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  2. Default avatars don't look too appealing?

    Don't knock the runaway. They've turned out to be some of the best threads these forums have ever seen

    lol, when I see it, that's usually the first thing I think of...probably because I spent too many years in the food industry though

    I don't know how others use it, but she's (?) using it as the slang for whatever...though I've never been all that fond of that particular shorthand to be honest..as bad as "ur" and "u"...it nearly always gives me a super bad impression of...yeah I'll shush on that one....it's just an odd pet peeve of mine, not shorthand in general, just certain ones.
  5. These numbers have got to be wrong

    Oh, but she can, and has...in her own way There's a lot of benefit to being unique, others being able to expect the unexpected and get even more unexpected than they'd expected they'd expect, is just one of them... or something like that anyway
  6. The Skill Games

    You probably shouldn't assume why someone used the word they used. OP not taking my word as gospel, isn't why I used the word butthurt. The butthurt comment was a direct result of the OPs own comments calling me cancerous, not listening to anything anyone in the thread had already shared(also calling such advice in the same post, cancerous). In a previous time in my life, I might actually take that phrase, calling me cancerous, as much more of an insult than I did here...kinda stings a little when things hit home, but since there's really no way for the OP, or anyone, to know why it would sting and hit home so hard...I try my hardest *now* to not be nearly as offended by that kind of thing. A few years ago, it would have likely been a far different response from me, one likely ripe with just as much aggression as the OP demonstrated. Again...because it stings. It would have most definitely been an emotional response on my end if I had, too. I still think it was an idiotic comment, and continuing to use it only reisterated that belief to me, but, who hasn't made idiotic comments here and there that may very well offend someone, because they hit a sensitive nerve in rl? You may not have read the OP's other posts, and perhaps you don't need to. I did, and tend to do so when someone so aggressively comes back with "yes it will" when folks with more experience and knowledge say "no it won't", or "no, it cannot be done". That's also where the phrase your britches may be bigger than your body can hold. Though, i suppose I can see where someone might take that the wrong way, it's not always really an insult. It's, to me, similar to saying "you're thinking too big/too much, without considering all of the components here". I would have gladly explained it, too. Like I said, it's not often I ruffle the feathers of anyone, much less someone so much that they respond the way OP did, lol.
  7. The Skill Games

    When replying to the thread, I took context into consideration, and that context included ALL of the OP's posts...not just this one, in this thread. Yes, it does matter when the OP is approaching every single subject the exact same way.....and the arrogance presented by the OP in each and every post isn't helping any. Hence my final comment to the OP in this thread(and why none of my further comments will actually be directed towards the OP). I think, after reading through every single post made by the OP on the forums..there is some level of hurt going on there, causing a serious lashing out that looks a lot more like a temper tantrum than a simple disagreement for no real reason, and I'd rather not continue to be any more judgmental than I already am based on words alone. I do my best to give people the benefit of the doubt...even when they behave like jerks.
  8. The Skill Games

    I think you need to read further into the thread. Yes I can say with confidence why certain things did or did not work. What I cannot do, will not do, and did not do, is say that ALL instances failed for the same reasons. The reasons they failed may fall under a certain few umbrellas, overall, but that doesn't mean each individual instance didn't have its own circumstance-which, again, I stated perfectly, and even mentioned that they can have multiple different contributing factors in their overall success and failure. I can say, with certainty, that there are components the OP wishes to incorporate (via reading the thread, rather than select pieces of it) which cannot work in the gaming sim industry in sl, when they go against specifically HOW the gaming sims in sl work(not whether or not they are successful, mind you, but rather their basic functionality). Gaming sims have some unique characteristics that other areas within sl simply don't have. One of them is the massive amount of limitations placed on them, their owners, operators, and even the visitors. None of these things were taken into consideration by the OP, even after being told that they are in fact limitations. These limitations alone make some of the things the OP wants to see, unable to ever be brought to fruition. When we were allowed to have casinos in sl, we did not have these limitations, it was FAR easier to have and run casinos in sl back then, and even then people struggled(again, for varied reasons, though I think most folks will agree that many businesses struggle tremendously because the person in charge doesn't have the knowledge or experience necessary to keep it afloat). Now, with all of the restrictions, limitations and less interest in such things, even formerly successful casino owners would struggle to keep places successful. There are actually quite a few gaming regions today(more than I'd expected to see, to be honest), but whether or not they are *successful*, is an entirely different matter. They, just like many other ventures in sl, may simply be open because the person that owns them enjoys doing so. You will see it in all areas in sl..clubs are a fine example of someone that does it just because they enjoy doing it, not necessarily because it pays for itself or rakes in the big cash. The OP doesn't want something that is just enjoyable to run, the OP wants something to rake in the big cash. Using the commentary made by the OP, and the desires expressed, that is not something that would come to fruition in even the best circumstance, BECAUSE of the limitations that gaming sims have today. I never said anyone had to take my word as gospel, nor would I. I would think you've been posting here long enough with me to know that by now. I may have knowledge about some things, but I am far from someone that would ever call myself an expert on ANYTHING. The word butthurt, is hardly the heaviest commentary used by someone in this thread...far, far from it.
  9. The Skill Games

    It's not often I ruffle feathers this terribly. It's okay dear, sometimes life angers me too. If lashing out and insulting folks in the manner you've chosen is what helps you heal...have at it. I'm a big girl, with thick skin, I can handle it. I am truly sorry that life has chosen to be this cruel to you though. Whatever that mountain may be..I hope you find a way to climb it.
  10. The Skill Games

    Oh bless your dear heart. I owned and ran a casino in sl when they were still permitted, both by law, and by LL. I have owned and run several successful businesses, especially in the enterrtainment industry, in sl, partnered with countless others on collaborations, and generally read as much about and learn from the experiences of others in sl as well. I am also someone that used to enjoy gaming sims, have a lot of friends that currently enjoy them......and...I listen to people-which is extremely important when it comes to business ventures in sl which can present unique challenges, even obstacles that are not possible to overcome, simply due to how it currently functions. I don't know what your idea of qualifications actually is...but if it's based on experience alone, I have a pretty big resume. Before you assume I no longer do those things because they failed...I no longer do those things because working, homeschooling, pursuing my own degrees and health concerns for me and my children prevent me from putting in the dedication and money necessary to keep such ventures afloat....THAT is what experience has taught me..knowledge. Have a fantastic day sunshine
  11. The Skill Games

    There is a difference between something being simply difficult(and I ALWAYS encourage folks to reach for their dreams, most especially when difficult, the challenge makes it worth it), and something simply not being feasible in the given situation. There are few things in the world that are impossible. I also didn't say it was impossible, I said what you presented would be dead in the water, and it would-it has nothing to do with one's personal capabilities or business sense, but merely the way sl functions as a whole, and the entire idea behind gaming sims, how they function, why they work, why they don't, etc.. The reasons being primarily related to the sheer cost, the ability to bring in traffic(not all residents can visit gaming sims, which is something that wasn't previously mentioned), the idea of taking a target audience into consideration(people visiting gaming sims do not want to go to them for an entertainment event, ie. a club), how lag can affect a sim and its patrons...there are loads of reasons why it doesn't work. How do I know it doesn't work? Because it's been tried, and failed, back when casinos were actually permitted in sl, to long after they were disallowed but gaming still existed, right on up to, and through, the current situation we have with the implementation of gaming sims. I never said it was a bad idea...it's not a bad idea, it's a good idea, it's just not realistic for sl, simply due to limitations that exist within sl and its functionality. Perhaps in the future it could potentially happen..but in its current state, with current functionality, current policies, current user and system capabilities...it cannot. I am far from energetically cancerous...but, again, you'd have to stick around and actually read what others(including me) have posted on the forums to figure that out.
  12. The Skill Games

    Dear lord, the butthurt is strong... Stick around for a while, and you might just realize how wrong you are about me Btw...I beat cancer once, I can kick its ass any day of the week...but thanks for that You're barking up the wrong tree here lady, but I'll let you keep right on barking, lol.
  13. The Skill Games

    I don't think you understand what gaming sims in sl are used for, why people have them, why they enjoy them, or even how any of it works, lol. I'd stop comparing it to casinos in rl if I were you, as the only real similarities is that they both have games people can play...that's about it. A gaming sim in sl with a club, plus games, plus other entertainment, plus amazing decor and atmosphere, is going to be astronomically expensive, and even more astronomically difficult to maintain positive cash flow. It's just not a realistic idea, regardless of how awesome it might sound in theory...in practice, it would be dead in the water before it ever got off the dock. No one really goes to gaming sims for any type of entertainment OTHER than playing games. They don't go to watch a show, they don't go to visit a club, they don't go to see an event....don't really think I need to continue. To be honest, I'm fairly certain your britches are bigger than your body can hold up, lol. I'm not attempting to be rude, in fact I try my hardest not to be...but you really shouldn't jump so gung ho into the "this is how sl should be" stuff, let alone the "let's make lots of money" ideas, if you're new...hell even if you've been here for ages. It helps a lot to actually read what others have been posting, and take it to heart..even if you might not agree with them. These are some smart folks, they've given you lots of great advice, but you seem hell bent on not listening, lol.
  14. These numbers have got to be wrong

    I have one cat that is, easily and hilariously, distracted by milk jug cap rings, and marbles. Find or give him one of those, and you won't likely see him for the rest of the day. This is a good thing, because he can be a terribly obnoxious lil twit when he wants to(and he ALWAYS wants to), especially when you don't like having your feet touched and he insists on licking them constantly just to spite you, then look at you as if you've grown ten heads and he's not sure which he'd rather listen to. He's a very strange cat who hates lasers, and is scared of bananas...no, not like some cats that are scared of cucumbers..he will literally cry at you if a banana is any closer to him than three feet away. He fits right in with my oddly dysfunctionally functional family