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  1. I have read EVERYONES replies [yes, Even the long ones] and I really appreciate you all responding. Thank you 😊
  2. To put it simply, NO. Second Life has been the most addictive thing I've ever played, Currently I'm just finding ways to get free Lindens [Linden realms, fishing, etc,] messing around and being silly with my discord friends, it's been pretty nice for my first week and I'm already addicted tbh. Mainly asking because I know that I might get bored with what I'm doing already, so I want to see what others do so I can get an idea and then branch onto that and obviously make my SL experience way more better than it already is. Plus I'm just curious as well since I see people who've
  3. What do YOU usually do in Second Life?, what activities do you do on a day to day basis In world?. I'm new so I'm just finding ideas of what others do in Second Life.
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