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  1. I have a very good friend who has a more youthful look to her on one of her avs, and a little less youthful but still pretty young, like early 20s at best, look on her main (although a HUGE portion of us do, at least in the opinions of same...I digress...). She has been told by sim owners, management, etc.. that they'd rather not have her in their sims. You know what she doesn't do when that happens? She doesn't come to the forums to make a post and somehow try to get people to "side" with her. She doesn't pitch a fit. She doesn't judge those landowners or their management, let alone their decision(s). You know what she does do? She politely apologizes when and where necessary (particularly if SHE failed to read the rules), tells them to have a nice day, and she leaves. That's the end of it, unless we later have a laugh about it. It's not a big thing and she doesn't need confirmation. If she did, it would be because she knew she was wrong in the first place, lol. Seeking attention by making posts like this is only going to reiterate the belief that you're either acting, or even are, younger than you're trying to appear in sl. Because children pitch fits like this (and it is, let's call a spade a spade, you tried to argue with them about it, for no reason, really..their land, their rules, move on). Teenagers seek out attention when they feel they've been wronged. Immature people need someone to back up their opinions when they, again, feel they've been wronged. Grown adults might laugh about it with some friends, but, otherwise....they don't actually give a rat's left nut, lmao. Be an adult and move on. I don't know why you bothered trying to discuss anything with them. Their land, their rules, and you already knew that. Yes, the face is absolutely youthful, it's very clear that's specifically what you're going for. Not judging it, just saying, that's what it appears to be, and it looks deliberate...good on you, you enjoy it, so go for it . I wouldn't pin that av's face as anything older than 18, I don't know where people are getting 20's from, but, I guess that's a perspective thing. I have young adult children, you definitely look younger than my in her 20s young adult child, who is also pretty youthful looking, but you can tell she's not a mid-teen. One of my young adult children still looks like a child herself, she gets called 12-15 ALL the time...which I totally see in that pic. Boobs don't always make you look older, though I'm certain you're trying to pretend they do, hence the picture. If your profile looks as youthful as the face in your forum av pic (not the pic you shared), I can see exactly why someone might see a youthful headshot like that and want to err on the side of caution...totally necessary if you ask most owners of adult places. There's a history behind why most have the rules they do.
  2. They have a list, but 99% of them don't know what it is (I actually suspect 100^%, but I'm giving them a 1% handicap), don't know where to find it, don't know why it exists and will NEVER, under ANY circumstances., tell us residents what it is. It's pure hogwash (pg version of what I really think it is). There is literally no rhyme or reason to "the lists"(yes, multiple, some are content level flags-ie adult, moderate, others are what *they* deem to be infringement cases, general asshatery...) and there never will be as long as a LL employee is in charge of implementing it, because, clearly, that haven't an eff'n clue how and no one at LL will help them.
  3. So..your thievery is okay, but the thievery others commit is not? You already admit you've stolen and reproduced the works of others, simply because you "wanted" to. I'd say the hole image posted is pretty accurate here lol. Why do you deflect every single time you're called out on something, usually long after digging the proverbial hole? Also, and not really for you to answer I suppose, why in the hell do people simply accept that as okay here when you do it, but not others? If most other posters behaved the way you do, far too often, they'd be blacklisted, or worse. But you seem to get away with not only being a jerk in the not that distant past to countless people (on the subject of mental health, among other areas of interest....many of us don't forget these things), but now you're also an admitted works thief....and you seem to expect that people will be okay with it, as long as you deflect to point out others' thievery too. I just don't get it. I also don't think I'm alone in that thinking. If it's thievery when others do it, it's thievery when you do too, regardless of "intent".
  4. Sharing of videos is a right granted to users of youtube(for example) by those creating the videos or owning the rights to the video contents. For the videos for which the owners/creators/content owners do not grant rights, the ability to share is turned off. You should really actually read, or better yet, create (like videos, and content both rl and sl) things more often. You'd have a far greater understanding of views and bits of knowledge that don't exist within your own mind. (and that. surprisingly, is not a knock on you, just pointing out the level of ignorance is likely to wind you up in some trouble some day, and pretending ignorance is an excuse, is, well...not gonna fly, anywhere in the world) ETA: the vast majority of images and even videos one might find on the internet, come with an expressed, often times quite specific, desire and granted right to be shared. Most were never intended to bring profit of any sort for their owner(s)/creator(s), which is just one, of many reasons why they are shared as frequently as they are. Your argument holds absolutely no water, whatsoever. It's just not a good comparison.
  5. You EVER take something I have made, or something someone I know has made or created, and decide you get to choose its worth and are therefore free to GIVE it away, because "it's no big deal"....without express permission to do so..... I'm gna do more than figuratively smack you with a rolled up newspaper. W...T....actual....F That's not your ***** to just give away. I won't sugarcoat that either. You also don't get to pick the battles others choose to defend their work. I can't imagine you were all that successful at being a "dealer" of anything, unless you worked for a landscaper and peddled manure door to door.
  6. I have some advice, and concerns....it may sound rude, though it's really more to the blunt points. If you are indeed a masters student, this type of research" (let's face it, this isn't really research) is far inferior to the requirements necessary for that level of degree. I question this "masters" part, largely due to the fact that I, too, am studying for my masters and this is the kind of crap people just getting their feet wet with an associates would do (and, ftr, it wouldn't fly in most non-accredited, much less accredited universities, you'd be in trouble for using it, much less including it in the final paper). The questionable quality aside.... How do you intend to reference anonymous respondents of an inferior online survey that doesn't even actually address the subject matter you're suggesting it's designed to establish? (the answer, in case you don't know, is that you can't reference them, which takes me back to the above paragraph). You can't use research material, of any sort, without referencing it. This is not university sanctioned research, this is merely your way of trying to get others to fill out your survey and do the leg work you should be doing on your own. I call spades spades...when they're spades, and this is very much a spade. I'm guessing you chose a topic on which you thought you could easily gather information by allowing random strangers on the internet to provide it. It won't bode well for your paper's subject at hand. It's clear you're not actually working towards an end goal related to the topic, but more so to create content for a fluff paper. No one is helping you by filling this out, as you're only going to use the answers to reach your page requirement, versus gain some knowledge on the topic and be able to incorporate it into a real research paper. The fact that your audience is so widely broad, or more to the point that you allow the audience to be so broad, proves this, without anyone even filling anything out. If you really are doing a paper on this topic, ditch the survey, find some blogs from people that discuss these topics of interest, read these forums, read the official blogs, go inworld and actually talk to people...find real points of actual reference that can be validated both with hard data and should anyone look into your reference points (as they well should, else, what kind of university is it?). Get more hands on experience with users and the user experience. It's perfectly fine and even valid to reference users and their experiences, you're merely going about it all the wrong ways and I can surmise exactly why...because it's easier to have others provide the material. I wish people took their education more seriously. Although we've seen less and less of these topics, they're rather disheartening to me nearly every time I see it. It's as if some can't be assed to appreciate the gift that an education provides (but that part's just me being grumpy, though it holds a lot of truth).
  7. Your superiority complex in all things often gets you stfu responses from people, doesn't it? It won't from me, because I don't think you should stfu...though I do wish you'd "listen" a bit more frequently...it is what it is. Does it bother you that you need to use an alt to post on the forums simply to be contrary as the day is long, merely because you know the posts you make aren't actually right in any fashion, they are actually designed with the specific purpose to be contrary and controversial, or rile people up... all logic be damned? That's an honest question, although judgment is present (because all humans judge..it's a very human thing to do), it really is an honest question (though it likely won't get an honest answer, and I won't judge you if it doesn't...I just find it odd no one has yet asked it). However, your inability to understand the difference between someone saying "don't judge" and someone saying you haven't a right to invalidate others and all of their choices, kind of makes an awful lot of what you had to say both irrelevant and content fluff used in an attempt to validate faux white knight syndrome when your goal posts need to be constantly moved because you can't actually argue the discussion at hand. You clearly haven't been reading these forums as closely as you'd like the audience to believe, because if you had, you would know that your opinions of others, me included, are as way off base as one could possibly get. You don't know me any more than you think I know of the topic. In fact, you know even less of me, which I find extremely odd, as even passers by of these fora and their prior incarnations know more about me (and everyone else) than you seem to. Which brings me right back to my question and why the contrary, controversial nature is so very important to you. I get being contrary for discussion and debate sake, I actually enjoy a good discussion or debate with those that feel the need to be contrary in all things. Sometimes they have really important things to say, and quite valid points that I am always willing to listen to-whether or not I agree with them. Other times, however, they try to argue a side that is irrelevant to the discussion, drag new topics in also irrelevant and make a topic something it isn't, never was, and wouldn't be, just so they have something to "fight for". That's how your posts read to much of the audience I would imagine, even if some might not actually come right out and say that. Maybe that's your goal, and if it is, kudos, you succeeded. But if you want to do better, you should actually read the posts you quote. I have never once disagreed with the belief that those with nefarious purposes and intent (of the bad sort) also enjoy such places. Just as they enjoy many other things in sl that I, myself (both for me, and for others), might find horrendous, hideous, disgusting, vile, humiliating, criminal, or any other number of things I could call them. I would never disagree with such sentiment, because that would be stupid. Of course it's true, your belief I think otherwise also proves my point from above. That's not what my post was about, and if you'd read it, rather than merely prove the point that you just like to argue to argue, you would've seen that wasn't what my post was about. My post was about you pretending everyone there that is afk is some kind of victim, which they are not. Not only did you do that, and insult every single person that ever even visits one of those places, you also went on to insult those you previously called victims. That's just poor discussion tactics, really, and doesn't even fit the agenda I suspect most probably believe you have, but won't come out and say it for fear of getting a hand slapped for attacking. I'm not attacking, just commenting on what's before me....your words. That brings me right back to my question however, and proves my point...being contrary just to be contrary isn't always a good thing. If one has to do it on an alt account, because the main account would be judged for behaving in such a way...odds are good some level of consciousness is saying "this ain't a good idea". (even if sometimes we all ignore that bit of consciousness...it exists for a reason, all the same). If you want to discuss the actual post I made, I'm more than happy to. I think you have some valid points, I just think you're on the wrong track to making them, and I'm not convinced an actual discussion is ever on the table, on any topic with ya. If I'm wrong...and I'd love to be wrong...feel free to actually read my post and comment on its actual content, at face value. Hagn
  8. AFK sims are not my thing, they never have been, never will be.....I don't judge those for whom they are, however, not my place (or anyone's for that matter). I do know some folks who enjoy them, though, for all kinds of reasons, both visitors and those parking themselves there for others to enjoy. That said, anyone and everyone that parks themselves at an AFK sim (whether they are truly AFK or not), does so, 100% WILLINGLY and with complete and utter consent to have done to their avatar whatever is available at that location to visitors. There should never be any doubt otherwise, as no one is there unwillingly...no one. Why are you putting a victim card on those people that they neither asked for, nor do they even remotely desire (and yes, I've asked, you're not the first to make such wild accusations). They are not victims being used and abused, they're willing participants, for whatever very valid reason(s) they so choose, none of which any of us has any right to suggest aren't valid. Some of the people that use these sims, those I've spoken to anyway, who are in fact the ones AFK, actually garner as much pleasure out of it (and that measure of pleasure may differ from person to person) as those visiting the sims and enjoying the AFK avs. If a person doesn't like what's being done, they don't need to be there, literally no one does. No one is forced into an AFK sim. Absolutely no one puts themselves in the position of being someone who is AFK because they dislike it. There is no logic in that line of thinking, at all. It seems more like you're attempting to make a comparison to rl abuse situations wherein consent is not actually given for (insert whatever..) This isn't rl (as much as abuse is possible online...this isn't one of those cases, not even close) wherein a true victim actually may not "fight back" or "disobey", nor does the victim ever give consent. Why are you marginalizing the rl victims of such use and abuse by making claims that are not only outlandish as the day is long, but actually extremely insulting, to both sides of the coin? It's rather disgusting, and beyond insulting, actually. Though I'm not surprised to see it rear its ugly head, again, I am surprised no one called out the line of BS for what it is already. The faux white knighting (while attempting to insult patrons of AFK sims) does sod all to help actual victims of various forms of abuse, in fact, it does more harm than good. More people should be willing to tell people when they're behaving like walnuts. This is, 100%, walnut behavior.
  9. Silent beat me to it, but I prefer this version
  10. Never once has this ever happened to me, my mom, anyone I know, except for those who don't necessarily treat their hair as kindly as they could, and those with poor genetics(I have an aunt, and had a grandma both with naturally more brittle hair). Hair isn't an accessory that happens to come with your body, it's part of you. If you take care of your hair, and don't abuse it, it's not going to snap that easily, it's just not (baring other factors out of your control). Most things are more elastic, or pliable, when wet. That doesn't necessarily make them more prone to damage though. This is also a misconception that I wish would simply go away and they'd stop teaching in cosmetology type courses and classes, it's a load of crap. More and more people, of all genders, treat their hair unkindly, even without realizing it, and it then reacts to exactly how its treated. Aside from simply having poor genetics in that department-which really is't preventable, there is a lot people could do less of that would make their hair far more healthy and less subject to damage....like not using so much crap on it, not subjecting it to heat all the time just to dry it (blow drying on cool or cold is FAR better if you need a quicker dry than using heat, which kills your poor hair faster than just about anything else, and also makes it brittle and subject to snapping... not water, lol), not using every product under the sun they can find.....
  11. in sl my hair is long-ish, but nowhere near as long as my rl hair. In rl, I have had long hair my whole life, save when I was 3, cut my mid-butt length hair to my shoulders in the bathtub one day and got sent to grandpa's for a few weeks until it grew back out to just above mid-back again. I like my hair long, I always have, and I always will. Right now it's about top of the butt length on average, the longest parts, when wet, are about to the mid-cheek range. Only four people have ever cut my hair in my lifetime, a family member, my mom, me, and about 5 years ago I went to the lady that does hubby's hair and had her trim some off after having not cut my hair in 18+ years. It made me sad, even though it was still mid- to lower back when she was done. I won't make that mistake again. I don't need it, and I don't like it. I do trim it, when it needs it, but if you maintain your hair properly and don't abuse it, you really don't develop as many dead ends as people seem to think you do, lol. That's some weird myth that can't seem to be expelled out of existence. Sometimes (imo, most of the time) those split ends are really just genetic and nothing you do, including trimming frequently, will help. I have pretty *****ty health 90% of the time, but my hair doesn't suffer for it, thankfully. I don't buy expensive products, I don't use excessive products either. I simply use shampoo and conditioner as needed-in NORMAL amounts, and I don't fall for fads, trends or snake oil sales pitches-99% of the products out there are total crap. I don't blow dry it, I don't dye it, I don't use any kind of styling products on it, and I treat it as I would like it to treat me...kindly (and yes I realize how odd that sounds to people, lol). I don't baby my hair, I just..dunno, don't abuse it I guess is the only good way to say that. Hubby prefers his hair short. I prefer it however he prefers it, it's his hair, lol. I don't have a personal preference, and never have. He likes my hair long, minus the fact that longer hair tends to shed a bit more obviously, and he gets smacked in the face with it quite frequently, in all kinds of situations. He's not particularly fond of me letting it drip on him when I get out of the shower, though it's mildly amusing to me....or when I take it out of a bun after being up in one for 8-12 hours and it's still wet and he has to sleep up against it when it's cold, lmao (again, mildly amusing to me... "babe, move the horse tail"....bwaaahaaaaaa, no) My son had long hair most of his younger childhood years. He didn't get his first real haircut until he was almost 5, and he grew it out for about 8 years after that until he got annoyed with it one summer and asked me to cut it shorter. It wasn't the hair that annoyed him, but rather people and the way they treated him...'different topic for a 'different day. His hair was butt length when he finally asked for a cut, and even then, they were gradual every month until we got up to almost neck length. He had absolutely gorgeous locks as a kid, it went from dark when he was born, to bald within the first month, then beautiful light blonde to a darker dirty blonde. His hair is absolutely luxurious though, even short. He has to get it cut at least once a month or he can't see because it grows that quickly and is in his eyes again, lol. I'm the one that cuts his hair, a #2 on the trimmer
  12. Guess you missed the part where OP didn't actually say someone told them those things, but that they chose to leave the group, out of their own fear after being told not to post links. Reading is hard when all you want to do is argue
  13. Whirly, as much as I love you and know how helpful you are in pretty much all things sl related......you proved my point in your post, lol. Corrupted, missing or faulty libraries is the actual issue..that includes having libraries moved either via user error or some other change, intentional or otherwise-as that falls under a compatibility issue (which is treated as a corruption issue), because the default file path is quite standard across the board. If this were not the case, the majority of people would experience this same issue, like we did for quite a long time, every single time we get any kind of sl update, or even OS update, years ago. Large groups of people would receive the same update which would alter the file path as well, and the problem would rear its head in large swaths the way it used to. It hasn't been as widespread an issue for a long time though, which is why the problem points to the user's own system, versus the SL side of things, and can be easily remedied on the user end of things. These truly are standard font libraries that come with WIN OS as standard. MAC is problematic because it comes out the box problematic, in all kinds of areas, font libraries likely being the least of anyone's concern when it comes to compatibility with other applications and hardware. (and that has nothing to do with personal OS preference, it's just..how things are, have always been, may always be) I probably deal with at least half a dozen people who are struggling with something basic which is MAC related that wouldn't be an issue with any other OS every single week. It's an old problem that has a solution that any and every user can fix themselves, if they want to. Doesn't make the fonts look any better or make them any easier to read for some of us, but the boxes are still a user/OS issue, not an sl one.
  14. That's a massive load of manure. Yes, those libraries come standard with WIN10 too, they've all come standard since WInXP actually (pretty sure there were only 2 obscure, rarely used, packages that did not come standard before XP, but don't quote me on that part, it may have only been one), with room for adding new ones as they are developed/created/etc, during updates when necessary(which isn't all that often,because, again...standard). They are not an additional product you NEED to add, unless you've done something or encountered an issue that made them faulty, corrupt, or...deleted them entirely. It is not up to the "retailer" to add those in, they. come. standard.... as a base part of the WIN OS. Yes, the vast majority of people CAN actually see unicode just peachy keen, even those not on WIN OS. It is those using systems which have faulty, corrupted or missing libraries cannot see them.
  15. I type how I type and I don't give a fig if anyone else likes it. That's my preferred usage, and may come in the form of singular statements, sentences, paragraphs or walls of textual drivel. I stopped caring what people thought about it a long time ago. If I see a singular word in all caps, my thought is emphasis, which is actually the basis for using such in typed form(and always has been, alongside bold, which is designed to have the same effect). If I see multiple words, my thought is extra emphasis perhaps with some emotion thrown in (again, the very basis for such). If I see an entire sentence o or statement, it indicates yelling/shouting/extra emotion. All caps has never actually been a wide use case for visual impairments, despite many people claiming such, it's just a commonly accepted excuse for people that either don't want to punctuate or have never actually been shown how to properly adapt what they cannot see. But, really.... I don't give a flying rat's nut 99% of the time, because odds are damn good I can't read a lick of it anyway and have to adapt what I want to read in order to do so. Odds are good what you think you typed, won't look that way to me, no matter how prim and proper you think you're being, lol. Lose the sense of sight, to the degree I and countless others have, and you might realize just how petty some things truly are when it comes to these kinds of topics. I get crap for my posts ALL the damn time...used to care, now I just assume people are petty pennies and they can so find a rusty spork on which to sit, then spin.
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