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  1. The grain is not as important as the general look and wear of denim fabric. Namely, how its color changes on seams and creases. Grab some pictures online and blur them to make the weave disappear, then study how its colors and highlights still say "this is denim"
  2. Not unsurprising, expectations of a rental company is that all their tenants get to use their land. We have problems already with several clubs that essentially deny the use of their land to other people in the region because of the avatar cap.
  3. You can have fairly realistic door and window heights, it is a good idea to simply not have collisions on the top of doorframes. But keep in mind that ceilings need to have some breathing room for camera movement, it doesn't need to be extreme, but it is something to keep in mind.
  4. But don't overdo it, SL does have a lighting system after all. But be extremely wary of how much texture load you add,it adds up quickly and on a full scene, every little bit helps. Good, well packed, well designed UV maps also allow you to get the most out of your textures. Keep also in mind how "important" the baked details you are adding are: if no one notices that something isn't "there", it brobably isn't needed. You can consider the environment value to be "somewhat" analog to metalness. And gloss to be "somewhat" analog to roughness. The most convincing "gold"
  5. I'd argue that anything anyone upload on the grid is the business of every SL resident, content impacts all of us. I'll always advise beginners to practice a lot before uploading in SL and to compare their work with game models to get a feel of what could be improved. (And not with modders/other SL content creators because unlike professionals we can't be fired when we do a bad job) Oh and also to learn to take in criticism with an open mind and humility.
  6. With universals, the order they are worn is the order they layer.
  7. Attachments are interesting in the sense that some of their properties don't always persist, so not entirely surprised.
  8. I don't think I can recall ever looking like a clown, excepted when I was part of the "prim' honkin' troupe" obviously. Those were the days.
  9. @Tagar1kYou might have want to mention "non commercial", otherwise, I'm not 100% sure you're not asking to be taken advantage of here.
  10. Opensim is just software, and it's fine if you want to run your own small grid to do "SL stuff" in some limited fashion but there are a few reason why it's not a realistic alternative to SL. There are many grids out there but no one has built an infrastructure that can rival with SecondLife. Opensim is far from being feature complete, script wise, it can be difficult to do things because some code features don't work properly or are simply not implemented. LL doesn't provide a lot of protection for creators, but most Opensim grids essentially do not offer anything in this reg
  11. You're being overly paranoid, and I probably won't shop at your place.
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