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  1. I'm not on the side of vendors, except for the fact that they're allowed to sell whatever the heck they want, within the TOS, whether I "like" it, or not. LL has said they can, so they can, and LL is the ultimate authority on this. But I also couldn't possibly find myself on the side of someone that actually thinks want and need are the same thing, lol. It sounds about as ridiculous as some of the prices and piece-parting schemes I have seen on these gachas over the years. No one "needs" a "pink outfit". You may want one, a whole lot, of course, but you don't *need it. Want and need are not interchangeable words, they have different meanings, lol. One could also say the mingling of want and need is a topic that often bleeds over from rl too, we see it all the time, really. Odds are pretty darn good, what you were looking for, is on the MP. Gacha reselling is a huge thing in sl, has been for at least the last three years(and before that, not as huge, but still very much present). I am not personally a fan, I don't play them. If I happen to see something on the MP I like, or I want, and it happens to have been (or be) part of a gacha, so be it, I still might buy it. I can count on one hand the things I have bought that were gachas in the last, erm..however long they've been on sl. Three..the number of items, is three, and all three are animals I thought, and think, are adorable, lol. I also got them at super low cost-because people dump their gachas like they've gone out of style, and often price them at far less than I might have otherwise paid. I am, however, quite admittedly, very frugal with money, generally speaking. There are few things in sl I would ever splurge on, lol (and that's not out if disrespect, but because I pinch pennies in all areas of life, even when I don't need to). No one, and I do mean literally no one, is forced to play gacha machines, or buy resell ones, either. It's not even possible for anyone in sl, including LL, to force you to We make that choice, a conscious choice. Some make the choice to play, some make the choice to buy others' discards, and some make the choice never to do so. I suspect a lot fall somewhere in the middle category, though.
  2. That's precisely where it came from, comes from...you get the point, lol.
  3. I don't find you humorless. I just didn't see misogyny in it. Girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, family members..humans in general are "expensive", in both tangible and intangible ways (and no one wants to read my wall of text on why that is so). Had someone said boyfriends are expensive, would you feel the same though? (you don't actually have to answer that, it's your interpretation, I'm not judging you, promise) That, is precisely why I find such, at least a bit, funny. I love my hubby, but he's expensive. He loves me, but I'm expensive. I love my children, but they're expensive. None of those comments are attacks, let alone derisive, they're true. To me, they're a bit funny, primarily because...they're true. Of course, your mileage may vary, as it did You assumed it contained misogyny, because you assumed there was some sort of intended attack. I also assumed, that it had no misogyny, and was indicative of actuality, and I chuckled at the raw truth contained within Then again, I do my best NOT to find attacks (my best isn't that great, I'm a work in progress), especially so when I think they're intentional, because that would be merely giving someone precisely what they wanted -I'm not always that generous. I dunno, I'm no expert at humans, let alone always interpreting them, and I don't think anyone else on this planet is either. But, perfectly a-ok to have differing opinions, it's part of what makes us such a complex species, after all.
  4. No worries here, totally not tone deaf I am mostly blind..but it's not very selective, nor volunteer for that matter. It gets me in trouble, a lot more often than I care to, or will, admit For example, I thought neither Erwin, nor Eternal, were actually serious. I read their comments completely differently than everyone else, it seems (in that, I laughed, at both)
  5. That is one of the aspects I miss the most, but, in my case, I suspect it comes from the fact that a huge portion of the people I used to converse with, once met, hung out with, came across, are no longer in sl anymore. A large amount of them have since passed on in rl, and that just hits me right in the feels all the time, even people that for whatever reason I had fallen out of favor with (to put it nicely) or out of contact with over the years...still hits me in the feels. Was reminiscing on this just yesterday, looking at the threads of old pics here on the forums, and my own stashes here and there. Found a couple of pics of people I knew I once knew, but couldn't place the name...then I found the name and I went..."awww...he/she passed away in...(insert year)", or "I wonder how he/she's doing all these years later". Timid me says..."don't go looking, he/she might still hate you, for whatever reason, justified or not", but curious me says "poke it with a stick". I rarely ever poke though Back on topic...while I have found a large number of people still willing to do this, converse with/befriend just about anyone (depending on where, and sometimes WHO, you are), the regularity of such doesn't seem as consistent as it once was. Obviously, griefing was always a thing, was always going to be a thing, and would grow as the community numbers did too. But even in 2008 when I came back for good, there was still a lot more regularity of this general chit chat, banter, befriending, finding common interests,...not really sure what to call it, lol. I met a lot more friendly strangers (and few come stranger than me, so please take that as a compliment my fellow strangers) back then, I guess, ESPECIALLY in sandboxes/public areas-which is where I learned to do just about everything. Though in the ones I use now, most folks are pretty cool, they're not well traveled sandboxes, so, it's pretty much always the same people lol. My original av is from 2004, but I admittedly never gave sl much of a chance back then, plus, rl was hellish at the time, so, my time capacity for sl would've dwindled real fast anyway- and that av is long, long gone, plus TSO was more fun for me, and I could play it from a hospital room, sl I couldn't. I came back when life settled a lil bit, in 2006, but still barely gave sl the time of day, and eventually forgot the name and password (and still don't remember it, lol)-compared to 2008 when I came back permanently that is. Even in 2008 when I came back for good on this av, I was still all "how the hell do I...?" noob lmao. Which just goes to show how much true attention I really gave to the platform.
  6. Entirely possible, lol. I do actually know people who have never missed them, people who have only missed some, and folks who have missed most. The latter category is nearly always a mix of email provider issues, plus the system being buggy on LL's end. But, the system really is buggy and has always been, lol. Then again, I nearly always expect most systems(of any sort) to have bugs somewhere along the line. So,I consider it somewhat expected behavior, except when it goes full on fruit loop (which the communication methodologies for LL's various systems have done quite a lot over the years, lol). The message system(s) in place for the MP are far, far worse than the offlines to email system though, always has been. Although, I'm not really sure precisely why, since I don't know their back end, I do know they're capable of doing better. The fact that offlines to email actually works so much better, even at its worst, is proof they can.
  7. Long thread, read it all yesterday, but never bothered responding, lol... So, what would I do, if I were LL... TLDR;-fix what exists, before looking to add new issues 1-Focus on some of the issues that have plagued the JIRAs, the grid, the viewers, etc., for years. All of them, obviously, are not easy fixes, hell maybe most of them are not easy fixes, I'm not LL, I don't want to add any certainty onto that statement, because of that factor. That said, there are some issues that no one, including LL, can reasonably deny LL has pushed on to the back burner, or shoved in the furthest corners of the closet, for a myriad of reasons(most we, mere residents, will never know), for far, far too long. No one, including LL, can also reasonably deny that some of these issues, have been the driving force behind people scaling back on their use of sl (some, to the extreme of never coming back). 2-See #1 One of these issues is the all encompassing MP. Yes, LL has done some work, and bravo to them for doing so...FINALLY. The MP team has dealt with a lot of vitriol, much of which I, personally, believe that LL could have mitigated if they took complaints a wee bit more seriously, and stopped with the "we'll look into it" mantra. It's grown painfully obvious that "we'll look into it" isn't always the best suited response, nor even necessary, in some cases (most when it comes to MP, really). LL doesn't know, all too well it seems, how to best use its resources at current level, much less at an increased level. How many times have LL asked us, user (be you merchant, customer, or simply a free floating entity within sl that categorizes one's self as neither...you're a user, lol) what we would like to see improved? The answer is- way more than most of us may remember, and way more than they should have to. How many times have they actually listened to our answers though, or taken them seriously, or even really considered them? Now, some they may not listen to because it's super hard to implement what we want, while maintaining what they need, I totally get that, in ways no one wants to read, I really do. But some of them...come on now. Go to the merchant forum, look back on the countless discussions about "what's wrong with the MP, how can it be fixed, what should we do, what do you want to see...." threads. Some of the things LL has done, to seem to appease to us, are, well, laughable, at best, or simply poorly implemented,. Merchants and customers alike have given plenty of feedback, not all of it usable, but some of it, most definitely. I don't know if it is because LL foists too much responsibility on a very select and small group of employees, if LL doesn't care, if LL can't implement and doesn't know how to tell us, if....you get my point. Why we don't know, is primarily due to another issue that has plagued LL since sl's inception-communication. They are great at times, at others, they are horrid, and usually it falls somewhere between the two. That's an issue only LL can fix, and no amount of us telling them "TALK TO US!!!" is going to solve, obviously, lol. So, my solution to a great many of their issues- those that plague functionality, retention, etc..., is to utilize resources better, and find a way to obtain resources they do not yet possess, but greatly need. That's a pretty broad brush, not one I envy them for taking on-should they decide to do so, but it is a brush I think worthy of picking up and putting a bit more effort into getting onto the canvas. It seems, at times, they try, and sometimes those attempts are while not successful, a valiant effort, and recognized (ok maybe not by all, but by some of us). But most of the time, that effort is very short lived and we return to where we were, hence the sheer amount of vitriol over issues that may seem minor to some, but just due to their longevity-and time spent being ignored by LL, are extremely obnoxious. I don't deny LL is a business, and it is designed to make money, period. That is the bottom line of EVERY business. How they get there though is important. LL has made some awesome decisions, some ok not so bad decisions, some ok now you're pushing it LL but we'll keep an eye on this decisions, and some super crappy decisions. Where one stands on these decisions depends entirely on one's experience, dependency, whatever, on said issue(s). Let's not pretend that LL is some business that is teetering on the edge of profit and loss, it isn't, and hasn't been for a long time. Of course, costs increase over the years, but some of the resources LL either needs, or needs to better implement, used to be far more costly than they are today. So, factoring in that LL still needs to make money, it would serve them well to look into these things a bit more closely, and stop with the "we'll look into it when we can".. "We can", is today, as things they have needed for a long time, are far more widely available today, and far more attainable by a company with the profit margin LL has at this very moment. Ten years ago "We'd like to implement/obtain this resource, but it would cost us more, which in turn will cost you more"-would've been a VERY reasonable response, to a great many issues. Today, not so much, at least not in all cases. I don't pretend to know LL's back end (including all of their costs), please don't take my words as me assuming I do. I just know they can do better, and if they really listened to the community, in the way(s) they seem to want us to think they do, a lot of the problems would've already been solved. It would be way less of demolish this to fix that scenario and increases in cost(s) to users, would be far easier to swallow. As it stands, I believe a lot of the problems with cost increases to users is coming from the "why the hell are you charging us more for the exact same crap we've had for years" standpoint. I may not always agree with that standpoint, lol (and I really don't, cost increases are part of business...period) but I can understand where it might come from. To make this longer..I'm not against cost increases to users, at all. In fact, I expected it years ago, really, despite not being premium myself, it always surprised me that they didn't do it. But that also raises the question of why they never had to increase costs, and why they maintained a pretty high profit margin for so long. Why are they now suffering(that may be a bad term, my apologies if it really doesn't fit) so much that they are taking away, to give, but still maintaining the same level of "we'll look into it". I suspect this is why many think they are now going to be paying for the mistake that was/is Sansar. It seems LL has some kind of money sink they didn't have even five years ago-and it's not resources being used to the betterment of the grid. If it were resources for the betterment of the grid, the deafening silence (poorly constructed communication methods) would not be *still* necessary after all these years. Adding "new shinies" doesn't make old issues go away, either, and LL really needs to take that under serious consideration going forward (but I've said that for years, yet I am still here..I have faith someone at LL will eventually do this, lol..ok, I'm just weird, whatever...it often gets me a lot of backlash, lol) That's my tree fiddy
  8. Lmao, it didn't die until 2017, December to be exact. AOL announced its (AIM) full demise in October of 2017 I, like many, was quite surprised it lasted 20+ years to begin with.
  9. This is only applicable when the message system(s) are fully functional. They have never actually been fully functional-which is a huge part of why such messaging systems (methodologies, really) are buggy across the entire platform (and across various different email providers), regardless of viewer(s), or method, used by sender and recipient. At its base level, it's not always fully functional. In fact, it's been increasingly less functional over the years. That's been an issue that has plagued sl for longer than I've been a regular participant. Even LL has said as much in past discussions, typically with the "we'll look into it" mantra. It's not a HUGE issue for a large (perhaps not majority is a better phrase, not sure) portion of sl, but it is an issue that has existed for years, and really ought to be looked into more closely than it has been in the past. Marketplace messages (sales, reviews, etc) to email is a perfect example of precisely this, it's far, far more buggy than the "offline to email" methodology-that whole system is most definitely broke and it is most definitely broke on LL's end, when it doesn't even work at the same consistency (or not, lol) that offlines to email does. That said, they do work, and at times they work far better than other times, unless the system is being particularly buggy and having a temper tantrum which is far more frequent than it used to be, but perhaps not frequent enough for enough people to notice and get up in arms about it. I got an email not even two weeks ago, for an IM that was sent in October 2018-one I had actually responded to and taken care of...in October 2018 I also, sometimes, miss IMs to email that I know exist, because I respond to them when I get online. It's not frequent enough to suggest it's my email provider(s), nor is it always frequent enough to suggest LL broke something again, intentionally or otherwise, (my go to mantra when what worked for years stops working with no rhyme, reason, or outside factors, keeps me from getting particularly ornery about it) I have had "offlines to email".set for longer than my pea-brain can remember, apparently. I can't necessarily foist all the blame onto LL when they don't work, again, because of mitigating factors out of their control, like no email system ever being exactly perfect at all times. That's why I don't use absolutes like "never", instead I tell people that if they turn on that feature they won't miss as many messages. Probably just my long winded semantics, but..it is what it is
  10. Both would be obnoxious as hell. I don't want my name changed, I like it as it is, that's why I have it. LL used to charge for tps, it didn't last super long and LL decided it was a bad idea. SO, that said, both are dead in the water.
  11. The highest my inventory has ever actually (I say actually, because I have tested it at higher numbers, but it was merely a temporary state, for that purpose, testing inventory at seriously grotesque quantities to see what impact they have on performance) been was around 500k. I have purged, foldered boxed, etc..many times. It sat around 350k for about three years. At some point I got it down under 150k, by further boxing and foldering. I am currently pushing my way back towards 200k (exact number escapes me, 189k-ish something I believe) Of that number, less than 800 are clothing/av items (skins, hairs, clothes and shoes) and at least 500 of them are ones I've made myself, lol. The vast majority of my inventory is building stuff, and related items. There are a LOT of "object"s, far more than any sane human would find reasonable. I also have a crap ton of stuff purely for entertainment purposes and way too many breedables. I am not the least bit worried about the size of my inventory....she may have a lot of junk in her trunk, but she knows just how to use it
  12. If you read the previous threads you would see they are perfectly harmless land bots. They scan the land quickly and then they leave, there is literally nothing to be upset about lol.
  13. We call that a spider plant, I have a few of them
  14. Some men can pull off pink amazingly well, in, and out of sl I have a picture around here somewhere of hubby circa 2008 in a pink 7seas bikini that he wore because I'm a butthead and he loves me anyway
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