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  1. I highly recommend doing a google search for Second Life vehicles causing a nuisance(yes, those words exactly). You will find everything you need to know, the history behind them, and why, frankly, they were a massive problem for a lot of people (and eventually killed off by LL, essentially, despite discussion to the contrary) right in the very first result. You can delve further from there, lol. It was a pretty heated topic, and may still remain so for some folks That's not me saying "don't do it", but me saying "understand it first, and be smart about it" lol. (not that I think you wouldn't, of course)
  2. Refund for false advertisement?

    If LL made a habit of simply issuing refunds for bad purchases, disappointed customers, even on the basis of "not as described", they'd be in a mountain of refund requests, with no end in sight. That's the reality of things, and regardless of how many times people say "if they had policies in place and enforced them from word go...", such statements will always be lacking (what they're lacking may vary though). In sl, much like in rl, merchants are not going to always be able to please everyone. Sometimes (this is not likely to apply the the OP's situation, but rather, a big portion of others) people get angry about products that simply aren't what they expected, for a myriad of reasons. Maybe it's bigger, smaller, takes up more LI/prims, is the wrong color, doesn't do what they thought it did...maybe they didn't really read the description, maybe the creator has a different idea of what the product is/does/looks like/should be than the customer. I mean, really, we could write for days and probably still have things we didn't include on a "reasons customers might ask for a refund" list. Now imagine that LL employees had to deal with EACH and every single "I don't like it, I want my money back" request they got, not just the ones that seme more valid to us than others, but ALL of them. It would be pure hell to deal with, and I honestly doubt ANY LL employee gets paid enough to deal with all of that, on top of everything else. So, yeah, it would cost, ALL of us, in some fashion, to have that kind of thing in place. It may not apply to this particular case, but it sure as heck applies to a LOT of them, if not most. The real world isn't all that different, though. Let's say you buy something on Amazon(I use this, because most are familiar)..do you REALLY think Amazon is going to *always* refund on the basis of "product not as described"? I can assure you, they do not, and they most assuredly do not when they are not the fullfiller (yeah not a word, I'm making it one). Amazon is also "caveat emptor" when it comes to a lot of things. You can get refunds in some instances of "product not as described", but not them all, or even most. You can't even always get a refund for products that are faulty, lol. Perfect example...I got my kid a Dobby Funko for her bday (she has hundreds, she collects). Dobby is supposed to have a sock in his hand. Our dobby, however, looks like this..(my apologies for the large size, but you need it to understand) There is something wrong with this Dobby...something very, very wrong with this Dobby. We laughed it off, chalked it up to a Malfoy hijacking the delivery truck to take back...well. you get my drift Amazon will not issue a refund for this, they didn't fulfill the order, but even if they had, they still won't issue one, I know, because I asked. Thankfully, my kid is awesome, and Dobby's flaw just makes him even more amazing to her. I had tried to get a refund without even asking her if she wanted me to return it and get one. Amazon's response was a resounding "no". Which is, in the end, a good thing,because she likes him the way he is. But suffice it to say, this is most definitely a "product not as described", despite it actually being brand new when I bought it. I get that it really, really, really sucks when transactions go bad, when merchants sell things not as described, when people feel cheated. I don't think the intention was any sort of victim blaming, but rather "we hear you, we do understand your plight, we've all been there, here's how you can avoid it in the future". I'm not going to make excuses for the merchant in this case. But, assuming this merchant isn't actually in sl anymore(devil's advocate maybe?), it's entirely possible the merchant doesn't even KNOW the listing is marked as 100% mesh..because he/she is no longer around(which would also mean the money you paid is just sitting there, in his/her account, not even being used). I had a product marked 100% mesh that I was selling that was absolutely NOT mesh, I never made it mesh, I never selected that option, I would have never selected that option, lol. But during whatever the heck happened to listings going all wonky some time back, things went a little cuckoo and that listing I THOUGHT wasn't messed up with some of the others(like permissions being changed, listings going inactive, pictures changing, etc..)...apparently was. Perhaps I didn't look at it close enough, that's entirely possible, and totally my bad if I didn't. A customer told me, I fixed it, all is well with the world, and it's never happened since. (that was quite a while ago though, lol). Or you could be dealing with someone that just doesn't care. At any rate, I feel your pain, I'm sorry you had to deal with it. LL's choice to NOT meddle in the refund department, while not such a great thing in your eyes right now, IS in fact, a policy adopted worldwide, commonly used, and overall, not a bad choice. We may not see it when it involves us, our money, our time even, but we have to think broader than that.
  3. Who else came from other virtual world ie IMVU ?

    Before sl, all kinds of places, but the most recent before sl would be TSO...though I'm still in TSO. Or, rather, I should say, back in it now that a version of it is up and running again
  4. Can I be inside the outside? On a not really related note...one of my kids used to think any lights she saw in the sky, or anywhere above her (including street lights) were "aliums from inside outside space, sheckin on us". For a two year old, she had a brilliant lil mind (and still does, years past two)
  5. This hasn't always been the case. I rented a place a couple years ago that was kinda busy most of the time (other renters, a couple shops). Then a club (no longer exists, lol) moved in. They had quite a few "busy" nights for the first couple of weeks, when couldn't tp back to my home because the region was full. I'd have to either wait for someone to leave the region, or im someone at the club to ask a staff member to leave just so I could get home-which they didn't take too kindly. I really hope they have since changed this, it was extremely obnoxious, and I know it's been a problem on quite a few occasions.
  6. If the region is full(including the premium perk extra allowance) you cannot get right back in to the same event. If you DO get right back in to the same event, either the region is not full, or you have premium and the premium perk extra avatar allowance has not been met yet. So, yes, it is always true.
  7. is roblox trying to cut into second life's market

    I have, and, I maintain my original statement...the two aren't comparable, and neither has the potential to affect the other, negatively, or positively. Roblox isn't nearly as much fun, it gets boring super quick...and In tend to like less than stellar games, apps, environments, platforms, etc.. I mean, I still play TSO ad Stardew Valley lol.
  8. Corrections, grammar, spelling etc.

    Thousands of people...this thread going viral? If either of those took place, people would note how you behaved, not how others behaved. There is no vitriol here, there were no insults, there was nothing you described about how "mean people can be", except in *your* responses-which went from pretending to be a kind person capable of seeing all good, into...umm, I'm not sure what that devolved into to be honest, it was rather puzzling to say the least. So, yeah, if thousands see this (I have my doubts about those thousands, mr/ms "social experiment"), the odds are pretty good those thousands won't think ill of the forumites as a whole, or even individuals, except for the one that started the thread, and then came back to it with multiple personalities, lol. You know if you want to do a "social experiment", they're super duper easy to do. Pretending something was one after the fact, because you've well shown your own foolishness and inability to converse like a polite grown up, doesn't bode well for much of anything other than entertainment. It's hardly indicative of the company with which you've conversed, quite the opposite actually. Stick around the forums a bit longer, or read them a bit more, you'll get a better feel for the company which you keep. If you choose not to, the world cannot be blamed for your misperception of others
  9. Refunds on a purchase?

    Your method is extremely convoluted and not even remotely indicative of "the buyer's experience". I mean, it works for you and that's fabulous...for you. But the vast majority of shoppers want/expect, either a box/package of some sort they can open easily, or a folder...period. They don't go through all of those steps, they don't expect that they'll have to, and they're not too fond of people telling them they should, lol. Folks that enjoy sorting their inventory in a very specific manner may enjoy such a task, but most folks, don't. That said, boxes are not indicative of a merchant being clueless. The fact that you don't know how most people open packages, or even expect to receive goods from the MP, tells me you're not all that cluefull
  10. Corrections, grammar, spelling etc.

    I laugh at every fudging one of my mistakes...especially the unintentional ones. If folks didn't judge my typing, and sometimes harshly, I wouldn't have a 3.98 GPA this go 'round , and I wouldn't have graduated with a 3.95 for my last, either. I wouldn't be able to work, I wouldn't be able to communicate-formally or informally. I wouldn't know when my keyboard is screwing up and needs changed out for a new one. I wouldn't know when, or even if, I type the wrong line in a bit of code that I had to send off to someone else. I wouldn't be able to work on forms, reports, breakdown structures, charts, graphs, any coding at all....need I continue? But, mostly.. I wouldn't know when I made a hilarious mistake that generally took a conversation into a WHOLE new direction, unintentionally, that causes some busted guts, sore chesticles, and contributed to the wheezing attacks in my favorite asthmatics. Judging isn't inherently bad, but it is inherently human....try not to pretend you don't do it too Don't take yourself, or life, too seriously....you'll miss out on far more than you ever thought possible.
  11. Corrections, grammar, spelling etc.

    Its easier on us all when people just give up and let me run If you ever watched me type, you'd wonder how in the hell I don't make more typos. I never once look at the keyboard when I type out posts, and only occasionally do when I type out corrections I also type super fast, like, super super duper fast. I know precisely where every key on my keyboard is and where my hands need to sit to hit them....99, ok more like 90% of the time. Though I once told someone I own a braille monitor and that's how I manage. He was dead certain I was serious too. It took me years of practice, starting with a typewriter that had been slightly modified to help me find the keys properly without ever looking when I was like 8-ish, or so.
  12. Corrections, grammar, spelling etc.

    I'm legally blind, and without the use of my TTS, I make LOADS of mistakes (see sig). I don't particularly care if someone judges, corrects, responds to, etc.. my mistakes. Most of the time, I can laugh it off, either because it was a hilarious typo (I have a weird sense of humor), or because, sometimes it makes a sentence/thought make little to no sense. If I find myself getting angry, upset, hurt, whatever, by someone correcting me...it's time to step away from the keyboard. If I REALLY want to express that it wasn't intentional, I can so , easily, by saying "DOH, y bad..legally blind..it happens), or if English was not my first language "Sorry, my English isn't the best". I communicate (typographically) with people in roughly five different languages on a daily basis. I'm not very good with most of them, though I do my best. Obviously, English is my first language, Spanish would be my next strongest, and the other three I am really rusty but can make do. When they correct me for getting something wrong, I don't get angry, I don't get upset, it really doesn't bother me. I mean, surely, I cannot learn without being judged to some extent, now can I? Sometimes the judgments come across harshly, sometimes they don't. Eh...no skin off my nose. I get judged for making long posts here too, and I'm perfectly a-ok with that. All my long winded-ness at least has spaces for breathing now and then
  13. A-NO you do not count as a space when you log off. What you are seeing when you see that 43, is the PREMIUM Perk of being able to get in to a land that is otherwise full. No, clearly, you don't have more experience, or knowledge than me, otherwise you would already know this. Having your knickers are in a twist over not being able to get into an event is no excuse for attempting to insult people when they explain things you clearly don't understand. Once you log off, that's it, you're off, your av no longer counts in parcel count. Feel free to ask a linden, or even folks who have been here longer than either of us, to verify that is indeed true. Or, you can go to an empty land, with an alt or a friend, note the number of avs present, and have that friend log off. Now wait a minute or so...bam, one less avatar. I'm not an idiot, nor am I suggesting that you, yourself are an idiot, but on this one you are DEAD wrong. Its okay to be wrong sometimes Also, not cool on the blind jab, that was a low blow, knock it off. B-Because, like I said, LL doesn't want that, it's all up to their design, something that they have chosen. No matter how much we all may dislike it(and I actually agree them holding the only stake in an out of world marketplace/selling site, is stupid). There is nothing merchants and event organizers can do to change this, because it is out of their hands. Like I said though, there are LOTS of marketplace events, lots of events that make use of the marketplace too. So, they do exist, you just don't see them, apparently. C-You're exaggerating, and making mountains out of molehills. A couple of days, at most, is not a few months, not even remotely You're telling me to grow up, while throwing a verbal temper tantrum.... You know when my kids get cranky, it usually means they need a nap