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  1. Both would be obnoxious as hell. I don't want my name changed, I like it as it is, that's why I have it. LL used to charge for tps, it didn't last super long and LL decided it was a bad idea. SO, that said, both are dead in the water.
  2. The highest my inventory has ever actually (I say actually, because I have tested it at higher numbers, but it was merely a temporary state, for that purpose, testing inventory at seriously grotesque quantities to see what impact they have on performance) been was around 500k. I have purged, foldered boxed, etc..many times. It sat around 350k for about three years. At some point I got it down under 150k, by further boxing and foldering. I am currently pushing my way back towards 200k (exact number escapes me, 189k-ish something I believe) Of that number, less than 800 are clothing/av items (skins, hairs, clothes and shoes) and at least 500 of them are ones I've made myself, lol. The vast majority of my inventory is building stuff, and related items. There are a LOT of "object"s, far more than any sane human would find reasonable. I also have a crap ton of stuff purely for entertainment purposes and way too many breedables. I am not the least bit worried about the size of my inventory....she may have a lot of junk in her trunk, but she knows just how to use it
  3. If you read the previous threads you would see they are perfectly harmless land bots. They scan the land quickly and then they leave, there is literally nothing to be upset about lol.
  4. We call that a spider plant, I have a few of them
  5. Some men can pull off pink amazingly well, in, and out of sl I have a picture around here somewhere of hubby circa 2008 in a pink 7seas bikini that he wore because I'm a butthead and he loves me anyway
  6. Welcome back, your name seems familiar but I don't know where from. It's entirely likely it was from when I was on my first av which is long gone (and forgotten at this point) anyway. It's also just as likely that I am entirely wrong...but still, welcome back anyway
  7. That's my fav too, lol. I always have to make extra of those, because they go fast and there won't be any to freeze otherwise, lol. I love my wafflemaker.
  8. May I have a root beer please? I made waffles, and I will gladly share. I have ones with bacon, ones with strawberries and banana waffles..you can take your pick Whatever doesn't get eaten goes in my freezer for quick breakfasts lol.
  9. Since proof is often required, and quite helpful.... Wanna keep making things up as you go along? Read the date, the very first post... Also, the bank requirement has also been in place, both with paypal (to VERIFY) and with SL (and plenty of other things one can connect to paypal) for, again, over a decade, lol. This, too, is not something new.
  10. Nope, you're wrong, plain and simple. Paypal has required bank information to verify people for, gosh, at least 15 years now. Why are you making things up? Why can't you discuss the topic, and how much it bothers you that companies want to know you're a real person and not trying to commit fraud? It IS an interesting topic, even if others don't agree with you, or at least, it can be. It can also be quite informative. You don't need the theatrics.
  11. Lmao, me, a troll...oh dear lord, I wouldn't even be a good troll. Thanks for that laugh, I really needed it. Your previous thread was deleted because you were acting like a lunatic and swearing left and right, at us, and LL, and throwing verbal temper tantrums. If you want to actually discuss the topic, do so like an adult and not a teenager that got their internet taken away who is stuck in "the sky is falling" mentality. Some people might actually agree with you, on principle, about information that is required for mesh uploads. Many probably won't, but at least it can be discussed in a manner that won't get the topic deleted. As for me, yes I am willing to let LL know who I am, in fact, they already do, and have for, hmm, over a decade now. *I* don't have a problem with it. If *you* do, than don't participate in anything that requires you to not be anonymous-like uploading mesh, it' really that simple. You're really being ridiculous, you're not the first, won't be the last, but you're not helping your cause whatsoever. Two years ago, your av required payment info as well, you are remembering things completely wrong. This is absolutely NOT something new, it's been in place for years, apparently far more than you realize.
  12. How many times are you going to post the same thing, especially within 24 hours? You do realize some of us were awake for your last post, right? A-It was WELL over year ago, over 5 even, that this requirement was put into place. No "changing" is taking place, you've just not been paying attention, at all, since you joined. B-No one is spying on you, no one cares to. If you're doing things that make you this paranoid about "spying", might want to stop doing those things. C-Why should everyone but you have to follow rules? D-This rule is due to real life laws, not some magical thing that LL simply made up to piss you off. If you want to fake outrage, do it where it matters, in rl, and direct it towards those that did and/or do things that require such laws to exist in the first place. Your anger is ridiculously misplaced Now some are likely to see this as me "being mean", but, it's really not, and it's directly related to the other thread which you already made about this topic and went off in a swearing tangent at us all and LL, all because you didn't want to give LL your information, and you were claiming this was some new change (see A). I am not being mean, but rather, straight forward, because you're behaving ridiculously about something that LL is, in fact, not responsible for, and you've done it twice in less than 12 hours, lol. I do, however, recommend that you get that paranoia thing looked at, because it is, quite clearly, causing you great distress for no real reason. (and that's not a knock on you, if you're actually this paranoid about "spies", I do think you need to find someone to speak to about it, it's quite unhealthy to live life that terrified of nonexistent things). This is for everyone else that might read your rants and think you're actually on to something, or right.....It's not, I can assure you, OP is extremely misguided and my guess is having difficulties in sl now *because he/she gave incorrect info when signing up (as stated) and now can't do what he/she wants to do because the info doesn't match the rl info. Either that, or OP just likes to rant and rave about nonexistent things. No one is spying on us, no one is stealing our info, nothing has really changed in the "info required" arena in quite a long time..and you're all perfectly a-ok. Don't listen to rants like this, they're ridiculously out of touch with, well, everything Oh and...
  13. Oh, I did know you were, lol. But, knowing some people, it's entirely possible that someone would come along who didn't, and think it actually possible too, lol. Much easier to cut that off first You do the same that I do, well assuming I was going there to find people. Those are places that if I see are simply trying to inflate popularity/traffic/whatever, I won't return, because I'll know those aren't very likely to ever be actual people. If I'm not there to find other people, but for some other reason, I'll just ignore and continue whatever I'm there for.
  14. Avs must "move" at least once a week, unless there is a week with literally no restarts at all. Even when using a program to log an av (scripted agent or otherwise) in, movement would be detected when they came back online. Yes even if the av always came back online in the exact same spot and a human, or program, never really moved the av out of that spot, it would be initially detected as movement on login. This would be as easy to "game" as anything else is, so I'm not sure how effective it would be, unless one is only interested in the number of hours an av was in one place. But then. I've seen people who play TE have their av(s) stand in one singular place for literally hours and hours on end, lol. At any rate, it's pretty easy to tell when a parcel/sim is using a horde of avs to make a place seem more populated, it takes very little time to tp in somewhere and one can tell if there are actually people at the location. I have tp'd into countless places that LOOK like they have loads of folks-all those green dots. Then I land and..not a soul in sight. If my goal was to find other people, I'd leave, and I have. More often than not my goal isn't to find people, though, so it doesn't bother me in the same way it does others. I get why it does, I'm sure it can be a nuisance for them. However, it's just as easy to tp back out as it was to tp in, so I would consider it a minor annoyance, at best-if I were looking for other people anyway.
  15. I have talked about sl, quite extensively at times, to many a person in rl, and other places online. Yes, my entire immediate family knows I use sl. Obviously my children do, I have mentioned them and utilizing sl as a teaching methodology/tool many, many times, lol. A lot of the parents I am connected with in some fashion also know about sl, although typically it's again due to utilizing it as a teaching tool (think: homeschool children and groups, primarily). I have told many a stranger at rl RFL events about sl, and in many of those cases, at great length, lol. In fact, some of them are in sl now, or rather, they come in sl to participate in RFL events here. (sorry RFL= Relay for Life). I have discussed sl academically and with both other students along with faculty while on my own educational journey. I've even participated in the, shall we say, perusal of others' academic works connected to sl in some fashion(don't even get me started..ugh). I have talked about sl to friends and other family, all over the globe, all to varying degrees. Some of those people are in sl now, some were and have since moved on, and I fully intend to drag more down the rabbit hole. I find, for me, and me only, it's utterly useless to *not talk about sl, or rather, keep it to myself as it were. Yes, sl can be, has been, still is some days, my own escape, but I am not bothered by the side of sl that seems to have caused the "bad rep" some assume it has. I prefer giving people that do perceive it as nothing but...(insert whatever you want here, it's usually negative, and often times related to sex in some fashion too..)..a better idea of what it can be. So, yeah, long winded way of saying,yes, they know, lots of strangers do too, and plenty more will in the future.
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