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  1. I had a lot typed here, but I removed it all, it was very not nice, and then it just made me feel bad, because even I care about people I don't like. Bagnu, I am going to encourage you to ask people to stop white knighting for you. They are, seriously, making things so much worse. It really is painting you in a worse light than I think you realize. You might not care, but I suspect some part of you actually does care, as I suspect most people would. Whether or not I, or anyone else, is still angry with you doesn't even matter. It's not doing you a lick of good to let others speak f
  2. It wasn't you, it was twerps reading and white knighting for you and it's gotten old, my patience has worn thin, and I'm not about to answer them inworld since now I've logged off. I can see from other responses here that I am not alone in the receipt of.......eh, it doesn't matter, I'm more miffed now than I was before and I don't expect anyone but me to care about it. My problem to deal with. Now I'm bowing out of this thread and going to find something else productive to do because my time in sl for the day has been demolished, since now my feathers are ruffled and are probably going
  3. I'm going to say this again, since we're playing the "I'm new" card, even though I have said it before, and frankly it's beyond annoying and shouldn't be necessary for me to say at all, it's pretty common knowledge and usually proper netiquette. Keep forum stuff on the forums, and keep forum crap out of my IM and inventory inworld.. PLEASE. That includes those reading and feeling the need to white knight for someone that I have, repeatedly, said offended me terribly, yet have still been far more pleasant than I probably would otherwise in any other locale. I don't give a flying p
  4. I'm not Cindy, but I'll answer for me I do it because people keep insisting we shouldn't have been offended by it, and shouldn't still be, as if they are the authority on what is and is not offensive. I also do it because the whole premise for that entire debacle was later revealed by Bagnu to be a fabricated lie, and that irks me. It was intentionally offensive AND not true. Sometimes words have consequences, and these ones, admittedly, are my own problem (me being offended that is). Only I can tell myself not to be offended, no one else gets to do that for me. Still doesn't mean I
  5. Calling people fuddy duddy, or other names, for being offended when someone has blatantly offended them is also insulting. That said, I can think of a lot of greater insults, most of which I'd never dare utter.
  6. So do those of us that were offended, or are offended. You argued until you were blue in the face that it wasn't offensive, because YOU weren't personally offended,and were certain you knew others that wouldn't be. That doesn't negate the offense others felt, and nothing you say will change that. If it makes me a fuddy duddy to be offended when someone says something offensive about those who have disabilities, then I will be a fuddy duddy until the day I die. You don't get to dictate what does and does not offend others, regardless of how it affects you (or doesn't). I can both be
  7. Bull-pucky Many have been offended by things she has said, they have even stated such. Even if one later backpedals and pretends to say sorry, the offensive words were never removed. Even after it was pointed out, numerous times, that something was extremely, not just a little bit, offensive, we got he "oh I didn't mean to...but". I don't like caveats like that, in fact, they bug the crap out of me. It's probably a flaw in my own character, but that screams disingenuous to me, screams so loudly that I simply can't hear anything else said. To top it off, it was later learned that the offen
  8. Good grief, why do you always do this, constantly, trying to flip flop what people say based on your.. oh forget it. I'm sure whatever I was going to say there would've been just mean anyway, lol. Pearl HERSELF said that it is causing her rl distress, aka, trouble. The advice to then separate once the sl gets turned off, is, indeed, valid and smart advice. If something that you can easily walk away from, and even turn off, is causing you stress, why on earth would the best advice to be... go ahead, chase it anyway, make more stress for yourself. That's essentially what you're say
  9. Orwar actually uses the same one I do, lol (never met anyone else that actually uses it), the ana studio 5. I use that one because it's bright, not problematic for a system with lesser graphic capabilities and generally looks quite pretty, even on my worst days. Plus it makes building easier too, because it lacks all the extra junk. If I want to take pics, I usually use the atmosphere ones near the top : the 12:00, 13:00 and their corresponding cloudy versions too. I really like those settings for pics. I don't much mess with most others, because I can't really see them and personally I t
  10. First, let me say, there is no difference between here and rl, as far as "morals" are concerned, or the internal "right and wrong of it". There are legalities to what you share, how you share it, where you share it, which would fall under rules, but rules and morals aren't the same thing (and rarely ever actually match up across the board). At any rate, those are real people, whether you personally think of all people in sl as avs and pixels only, or not, the other party and any third party also involved, not to mention anyone you share that info/pic with...may not feel the same. It's still re
  11. Exactly. 100% exactly OK, while I DO agree with a previous poster that :dude "gets what he deserves". There is also another side to this coin that doesn't paint any better picture of you, and that's really, really sad that you don't seem to care about it. Yes, he should NOT be cheating on his significant other. He holds all the responsibility on his end for that. I don't absolve him of that, he deserves repercussions for those actions. But why in the hell are YOU also pursuing people that have a significant other and making that situation worse by not only taking pictures,
  12. This will be a hard pass from LL (and probably most residents too, for different reasons, I'm sure). LL used to actually do something similar to this, it's precisely how I lost my first account, possiby my second (I can't be certain if I deleted that one, or they did, but it was deleted nonetheless). It wasn't a very long lived practice, but lasted at least a few years. LL used to delete old accounts that hadn't logged in for a while. The amount of time between logins wasn't super long, it certainly wasn't more than 2 years, though. There was a time when you could get them restored merely by c
  13. . Let me tell you all a story, the story of a girl and her sl journey, complete with a few visuals. (oh, if you're not familiar...super long...not sorry ) (not a 2008 pic, its actually 2009 I think, but yes I really was reading a story to my bunnies, my chinchilla army, in my fav jammies EVER...I still have them) Picture it...second life, 2008... There was a girl, let's call her Tari, she played a game, let's call it, not second life. She had some friends, who also played this not second life game. Sadly, they were due to lose their beloved passtime. So they made t
  14. Not warm and fuzzy, just funny as hell. Funny makes laughter and laughter makes me warm and fuzzy. So..
  15. I don't necessarily think it's shallow (I won't lie and say that I don't ever think it is, in some cases, it very well may be, for some people) but I think this is where I separate from a lot of people on this matter. For me, sl is NOT all about illusions, alternate realities, escaping from everything rl, etc... it's just not for me. Yes, sl is an escape and it offers me so very many things I can't or don't have in rl, but it's not this entirely separate entity. This is also why it can be difficult for those who separate sl from rl, to mingle with those who do not..we tend to approach things o
  16. I don't separate sl and rl the same way some do, so my answer may be different. I don't find it remotely strange whatsoever. Behind every avatar is a human being (ok, maybe only 99% of avatars, there is at least one alien behind one of our old forum regulars....but I digress..) and whether or not I know a lot, or anything at all, about that person behind the avatar, they are NOT just their avatar to me. Even people who don't want to be seen as more than their avatar, to me, are very much, more than their av. So keeping that in mind makes the whole idea of seeing "the person behind the cur
  17. I don't delete anyone. If they want off my list they can delete me.
  18. I don't usually fit the patterns for these kinds of things (and don't here either). I don't shop the way a lot of others do. That is to say, I rarely ever shop for things like clothes, accessories, things for my av, etc. When I do shop for them, my demo to purchase ratio is pretty well balanced. I only demo things I'm already damn near certain I intend to buy. I would say out of every 10 demos (and that's being generous, I probably haven't demo'd more than ten things in the last four years lol) I have purchased 8 of them. I can really only think of two things I have demo'd in the least few ye
  19. The same way everyone else does, by participating. If they make a faux pas, they own it, make whatever right they feel needs to be made right, and move right along. New folks come here all the time. Hell, I send them here all the time, lol. The vast majority don't have any problem figuring things out. Those that do, even if they take a bit, eventually seem to get it. Most of the people that have the biggest problems here are people that make no effort to figure out A-what the problem is, B-if, or how, they themselves contribute(d) to it, C--how to remedy it. I've seen a lot of issues on t
  20. It wouldn't go in the employment section, you're not looking for actual employment or employees (just giving you a heads up, because it'll get removed and you'll get your hand slapped by mods if you put it there). If you own a club looking for employees in your profession, then you can advertise there, but you do not. Advertising on the forums isn't exactly welcome in the way you might think it is, for anyone. That's the only reason we're allowed signatures for it, really, it's not blatant "advertising your wares". The OLD forums, used to allow advertising, again in specific areas, but di
  21. I originally came to the fora of yesteryear merely to read, and read I did, for a very long time, even when I wasn't in sl anymore. In 2008 I came back to stay, and that was my first REAL interactions with any of the fora as more of a regular. I spent more time reading them than I did posting on them, at least these community ones (well, their predecessors ). The xstreet forums is where I spent far more of my time, both reading and participating, they were a lot more fun than these ones. These (the oooold versions) were more informative than fun for me, back then, although a bit less poli
  22. This place, much like the rest of the world (virtual and otherwise) CAN lack civility. However, you're forgetting that street goes a multitude of directions. It's basically a giant bowl of spaghetti. Each time you point your finger at someone else for being uncivil, odds are good a whole bunch are pointing back at you (both those you possess without even realizing, and those of others). This place can also be a great comfort, a wonder of merriment, a place to share and receive a few laughs, a place to share, and most importantly, a place to learn. You can learn all sorts of things here, m
  23. As do I I am not part of any mob. I speak for myself. I have no ulterior motives, or any desire to do so. I have stated something, and someone, is being offensive, and you continue to defend it as if I, because I was offended, am in the wrong. Sometimes I don't think you can see beyond your own narrative, or desire to white knight. It may not always be a bad thing, but in this case, it very much is. I'm not a scapegoater, but I do find it ironic you feel the NEED to "defend" her, while making the conscious CHOICE not to defend those she is offending. That's a weird position to
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