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  1. Because you asked what impact they have on the area. That IS the impact they have, avoidance, ignoring and even derendering by other folks
  2. I assumed it was a "English isn't the first language" sort of deal and didn't want to be insensitive...but I'd be lying if I said I didn't giggle a bit, lol.
  3. Just wandering the grid today. Pondering where to head to next while standing in my favorite empty underwater sim. Peacock Look at the time, a freckle past 7:30....
  4. I don't have just one, but I'll share one. In order to do so, you need to know something...I used to play a game which was subsequently shut down in 2008, and a large percentage of the players ventured over to sl, since it was one of the closest things to what we had. I had been a part of that other community for ages. I also met my now hubby there, and we became very, very good friends over the years.... August 1, 2008, while standing on the island owned by the radio station I was a DJ with at the time(which started in that previous game), just goofing around with our friends, after some of our old friends from the other game had managed to make their way to sl...I see two people land. One of them is a good friend to us all, and the other was my now hubby. You see, he wasn't going to move to sl from the other place, he had no interest in doing so at the time. I thought our goodbye that tearful night when our "home" was shut down as we all listened to music, shared stories, cried on each others' shoulders(yes,some of us get attached to other people when we spend ha much time together..even in a game) would be our final goodbye. I would be lying if I said my eyes didn't well up with tears when I realized who it was. I jumped up, we all did really, and ran over to them. As we stood there talking to one another, welcoming them to the island, laughing about which starter avs they had chosen, I was in a pm with him and we were chatting. It was like old times again. My best friend had returned, so to speak, and we were given a chance... Fast forward a few weeks and he was gone, again, after being hurt by someone he thought he loved, someone he'd been with for quite a while...someone who was only playing games(and not just the fun kind...). He and I had been best friends for years, but, you know how that goes...sometimes, there's a lot more to that closeness than just friends. There was with us, but not something either of us would either recognize, or admit..until one night in October, 2008...when absolutely everything fell into place. Sl, over the years, provided us another platform that phone calls, emails, skype, messenger, etc... did not quite fill. When we couldn't be physically together, sl allowed for yet another way to connect. I will be forever grateful for that, in ways I can't even put into words. He wouldn't likely be my hubby today, if it weren't for sl..not sl alone, but sl played a massive part Most of my fondest memories involve him...or that group of friends I came to sl with in 2008(on this av, I'd been here before in 2004 and 2006, just didn't enjoy it and knew absolutely no one here). So I suppose you could say my fondest memory of all..is a memory that has no ending yet(assuming it ever does), only a beginning, and a very long middle, it's perpetual
  5. I'm well aware that events are not charities, lol. Like I said, I have experience organizing and running them, both in sl and rl. I know they are, essentially, a business, even when they actually ARE charities, they still, often, function in a business-like manner. I don't like organizing them in sl anymore, because some people are so focused on getting more well known brands that it becomes entirely commercial and that's just NOT fun for me, at all. Though, I AM a weirdo..so take that opinion with a grain of salt. I still believe these events, events in general, do better with more diversity. That's coming from more than one perspective, not just someone that likes going to them for shopping, or freebies, etc..When people stop going to them as often and participation is down, this is the very first thing people should look at..."is there enough diversity to please the masses". I've had to adapt a particular event I coordinate with a small group of people in rl every single year. Let me rephrase that, had isn't the word we need here...We do it(adapt, make changes, and don't cater to big businesses looking for advertising, but actually cater specifically to smaller ones with less advertising opportunities) because that's how the event keeps going. It got kind of stagnate before we took it over. Participation was there, but it was definitely down from previous years. So, we decided to make it better, eliminate the same old same old, the routine, the "promote only businesses people know and for sure like..or the businesses that can pay the most to enter(as was the case for a couple of years-and it was absolutely awful for the event" aspect...and it worked. We are five years out from when we took over and this event has successfully gone from an event that could barely raise $5k to an event that, easily, raises $50k. every single year-with three of those five raising even more, last year we cleared over $70k. Participation both from a business as well as a participant or attendee perspective is at an all time high. The charities we donate to are receiving more help. But another important aspect, from an organizer point of view....people don't come away from our event with a feeling that they were bored anymore. We're clearly doing something right with our approach
  6. I'm not judging, just asking...but..why would you not want more exposure for your products, your store, and your brand, by hiding some of your products(demos)? I am honestly curious what benefit this would have for you, as a business owner (not shoppers, I understand how an option like that might help shoppers frustrated with the sheer amount of demos on mp). I've never thought a creator would want to hide some of their products. Of course Pixieplumb did a good job of explaining why we can't do this, it's simply how listings work. Something cannot be inactive(ie, invisible) and active at the same time. The MP isn't designed like that. I'm not sure I'd want it to be, as a shopper. Most of the demos I have gotten from mp are due to me seeing something eithe ron mp or inworld that I like, venturing to that creator's mp store and browsing the wares. I might be alone in my methodology though, lol.
  7. Well in this case, that would be LL, in other cases, whoever is organizing the event. That's why I said I prefer the "one big, one small" theory, it creates a better balance of diversity in not just content type, but creator. They're my favorite kinds of events, even when they're lagfests, (sometimes they are, lol and sometimes I like that fun part, even if others hate it). I also think taking that kind of approach can actually better cater to both folks looking for new gems, as well as folks looking for familiarity.
  8. Oh, I've never wondered, I simply disagree with their assessments. I've also not found that a lot of the times those popular things are considered to be more magically significant either. I'm not sure what lists you're looking at, but, I just don't see what you do, lol. Trends come and go in the real world much faster than they do in sl, or so it seems at times. Barring something going horribly wrong, what is super popular today, is very likely to be super popular a year from now, in sl..in rl, that's not always the case. Hatchimals anyone? That was a fad that lasted all of less than 4 months, though some folks still like them, they aren't considered hot or popular anymore-and they never will be again. I'm not a trend follower, I'm not a "what's hot" kind of person, it's never been my style, and never will be. It is, in fact, one thing that drew me to attending numerous events, hunts, etc... over the years, because some of them are absolutely transparent in that they are NOT catering to the "what's hot", but rather..those gems I talked about, those little guys that folks might not know about just yet. Sometimes merely because little guys banding together are much better exposure overall than more popular brand names banding together(not always, just sometimes, lol). It's precisely how those "what's hot" folks, got to be hot, too though. That didn't just magically happen, even those big name brands started out as small guys no one knew about I think you seem to believe I think events should absolutely cater primarily to those small guys....and you'd be wrong to make that assumption(I'm not sure where the jaded thing comes form, I don't consider myself or anyone else that attends events t find new things to be jaded, lol) . I think that events should cater to *both* equally, and that is my problem with some events, especially big ones, sponsored and put together by LL-advertised to far more people than most events will be and likely attended by a massive amount more of people than most events thanks to said advertising. There is no equally anything...and since I know I'm not alone in that feeling, I'm perfectly content in saying that I think it should be. You can't just cater to the big names, or the people that want to see the same old, same old at every event..either. That just won't work well and eventually people will stop attending events when it gets that boring. I've seen it..I've done it..and I'm not alone, lol. Again, I hate to reiterate but I feel I must..I am NOT knocking them, or any creator at this event..or any event..I am simply stating what, clearly, some folks want to but won't say, lol...and that is...stop focusing primarily on "what's hot", because you're going to miss out on "what's not hot today, but might pleasantly surprise you if you're willing to take a chance on a brand you don't yet know".
  9. This is just a general reply, I suppose...and waaay longer than I thought it would be...not sorry I am likely in the minority on this, but I absolutely do NOT like seeing " mostly big name brands" at these kinds of events. Not because their products are not top notch(though, as someone else pointed out, quality is a subjective topic, I won't delve into that), not because they are not deserving of advertising, and not because they don't make "more money"(again, subjective) for LL.....The reality is that there is already soooo much exposure for them, that people are finding them *everywhere. It is fantastic for them, actually, more than fantastic depending on one's perspective, I suppose. But it's not fantastic for the overall community, imo. I'm not knocking them, in the least, some of them are actually my favorite creators. In fact a couple of them I have come to know quite personally over the years, so I am a fan of their work. As someone that enjoys shopping, only to a certain degree, I like being exposed to the little guy. I like finding that gem. I like hunting..oh boy do I like hunting. I like seeing people given a chance to get themselves out there. Isn't that how most well known brands/merchants got where they are today, coupled with all of their hard work, blood, sweat, tears and money poured into everything they do. Customers are the best advertising tool available, and events can offer customers that might otherwise not find you, or not very easily anyway. I think showcasing more of "the little guy", as it were, is a much better draw to show people, especially new people(of which I saw tons at the shopping event this evening, btw) the different merchants, the different creators, and, well...different everything. Offer more diversity, you offer incentive for people to search and wander the grid more..and that's good for us all, right? I was talking with a woman and a gentleman I met a few months ago, and mentioned the event to. She is new-ish (under a year) to sl, while he's been here a few years. They both were complaining about seeing the same stores, quite a few of them offering the very same products, not just gifts but discounted and non-discounted products as well, that they do, or have, at other events in the last year. I saw a few other people mentioning it among themselves on a couple of the sims too, I'm guessing they were all there as little groups(hey, I do that too, lol) Neither one of them was interested in shopping at any of the bigger name stores. Why? Because...and this is a paraphrase.."been there, done that". One of the stores the gentleman was telling me is actually one of their favorite stores to shop at when looking for new clothing, but not a store they expected to see at an event advertised by Linden Lab, celebrating, as per him..."the grid as a whole diverse world where even a hobbyist can soar". Not my words, but I share his sentiment, and I understand where it comes from. They left me to my own devices after finding a couple smaller stores and getting lms, both ignoring all of the bigger name stores, because they were looking for new places, not the same old, same old and got bored. I know, they can use search, even the mp to find new places, we all know that, but these events offer an amazing opportunity for LL, the grid as a whole, merchants and creators, and well...everyone else, lol. An amazing opportunity that is quickly lost when people start to think something's boring because they've already seen it in a million other places, lol. Not everyone has the attention span some of us do. In fact, some days I have the attention span of a grain of rice. I don't want to wander thinking deja vu constantly, I'll leave when it gets boring...and I've missed some stuff because of it, I'm sure(my fault, of course) This isn't me knocking the event, at all(really is very well built, and runs smoothly-kudos on that), I did find a few gems, and a few creators I'd not seen yet that I can explore-and I'm grateful for that. I'm sure they'll be grateful too when more people visit their stores. I am not knocking LL, or anyone participating in the event(s), either, or anyone else that organizes them and keep them flowing smoothly. I have a massive amount of respect for folks that do that. I've organized more than one myself, I've even organized rl events very similar to these, and it is definitely NOT easy(way harder in rl btw...I don't recommend it, despite the fact that I have a major rl event coming up soon) You can't please everyone, even some of the time, much less most or all. But trust me, LL, and anyone else that sets up events...there are probably a lot more people that want to see diversity not just in content type but in merchants as well, than there are those that go just to find big names. I, personally, really like the "one big, one small" theory and think that it, from personal experience, does offer far better exposure for the grid and diversity in general, than "let's showcase the same big name brands because they applied" approach, lol. For me, it wouldn't matter if someone made me $1k, or $1, big merchant or small merchant, *I* would, and have, offer/ed them all the same, balanced, opportunities. I'm looking forward to other events for the SL14B, but if SL15B, or whatever they call it next year, offers the same kind of shopping experience, with mostly bigger branded or well known brands...I don't think I'll attend that part of it, just the rest of the celebration(s). It's just boring, for me, like going to the same store alllllll the time, never venturing out of my comfort zone. I like my comfort zone, don't get me wrong, I have my fav brands, and I like seeing them get exposure too...but not unbalanced exposure...I'd never find gems if I did that, lol. I participate in some of the hunts and events specifically *because they offer more chances for the little guy, those gems I didn't know about, those merchants I've never seen. It's pretty cool... Ok I'll shut up...just offering my tree fitty
  10. A LOT of people use external websites for support. I see it mostly in rental businesses, personally, and I'm not keen on it in 99% of the times I see it used. I have had both good and bad experiences with merchants and land owners while using an external website for support. Though I have had more bad than good, imo, they have been primarily with rental businesses, to the point that I refuse to use them now if I have an issue. I will absolutely directly contact someone, if they have a preference of IM or NC, I will abide, but if they insist I never contact them inworld about an issue an instead use their website...adios..you lost my business(and odds are if it's support related, I've probably lost money, but that's on me). The very rare cases where I will use an external website for support involve only those I KNOW will actually answer those "tickets"(or whatever they call them) either through my own experience or others' proven positive experience(s). For example, a very popular business I have taken part in since it's inception uses a ticket system..and I like it, it makes loads of things simpler. But, and like mine, it's big..they have PROVEN customer service track record, the vast majority of their business is rather transparent and support issues as well as everything surrounding them is/are very transparent. They will also talk with you inworld too, they don't ONLY limit it to tickets. It just leaves too much room for "oh, we didn't get your ticket", "I can't find where to submit a ticket", "your website/server is down", "our CSRs are not available at this time" or some other communication issue/error, of which there are a multitude of possibilities. That's why we HAVE multiple ways to contact people in sl, and shouldn't *need* an external support service for inworld items/purchases/experiences/whatever. Too much room for things to go awry for both the business and the customer, and too much hassle. Personally I think the use of external sites puts more responsibility on the shoulders of the end customer and that, imo, isn't the best way to handle support(but I'm weird, so...) I wouldn't use an external service, personally, though I don't mind assisting a customer through email. In fact I just got back from a month long vacation and had to assist someone via email while I was away since I could not get in world but could access email. I can't imagine forcing my customers to use yet another communication method when those that exist work just fine.
  11. Somewhat related...and also not...I got an order once from a customer who bought 10 of the same thing. "Surely this wasn't intentional, I should IM them"-a reasonable thought for a merchant to have, right? Yeah, wrong...I got my head verbally ripped off, set on fire, stomped on, chewed up, spit out and buried...The sad thing is, my im was quite polite..."Hello, (name removed), I noticed you bought 10 of (item). I was just checking to be certain this was an intentional purchase. If it was not, please let me know, so I can refund your excess money. If it was, thank you very much for your purchases. I hope you have a wonderful day, either way ". The reply I got back was, well, let's just say, i didn't expect it, it was chock full of accusations, a lot of very colorful language, and ended with me being called retarded for thinking someone else could be that stupid they would unintentionally buy 10 of something and how dare I suggest such a thing...I was being reported. Lmao Some folks, can't be pleased, regardless. I still agree that LL leaves a lot to be desired when they choose the wording of things. I am not sure if they consult with anyone, and should they do so, if that person(group, whatever) actually thinks through what is being "said" and the many ways it can be "interpreted"(yeah, can't focus on them all, but come on now). So, yeah, the whole "failed invoice", "under construction", etc.. type wording, lends no hand to this kind of problem. It just creates confusion, and helps to create a rift between merchant/creator and customer, rather than bring them together cohesively to be angry at LL for mp errors rather than one another. Then again, LL does this with wording all the time, and always has, We have to learn to read between the lines and odds are, if wording is confusing, turning it around to mean almost the exact opposite just might make more sense. Though how LL got there...rarely ever does.
  12. I could be wrong here, though I doubt I am, since Dakota already pointed this out, twice now in the same thread(and elsewhere)..but I believe you are causing your own problem. You are over complicating your keywords lists, and it's causing you to lose sales. Some of those keywords, while perhaps relevant(to you) to your products, they are less likely to be what people search for to find your products. That means every time I search for one of those words, and am NOT looking for your product, but it shows up in my search anyway..and I don't buy it..you lose relevance. I'd cut back on some of your keywords. If I wanted to find a guitar, for example, I don't want to see your dance hud show up, but it will. If I want to search for something related to DJing, a dance hud isn't likely what I am looking for..but yours will show up because you have versions of the word DJ in there despite it not being a DJ hud at all (and I won't buy), and you'll again lose relevance. See how that works? When looking at your keywords, think about the things people are searching for when looking for *your* products, not general products or slightly related products even, then think about how you are going to lose sales(and your position) every time one of your items shows up in someone's search-despite not being what they were looking for even remotely-and they don't buy it. You're killing yourself with keyword spam, in other words, to put it bluntly. Make them more precise and directly related to *your item* specifically, not related items you sell (not you, either, your name need not be in your keywords, it shows up in search just fine without being in keywords). Having more words doesn't help you, at all, with the way search functions. I'm no super fan of the search myself, or how it functions(it's still a muddled mess imo, but my opinion is irrelevant on that topic, lol). But I DO like that keyword spammers now lose relevance, and position, when they fail to follow instructions No one likes that kind of spam, I promise you.
  13. I just want to point out that this is how it is *supposed* to work...but usually does not(despite what LL says about it). This "feature"::coughs::, has been broken for some time, and never fully fixed. Out of all the reviews I have gotten, only two have come with email notifications. Granted, I don't have a large number of them or even a lot of products to begin with, lol, but, yeah...this does not actually work right.
  14. Ftr, there are breedable plants, they've been around for more than a few years too
  15. Klytyna wrote: FellicityVixen wrote: Or another more troubling example. There was a major organised crime in the UK that carried on for over 10 years. The reason the authorities (police, social work, politicans, etc) would not act against those known criminals was because, they were of a certain religion. They were labelled in the press as "Asian" at first, implying that they were Chinese, but not THAT sort of Asian. For anyone curious- look up Rotherham gangs (warning, it's really disgusting crimes). Just a useful FTI, here in Britain, the term 'Asian' is normally used for people from Bangladssh, Celon, India, and Pakistan, and NOT used to refer to people from China, who are usually refered to as Chinese, or Oriental. FellicityVixen wrote: 2) There is a paradox that the liberals (whither you believe yourself to be a liberal supporter, or believe in some, many or A LOT of liberal values- and I'd like to think most of the West believe in liberal values a lot). The paradox is this: The tolerant will have to tolerate the intolerant. Think on this. I believe this is the biggest issue with religion, because it is NEVER just about what God exists or what history and festival is true or good. It is often about the lifestyle rules and moral justifications that EVERYONE has. I would be happy to accept religion IF those same people could accept other peoples' non religions or different religions. Very often they don't. Islam in particular is very intolerant, and it is also very ironic that for a religion that lives in many war torn countries- but blames the West for many of those wars, deaths and failure to *take them in*, they also have plenty of religious laws that allow them to kill each other (and religious texts that allow them to kill without guilt). You seem to think that religions are supposed to be tolerant, and that somehow the believers fail their religions by failing "to tolerate the intolerable." Mono-Theistic Religions are NOT tolerant, never have been never will be, this is an inherent design feature... The followers of Koomi, God of Toaster Ovens, the One True God, who'e most sacred of days is Tuesday, all KNOW that believers of other FALSE so-called gods are fools and criminals and terrorists who eat babies and vote Demopublican and want to take away True Believers Rights to shoot the UPS guy for trespass when he delivers their parcel from Amazon! "You can take away mah garbage, Mr. Garbage-Man but you can never take mah Fee-Dumb! Taste mah .30-06, Demopublican voting commie filth tresspasser! Murica Rulez! Praise Koomi! Rawr!" This executive ban, is an opportunist facist, playing to the mob, with a dumb idea that will increase the hatred of the 'enemy' while doing nothing to stop them attacking you, but doing an awful lot of harm to people whose suffering can be traced back and laid squarely at the door of the Muricans who helped creat the damn problem in the first place, over half a century ago. You want to ban potential terrorists from the US, ban people from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, because they are the ones who carried out the 9/11 attacks, Murica's former number 1 most wanted, old Osram bin Lightbulb, was a Saudi business man, thats how he had the start-up cash to found his terror group. For many years Saudi Arabia was one of the worlds largest exporters of small arms, despite not making a single gun, because they were also one of the worlds largest importers of small arms. Mega rich oil tycoons donating 1/40th of their vast oil income as charity (a requirement of their religion, one christianity lacks), but defining 'charity' as supplying weapons to pro islam warlords and fanatics all across the middle east and africa, hence why Somalia at one point, had more AK-47's than PEOPLE. But... Saudi's are rich, they buy Murica Brand War Toys, and they supply shiploads of fuel for Murican Pickup Trucks, so, anti terror initiatives, meh... I would like to just go right on ahead and umm..ditto, this post. You've said what I wanted to, and chose not to, much better than I could have, if I did. Simply put, this ban is NOT what people think it is...it's really not. One of the most scary aspects, for me, and perhaps others, is the fact that so many do not understand what it is and why it would have failed/did fail/got overturned, versus similar practices we have had in the past. It is NOT a ban put in place to protect us, at all. If it were, the most dangerous threats would not have been specifically excluded.