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  1. People are literally ALWAYS the problem. Just had to agree with that part I'm not grumpy, just coming to the realization that more and more people suck, not the good kind, and a huge portion of them always have. It has nothing to do with any virus, pandemic, current events, or anything....people are just using it as an excuse to be a-holes of epic proportion because they assume others will be all "oh, it's okay, you're going through a rough time" Itch, please, we're all going through a rough time. People are dying, people are losing their homes and jobs, unable to pay their
  2. I can mostly only read the forums, and not post, because I have a lot of really not nice things to say, most of them very well deserved. I type them up and then have to delete them. It's a personal peeve, though, not a pet peeve, because my person is the problem. My demon-gnome-spawn-that-exists-only-in-my-head-person and I simply can't agree on this matter, and it's rather disappointing. Now I have to spend most of my reading time here on the forums logged out, because I can't trust the gnome to not say something when I'm taking a drink or not looking. She's far more ornery and sne
  3. I would like to see something like that if ever anyone created it. I think it would be quite awesome. As misguided as I think LL has been on many a subject over the years ( they have and still remain, many is the understatement of the year), I can still honestly say my life has been all the better because of LL and SL...but now I'm digressing again. (Below is unrelated to the above quote, I'm merely consolidating my posts) I don't particularly care when (or why) anyone came to sl, why, or what tools they used when they first got here. Nor do I care what products anyone did or
  4. Bolding is mine, but... Both of those bolded items are windlight settings. Yes, the environment editor actually uses windlight settings. That does not mean that every setting makes use of all possible options (such as actual lighting, desptie the name windlight, they don't all actually use specified lighting techniques/modes...it's complicated, I won't bore you, lol). However, what Solar was saying about those av tools, and I agree completely with it was that those avatar creation tools you were going on about, were once the ONLY tools we had to make avatars for a very long time (in
  5. I had a lot typed here, but I removed it all, it was very not nice, and then it just made me feel bad, because even I care about people I don't like. Bagnu, I am going to encourage you to ask people to stop white knighting for you. They are, seriously, making things so much worse. It really is painting you in a worse light than I think you realize. You might not care, but I suspect some part of you actually does care, as I suspect most people would. Whether or not I, or anyone else, is still angry with you doesn't even matter. It's not doing you a lick of good to let others speak f
  6. It wasn't you, it was twerps reading and white knighting for you and it's gotten old, my patience has worn thin, and I'm not about to answer them inworld since now I've logged off. I can see from other responses here that I am not alone in the receipt of.......eh, it doesn't matter, I'm more miffed now than I was before and I don't expect anyone but me to care about it. My problem to deal with. Now I'm bowing out of this thread and going to find something else productive to do because my time in sl for the day has been demolished, since now my feathers are ruffled and are probably going
  7. I'm going to say this again, since we're playing the "I'm new" card, even though I have said it before, and frankly it's beyond annoying and shouldn't be necessary for me to say at all, it's pretty common knowledge and usually proper netiquette. Keep forum stuff on the forums, and keep forum crap out of my IM and inventory inworld.. PLEASE. That includes those reading and feeling the need to white knight for someone that I have, repeatedly, said offended me terribly, yet have still been far more pleasant than I probably would otherwise in any other locale. I don't give a flying p
  8. I'm not Cindy, but I'll answer for me I do it because people keep insisting we shouldn't have been offended by it, and shouldn't still be, as if they are the authority on what is and is not offensive. I also do it because the whole premise for that entire debacle was later revealed by Bagnu to be a fabricated lie, and that irks me. It was intentionally offensive AND not true. Sometimes words have consequences, and these ones, admittedly, are my own problem (me being offended that is). Only I can tell myself not to be offended, no one else gets to do that for me. Still doesn't mean I
  9. Calling people fuddy duddy, or other names, for being offended when someone has blatantly offended them is also insulting. That said, I can think of a lot of greater insults, most of which I'd never dare utter.
  10. So do those of us that were offended, or are offended. You argued until you were blue in the face that it wasn't offensive, because YOU weren't personally offended,and were certain you knew others that wouldn't be. That doesn't negate the offense others felt, and nothing you say will change that. If it makes me a fuddy duddy to be offended when someone says something offensive about those who have disabilities, then I will be a fuddy duddy until the day I die. You don't get to dictate what does and does not offend others, regardless of how it affects you (or doesn't). I can both be
  11. Bull-pucky Many have been offended by things she has said, they have even stated such. Even if one later backpedals and pretends to say sorry, the offensive words were never removed. Even after it was pointed out, numerous times, that something was extremely, not just a little bit, offensive, we got he "oh I didn't mean to...but". I don't like caveats like that, in fact, they bug the crap out of me. It's probably a flaw in my own character, but that screams disingenuous to me, screams so loudly that I simply can't hear anything else said. To top it off, it was later learned that the offen
  12. Good grief, why do you always do this, constantly, trying to flip flop what people say based on your.. oh forget it. I'm sure whatever I was going to say there would've been just mean anyway, lol. Pearl HERSELF said that it is causing her rl distress, aka, trouble. The advice to then separate once the sl gets turned off, is, indeed, valid and smart advice. If something that you can easily walk away from, and even turn off, is causing you stress, why on earth would the best advice to be... go ahead, chase it anyway, make more stress for yourself. That's essentially what you're say
  13. Orwar actually uses the same one I do, lol (never met anyone else that actually uses it), the ana studio 5. I use that one because it's bright, not problematic for a system with lesser graphic capabilities and generally looks quite pretty, even on my worst days. Plus it makes building easier too, because it lacks all the extra junk. If I want to take pics, I usually use the atmosphere ones near the top : the 12:00, 13:00 and their corresponding cloudy versions too. I really like those settings for pics. I don't much mess with most others, because I can't really see them and personally I t
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