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  1. Klytyna wrote: FellicityVixen wrote: Or another more troubling example. There was a major organised crime in the UK that carried on for over 10 years. The reason the authorities (police, social work, politicans, etc) would not act against those known criminals was because, they were of a certain religion. They were labelled in the press as "Asian" at first, implying that they were Chinese, but not THAT sort of Asian. For anyone curious- look up Rotherham gangs (warning, it's really disgusting crimes). Just a useful FTI, here in Britain, the term 'Asian' is normally used for people from Bangladssh, Celon, India, and Pakistan, and NOT used to refer to people from China, who are usually refered to as Chinese, or Oriental. FellicityVixen wrote: 2) There is a paradox that the liberals (whither you believe yourself to be a liberal supporter, or believe in some, many or A LOT of liberal values- and I'd like to think most of the West believe in liberal values a lot). The paradox is this: The tolerant will have to tolerate the intolerant. Think on this. I believe this is the biggest issue with religion, because it is NEVER just about what God exists or what history and festival is true or good. It is often about the lifestyle rules and moral justifications that EVERYONE has. I would be happy to accept religion IF those same people could accept other peoples' non religions or different religions. Very often they don't. Islam in particular is very intolerant, and it is also very ironic that for a religion that lives in many war torn countries- but blames the West for many of those wars, deaths and failure to *take them in*, they also have plenty of religious laws that allow them to kill each other (and religious texts that allow them to kill without guilt). You seem to think that religions are supposed to be tolerant, and that somehow the believers fail their religions by failing "to tolerate the intolerable." Mono-Theistic Religions are NOT tolerant, never have been never will be, this is an inherent design feature... The followers of Koomi, God of Toaster Ovens, the One True God, who'e most sacred of days is Tuesday, all KNOW that believers of other FALSE so-called gods are fools and criminals and terrorists who eat babies and vote Demopublican and want to take away True Believers Rights to shoot the UPS guy for trespass when he delivers their parcel from Amazon! "You can take away mah garbage, Mr. Garbage-Man but you can never take mah Fee-Dumb! Taste mah .30-06, Demopublican voting commie filth tresspasser! Murica Rulez! Praise Koomi! Rawr!" This executive ban, is an opportunist facist, playing to the mob, with a dumb idea that will increase the hatred of the 'enemy' while doing nothing to stop them attacking you, but doing an awful lot of harm to people whose suffering can be traced back and laid squarely at the door of the Muricans who helped creat the damn problem in the first place, over half a century ago. You want to ban potential terrorists from the US, ban people from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, because they are the ones who carried out the 9/11 attacks, Murica's former number 1 most wanted, old Osram bin Lightbulb, was a Saudi business man, thats how he had the start-up cash to found his terror group. For many years Saudi Arabia was one of the worlds largest exporters of small arms, despite not making a single gun, because they were also one of the worlds largest importers of small arms. Mega rich oil tycoons donating 1/40th of their vast oil income as charity (a requirement of their religion, one christianity lacks), but defining 'charity' as supplying weapons to pro islam warlords and fanatics all across the middle east and africa, hence why Somalia at one point, had more AK-47's than PEOPLE. But... Saudi's are rich, they buy Murica Brand War Toys, and they supply shiploads of fuel for Murican Pickup Trucks, so, anti terror initiatives, meh... I would like to just go right on ahead and umm..ditto, this post. You've said what I wanted to, and chose not to, much better than I could have, if I did. Simply put, this ban is NOT what people think it is...it's really not. One of the most scary aspects, for me, and perhaps others, is the fact that so many do not understand what it is and why it would have failed/did fail/got overturned, versus similar practices we have had in the past. It is NOT a ban put in place to protect us, at all. If it were, the most dangerous threats would not have been specifically excluded.
  2. I don't know about others, but I possess the capability fo being outraged, angry, upset, and any other emotion/feeling, as well as having opinions on, more than one thing at a time. Perhaps that is a difficult concept for some(though I doubt it's a difficult concept for you to understand), but I don't personally understand why it would be. I can be just as angry at parents that abuse and harm their children as I am about people being unnecessarily killed in other countries, regardless of who it is that commits the atrocity(ies). I don't get involved in political discussions in places like this, because it tends to bring out some really nasty biases and that bothers me tremendously. I have a difficult time understanding how people can absolutely refuse to let go of certain biases to recognize the big picture, and it can make certain discussions difficult. Difficulty is not something I particulatly care for when I know it is a fruitless effort on my part...regardless of how strongly I feel about my own convictions. That said, there is something I would like to say on this specific topic.... Trumps ban, is not due to preventing terrorism, in any way, shape, or form. It is not designed to protect the US, or anyone on US soil(citizens or otherwise). It is not designed to appease the masses, or even smaller groups of people. It is not based in sound logic or reasoning, in any way. It was overturned because of these, and other, reasons. This is not the first ban/temporary hold the US has had, of a similar nature. Others were successful because they were based on sound reason, logic and with evidence that supported the implementation of such. This particular one will/would have fail/failed, if it had not been overturned(even if this is only a temporary state). The fact remains that Saudi Arabia is at least one of the countries that poses a much larger threat to the US, and Trump, specifically, excluded it form the ban. That country produces more than 80% of the foreign born terrorists worlwide. The countries included on the ban have contributed to the deaths of precisely 0 people on US soil...ZERO. Saudia Arabia, however, has contributed to, or caused, well over 2,369 deaths on US soil alone....and Trump says they are not a threat... I have actually no problem at all with bans/temporary holds, when they are based on logic, reasoning, and have evidence that supports not only their proposal but their implementation. When security is concerned, my own personal biases regarding "well they're not ALL potential terrorists" sort of goes out the window. When my family, your family, strangers' families...on US soil are being threatened..I want to protect them, and I want others to protect them. That's a human instinct. This ban, however, has nothing to do with any current threats. It is baseless, lacks any and all evidence for even a proposal much less an implementation, and has caused so much more tension than I think most people can comprehend. People do not realize the actual impact it has had on others, all they know is what they have read. I have witnessed the impact firsthand....it's not pretty folks, it's really not. Not only have people been turned away, but they've been forced to return to areas that don't want them either. What exactly are we telling these people? "Sorry, you can't come in, you're dangerous". Yes, god forbid the doctors, students, even nurses that have helped save my and my child's life, be allowed back into a country in which they have lived for YEARS, a country in which they work their asses off, pay taxes, raise families, contribute to society, and cause no more problems than your average citizen in this country causes. The vast majority of them work towards citizenship while they do all of these things too, because our process can be very length(and I am not necessarily knocking that process). There is another side to this that many aren't seeing. They see "Oh, Trump says we're in danger...he has an idea to stop terrorists from getting in...let's do it!!!". What they don't see is that the vast majority of those being prevented entry...are NOT A THREAT!!!! They never have been, they never would be...and now we've got even more tension than we previously had....fabulous. Now, if Trump provides us with a plan that is *actually designed to help protect us against Terrorists, I am all ears. My own personal biases regarding him, matter not. I let them go when it comes to important policies. Even the worst of the worst can have good ideas now and then, and I for one am open to hearing them....whether they come to fruition or not. But we do have countless other issues plaguing this country right now that, sadly, go unanswered. Instead, the country is now focused on this one thing, which isn't even remotely a good plan in the first place, to prevent something that wasn't happening/wasn't going to happen. All the while, we ignore everything else, not even just on US soil, but globally. That brings me right back to the original point though...I DO care about all of those other issues, and there are so many of them that sometimes it is overwhelming to care so much about things. I do what I, as an individual, can do. I encourage others to do what they can do too. But I am merely one cog in the machine, and a rather insignificant one at that. I have no power when it comes to these issues, well, no *real power. I can voice my outrage until I am blue in the face. I can join and stand up with/for as many causes as I can possibly manage. It may never be enough, or rather, it may never be *good enough...but I still try, I still care, I still do it. I am sure that I am not alone. So, yes...people DO care, ARE outraged and DO want to see change....this particular issue has no bearing on our capability of doing so, whatsoever. Nothing stops me from caring, or having an opinion, except me, myself, and I.
  3. I did read it, both explanations. I can understand where you are coming from, but I do have to ask one question and that is ...do you *really*(I mean this sincerely) beleive the relationship is going to work out when your desires for "time"(lack of better terminology on my part) do already not meet those who had an existing relationship before you were brought in? That's not a question I want you to answer to me, but yourself. No relationship, poly or otherwise, is ever going to meet all of your "time" desires...as long as it meets most of them, you shoudl be ok. But you do have to accept that sometimes, you're going to be left to your own devices, because others have things that may, or may not, take priority when you want to be that priority. Balance is key, and although I beleive that is where you are going with your plan there, I have a feeling it is going to backfire. If you are new to this relationship, you are already the odd man out, so to speak. So coming forth with ideas ot change a dynamic that worked really well without you there, may stir up waters that you don't want to stir. It might not, of course, but, you have to accept that it might(which I think you already know). I would not personally ever involve myself in a relationship where I thought I was on a clock, so to speak. I do understand balance, very well, which is hy my partner and I have been together so long(sl and rl). We understand, and understood when it was still new, that distance, rl, etc...can make things a bit difficult at times. But, we had to balance things, and balance them well, plus accept that sometimes we couldn't be each others' priority at that very moment, no matter how much we wanted it. That might lead to some alone time, but that didn't change our dynamic, how we felt, the time we did have together. Of course now things are different after all of these years, but when it was new...it was rough water now and then for a bit. We learned to work through it and let go of some of our personal expectations so that we could have expectations together, as a couple, instead. And that, imo, is an important aspect of any relationship, whether poly or otherwise...your expectations may not be reasonable to others, but even if they are(at least now), that might change. For someone that does not enjoy being alone too often, being in a relationship that will *absilutely require it at times, likely more frequent than a non-poly relationship, I think you are likely going to need to either find a hobby, or perhaps let go of a relationship that you cannot have...at the very least, your expectations of time spent together. It is the expectations that are throwing you off. THat may be a good indicator9and often is) when someone gets into a relationship that the specific type you are in, might not actually be for you. It might not be a good fit, no matter how much you want it. Maybe the dynamic doesn't meet your needs..and that's ok, it happens. From what i read, you are the only one in this poly relationship that does not like the current dynamic. When that happens you can either sit down and chat with the others-hoping they see your view and want to make changes, or you can realize that what you want, isn't what they want, and cut your losses. Regardless of which choice you make, you're likly going to make some waves, so be ready for that to happen. Poly relationships are different, they work differently than most others, the expectations and dynamic are NOT the same as one on one time. In fact, in most, there is no one on one time, regardless of what some might tell you. I have seen countless of them(rl, and sl, but a lot more in rl than sl), even grew up around them. It's no walk int he park and it is absolutely NOT the type of relationship for someone that wants more one on one time, or equal time spent with either one partner, or even all of them. It *never* works out with those expectations, as they are unreasonable. The relationships between two people, regardless of which two, in a poly relationship are NOT the same and never will be. That's simply impossible. THat may be part of the problem here..you are expecting that you are all equal, and you are not. This goes double for someone that is a pet in an exsting poly relationship..you are just not on the same level as everyone else, and they are not on the same level as you, or each other. That's humanly impossible. No two people are ever loved the exact same, cared for the exact same, or spend the exact same(or even remotely close) time with people in a poly relationship. That's one of the biggest downfalls of most of them...those quirky expectations.
  4. I wouldn't want to, but even if I did, I never could, lol. I can't use VR gear(most of it on the market today anyway, and likely much that is not yet on the market) due to the vision loss I have. It makes things incredibly more difficult to accomplish, though I have tried. They use VR gear in certain treatments and even to test vision capabilities (though that may only be during clinical trials/experiments, I haven't yet seen it outside of that scenario personally...but my knowledge is limited to my own experiences). I participated in it once and they, very quickly, realized how terrible a candidate I was, and that they were likely to do more harm than good, including decreasing the time left until full blindness. I'd rather not speed that process up any more than it already is. It kind of sucks to know you'll never realy enjoy it, but VR, and what can be done with it, intrigues me. I am speaking of things beyond virtual worlds like SL, of course, and delving into an actual immersion using VR gear, into all kinds of scenarios(including everyday life). It's a fascinating topic, even if I'll never be able to experience it, I like reading about others' experiences with it I think I got off track...apologies, lol. Back on track...nice concept, but honestly, even if I could enjoy it, a world geared around furries(thoug I have NOTHING against them) probably wouldn't intrigue me nearly as much as a more real life scenario-minus all the typical bs real life comes with(make sense?). Though it might be fun to enjoy for a short time, I can think of loads of other scenarios that would be cool too, though none long-term, so to speak. Real life still interests me too much to let it go
  5. If you're clearing your cache that often, I'd figure out what the root of whatever problem you're having actually is. There really is no need to clear cache most of the time. It just creates more loading problems. I have a *very extensive inventory(nearly 200k atm), and I never have to clear cache.
  6. Arrwen Huntress wrote: I would like to know why Linden Labs hasn't remove this system from their servers and banned the owners and creators for making this product, Beause land owners have a right to ban people they want to from thair land(s) for whatever reason they want, or no reason at all, if they so choose. You, I, nyone else...whatever, may or may not like it, but that's the way things are, and have been, since the beginning.
  7. Sassy Romano wrote: Tari Landar wrote: I feel bad for the commerce team, they get grief because LL can't be assed to fix things. The above are one and the same. The commerce team IS LL and have (had?) staff accountable for maintainance and development. If there's no development (there doesn't appear to be), then one should question why not, it's not exactly finished and there remains plenty of low hanging fruit. No doubt everyone is busy with Sansar and from a future business perspective I can understand that except that it's all too common to chase the new shiny and not deal with the actual revenue generating product properly. I have empathy with the support staff who are not in a direct position to effect change but the commerce team is (was?) comprised of developers too. (I used the past tense on two occassions there because there's no current or recent or in fact vaguely recent evidence that there are developers actively engaged in Marketplace) I should probably rephrase what I mean to clarify, lol. I dont believe the commerce team we have now, is even remotely close to the commerce team we had even three or four years ago, much less anything prior to that. I also don't beleive there actually are any developers involved anymore. I believe the comerce team we have now has been given a lot of limitations from higher up on the LL food chain, so there is very little, to nothing, they can do as far as fixing things is concerned. They seem(to me) to simply be there to appease the masses when we get pissed off about something, answer questions when/if they can(or, when/if they want to, seemingly at times), and that's about all they are responsible for.. I could be completely wrong, but, I highly doubt it at this point. Until someone higher up in the LL food chain steps in to give us evidence proving otherwise, I'll continue to beleive that what we basically have with the commerce team is near equal to a group of customer service agents with limited capabilities, and limited information as well. So, I feel bad for folks that get stuck in that kind of position, especially when they do try to help(as some of the threads on this forum have proven) and get crapped on by residents for "not doing more" or "not doing better", when I truly believe they aren't *able to because the higher ups on the food chain, won't let them. If any of them wanted to step in and correct me, I'd be very happy to see it, but it's been years since I saw any evidence suggesting they are anything more than customer service agents.
  8. Haha, like most things LL involved, it's as clear as mud. Now you understand why I said what I said, I'm sure, lol. But, I've grown accustomed to nothing involving the review system working as intended, or maybe bugs..sorry...cough..features..are precisely how it's intended, lol. Who knows with LL. I feel bad for the commerce team, they get grief because LL can't be assed to fix things. For once, I use spellcheck, and it *still didn't catch my typos, wth..lol
  9. AmberSwann wrote: You're sad... not only sad... but WRONG and sad... that was the furthest thing from my mind... in fact, no room in my mind for such a contemplation. I am *far from sad lady, I am actually quite a happy, and typically helpful, person. Perhaps if you were better at articulating yourself, you wouldn't give people the wrong impression so very easily. I was actually laughing at the mere idea, and how it *sounded elitist and snobbish...but not calling YOU a snob, or elitist, just the idea. I can discuss ideas, opinions, etc...without discussing the *person stating them. Most grown adults can, actually I'm sure you can too
  10. Artorius Constantine wrote: I gifted my alt a Toga less than a week ago and my alt was able to review it so I personally know the system currently works as intended for an item gifted to an account with a legacy name within the last week. I guess our mileage varies then, as I gifted a legacy account (2008 account) just a few hours ago, and she can't review it So, I suppose, it doens't work as intended. It *is a known problem, even aside from legacy names, and has been for a while, I just believe, like most things with the MP, it holds no priority whatsoever for LL, lol.
  11. Artorius Constantine wrote: It it was gifted, gifted items can only be reviewed by the person it was gifted to. This isn't actually true. Aside from the bug with Resident names, even the party that received a gifted item, cannot review it. I have sent gifts to friends, both legacy names and Resident names, none of them can review the products. It has been this way for quite some time.
  12. Sassy Romano wrote: Hmm, that wasn't my take from Amber's post. I didn't feel excluded or an underclass because I haven't chosen to rush out and buy Bento enabled stuff and i'm as interested to see how it works out instead of stiff fingers and blank faces but since I'm not even invested in mesh avatars, it's not going to be something that will bother me either way. To the OP, go ahead, make your dream, set up a club or other such venue and good luck! Oh, I don't feel excluded either, but then, I'm rather good at controlling how things make me feel That said, her initial post didn't sound nearly as snobish(to me) until she clarified when someone tried to explain that bento is something *we all* have the capability of having...and she claimed that such a thing must be exclusive "because many are not". Either way...good luck with making the club, entirely likely it's going to sit empty though. The last place I personally want to be, is a room full of people bragging about their avs-but, again, that's a personal thing for me. I'm not fond of mesh avs to begin with, and even less fond of trends (because I am an oddball, I, weirdly, like nearly all avatars I meet, regardless of how "current" they might be)
  13. This type of elitist snobbery is the best kind. Why? Because it's the most hilarious. Or maybe I spent way too much time laughing about this, it could just be me. You don't even understand bento, what it is, how it works, how it's been implemented. Yet, you seem to be trying to create elitist "classes" of people, based on something you don't even understand, lol. I wouldn't normally make that conclusion from your initial post, but since you so kindly clarified and verified with your other response, I think it's safe to say...your ignorance is showing.
  14. Ok, after reading thr whole thread, I suppose I can comment I understand you believe LL should do things to spice sl up(for lack of better terminology on my part). However, I would like to point out that they, in recent months, have actually done things to spice sl up..all of thish has already been pointed out above So, in that right, they are already doing what you want...spicing up the platform/world. Although you haven't really given any reasons why an sl created/maintained email program would be a good idea, you did mention sending notices, or contact people, without having to login. This idea contradicts your desire for LL to make the world more interesting. It does so, because it requires one to *not* be engaged with the platform/world, and therefore, gives more option(s) to *not* log in. Does that make sense? Sort of like our creation tools, while we do have, limited, creation tools in world, the vast majority of creation is done outside of the platform. More creation tools are added on a fairly consistent basis over the years, but nearly all of them require more work *outside of the platform. Again, this would take people off world, out of SL, to do the work. It does not necessarily bring more people *in world. Perhaps everyone else seems negative simply because you're not explaining it well, or really at all, so your'e taking this as more of an attack on you, and not the idea. I read it as an attack(well not even an attack really, but a debate/discussion) on the idea itself, and not you. You might want to address some of the questions asked before you feel like everyone is only being negative. People don't agree with the idea, because they do not see how it has merit. So..show people, or explain anyway, why it has merit to you. You shouldn't make presumptions about people and who they are simply because they do not share your ideas. I honestly am not sure if you've thought the idea through, or if you understand what an email program entails and why it would *not necessarily bring more people in to the platform, if we had even more options to contact folks(notices, personal, whatever) via an outside program. We already have those options through the dashboard on mysecondlife, and other various email programs people use, though not necessarily the notices(though they can be done too via external servers that send info in-world) in all instances. For example, I can contact someone via email, through my email, if they send me a message and I want to respond without being logged in. We've been able to do that since the "send offline IMs to email" option was created. Again, maybe it is the explanation that is lacking, rather than the understanding on the part of readers...or maybe not, but I think so
  15. I always contact merchants when there is an issue, before leaving a review. I personally find it in better taste, though others' opinions may vary on the subject. If a seller does not make good on a product that's actually very bad, does not attempt to make good, or generally turns into a doucehcanoe, then they get a negative review-baed on the product and their inability/unwillingness to fix whatever is whacked. It's ony happened twice to me since MP's inception, so I'd say my method works well for me. Most folks get good reviews from me, because most products I buy, are good. If they aren't, and it's not necessarily something that can be fixed easily, or it's really a minor issue, I still contact them, and leave a review stating that. They're never rude though, and always neutral reviews rather than negative in these cases. As a merchant, I prefer customers contact me if there is an issue, either along with leaving a review, or before, whatever works best for them. Many merchants do not get notifications when reviews are left, which kinda sucks, but, it is what it is. If I get a negative review, I *always* reimburse the purchaser, and respond when I see it, indicating precisely that. Sadly, many customers don't contact merchants and just run for the negative review thing-which is just...odd. I wouldn't berate a customer any more than I'd want them doing it to me, though. It has happened to me, on more than one occasion, and always results in me putting on an extra sweet exterior, refunding, and thanking them for their business. For me, responding in kind(ie, berating them, or harrassing them) is about as useful as trying to nail prepared jello to a tree. It's just plain messy, and doens't work out for any involved party