in fact, the "broken ankle" look is a lot worse than a stiff looking ankle on most of those. Earrings Unless it's for some animesh furry avatars, ears will never move on their own. But also a lot of neckaces, glasses, bracelets. IF IT DOESN'T DEFORM, IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE RIGGED. Typically if it's rigged: I can't rez it as a decorative prop. I can't wear it somewhere else. I can't tweak the way it attaches. I can't make it bigger or smaller. I can't use it on my <insert avatar brand> avatar. Each of those bulletpoints is a lost sale.
  10. Because they can't. Copybot viewers don't interact with the server itself in an "illegitamate" fashion. They can't make the server do anything that violates the permission system, they just ignore permissions locally with the data that all viewers receive. Copybots viewers can't steal scripts because scripts are never sent to the viewer to begin with, but anything that can be seen HAS to be sent.
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