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Make Us Laugh!

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As Reader's Digest has told us for eons, laughter is the best medicine. What is tickling your funny bone during these rough days?

Let's try to keep it light, please. Let's see your memes, your cats, your goofy YouTube videos... whatever it is that's making you giggle.

Can we all actually come together on something to help lift our spirits?


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Before I start...said child has given his permission....

My son has been called bucket head since he was little, because...


When he was little, this was his favorite toy, and THIS is what he did with it (awww, I ahven't seen that diaper since he was 1...sigh..anyhoo)

As he got older, his weirdness got weirder....


He went with me to pick up his sisters from school like this (those aren't bruises they're huge fake chicken pox he drew on with  colored sharpie a few days before..he was a really weird kid)... He also frequently wore a frog costume (year round), mermaid costume,  and underwear only as often as he could get away with it. He hasn't changed an iota in weirdness since, except he outgrew the need to wear only underwear everywhere, even though he's no longer this cute and adorable, and now towers over my short ass self.

Also..my niece, because...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, you send your child to my house, I feed them s'mores (she's also not a toddler anymore, btw)



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