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  1. Awwww, I got called a troll. I feel special..that never happens. Thank you, you've made my day
  2. Race Play

    I'm guessing you simply like to argue for arguing sake, and no other reason. I never said it has anything to do with a thesis, once again, I was giving an explanation. In this instance, it was why your use of the word justify is not applicable where you have utilized it, anywhere. You really should look up "what is the difference between an explanation and a justification", it's an interesting topic (and you don't even have to be writing a thesis to understand it..gasp..you could simply desire to utilize it in a discussion, properly). One sided discussions, or rather, discussions where one side chooses to not even read anything the other says, but rather sticks their tongue out all nanny nanny boo boo, are rarely ever my cup of tea. Enjoy arg...errr..."discussing"...and have a nice day
  3. custom companion dog?

    I hope you find what you're looking for
  4. What did your avatar look like when you first started SL?

    I don't have access to any pics before 2008...but this is one of the earliest pics I do have access to This is 2008 me-not long after this pic I found Sirena hair and changed my skin too, because I thought it was ugly (shudders..what was I thinking?) And now...pjs, weenie and all Oh, and the 08 pic...yes my graphics were THAT bad. All water looked that same shade of blue...and I was quite happy with it. Until 2009 when hubby bought me an actual graphics card....holy frijoles was that amazing!!! I saw what I'd been missing for, like..forever!
  5. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    I think this line.....is wise advice, for a lot of people. Hell you could probably eliminate the entire first sentence, and it would still be very wise advice in many instances
  6. When a platform elsewhere offers precisely what you want(and Flickr does, quirks and all), at *no* cost, you are likely to find few that would support an *at cost linden lab supported/created/staffed* version. But, you'd have to look at the big picture first, and frankly, LL doesn't have the greatest track record for "their own hosted versions of things already in existence"(for lack of better terminology on my part). The vast majority of users in sl, do not pay for premium. Something like this, would most definitely not entice them to do so. Just look at what happened when LL took over third party marketplace type websites...folks use MP now, of course, quite a lot(perhaps more than inworld in many instances), but that idea was, well, not very widely accepted at first. If LL had limited the MP to only premium users, it certainly would not have been accepted, at all. I guess what I am getting at, is the "premium required" and "at a cost" parts, are going to deter a huge portion of the folks that use flickr to share sl pics. I've met loads of folks through flickr, have some good friends that use it constantly too. It IS the best option, and the fact that it is at no cost, well, yeah, that's a huge part of why it's successful and so many users utilize it, even despite the issues that it may have here and there. I am not saying it's a bad idea, of course, it would be nice to see something like this, I just can see it going over about as well as a lead balloon, though, most especially if LL created/ran/whatever it.
  7. Race Play

    I'm ignoring the rest, because it really has little to do with the discussion, and people don't like it so much when I derail. But....I will say it again, explaining something, does not, in any way, justify it. I can explain why certain people think or do certain things, and not be *justifying it*. There really is a huge difference between the two. Try having to write a thesis on some of the topics you've discussed in your reply, from the side of those that most are against..(ie, from the point of someone in the KKK, etc.) I can assure you, not a single thesis or paper I have ever written was in justification of the actions which they cover..they are *explanations*, and not at all the same thing.
  8. Race Play

    Where, in ANY of this discussion, was someone trying to "justify" it? Explaining why something is perceived, or even actually is, a certain way, is not justifying it, there is a huge difference between those two words. You feel butthurt because you're taking offense where no one actually put any at all. You're taking offense to a topic that you *think* applies to you, for whatever reason, I do not know and won't even pretend to know. As someone that is simply reading this entire thread, and has done so multiple times now...I have no horse in this...but I CAN say that yes, just about anything and everything in sl will absolutely offend someone, somewhere. Why? Because humans are the most finicky species on the friggen planet, and butthurt comes so easily. That's really all there is to it. Now if you don't want to see why rap culture has changed int he manner is has over the years to try and get RID of the stereotypes often contained therein(just as country music has even changed to try and eliminate a lot of the stereotypes contained therein), that is on you. It is not a strawman fallacy, you're using that term incorrectly, in fact, I'm not even certain you know what the term means or how to apply it. It would ONLY be a strawman fallacy, if there were no truth to it. There is, however, just as there is with a lot of other musical genres. They nearly all have their own stereotypes, and some of the artists-and yes whether or not that term applies to them all I will use it-do nothing BUT perpetuate those stereotypes. Rap culture is absolutely no different, regardless of your own involvement(or not, I don't know you, and won't pretend to, it's a general) in said culture. The fact is, that rap culture, and that genre, has been under a mountain of scrutiny, probably more so than most other genres, BECAUSE of the issues. Whether we, as individuals see these as issues, as stereotypes, as negative...or even existing at all, is irrelevant. We're anecdotal evidence, at best, as are our own experiences. You're going 'round and 'round in circles here, but in the end, you're not making your position any clearer, nor are you doing anything to dissuade people from following the information available at their own fingertips regarding this kind of culture, and common stereotypes. You think it doesn't apply, but you cannot explain why. You're using terms that don't apply here. Is all rap culture bad? In my opinion, no..but, like yours, it's only one opinion..and rather pointless to attempt to use it as proof of something, or even proof against something, because, it's anecdotal. It's not a strawman fallacy to state that rap culture has countless negative stereotypes surrounding it, and often perpetuated within it. Does that mean anyone and everyone that enjoys this genre, or culture, fits those stereotypes? No....and not a single darn person has said they do.
  9. Only curious... Advice please?

    No, unless someone has a specific message set up to be sent out to anyone that is muted, you will never know if you are or are not blocked. You should do exactly what he did...move on. He's likely trying to avoid exactly what you're doing (that would be, cause drama).
  10. Suga(r) Daddy Problems

    Why do I get the feeling from some recent posts that somewhere in the world, a school has let out for the season far too early....
  11. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    I am opposed to threads that do not give proper disclaimers in advance I probably shouldn't admit that I have been laughing while reading this thread, and that I surely needed said laugh(s) I'm pretty sure that makes me some kind of monster Carry on folks
  12. Race Play

    Oh it's not an outdoor vacuum, lol, not even a wet/dry vac, it's a plain old vacuum one would use inside. not sure the brand. She used to have a bagged one, but switched out to a bagless one about a year ago. It is odd, and quite funny at the same time.
  13. Race Play

    Oh goodness, could you imagine? Or av's perceived age not matching the rl age...hell most of sl would be in trouble. Then again, this is people we're talking about, one of the...imo THE..most finicky species on the planet. People get all butthurt and uptight about the strangest of things. We have a rl neighbor that likes to vacuum her yard. I used to think perhaps she was just getting super old and, well, the mind's not such a nice fella after a certain age for some folks. But, nope, she's just SUPER ***** retentive about her grass(it's not even the good kind, bleh). She will literally vacuum it if anything touches it, and don't you dare let her see you even LOOKING like you're going to touch a blade of grass, the look she gives...shudders.. Sweet old lady otherwise though, just....peculiar. My kids bake her stuff all the time, shovel her drive, rake leaves(only in the driveway, can't touch the grass, lol) and walk her dogs
  14. Looking for a clear desciption.

    Neither, it's 6/8 open, 1/8 closed, and the other 1/8 has no idea what it wants to be
  15. Ok, either those weren't really antibiotics I took, or my vision went to hell in the few minutes I stared at this trying to decipher the code.... then gave up.