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  1. Did you actually read anything I posted, or possibly consider that my response was actually directed to the OP's inquiry and not your specific problem (which is a grid wide problem for many)? Or does the world still revolve around you and only you in your neck of the woods, so all topics must relate to you personally, lest you make them so? You nearly always assume everyone is addressing you and your issues when most of the time, they aren't, lol. It's really weird and I have yet to actually understand it, not that I have to, of course. Even when people agree with you, you seem hell bent on be
  2. I need to preface this with.....no hostility, no grudges, no hate, no denigration, whatever else, intended, just merely facts and information. The main reason people likely believe (whether they are wrong or right in their assumption) you're posting about this, has very little to do with the whole of sl, but rather focuses primarily on your own personal business model. You sell products on the basis of increasing traffic for landowners/renters, and the like. (again, not denigrating your business, it can be a solid business model, please don't get your hackles up about it). Unfortunately,
  3. Wow, you really do have a huge ego don't you? Can't admit when you're wrong at all, can you? I have told you, now twice, that I also own the coin hunt and fish buoys, and have for years, and THAT money is what was wiped clean. I don't really give a ***** about any money that was on my rod, lol. Actually, February of 2017 is when I got the landowner supplies and began investing in your product. So, clearly, your records, and ability to check them, still sucks butt. Ok, I'm done with you and this load of horse manure. You really are a piece of something I can't say on the forums.
  4. I have actually had the very painful experience of dealing with a rl company that had a data breach. I wouldn't wish it on anyone else either. That's part of how I know you handled it poorly, and why I think your continued action of brushing off the effect it had on others because you are now currently back whole, is also a poor way of dealing with it. Check your damn system again buddy, because I am, very much, in it. Nice try at deflecting the real issue, but now I know you're simply full of your own crap and nothing more. Wow you are......something else, let me just say. I te
  5. Lmao, oh dear, no one could possibly confuse me for anyone else. Well, they could, but probably not a smart idea, lol. I'm an odd duck. There aren't many of us on these forums that type up entire books for most of our responses, either. Plus, my typos are damn hilarious, and I rarely ever fix them. Most people probably care a lot more about those typos than me. I'm blind as a bat and dgaf about them
  6. I have no idea what the hell that means, lol. If you're asking if that's my name, it's not.
  7. Man, I hate when people outright lie.....sigh. You're probably not going to like this post. But since I refuse to fuel your system with any more of my money on the off chance that you won't know what to do if something goes awry again (and it probably will, ***** happens), I don't much care if you do or don't. Super long, but you're into super long diatribes full of verbose drivel, so.... (feel free to ignore my drivel folks, it's a doozy, as per usual) Not true, I know a lot of folks that complained, and have since stopped using the product because of the poor way it was handled
  8. I don't usually like discussions like this (and don't like this one either, actually) because the word organic always gets thrown into them. One thing that all discussions about sustainable living/eating have in common is that the general public doesn't seem to understand what the word organic actually means, or at least they can't come to a consensus on it. In fact, it has more definitions than it does letters, or at least that's been my experience with people discussing it. People seem to believe that organic means that no chemicals were used, no pesticides were used and that the creati
  9. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder In this case, I'm not beholding. There is literally nothing I find breathtaking or beautiful about that pic, the model, the pose, any of it. If you like it, that's awesome, but not everyone is going to agree. Most of what you see there in the pic can be achieved in sl as it is, including poses that work right. The things you can't achieve as easily, you can in at least in photos of sl, which is pretty much what that is...a photo, lol, and nearly any photo of anything in sl can be made to look more realistic by someone with the knowledge and skill
  10. Mine likes to go galavanting around the city and countryside in search of new adventures. She's rather fond of swimming, flying, a fantastic bowler, has some of the most amazing cars ever, creates with such finesse the world has never seen before, and is loved by all she encounters. She's a magnificent and adventurous being, exploring every nook, cranny and hole in the wall place within the confines of sl boundaries. She's scaled the tallest mountain, dove into the deepest underwater caverns, ran through every rolling field of wheat while the wind brushed back her silken hair ever so gently, a
  11. If you read the "award" that IMVU got from Lifewire, it literally describes everything Sl offers on a much larger, and grander, scale, lol. Even AW (Active Worlds) scored higher than IMVU, lmao. Not much worth bragging about, really, though, they aren't even actual awards, it's just a product review. The link for the "awards" https://www.lifewire.com/best-virtual-world-games-840474 Any company, like IMVU, that has to intentionally advertise that way is only doing so, because they're hurting in some fashion. Likely, they are tired of losing players to other products, so s
  12. For some of us, it very much does hold a significant amount of gravity. (not that I expect the majority of sl holds the same opinion, of course) The problem with this only arises when people of different sides of that fence try and mingle cohesively. They often end up in a tussle over who's right and who's not on the matter, both quite determined to be the former and not the latter.
  13. No, I didn't misunderstand you. Only part of my post was directed at the part of yours I quoted, I was agreeing with it. The rest was for the OP, lol.
  14. This, right here, is what turns a whole lot of people off from the "family dynamic", in sl. So many people are all "if you mess with one of us...", "if you mess with..." and take it VERY seriously, to the point that they (as a collective, not just individuals, family, if you will) alienate/annoy/irritate/whatever people around them. That. in turn, gives off a horrible impression on other people in sl, of the individuals involved, of the collective, of the "family". That can also lead to some people choosing not to take such a "family" quite as seriously as others do, or simply not have that sa
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