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    Loot Boxes Revisited

    In one sitting? I would absolutely not. However, over a period of time...sigh. I collect strange things. One of the strange things I collect is toys from these machines. I have been collecting them since I was a kid. You would laugh if you saw my collection, I laugh at it. Although you might not laugh if you knew what I use some of them for, like the children's hospital which one of my kids spent her first five years living in and out of. I have literally taken them in by the hundreds, because even if they're junk (and they usually are), kids often get an overabundant amount of joy from those junky little plastic bubbles filled with even more junk they'll likely eventually lose, throw away, or will break. I have also used them for stocking stuffers, easter basket stuffers, easter egg hunts, "keep 'em quiet" kid sitters... But, frankly, I collect them because I like them-and I have a very weird obsession with collecting them. I would be absolutely crushed if they were ever outlawed, as most stores already don't have these machines. I have a bunch of them on my desk now, one has a mini fidget spinner, a few have little erasers, a bouncy ball, a puzzle, and a giant sticky something or other. I keep them there for grubby little hands, otherwise known as my nieces. I also have some in my purse, at all times, just because (but I also have crayons, a small notepad, stickers, bubbles, among other things). That all said, those machines are not what *I* define as gambling, just like gachas are not. You are guaranteed to win, something, always (provided the machine works...I hate when they don't, lmao, but that's irrelevant). You might not win what you want, you might think what you won isn't of equal or greater value to what you spent...but you still won *something each and very time. When you gamble, you are literally taking a chance that you MIGHT win, something, there are no guarantees that you'll get anything at all. Now that very well may not be the definition others give gambling, gachas, or these machines...but it's what I stick to. If I buy gachas, it's second hand, usually when they're cheaper than the machine was and it's something I really want-like my Jian animals which aren't sold directly by the store and are always pretty cheap. In fact, I don't think I've ever bought a non animal one, lmao, except my BB hamster av..but that's still an animal I guess. The only machines I have ever played directly are the ones at free bird, and that's when I want a new pet and I don't care which color I get, because those are very reasonable and I love those animals, lol.
  2. Tari Landar

    Landmarks Are Pointless

    I love landmarks. As an avid explorer and all around random tp-er, they are absolutely amazing tools for me. Though I can appreciate why others don't like them. I keep all of my lms, even old outdated ones, for the most part. I like to go back through them, and am often surprised at how many of my older, like pre-2010, ones still work, and still go to the same places, even if what was once there no longer is, or has changed. The only time I ever get rid of an actual lm, is if in checking on it, I find that what is now at that location is something I will never, ever, ever want to visit (for example one of my most favorite places from 2009 is now a very, erm... extremely unpleasant place, so I deleted that lm ages ago, so I don't accidentally visit it again). For lms that I DO delete, I will often take note of what was once there, even if in name only, and place it in a NC, or text file. I like revisiting old memories sometimes, and yes, I know I'm weird, lol My lms, much like calling cards (I agree with you so very much on this Blush) are memories of what has been, what once was, what still might be, my own little sl journey, and I really like it. Many of my lms are likely defunct, some were once places owned by those no longer with us, some are still, in some fashion, connected to those people, and, in a fashion, connected to me. I'm certain most of you are all right about now too. It's ok, I often feel the same way about lots of things in rl too. Oh that stick...it's from that day we walked to the grocery store and saw that really cool bird. That wrapper..that's from the day my niece kept sticking her hand in my pocket, trying to steal candy, and I finally caved after she tripped and fell and I felt bad for laughing at her. That rock, that simple looking piece of rock....I found that outside of union station, my foot slid on it, the very first time I got to meet hubby in person. That cup, I had ice in that cup that I let melt on the 8+ hour train ride home, after that first month long meeting-incidentally, that cup holds that rock and sits on top of my desk, right this very moment, many years later. Yeah, I save weird *****, a lot, and every little item can bring back a memory as vivid as if it literally just happened. I look at lms the same way....that place, oh, that's where we first danced. This lm, oh, that was our first house. That freebie place lm, that's where I first bought my first outfit, for a whole linden..it was an ugly outfit, but I got lost in that freebie place for days on end. That lm on the bottom, that was where the first money tree i ever found was. This lm....that's where me and my friends met up together for the first time ever. You get the picture I'm a very nostalgic person, and sometimes the visual reminders, though seemingly insignificant, perhaps outdated, even defunct...can bring about all kinds of memories, good, sad, emotional, amazing..all kinds and I really love that. I have also found some awesome places using old lms that once went somewhere completely different..and I LOVE that aspect too.
  3. Some people don't like speaking to others using local chat, especially in a place where there are others and other conversations taking place, although sometimes not at all, really. Clubs are one of the worst with this, nothing like trying to converse with someone and gesturbators going off like lunatics (in other words, it's annoying as hell for some of us). I respect folks that prefer one on one chat in IM, personally, but most especially in a place where there are multiple people. It is a far more polite manner of trying to converse one on one than to do so in local chat-for many people. When people stop conversing if you tp away, odds are pretty good they may well take your leaving as wanting to end the conversation as well. Sort of like when someone leaves a room while you're trying to talk with them, while you *might* continue talking, odds are just as good that you won't until they come back into the room (courtesy thing, or simply not wanting to raise one's voice to be heard in a different room). I can honestly say, in all my years here, I have never seen things like this as anything remotely problematic, let alone increasing in frequency. If I did, had, or it was, I'd start to wonder what perhaps *I* might be doing to contribute to the problem, before I'd start complaining that everyone else was doing something wrong. But...that's really just me and how I look at most things, it may or may not apply to others.
  4. Tari Landar

    Help ! What's offensive ?

    Nope It WOULD be easy to test, if the programming utilized hard coded absolutes, but we all know it does not. Now whether or not it utilizes a set (it couldn't possibly utilize a singular) of learning/self teaching algorithms to adjust, change, alter, whatever terms one wants to use, this particular section of the coding..I can't be certain. In fact, it has been made extremely clear that even LL can't be certain, because they too don't understand it. It would, however, probably be the best guess that anyone, including LL could possibly make as to why it is so screwed up and doesn't actually meet any hard coded "rules" for allowed or disallowed phrases (and that applies to not only item titles, but also descriptions, keywords, etc..). I have absolutely no doubt that it could be fixed, or that changes have been made in the past to this area (like I said been an issue since day one and phrases wouldn't randomly appear and disappear as disallowed without changes being made). I do, however, doubt that LL is capable of properly fixing it. So I simply choose to laugh at the absurdities of the entire process, because otherwise, I would be bald from pulling my hair out over it all. I've found, as with many issues, it's better to laugh at it, and those apologists that try to explain that this is how something like this should function, than it is to stress over it. Sometimes it helps to ask others, such as the OP did here, because odds are good, merchants here know why your listing set off a trigger. But otherwise..eh...don't expect LL, or anyone trying to answer for them, to give you a real answer, *ain't happenin*.
  5. Tari Landar

    Help ! What's offensive ?

    No you didn't. What you did was share some search results, those are not arguments arguing against those speculations, because the speculations are not absolutes, neither are your arguments. Ftr, this entire subject has been a massive issue since the inception of the MP. Yes , since day one, there has been a list and algorithms used against said lists, along with whatever other arguments LL has hard coded into the system, to search for "disallowed words". Never has LL released said lists, outside of some general information located in the MP selling guidelines. Never should any of us expect to know them, either. Many a word have set off both the banned word flag, and the "let's change the listing to adult" flag, the vast majority of the words are actually innocuous, in pretty much all forms, including l33t sp34k, which is what drives the vast majority of frustration towards LL in this arena. LL does not care, has almost stated as much by never addressing this issue. However we can all take comfort in knowing that the list(s) and programming utilized for this, are ever changing., and they are *never* consistent across the board. Basically that means while it may trigger flags for some listings, it won't for all. So, take comfort in knowing that even LL have no damn clue how the hell the whole thing works, either, and they never have. For a while, my name, Tari, set off the adult flag...then for a while, it set off the banned flag, now it no longer does(that I know of, who knows, it might again, hard to say, lol). As did words like hat, turtle, chocolate, the number 8...seriously, do a search of the forums, you'll find the previous discussions about this, they're kinda entertaining. Most of them are about the adult flag, versus the banned flag, but it's still applicable, it's all the same ridiculously terrible programming.
  6. Tari Landar

    Somebody loves me...

    I have never understood, and will never understand why anyone feels they have some sort of right, maybe obligation (not certain how to word that part, pardon my terrible verbiage) to determine when another person is or is not celebrating or acknowledging a holiday "properly". This becomes doubly more confusing when the judgmental party doesn't even recognize said holiday or celebration his or her self. Is this something those people always do, like, for every type of holiday and/or celebration, or is it only select ones? I mean, there are a LOT of holidays, the world over, and celebrations, that are not shared by everyone, or even the masses. Are there really people that think they know best how to celebrate said holidays...really? Hubby and I don't celebrate Valentine's day either, at least, not in the most traditional or common sense(s). We celebrate our life, our love, what we have, how we got where we are, etc... every single day (yeah, we're THOSE people, lmao). We don't do the gifts, flowers, cards, chocolates, special dates, etc...etc.... it's just not us. But I would never tell another person, or a whole bunch of them, that the method(s) they choose to celebrate is somehow invalidating the day, or lessening it for other people, let alone myself. It's their way, it's their day, they are literally harming absolutely no one and not a thing they do, or don't do, on that day, has even the most remote effect on me and mine, well, really, on me. So..what gives? Where does this come from? I mean if you want to break it down to the whole "that's not how this holiday began" part, then you need to do that for literally every celebration, every holiday, and are you really prepared to be THAT judgmental, especially on things that have zero effect on you? I mean if I wanted to go all out for Valentine's day and give gifts to all that are special in my life...why shouldn't I? How am I invalidating your interpretation of a holiday's origin (as defined by you, or those before you) in showering those for whom I have some level of affection? I know that no one will actually answer that, or any questions remotely like it, but I would love if someone actually could. Especially if they're willing to see my questions as the curiosity on which they're based. Ftr, my family also celebrates other holidays in rather interesting ways too, are you going to follow us around and point out how wrong we're doing that as well? Come on now, you cannot be so wrapped up in your own world that others choosing to celebrate any day be it a holiday, or simply the third Tuesday in June, in any way they wish, is somehow harming the origin of that day. That's just....well, frankly, that's silly, and doesn't speak highly of anyone making those judgments, really. Not that I would expect anyone to care what I think of their judgments, I'm certain they don't...more power to them for it, I suppose. But, y'all sound silly as heck with these "that's not how you celebrate Valentine's day" posts, and I imagine someone making that kind of judgment with this really stern, probably almost constipated look on their face, eyebrows firm in an "I'm angry with you" pose..even more so when typing them out......and then I laugh until I can't breathe...you have no idea how silly you look in my head doing that, add in a few finger wags, a hand on a hip...oh my, yeah you're way sillier than people showing others some level of affection for which you have absolutely no approval. Should go without saying, but, sadly, it always needs to be said...you's and whatnot, are general
  7. Tari Landar

    If you were a teacher how would you use SL?

    I have used sl as an educational tool, although primarily for homeschool children (mine, and others', of course). In our case, students are rather restricted in where they can go, and what they can do, and certainly aren't simply set out into the world on their own. We have used sl for all kinds of purposes, for a myriad of subjects ranging from mathematics, to the sciences, and everything in between. We have had buildings in sl we've used as classrooms, where the students simply "sit and learn", as it were, a replica of the rl classroom most of them have likely never been in (being homeschooled, and all that). We have had "field trips" to various locations inworld, including places one might deem an appropriate field trip if it had been in the real world, and some one might love to visit but would be far too cost prohibitive. Most of the students are not local to one another, so our classrooms are global, in a sense, which is something not easily replicated in the real world. Students are NEVER invited into the sl classroom without parental consent and guidance, more often than not with the parent right over their shoulder, actually, or playing alongside on their own character. We've also used OpenSim for the same purposes, although we primarily use OpenSim for classes and experiments involving creation-lack of cost and other inworld-y interruptions make that a bit more appealing than SL. We have had cultural classes, language, science based, mathematics, social studies, history...really, just about every course possible. My oldest kiddo in rl is no longer a kiddo, but I started doing so when she still was, our little group of students only grew from there. Currently, we don't utilize it nearly as often as we used to, since many of the students involved have since "aged out", in a sense, quite a bit of them now being adults. Some of them still play sl now, as adults, some of them never stepped foot in world again, lol. For high school students, I think it can be a fabulous tool, but for college students it is nearly always "advertised" or utilized as a social experiment more than anything else, and quite poorly at that. Unless the professor gives ample instruction (yes, even social experiments need them) and has a vast knowledge his/her self, it is more likely to be a failure. As a college student myself (for the last, oh 6-ish years with multiple degrees under my belt, and more to come) I have seen more than my fair share of people who use places like SL for assignments.....I have yet to see one done very well, though. More often than not, people do a very, very piss poor job, make "surveys" which are crap, cannot seem to take whatever information they've garnered and place it into a proper assignment (including references, formatting, hell even simple grammar and spelling)...Honestly, I would never recommend ANY college professor or instructor to utilize sl at all, for any reason, unless it's some sort of elective course on like creation within a virtual environment, or something. I don't think most college courses, students, or instructors, are prepared to utilize SL for any other type of course. I have seen far too many failures that tell me it's simply not an appropriate medium for things like that. It fails more than it succeeds, and while that may seem like a challenge, it's truly not, at least not one for which the vast majority of people seem up to task.
  8. Hubby and I, circa 2008
  9. Tari Landar

    Worst Shopping Experience EVER

    I won't write you a book. But I will apologize if I hurt you somehow with my prior comments in another thread. I can see precisely why you feel the way you do, and why you're responding the way you are to my post, because you feel I was quite rude, and that I was wrong. So, I do apologize for that, I'm not a monster, nor am I perfect, in any way. I make mistakes too, just like everyone else. I would have to say that was one of mine, because I have always respected you as a person, as I do the vast majority of people. I clearly handled that entirely wrong (and that may be why I bowed out of that thread, I don't remember exactly why now). My apologies are sincere however, regardless of how you may feel about me, or whether or not they are accepted. I wouldn't offer them otherwise. I am sorry Rya.
  10. Tari Landar

    Remedies to declining SL?

    See, I have the opposite experience, mostly lol. I tell all kinds of people about sl. I shoot down (not literally, lmao) people that think only negative things, or only reiterate negative things they've "read or heard". It's super easy to show people the fun things about sl. But I can understand exactly why some people like having sl to themselves, so to speak. It is their escape, their entertainment, their time for themselves, and they may not want people to think negative things about them for being here. There is a LOT of misinformation and assumptions out there about sl, always has been. So that kind of approach makes total sense to me, even if it may not be my own. I have quite a few friends that feel the same. I'm just an oddball, lol. Whatever works for people, I say go for it
  11. Tari Landar

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours as well Welcome back!
  12. Tari Landar

    Worst Shopping Experience EVER

    It was actually a way to approach a singular merchant, it's ABOUT a singular merchant, not a general anything, lol. (and that's the only part I take issue with, not the complaints, they are what they are, but the approach) Yes, please send me notecards or ims, expressing your dislikes, or likes, I don't mind them at all. If I don't like someone's approach, I can choose to ignore it, I can choose to take it to heart, or I can open a dialog with them and see if I can assist them. That is my choice as a merchant. Why on earth should I HAVE to listen to insults, be berated, be discouraged as a merchant, all because someone wanted to over exaggerate their experience? ("worst shopping experience ever", I mean, come on, it's kinda funny once you read the actual problems, perspective is important lol) There is a way to talk to people, and a way not to. If you're (general) going to be a jerk to them, do you think they still want your money? Maybe someone else doesn't care, but I do, this is a hobby, this is what I love doing, it's something I have done for over ten years here, and I'm still going strong despite never having been popular, or even known to over 99.999999% of the whole of sl, and I am okay with that. I don't want to be a big name, I couldn't be even if I wanted to. You have no idea how much a merchant might struggle to make something, or how proud that merchant might be of his/her hard work, so to blatantly insult the merchant and the product in public, by literally pointing them out...pffft, get out of here with that crap, that is NOT cool. It takes me literally months to do what some can, easily, do in less than a day. I'm damn proud of everything I have ever made, even if in the end I realize it's probably not that great, it's probably not something a lot of people are going to want, much less buy (I'm even proud of the very first bench I ever made in sl, which is like 14/15 prims-I forgot how many-and literally took me two weeks to make back in June, 2008, and it's a super fugly bench with no textures, lol). *I* am proud of me, what I have accomplished and what I have done, and plenty of others who have contacted me are too, and that makes me feel amazing. The people who haven't and have approached me like adults, without coming out swinging, have also helped me get to where I am, because they haven't been *discouraging, but rather, helpful. That is how and why I can ignore negativity, and do my best to take any positives that may have tagged along for the ride. Another merchant, might be struggling with that, and to have someone textually slap them in the face, I can see that doing a bit of harm. Creators have a huge hand in making sl what it is, you're bound to find ones that do things you don't like, and there is nothing wrong with expressing that. People do it here all the time, and it's really not that bad, WHEN and only when you make it a general "I really don't like it when merchants do..". Singling out someone, *like this*, who really isn't doing a whole lot wrong, just doing things some might not like, that's not cool. I don't understand why it's a struggle for some to talk to people, merchants included, as they would like to be talked to, lol. I really don't think that's asking too much. I talk to other merchants all the time, granted they aren't fashion merchants because I don't buy clothes, but I do buy building supplies and other neat things I find. Sometimes I run across something that's just not right, or I find some way I think a merchant might be able to improve something. It's really not hard to express that without being a jerk(for me, maybe some people struggle with that, well, clearly, some do, lol). I have never had a problem approaching a merchant with commentary, negative or positive, in a kind manner, and I've never gotten negative feedback from them for doing so.
  13. Tari Landar

    Worst Shopping Experience EVER

    And the more you call people that disagree with you snowflakes, the less sales you're going to get. It kinda works both ways Personally, I have no qualms with the dislikes in the OP, I have a huge issue with the approach to those dislikes, lol. There's a huge difference between saying what kinds of things you don't like to see a merchant do, and actually pointing a finger at a specific merchant and over-exaggerating the actual experience by calling it the worst ever. I mean, we have all seen so much worse done, and merchants that actually are doing(or have done) some really crappy things. I'd rather give my business to a merchant who maybe needs to work on things a little bit, over someone more experienced, with a more well known brand, who acts like a jerk towards people (but that's in general). I'm way more fond of the little guy than I will ever be of many "bigger guys"(as the case may be) because an awful lot of them tend to forget what it was like to be a new merchant, or a merchant slowly learning, or a merchant just trying to get their foot in the door, etc.... Though, for me, any merchant could act a fool and ruin their own chance of making sales, often times that behavior comes with a serious level of arrogance after some time being a merchant.
  14. Tari Landar

    Remedies to declining SL?

    It does need more people, but I think the main problem(and this is coming from new users, as those of us quite used to sl, who have been here for ages, may easily forget these things) is that people don't know what to search for, or rather,don't know what they should or want to search for, it can be a lil overwhelming. It's actually a lot easier to find places where people are, if you don't know what to search for (which isn't a bad thing, promise ) to open the map and look for green dots. In fact, that's a fantastic way to grid hop. Should you find yourself somewhere you don't want to be, tp back to wherever you were(or somewhere else anyway) and try again. Sometimes just the trial and error of it can be fun....sometimes not, but it's worth a shot. I have found tons of awesome places just doing that. However, I would *never*(and I don't believe anyone should, especially LL) recommend the destination guide for anyone, let alone new users, to find places with people. The destination guide is NOT actually a very good representation of current users' likes, dislikes, places most visited, popular places, etc..It's actually a pretty crappy "guide", and the places are added by LL themselves, not users. It's long been understood that LL doesn't know their own platform, or customers, so it stands to reason they wouldn't know what users, new or not, are actually looking for (that sounds like a nasty insult, but it's not, it goes back to my post above and what LL really needs to do). The destination guide has not been a very good representation of, well, anything, especially "how many people are on/like this place". If you go through the guide, you'll find that MOST of the places listed there either no longer exist(or moved, so they no longer exist at *that location), or are completely empty and pretty much sit that way all the time. It's wonderful if you want to find an empty place to take pics, but that's the only reason I'd ever tell anyone to go there, lol. As crappy as search might be at times, it's still way better than the destination guide, which is pretty telling. For some folks sl is actually made from the places, the experiences, the things to do, and not necessarily the people. But for plenty of others, probably most people, the people make sl what it is. So, for those folks, it doesn't matter if it is a hall made for 1,000 and only 20 are there, because those 20 are enough, so to them, it actually IS a great party. There's some level of quality in those 20 people that some feel 1,000 people may not actually meet. Make sense? Me, personally, I don't want to go to a party with 1,000 other people, no matter what size the hall is. I want to go to a party with a quality 20 people, or even less, because then I might actually have fun, I might be able to interact with them all, I won't be wandering around wondering why these other 999 people aren't talking to me, etc.. Of course that still happens when there's only 20 people, but the likelihood does drop. It all depends entirely on what individuals want their own experience to be, though, which can be really hard to explain to new people that come into sl and expect to find large crowds immediately, and then get sorely disappointed when it doesn't happen. I can understand their frustration, entirely, but it may be that they have expectations sl has never met, or could never meet as the case may be. So expectations play a pretty big role too, not that anyone could assist people, new or old, with expectations-that's all on us.
  15. Tari Landar

    Where are all the black people...

    You forgot flying It's the one eyed one horned flying purple people eater. If my niece saw anyone forget part of his name, she'd throw a fit, and probably some shoes (yes, we throw shoes in our family, but never AT anyone...which begs the question.."who throws a shoe, honestly?") . Ok, she's 6, but she LOVES this movie, to the point that she wore down more than one VHS, so I had to go to dvd, lol. It's all my fault though, I introduced her to it at a young age. I'm an enabler. She even has a purple monster plushy I made that plays the song, she told me she intends to be buried with it. (not as creepy as it sounds, lol), and a cassette that she puts in my old teddy ruxpin because she thinks it's hilarious to drive my mother bonkers. On the plus side, the few times she's had to stay in the hospital, it has been an absolute lifesaver! This is totally unrelated to the OP, I just happened to see the purple people eater comments and it makes me smile, because MOST people I've mentioned it to, think it's only a song. They have no clue what I'm talking about when I ask them if they like the movie "What? It's just a song you idiot!" Uhhh....nope I do hope the OP finds what they're looking for There are communities for pretty much everyone, so hopefully someone can steer OP in that direction.