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  1. None of these are new, some I probably posted here a million times already...don't care 😛
  2. They are named after their parcel...just like every other place in SL. If you want it to be more unique than that, there still very much is something that can do this, it's called you. Stopping for a few seconds, at most, while flying to name a LM you know has the name of the parcel (because that's how LMs work) really isn't that difficult, nor time consuming. I do it all the time. I have huge groupings of LMs from specific sims, one sim in particular has at least 20 different LMs. It took me seconds, at most, to rename those LMs as I was wandering, flying, riding, walking, boating, and whatever else I was doing at the time. It's not a daunting task at all. I'm not understanding why this is a problem, those LMs function like every other LM in sl, regardless of who owns the parcel to which the LM leads.
  3. I have a LOT of LMs that have changed names, most of my lms actually have different names than they did when I got them. Some of my earliest say things like "bits and danglies editing", "those blue flower things", "big bug thingy", "that one room, with the painting", "stretchy place", "really cool trees", "box", "worm place", "Weird", "bubble", "giant *****show", "Idiot room"...you know, fun stuff that you're not likely to remember when you need to I don't dare delete them, even though most no longer go anywhere at all, I'm a sentimental sod, sometimes. I can only tell you where some of those actually originally lead to, and a few of them actually went to the same region, just different spots, lol. The first two went to a place I used to take people after field trips to xcite..for obvious reasons. Big bug thingy was a giant bug..duh, but also on the sim with the first two just on the opposite end lol. Dunno about room with the painting. STretchy place was Dark Dharma's Haunted somethin, or somewhere along those lines, my spelling is prob. off, but there was something in the building that caused the stretch deform. Dunno about cool trees. Box was my building box, a literal box, for about four years. Dunno on worm place. Weird was some random sim that just had all kinds of odd things on it, kinda strewn about, quite nonsensical but not always in a good way, it was like the grid just randomly tossed stuff there, it's hard to explain, lol, but I learned a lot about building from that weird place. Bubble is that bubble ride. Giant *****show was a really messed up freebie place, lol. Idiot room I actually had a bunch of each with different numbers and lead to different problematic welcome areas (And places like welcome areas) around the grid..ie...idiots All but two were created in 2008
  4. This has nothing to do with sl...but rl..and I was a child, and, well, I was a smart child. In my tiny little hometown, we have a festival sort of thing that happens in July, we call it Mardi Gras, but it's not like the real one, lol. It starts off with a parade one day, and lasts from Weds through Sunday, culminating in a grand fireworks show on the final night. Rides, games, food, great fun...a lovely festival really, it was held down at our beach (a great Lake, ftr, not an ocean). Anyway, I lived at the top of the hill, and my house was a gathering spot for many, many, many, many people. All week long, people in, people out, friends, family, neighbors..just, people. (this was a regular occurrence year round at my house, but particularly at this time). A lot of casual drinking, some, not so casual. Me and my sister, plus my cousins were pretty much the only kids around, minus a few here and there that came with their parents. People would always hand me money, ask me to go down and get them (insert whatever, sausage sammich, fries, whatever..) and I'd do it. The problem is, no one ever asked for their change...and I never offered it. I assumed it payment for my work (and yes this was a time when sending a 7, 10, 13 yr old somewhere super crowded by themselves was an okay thing, lmao, but, really, tiny village, EVERYONE knew me). Long story longer, I did this every single year. Sometimes I'd use the money for stuff for myself down there, sometimes I'd just save it up. One year, I was about 10, it was a particularly busy gras week, so, lots more requests, and by day 3, I had saved up enough in people's spare change to have $357 US (not kidding and I still had a few more days to go, so I ended up making WAY more). There's a game down there that required getting a ring around a duck(plastic) neck, to get a rabbit...I'm sure some of you know what game (and yes, these bunnies used for this were actually VERY well cared for). I couldn't win the game to save my life, I'd been trying for years. So, I went to the guy running the game, during a slow down, said, "how about I just hand you $25 and you give me a bunny". He said no, naturally, so I kept going, eventually I said "ok, $75, final offer, I can't go any higher" and he said "let me ask my boss" and he left to go ask whoever his boss is. The lady also running it with him wasn't really paying attention and came over while he was gone "can I help you" "yeah, see him, Andy, he said I can buy a bunny for $25, I've been trying for years and I still haven't gotten it, I even have my own box, and food and everything"..... She sold me the bunny for $25, I left happy. Every time Andy saw me after that, he just laughed. And that's how I scammed money out of a bunch of adults, and got a bunny and enough money to care for him for a good long while out of the deal
  5. I'm quoting myself..stupid, but whatever, lol. This goes for anyone and everyone, btw. I don't care if you hate me, I don't care if you just don't like me. I don't care if you don't even know me. If you need a sounding board, for whatever reason...find me. Send me a msg here, send me a msg inworld, nc, send me a friggen carrier pigeon...don't care. Find me. I don't know that I can help, but even if I can't, keeping it in is stupid and will end up hurting you, I know it will. If it's not me, find someone, anywhere, just somewhere.
  6. Nothing you said came out poorly, I know exactly what you meant, and mean, and ty. You're right, that's exactly what happens when the world around causes such turmoil and damage in someone. I'm sorry that this is how things have come to be for you as well. I don't think there is anything any individual can do to help someone once things get to that point, but if ever you need a sounding board, even for something small..don't hesitate to msg me. Even if I'm not inworld, or logged on the forums, I can see when I get a message lol. I don't like seeing anyone put up so many barriers that the world can't see the person beyond the walls at all. That's exactly what she does, and is doing, except this time, she's adding a few more meters between her and those walls. It's hard to watch, really. She truly is the best human being I have ever met and when she lets the rest of the world see that, it's spectacular, and she does amazing things. Now I sound creepy-ish, I'm sure, lol, but really, it's true. She knows I think this, I tell her all the time. It drives her nuts, she doesn't take compliments well. Right now she's not taking them at all. Sigh It's been a heavy day, but at least she hasn't logged off, or hung the phone up on me, lol (both being part of her MO, and when either happens she isn't likely to be seen or heard from for a while), so there's that.
  7. I don't know how many times I've listened to it already, or even why it makes me laugh so much but....it's actually really well done
  8. Ty, really I know she appreciates me being there, she tells me that constantly, even when I'm just around to say hi, she thanks me immensely. I know a huge part of why she does is because no one else ever is (she has very limited rl family, part of the problem, really). So I am more than happy to take her burdens on whenever she needs to unload them, and she knows this. I have been by her side in sl through all the crap other people have done. I've been by her bedside in rl hospitals, I spent days and nights with her in them when she wasn't even conscious. She knows there is literally nothing that would ever drive me away. I have finally managed getting into her head that feeling guilty for unloading on me, isn't necessary, it will never be necessary. I would be mad if she didn't lay these things on me, really. Because everyone in the world needs a sounding board, an anchor, something and somewhere they can lay their heartaches, so they don't cause too much irreparable damage. It's taken me years to get that into her had, though. I am absolutely certain that your friend feels the same way, I can promise you that. Some us not only like being someone's person, but also need it, for reasons.. I am very grateful I can be that person for her, and very grateful to have that opportunity, because I think it helps both of us in many ways. I like having that purpose in my life, even if I hate the reason why that purpose exists in the first place. Hearing her cry, and I mean really, deeply cry and sob, to the point she can't breathe, and worse, is just so heartbreaking. Knowing why she's doing it, just makes that heartbreak worse, because it's so unnecessary. She's not crying about things that are unavoidable, she's crying and hurting because of things that are intentional on the part of others, and that's just inexcusable in my book. She deserves a better world...hell the world deserves a better world, really. I think lots of people struggle with self worth, probably all people actually, some more than others, but it's a very normal, human thing to feel. I just hate that people are so easily able to seemingly force that kind of feeling on another person, and do it with such impunity, even self imposed, I just don't get it. Why do you have to hurt someone else simply because they're not what you desire, like, love, want to get to know, whatever...like why does that line have to be drawn, or crossed, when it is so very easy to simply walk away or never bother pretending you're going to be a better person...(I doubt that thought train makes sense, I'm rambling) Sometimes it just makes me want to hurt people for hurting her, it would solve nothing if I did, but if I could, I would and then I'd be in very big trouble. Ugh, people just suck, they really do, and not the good kind.
  9. Today is not a good day, I am just going to vent...a very looooooooooooooong vent. (it has nothing to do with the virus) I spent the better part, ok, ALL of last night, essentially talking down a dear friend from a ledge. I don't actually log inworld very often these days, unless I have to, because..reasons. But I have a very good friend I met many years ago that I keep in touch with in rl and have, for years. She's been through hell and back, really, not gonna air all her dirty laundry but this woman..she's truly amazing in every possible way I can think of. I honestly don't know how she's still standing after all she's been through, I sure as hell wouldn't be. Long story longer, she came out of her very deeply rooted (for really, really good reasons) comfort zone recently and what started as a dream come true (in more ways than anyone other than me seems to realize) turned into a nightmare so quickly for her, both in sl and out. I'm having a hard time coming to grips with the way some people treat others, ok, the way she's been treated recently. I think the problem is that I know her, and I know her very well, so to see her take some of the recent strides she has, hear her tell me how proud of herself she is for doing it, hear the pure joy in her voice that really hasn't been around in quite a few years....and then see it dashed all away by people in sl, especially one particular, but, people in general too... I'm hating people right now, and I want so badly to hurt this person for hurting her, but I don't meddle. I serve as a sounding board, a shoulder, her anchor in rough waters if she needs me, but I don't meddle. I wish the world would take even just a few minutes to really get to meet her. I have never met a more courageous, loving, dedicated, talented, intelligent, absolutely beautiful young woman in my entire life. She's faced things so insurmountable all on their own, much less all compounded together, recently had surgery again too that's throwing her for a bigger loop than it would normally, because this shouldn't have been necessary and that's worrisome. People claim things such as like and love, but they only want the parts of other people that they think they like, they don't want the whole of the being and I will never understand that. She and I have been dear friends for many years, but even we have had our issues, albeit it mostly minor issues, minus a couple doozies over the years (which make much more sense in light of what was going on at the time). There is light and dark in every human being, and you can't possibly have only one and not the other. I don't understand why this isn't, I guess more realized. I both love and hate that I know what she's feeling right now, and what she's doing to herself. I love it, because at least I know, and I can help when and where I can. I hate it because, she's struggling with self worth so hard right now and we've been down this path before. The specific person that partially caused this turmoil (she thinks she did it, of course) doesn't seem to actually care about what it's doing to her, but at the same time, doesn't seem like a monster either (yet my brain still says..you hurt my friend, you a monster). Like I said, I don't meddle, and I wouldn't unless she asked me to. But I so want to drive it into this person's thick skull that what they see of her is more than anyone's seen of her for years and years, and now they've driven that light back inside. But she's blaming herself entirely. Now she's going to pull back, put every possible barrier up, even building more, around herself to keep herself separated from the world entirely again, and the world needs light like hers around. Not just sl, the whole world. She struggles to fit in on a daily basis, and I struggle to help her fit in because we don't run in the same circles in sl (truth be told, I don't run in any circles in sl, lol). She's a rock club goer, I'm a stay at homer, and occasional wanderer. I've been with her to the one place she goes most frequently, and keeps herself out of the way, off to the side, so she doesn't bother anyone, it's sad to see. I've seen her try to fit in, and I've seen how people react to her, and I can't stand it. She tries to join in with things, like recently, I encouraged her to join in some RFL activities at this place, and that turned into a *****show of epic proportions. I went there, when she was offline to support her, and I literally witnessed people making fun of the photo she took in local chat. If it weren't for the fact that she truly enjoys this place (they apparently don't realize how much she actually needs it, asshats), I would've said something right then and there. She didn't want to win, she wasn't looking to win their little photo contest (and frankly, her picture is AMAZING, most of theirs suck, I don't care if it's for charity, she's really really good at taking pictures in sl). She just wanted to take part, and they're trashing her over it...like..wtf? This is for a charity, and you gotta be jerks about things...to what end...for cred? I could say a lot more on that front, but I'm not going to, because it will be epically nasty and get my post removed. I hate cliques with every fiber of my being, it's a huge part of why I avoid clubs and groupings of people, because..people are involved, and people are more cliquey than not and I just want to slap them all when they do. I hate the world for her, because the world we live in, rl and sl, is a world that can't and won't accept her for her, and she's struggling with that, but putting in so much damn effort, and I can't fix it, but if anyone deserves it to be fixed, it's her. Why are people so damn jerky..totally rhetorical, no need to answer. I'm just mad at the world, because the world is stupid and I just need to be mad at it for a while. I know, these issues seem minor in the grand scheme of recent events, but they're really not. Even one person feeling the way she's feeling right now in the world, is a big issue, and I'm certain she's not alone. (oh, and she won't read this btw, she doesn't come to the forums, she hates them..like I said, different circles, lol, but even if she did, she already knows all of this anyway)
  10. I'm going to live in this thread forever...don't mind me...I just need this thread
  11. And marshmallows because...yummmm, marshmallows now I want marshmallows, damnit self
  12. Before I start...said child has given his permission.... My son has been called bucket head since he was little, because... When he was little, this was his favorite toy, and THIS is what he did with it (awww, I ahven't seen that diaper since he was 1...sigh..anyhoo) As he got older, his weirdness got weirder.... He went with me to pick up his sisters from school like this (those aren't bruises they're huge fake chicken pox he drew on with colored sharpie a few days before..he was a really weird kid)... He also frequently wore a frog costume (year round), mermaid costume, and underwear only as often as he could get away with it. He hasn't changed an iota in weirdness since, except he outgrew the need to wear only underwear everywhere, even though he's no longer this cute and adorable, and now towers over my short ass self. Also..my niece, because...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, you send your child to my house, I feed them s'mores (she's also not a toddler anymore, btw)
  13. Wonky...everyone...everyone..Wonky (Wonky is my weenie)
  14. Okay my last post...I am seriously concerned for your health here, so, politeness be damned, out the window she goes. Yes there may be a test shortage, but the main reason YOU, personally, wouldn't be tested, is because you won't use your legal right to leave your own home and go out and get treatment. Even if a specific test isn't available for you, and it's probably not let's face facts, personally, your health cannot and will not get an iota better until and unless you put YOU first. Please, stop with the "in a few more days" stuff, please. What if you suddenly, or even slowly, get worse, and "a few more days" becomes "too late". I hate to be so morbid, but...I mean, this is a reality, if you're still feeling poorly for this long, something is seriously amiss and it needs attention yesterday, not a week from next month. It could be any number of things, and most of them are actually pretty damn serious and not to be taken lightly. It doesn't matter what she says, really, she can find a rusty spork, sharpen it, sit, and spin...her words literally mean nothing at all, she cannot enforce those words and SHE actually knows it (trust me, she knows, lol). Please don't be so afraid of them you're willing to do harm to yourself. When I got sick, a cold mind you, I did the "it'll get better, I'll wait a few days" dance, for a week, by the end of the week I was in the ER nearly dead (with things far worse than a cold). I'm going to be super blunt, because I have to, but...don't be me, don't be stupid. I'm certain your presence, your very essence would be missed by so many...it's worth pissing off your landlady for one day to ensure you get to stick around. My cranky self is peaking her head out, and my typos are a plenty, so, really I'm gonna leave this thread now. I've typed too many replies here and deleted them just today alone. I clearly need a self imposed timeout.
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