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  1. Kyrah Abattoir

    Tutorial - the virtues of normal editing.

    There is a very simple operation that you can use to both reduce polygon count and improve the look of your object when doing hard surface modeling (but this trick is not limited to it!) Lets take this model i've made. you can see that I have numerous beveled edges, however, if i want to achieve a rounded look, i'm going to need many intermediate steps to round it up. Or do I? Lets see how it looks if i set all the polygons to "smooth" shading. Oh no this looks terrible, it is pinching everywhere! surely I'm gonna have to add a lot more geometry or a normal map to make it look right! Wait how did you do this? What do you mean it's the exact same geometry? everything looks nice and crisp! This is the same model, 100% identical, the only difference is the orientation of the face corner normals. Lets turn on normal display and see what is different, and how to do it: As you can see on the unmodified model the normal direction (the little purple lines) are jutting directly away from each face corner. And as a result, the lighting of each face is "blended" into the next face. On our version of the model with edited normals, they are alligned with the flat surfacase they belong to, causing the "bevel" face to appear curved. This means that holes, cuts and beveled edges do not alter the surface lighting anymore without having to use "mark sharp" and getting a razor sharp edge as a result. How to do it You need to create a separate copy of your model and delete all the faces that are part of a bevel, so you only have the "flat" surfaces left. You then need to add a "DATA TRANSFER" Modifier to your object (the real one) And configure it to copy the face corner data "custom normals" from your edited object. And that's all there is to it NOTE: For this to work properly, you also should turn on "Auto Smooth @180°" in your object's mesh data tab (on both objects preferably)
  2. Kyrah Abattoir

    How would Second Life run on this kind of laptop?

    Understandable, just be mindful that the number one cause of laptop death is thermal overdose.
  3. Kyrah Abattoir

    Advice for fitting clothes on different mesh bodies?

    I basically don't. Each mesh body has a pretty much unique topology & polygon density and to get the best possible fit your mesh has to match the source body properly or have a gross excess of polygons. And since I remove pretty much any polygon that isn't strictly necessary, the outfit is pretty much made for single body in the end, two sometimes, by chance.
  4. Kyrah Abattoir

    Input please. New FS update and mesh doorways

    I'd love to be able to use sphere, cube and capsule colliders but yeah there is no way to define those in a collision mesh sadly. Sphere collider is so brutally efficient and rolls well too.
  5. Kyrah Abattoir

    Too Many 1024 Textures and the NEW (please hurry) Land Impact rules

    Sometimes I don't know if you're being ironic or serious. Copyright extends past the life of its creator nowadays.
  6. Kyrah Abattoir

    Good Alpha. Bad Alpha.

    Yeah I converted most of the foliages at home to alpha masking, looks good and it also doesn't glitch, which is a plus.
  7. Kyrah Abattoir

    blender vs sl tools

    Klaus, if you use the firestorm viewer, it comes with a builtin backup/export function that you can use to save prim and mesh builds (only the ones you 100% made) as .dae models which you can then import in blender and refine further. I strongly advice against building in prims only to "convert" to mesh. Unless you are going to clean the model within blender, converting prims directly to mesh only makes the object load more slowly while making it impossible to tweak inworld. But if all you want is to "begin" the modeling in SL as a prim mockup and then finish the item in blender, then go right ahead, there is no inherently "wrong" approach if it leads to a good, clean mesh at the end.
  8. Kyrah Abattoir

    Can you see the difference?

    *smirks* You couldn't control yourself didn't you. Other than that, it's pretty nice, but I'd argue that the entire center flat section could be massively reduced with no loss of detail. Just a few knife cut & edge dissolve so you don't lose that front draping.
  9. Kyrah Abattoir

    Too Many 1024 Textures and the NEW (please hurry) Land Impact rules

    As much as I'd like that you'd NEVER see this ticked excepted on really *****ty freebies. It's not like we don't have materials and real time shadows.
  10. Kyrah Abattoir

    SL resizing item in mesh linkset

    Individual objects can't be less that 0.01m in any of their dimensions
  11. Kyrah Abattoir

    blender vs sl tools

    It's kind of a balancing act sometimes. I've built a little shrine the other day for my home, and it's a mix of prims and mesh parts, can you tell which is which?
  12. Kyrah Abattoir

    Too Many 1024 Textures and the NEW (please hurry) Land Impact rules

    I'd like to point out that low performance essentially dictates what people do in SL, it's not simply that ALL people want to chat or AFK all day, it's that there isn't much more that they can do without SL turning into a slideshow. Especially if it's something that requires moving.
  13. Kyrah Abattoir

    Options for Scripting Doors

    KeyFramedMotion doors are by far the best movement wise, but they can't be linked to other things and can be tricky to write because of how they use position and rotation steps.
  14. Kyrah Abattoir

    Tail Script to say display name instead of username

    I strongly recommend to use the Viewer URI Namespace whenever possible, example: secondlife:///app/agent/UUID/about secondlife:///app/agent/UUID/displayname secondlife:///app/agent/UUID/username It should work for llDialog (but not the buttons), llSay, llWhisper, llShout, llOwnerSay Won't work for prim names and llSetText tho. The main advantage is that you work strictly with UUIDs and let the user's viewer deal with converting it into the current display name. And as a bonus i think it will also respect their settings if they only want to see usernames instead.
  15. Kyrah Abattoir

    Avatar name changes re: scripted objects

    That's beyond the scope of the name change feature. UUIDs are unique and immutable.