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  1. Voice stays after a troll leaving

    Ask your students to mute him maybe?
  2. SL Moving to the Cloud

    If they move regions to an "on demand" kind of system i wonder how this is going to affect scripts, since a lot of them are supposed to run all the time. I mean... what about my prime numbers?
  3. Uploading files for free on the test server?

    While Aditi is NOT made for this purpose, the avatars there aren't kept in sync with the main grid (usually), your L$ account on the beta grid is effectively separate and not really persistent.
  4. TOS & Chat Logs

    Incorrect, they absolutely could punish you for what you do outside their network, if they can identify you, but they wisely chose not to take that road.
  5. posting in events is unfair

    I wish there was a way to enshrine this topic so it never goes away.
  6. Is it me or the event category is basically a dump?

    Yeah I did mean on the forum, the inworld one is even worse.
  7. Racism in player profiles

    From my point of view, I don't think the behavior and beliefs of "Kyrah the Resident" should impact "Kyrah the Content creator". Who people are and how they behave outside of a "professional" setting shouldn't have any incidence on one's purchase, I'm paying for a product and for the support that comes with that product. Why whould I try to hurt someone for something unrelated to our transaction? I'm also not paying to steer this person's belief in allignment with my own, I'm just trying to reward quality work.
  8. We are still real people. If we don't wanna we don't wanna, no need to justify your refusal either.
  9. You could check for referrers, linden lab has some specific "browser parameters" in all outbound HTTP requests (it can however easily be forged). You could also check that the source IP belongs to linden lab.
  10. Advice for fitting clothes on different mesh bodies?

    It can absolutely be done but the shoulders are gonna require a significant amount of "massaging" into shape.
  11. How to make Hairs

    Hairs is just one of these things that I see a lot of people trying and doing as their first mesh project. Unfortunately making bad hairs is very forgiving and making good hairs requires pretty decent skills at modeling and texturing to get the right volume and style with the least possible use of alpha. For your first few 3D models I'd strongly recommend something that doesn't require to work with transparency (I'm assuming you never modeled before but I could be wrong.)
  12. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Completely brainwashed. And you just confirmed what I said, you pay by the data packet, not based on who you are, where that packet comes from, what it contains, where it goes or who it goes to. The question isn't whether you get a fast or slow internet, the question is wheter your 10Mb/s internet connection will give you 10Mb/s of youtube or a measly 5Kb/s because your ISP has a paid agreement to give priority to users who go on Netflix.
  13. Because they don't respect you as a person regardless of your gender, they expect you, as a woman to entertain them and validate their sexuality, and if you don't, clearly you can't be a real woman.
  14. Vote for Net Neutrality

    From my perspective one of the biggest issues of net neutrality is the idea there is "data" and "data". There shouldn't be a world where an ISP can hold their customers hostage to hurt another company. It would be a return to the telecom days where the company gets to rip off everyone: Hey Internet user you better pay me well if you want to access Amazon. Hey Amazon, you better pay me well if you want to access my Internet users. Those companies became big because everyone was treated the same way: "You pay by the Mb/s that is transiting on my network, I don't care where it come from or where it goes." And now that they are in a dominant position they don't want others to get the same treatment.
  15. HTTP PHP to SL Question

    Use CURL.