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  1. What basics are you talking about? following your perverted "logic", they must learn how a computer works, how electricity works, what an atom consists of and how the universe works. Do you know the answers to all these questions? you can only criticize. I understand why people call you annoying spammer.
  2. Thanks a lot! The script indeed turns out much shorter!
  3. @Rolig Loon Ok i got this working. But the script appears very huge. Especially if using more textures. How to simplify? I like the idea of making list of texture UUIDs, prims and faces from the old script. But i really dont get it... In this version i used materials for one face, but it would be great to make it work at least for diffuse only. integer PRIM_1=7; integer PRIM_2=3; integer PRIM_3=3; integer PRIM_4=3; integer PRIM_5=4; integer PRIM_6=5; integer PRIM_7=6; integer FACE_1=0; integer FACE_2=0; integer FACE_3=1; integer FACE_4=2; integer FACE_5=0; integer FACE_6=
  4. Thats what i have so far. It changes all three types of materials textures on one face of one prim in the linkset. I can manually add each prim and face but this is very inconvenient. I don’t know what to do next. To specify at the top of script list of all the prims and faces and textures UUIDs like in the old script? Is there any useful parts? Because now i see it does absolutely not what i needed. It applies each same texture from the list in order or random. NEW Script integer LINKNUM=2; integer FACE=0; vector WHITE=<1.0,1.0,1.0>; string DIFFUSE_1 = "d8d8b2e0-7b93-10ed
  5. @Rolig Loon Thank you very much! Now a new problem. The same texture applies on both faces of both prims. (On the second face is the same texture only stretched) //texture list...this list should have 2 or more textures list textures = [ "d511b62a-ec31-26d8-e6ac-a81eee01fc81", "1f22b3bd-a654-9758-d511-da392b1aa2bb" ];//put your texture UUIDs/keys in here //Please note there is a .2 second delay between prims. //"prim number, side number, side number...side number" //-1 equals all sides for that prim list sides = [ "3,1", "7,0" ];//put in which sides you want the
  6. @Rolig Loon Thats what happens... ... when you use someone else script I am sorry, something is wrong with adding GIFs. I am trying to add gif to show you but it posts empty messages. https://gyazo.com/97af448326fd8ab22041b7e5aff193dd I guess the reason is in timer.i just need to get rid of the timer somehow... But then, why it applies on the wrong face? No matter what face i specify it applies on face 2.
  7. @Rolig Loon I have a problem with this script. Take a look please. It scrolls through the textures UUIDs in cicle from the list with the wrong face. I indicated the face 0 and the texture is updated on the face 2... These are the parameters I specified. tell me what am i doing wrong? Why does it behave this way and how to fix it? //Adjustable global variables...you may change these //texture list...this list should have 2 or more textures list textures = [ "e115becb-d5fe-3bb2-64e1-e07a956d3d54", "2c27c1ba-4295-3d3c-eeb0-3eec35df01c3", "b4030db3-17dc-5b1e-0603-b2f8f4ee813e"
  8. I'm trying, I even wrote one or two simple scripts, but for now I’m mostly at the stage of changing and combining existing ones. I think that in order to become a scripter, people go to this all their lives ... Slppf - can it be used to apply not only diffuse, but normal and specular maps (materials) too?
  9. @Rolig Loon Oh, and do I understand correct and this script will do what I needed?
  10. Hello! Thank you for your answer! Very interesting part! How does using llSetLinkPrimitiveParams make it easier? and what are the advantages? Thanks!
  11. Hey. I'm trying to create or find a ready-made script that changes the textures of certain faces of certain prims in the linkset when placed in the linkset or as a rezzing installer. (Like the one used for vehicle livery appliers etc). I found such a script, but I don’t see where to put numbers of prims. so I doubt that this is what I need. maybe I just misunderstood the description? If somebody can read scripts, please tell me is it what I need? Help! TEXTURE CHANGER WIKI
  12. Hello! Everyone knows texture changers / installers for vehicles. You place them near object and it changes texture. I am looking for such a script or the installer itself, allowing you to change all three types of textures diffuse normal specular (materials). Tell me where I can get it? Is it hard to write such script?
  13. Hello! Does anyone know where to get water texture of sl? that endless texture of water.
  14. Hello! Can anyone write dance hud script with 4-5 buttons? - invite - next dance - previous dance - stop For reward of course! Please, leave a message! Thank you!
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