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  1. Marketplace Homepage Feature

    I know for a fact there are people that won't, *because of the backlash (caused by their own slocca selves, mostly, but you'd have to do some searching to find all the info). I wouldn't call everyone that reacted, or reacts still, negatively towards them as being irrational. Some might be, of course, but I think there were a lot of valid concerns. Ftr..that logo wouldn't necessarily stop me from buying, but it *might* give me pause about the seller, and not because I think they are elitist or somehow think they're better than others. My pause would be due to something Fionalein already mentioned, the fact that very few creators make everything entirely from scratch. So, why they would feel the need to claim they did, is beyond me. It's perfectly ok to buy bits, pieces, software, etc..from others. I still might buy from them anyway, have plenty of times, but, I'd be lying if I said it never gave me pause Really, the badge does little to nothing for anyone at this point, nothing cool at all about it. Lots of creators/merchants have "100% original..(insert whatever, mesh, script, etc.) in their listings. That likely accomplishes a wee bit more than a badge that links to a group now defunct that couldn't even operate well when it wasn't and caused a lot of crud, lol
  2. Closed Topic - Hiring Private Stablehand

    Personally, I thought it was super entertaining, and it likely brought you even more advertisement so...double bonus!! I'm still lmao at the "professional" part, though. There is little to nothing professional in sl, especially when rp is concerned. Nothing wrong at all with having your preferences, everyone has them. But, come on now...don't be that guy/gal/whatever I don't want to assume your gender, you might get angry with me if I do The only one that should be ashamed, is...umm....no one This was a funny thread, and frankly, I needed a laugh today.So, thank you forumites, thank you very much!!! pssst..it's ok to have a laugh now and then, I promise, it won't hurt...in fact, it helps hurts!
  3. Why should I pay for a demo?

    Lmao I use it all the time in place of "can't be bothered" I also hear people use it all the time, but yeah, definitely more folks from the US than anywhere else. I have no idea where I heard it first, but likely my great grandpa, who didn't sugar coat ANYTHING lol. Like, I can't be assed to use my TTS on these forums anymore, lol (hence the warning in my sig).
  4. Why should I pay for a demo?

    Again, a differing opinion, doesn't mean I am defensive...or can you not accept that not everyone agrees you? We have differing opinions, I have no issue accepting that. I merely shared my own, just as you did I didn't attack you, no one did, lol.
  5. Are All Avatars Human?

    I'm not sure if the store is still open, or rather re-opened after a move/close(not sure which it was, well I don't remember anyway lol), if you can find it though, they did have it in a gacha type machine in all the different color options they had/have. Occasionally someone will sell one on the mp, but not too often.
  6. Are All Avatars Human?

    It's from Beetlebones
  7. Why should I pay for a demo?

    Umm...nice rant, but no, I didn't "miss the point", I disagreed with a point you were trying to make. Disagreeing doesn't mean I didn't understand what you were saying. There can be other viewpoints, you know, lol. I can also have an opinion and know that your words were not directed at *me* personally, but rather an entire group of folks-in which group I happen to fall. I didn't take it as a personal insult, I disagreed with your assessment of merchants, most particularly, hobbyists, because I think it was a poor assessment. You stated that no one should expect the same kind of customer service as one might get in rl. I disagreed with that, as I don't believe it is unreasonable in the least. This is primarily due to the fact that MOST merchants/creators in sl, do, in fact, offer customer service that is equally as good as what one might receive in rl. That has been my experience, and the experience of a lot of others too apparently, for quite a while now. Years ago, running into a creator/merchant that couldn't be assed to offer even mediocre customer service was a lot more common than it is today. No, someone isn't going to fire us for not offering customer service, but It does, in fact, affect our work/businesses. Also, even in rl, most customer service folks that screw up don't get fired that easily. I have no idea where you have personally worked, and I won't try to even guess, but I *have* worked customer service in quite a few places...I think you'd be surprised at what those folks can get away with, lol. Also, I don't think anyone said they were "shocked" at not getting amazing customer service, I've no idea where you pulled that from. It sucks when it happens, but it happens in rl too..all the damn time(more so in rl, actually, simply based on the mathematics of it all). You put an awful lot of words there in that post that haven't been said by anyone else here. I'm not sure what you're reading, perhaps my vision is far worse than it was just yesterday, because I still can't find these things said by others, lol.
  8. Why should I pay for a demo?

    While I may agree, to an extent to a lot of what you've had to say, I still think you're selling a lot of hobbyists quite short. While we may be hobbyists, that doesn't exclude us from offering top notch customer service. In fact, *my* experience over the years tells me that there are far MORE people who offer great customer service than there are those who do not...regardless of what label those merchants/creators might fall under (hobbyist, professional, whatever have you). Whether or not the expectations people have can be met in full isn't dependent upon where one "shops", be it rl, online somewhere, even sl. Sure some folks have very unrealistic expectations-by my own definition(s) and those of others, but I don't think most people do, to be honest. Yes, I do expect even a hobbyist merchant to offer quality customer service. *I* am a hobbyist, and have been for years, a rather busy one at that between my own schooling, homeschooling my children, working, plus any creating I do in sl(which for quite a while has been primarily for individuals/groups not my own store), and you know general life.....yet, I manage customer service just peachy, lol. Yep, I too get the occasional weird request, customer that just can't be pleased no matter what, someone that just goes off for no real reason about a problem that doesn't exist, and of course the "how do I sl" type questions that have nothing to do with the product-even questions related to the product that meld into "how do I sl" questions, lol. But, for the most part...I'm pretty good at keeping on top of things. It's not rocket surgery, lol. If you want customers, you need to offer customer service, that's the rub some folks don't seem to get, but I still believe that the vast majority of folks get it just fine, and those that don't are few and far between (these days anyway, it wasn't always the case) Whether it is a penny or ten thousand pennies, customer service costs me nothing, other than time(and yes, I too value that) but can GAIN me far more in the end. Shrugs...I suppose to each his/her own, but my experience tells me that MOST creators/merchants are pretty darn good at customer service. That's most likely where the expectations people seem to not like, stem from...*because so many are pretty darn good at it, so finding one that isn't so good at it isn't as common as it once was.
  9. Are All Avatars Human?

    I'm a hamster half the time, human the other half...usually, though I do have all sorts of avs, lol. Everyone else already answered your other questions, but yes, search IS your friend, and so is the marketplace, where you can buy avs and av accessories..of which there are probably more than I want to count right now, lol. ETA, this is my hamster self, lol
  10. Abandoned Land Problem

    I can think of lots of things that can be done on that land that can benefit both the non-profit as well as sl(including the residents) How many folks here have ever participated in an event of some sort whose benefit was for some charity? RFL (Relay for Life) would be one of the largest, but certainly not the only one. There are countless events that take place between March(ish) and July for RFL, all of which benefit RFL, sl residents, merchants, etc... There are fairs, and shopping events that are held all the time (some on a yearly basis, but at any given point in a year one might find any number of different events with a charity of some kind as the beneficiary), which of course need land in order to function. People shop at these events, so while yes a charity or non-profit is getting the benefit of donations, residents are also getting something out of it. I've never really seen complaints from neighboring parcels, personally, though I won't discount that something could happen(as with ANY neighbor, really). I can see a non-profit having a sim, or portion of a sim even, to keep up a year-round donation center, offering wares and/or amusement to residents, providing something for people to do, see, buy, enjoy, whatever have you. It could be set up in any number of ways, for any number of purposes and can *easily, have some oversight when/where necessary. Not only will a non-profit benefit(even if mere pennies, pennies add up to dollars and pennies count too...if you think otherwise I'd love for you to talk to my kiddos who use pennies to help a very near and dear to us charity every single year-and have done so since...2002..but I digress..lol) but it can benefit LL too. And THAT is what matters most to LL, what benefits them. They'd make money off a non-profit cashing out, in some cases, quite a great deal of money, they'd make money on people buying lindens, or paying for land on which to use the wares purchased from the non-profit... Events are just ONE way that land can be used...the amount of ideas in my head is nearly endless, I don't think anyone wants to read them, lol. I loathe seeing abandoned land just sitting there empty, lol, especially land that's been sitting for years-there's a LOT of it. That's how you know LL isn't *really inundated with requests for abandoned land, even if people are grabbing what's available up fast. If LL were, all that land that's been sitting for years and years would have already been made available, and it never has. We also know it doesn't take more than a few clicks to make that land available on LL's part, so, it's a crock o'stinky poo when they say otherwise. If I had the funding to grab it all up myself, I would, in a heartbeat, just so I could fill it with pretty to look at things for others to enjoy. I like doing stuff like that, though, lol. I should shut up about this idea, because we all know it won't ever happen, LL has already said so. Not because it can't, or because it's too difficult(it is not) or too much work, but because LL doesn't want to, and that's that. So, I get it, it really is just wishful thinking on my part, lol. Empty land, especially years empty, is fugly land when you're a wanderer like me
  11. The Latest on Last Names

    No I'm not, not even remotely lol. They are benefits for those that choose them, benefits they enjoy, else they wouldn't pay for them, now would they? They may be inconsequential *for me*, but that's only *for me*, I don't speak for others on whether or not those things are good perks or not, I never have. That doesn't change a lick of what I said. We are talking about THIS perk, the ability to have a last name...none of the other perks, regardless of how much others may or may not like them. I am discussing THIS one, no others. In order to get THIS perk, one must pay twice...which is what I have said, repeatedly, lol. New signups will still get the resident name even IF they get a premium account right out the gate upon signing up, they will *still have to pay, on top of paying for premium, to get a last name. Anyone who is already a resident, will also have to pay for premium, and then pay again, to get the name change. In either scenario, that's paying twice for ONE of the perks. Do you have to pay a fee on top of the premium fee to get any of the other perks? Nope. Why this one? The ONE thing the community has agreed about for a very long time(and come on, we hardly ever agree as much as we do on this subject, lol, as a collective), is the ONE thing LL is trying to screw up royally by not listening..the one instance where listening could actually benefit them greatly(read:financially, as that's likely what matters most to them here)..and they stick their fingers in their ears and say "neener, neener, neener I can't hear you, I'll do what *I* want". Pfffft..I suspect as more hear about it, the dissent is going to grow, massively...in fact, I predict it
  12. The Latest on Last Names

    But, they are paying twice, because you ignored the fact that premium is a must BEFORE one can change the name. So they must first buy premium...one payment, then must buy the name change..that's two payments necessary to get a name change(whether it is changing the name in general, or just getting a last name). Both are necessary parts in LL's proposed system...and it's asinine, NO other system uses it, nor would they...because....it's asinine, lol.
  13. The Latest on Last Names

    And sometimes, when you pay attention, you will realize that folks regularly DO use the opportunities they can(please don't be arrogant about the whys and hows of people being unable to go to "meetings" that LL holds...please..it's just...blah, regardless of who you are talking to, and it's a cheap shot, and I am sick and tired of people using that as a reason for why people shouldn't be heard. Do you know the schedule of everyone?) and LL STILL DOES NOT LISTEN. I didn't want to shout that, but, it's pretty damn important, so I'm gonna. LL has had years to listen...years. They have all the information they need at their fingertips about what the community really wants. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out they really don't care, lol. You're right, sometimes it does have an effect, but this isn't one of those cases. The community has had NO effect, thus far, on how LL is handling this issue. Hell we have lindens right here in this thread confirming that LL is, for certain, going about this in the exact opposite manner of what the community wants. So, yeah, preach on about "why don't you talk to LL about it, why don't you communicate with them about it", while everyone else sits back and says...."we have been, for ages..they still don't care".
  14. The Latest on Last Names

    Paying for a character name, while not my cup of tea, isn't the only part people have a problem. It's paying TWICE for such, that people seem most pissed about, which makes perfect sense. Paying for a character name, on top of also paying for the game/subscriptions is not even remotely common.
  15. The Latest on Last Names

    None of those systems (some of which I also participate in btw) use the kind of system LL is proposing....NONE. Which is what I was asking