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  1. It probably wasn't directly towards you. Truth be told...I really did skim the last couple pages, lmao. I just saw it mentioned a few times here, other threads, inworld, some other forum....
  2. I don't talk about specifics unless necessary, and in which case I can be more direct with my, umm, I don't know what word to use there, lol, so I'll go with commentary. If I want things directed at someone, or some comment, specifically and very pointedly, I do so, because otherwise peopel just get pissed off at me when they assume I meant something I didn't. Since people tend to not like words a whole lot, explaining my words isn't usually my forte, or high on my to do list, unless I REEEEEEALLY need them understood (for any number of reasons) and they aren't being such. That's the long way of saying...if I didn't quote you, or mention you, it was probably more of a general commentary, about something that is somewhat commonplace, or relevant, current..again insert your own qualifiers here....my brain hurts tonight and I can only have this page open on the forums in the fashion I do atm (aka, so I Can see and read it), for so long before I Have to shut my eyehole filler covers because it's too much focus for too long in one place for the components of my eyehole fillers to handle. (aka...my eyes hurt after a bit and I Have to close them and stop looking at things when they do) That said, let's not pretend there isn't some level of heat being directed at a specific body, and the creators that create for it, by a, seemingly increasing, number of people that don't particularly care for that body. In some cases, it's definitely vitriol versus general conversations, and in others, it's just general conversations or personal observations (which I don't happen to agree with, or have not experienced...hence my curiosity) I mentioned the grouping of people I saw arguing about it inworld, but, I've seen it way more frequently lately, and it's a very weird thing to me. I just am not, and apparently cannot, see (heh, irony) what others are seeing. Usually my questions about it just stay in my head, but I figured a thread that's already about unpopular things was a better place to ask than any of the other number of threads wherein it's a topic of discussion and it's definitely going to insult someone if I ask what their damage is . I'm also being particularly verbose just because, making not-so-good use of my limited open eyehole filler cover time
  3. I have a weird question, and it probably has truck all to do with this particular topic, other than being rather unpopular given the climate, well, maybe not truck....but..anyway Are people seriously convinced that many, most, some other obscure but rather large number, of creators actually only create for one specific body? I mean, is that REALLY the consensus, or are most of the people who say such things just utterly butthurt that anyone creates for the body they dislike, don't wear, didn't buy, consider to be cookie cutter..(insert your own qualifier here) and are projecting that distaste for said creators by embellishing more than a teenage girl in the US during the 90s with a bedazzler ? I loathe shopping, especially clothes shopping, I rarely ever do it for myself. That said, I do a lot (an embarrassing amount) of helping others find crap they want, because I'm oddly good at that (I know, it makes no sense, stay with me anyway), and I do buy an outfit or so now and again...every few years usually. I have run into far fewer creators, both in my searches for others, and my own purchasing/searching that cater specifically to ONLY....insert that brand.....than I have creators that cater to multiple. Like, where the hell are these butthurt people shopping that they're running into a majority of ONLY creators for that ONE body...but not finding creators that make for their body too, or perhaps cater to their specific body? Most of the crap I've bought (my apologies creators, you make lovely stuff, I tend to use crap as an all encompassing tag word, not typically derogative in this context, I assure you) has multiple body versions in the package, I own literally NOTHING that has only stuff for one body in the package, it would seem that my lack of purchasing would actually result in at least some catered to it, since it is the body I wear, and according to some there are soooooooooooooooo many creators catering to it solely. It seems more than unreasonable, to me, to suggest that my experience is somehow some kind of niche, freak coincidence and not the norm. I have seen the same in groups I am in, wherein others have the same experience I do. I know that some bodies became so before others, it stands to reason that those who came first, would have a larger audience (is this not common sense?). Those that came later would likely have far less customers simply because...maths. Also, those who are made by people with a less than savory past are going to be scrutinized until the cows come home, spawn new cows, become dinner, then fertilizer which will later grow the feed for generations of cows to come (and imo, rightfully so...y'all are fools to believe them...but, I digress...no name and shaming self, no name and shaming), so will have an even smaller following, regardless of how many people discuss it, pretend to like it, maybe even buy it.... Also, why on earth do people consider it a niche when creators creator for other ALSO highly popular bodies....do people not know what niche means? It would literally take seconds to do a search on the forums, or even one visit to a busy sim, to find out...those bodies are NOT niche,, loads of folks have them (including a very large amount of people that have the body some seem to loathe) and clearly the creators for them are also not a niche, lol. Or am I reading way too much into this....BUT YOU DON"Y CREATE FOR MY BODY SO I'M GOING OT HATE ON YOU ALLLLLLL..... stuff? It seems to keep popping up in really random places (some make sense, some do not, lol). I literally watched a group of people, men and women, argue about it in sl. If they were in person, it would've been a knock down drag out fight......over smaller groupings of pixels....and which larger groupings pixels resembling the human form are better pixels...and why some creators of said smaller grouping of pixels don't make more pixels for other large groupings of pixels that resemble the human form and are vastly more important and better large groupings of pixels that resemble the human form ....and my head hurts. I have no idea why I ponder this, but do it every single time I see someone mention how tired they are of creators catering to one specific body, use the word niche for other also VERY popular bodies (for which there are more creations than some think) and my brain runs through these thoughts like they're going out of style, until I get distracted and find something else odd to ponder. Ooh, look, french toast bagel magically appeared on my desk....(seriously, those suckers are AAAAAAAmazing).
  4. Nearly all of my opinions are pretty unpopular, depending on who you ask. But..if I had to pick one that ruffles feathers the most (or has, over the years...), it would be one that involves people who ignore, textually acknowledge and/or despise verbose twits like myself...the TLDR; crowd Whether one states it, or merely mentally acknowledges TLDR;, I believe the driving force behind it, every single time, isn't because they're actually too lazy to read it, but rather falls under one, or both, of the following (yes, every time, no exceptions) A-they fear they won't understand it, so they don't bother B-they actually don't understand it, so either start reading and then stop, or don't bother In both cases, it's fueled, entirely, by a diminished and/or underestimated intellect, intentional or otherwise. When people have to actually state it (TLDR;), I cringe, each and every time. It also pisses me off, mostly because if I spent the time typing it out and people can't acknowledge how effing hard that actually is for me....they deserve nothing but my scorn at that very moment, even if they're people I normally like an awful lot. It's absolutely insulting and devastating to me to see it and usually fuels temporary absences for me here because I end up typing out a very long and colorful reply to them that I never actually share (And then I realize I need a break, so I take one). I actually have more faith in the intellect and capabilities of others than they seem to ,and it's very annoying.
  5. I may be wrong (and I probably am), but if I remember correctly, the vast majority of photos LL uses for promotional material (website banners, mostly) are those submitted by residents through the "official second life photos" group on flickr. There is always a name on the photo stating who made/submitted it (like in that pic, it's by Scar Requiem). I think the photos used on the MP main banner (in this case men's winter fashion) merely sport some resemblance/relation to the topic at hand. I happen to like that particular banner on the MP, because of the frequency at which it is changed (relevance being what it is), and the diversity of "chosen ones"(so to speak) that are displayed, versus the main SL website which tends to show pics taken by a very small handful of the same people that have had their pics displayed ad nauseum on the website for the last decade or so, lol. (that's just me being catty though, I'm certain they are all fantastic people and their pics can be pretty nice too...I'm just a huge fan of diversity and spreading the love, not same old same old from the same folks all the time)
  6. I don't (didn't?) intend to post to the forums too much on any topic other than MP anymore, but.....this is a very good subject. IT"s also one in which I, a person who met their rl love "on the intrnet", so, it appeals to me from that point as well. Though, truth be told, it's always been an intriguing topic for me That's my medium winded way of saying "good topic, thanks" I think that, like some of the other questions, this is 100% an individual decision, though it is one that some make a valiant effort at forcing opinions on (Towards?) others. BY that I merely mean that some people seem to believe their opinion is universal, and it's very difficult for them not to do so. Me, I don't think that way. While i do greatly appreciate honesty, I don't necessarily believe that not telling people this information is dishonest, at least, not always. I am of the camp that believes most people are as honest as they feel necessary, as honest as they are comfortable with, and try to respect that others are doing the same. What can muddy up those waters are these infuriating things we call emotions. Emotions can throw a wrench into the best laid plans, and has a tendency to do so with a seemingly endless supply of fury, at times. That's where, I think, a meeting of the minds can be difficult. I personally expect that people will give me whatever information they want me to have, when they want me to have it....and I am 100% okay with that. By the same token though, I can understand how a person's emotions, feelings, beliefs, may supersede the desires of another. That's my long winded way f saying i know that some people can easily seem, feel, or even be hurt by another not sharing enough information...but I don't necessarily think that they are always in the right on that matter. I don't personally take the stance of "people who omit certain information are doing so to be malicious". It is perfectly acceptable to both omit, and to share......it just might be difficult for some to find another who is on the same wavelength. It's doable, just difficult, for some. I think everything needs to be conveyed, discussed, expressed, in due time. Potential partners is not the same thing as actual partners, and therefore during the potential phase, it very well may no be "due time". I do think that couples, or groups in the case of poly relationships, should discuss things with one another when, and where, most comfortable (or, in some cases...just take the leap, comfort be damned). For casual relationships with people, it might be more than adequate, while for more intimate (which, of course, does not always mean a sexual relationship) it might not be adequate enough. Making connections with people can be hard, especially so for some people, which can offer further proof that a more guarded nature is necessary for those people. Walls often get put up both to hold things in, and keep things out, and I respect both of those things. Also, humans are subject to change their minds at the drop of a hat, in the blink of an eye, whenever it suits their fancy. So, those things being in a profile may not mean the same as they did the day they were typed. That depends on what you want out of the relationship with someone. If their rl details matter a lot to you, but they have no desire to share them....how far forward are you going to move? I have some friends in sl that I know barely anything in rl about, and I"m perfectly okay with that. Some of them know far more about my rl, and they're okay with that. In some cases we know equal amounts, in some we know varying amounts....as long as we're comfy, it's all good. To be honest, I don't think this has changed, except to say that maybe there are more people in sl today. I can't say that the percentage of people more interested in interpersonal or intimate relationships has necessarily gone up. I think the human desire to connect with people will exist regardless of where those people are...at least for many people. For others that desire doesn't exist at all, anywhere they go, and that probably hasn't changed over the years either. Humans are humans, after all, and we're a pretty fickle and vastly varied species. For me personally, no, it's not, it's a virtual platform, a universe in which I Am left to my own devices.....some I've made good use of, and some I've not. For others, it very much is a game, and I don't judge anyone, harshly or otherwise, based on their opinion of "what sl is". Everyone makes it for themselves, there is no debate to be had on that matter, imo. I know it's often debated anyway, but i find it a ridiculous reason to debate and a waste of grey matter functions too. I think sl doesn't get nearly enough promotion, anywhere, and the residents tend to do the bulk of promoting. I see no real reason NOT to promote sl as a dating site, because it very much can be. It can also be a a myriad of other things too. LL should grab hold of that myriad and make betterse of promotion in general...the residents already have a good handle on how to promote it, based on what it is to them. It's LL that doesn't seem to understand what sl is to residents here, or even their own company. The only rule that I think applies, or should, both spoken and unspoken, is that behind every avatar is a human being. That is both the beginning and end of that, because the very basics of how we should treat other human beings, how we should be treated, applies. Everything else that might be mentioned, is up to those in relationships, or wanting to be (regardless of the kind of relationship). The TOS has always been and will always be, to cover LL's ass. It's actually kind of the point of all TOS (and their various variants). While many may say "but it's also to cover your's too", that's a falsehood, those things, like rules. are never really for protection, they aren't proactive, they are reactive, similar to laws....they merely dictate how things are handled when "X" is accomplished, done, said, whatever.....I don't believe they inherently promote lying, necessarily, but do they allow for it? Of course they do, all laws, rules, regulations, whatever have you, allow room for such. It's why they can't really be seen as proactive or preventative, and are merely reactive in nature. For this one i refer back to my spoken and unspoken rule...about us all being human beings. Now whether or not everyone wants to apply that, and thereby apply social norms, conventions and customs, is an individual choice....there is no universal answer. For me, those things come into play all the time, not just in sl, but life in general. I do my best to treat human beings like human beings, and try to treat them like i want to be treated. I may not always succeed (from others' point of view or even my own), but I make a valiant effort, as I believe most people probably do. The same way we do life in general. Some days we're probably more successful than others, but, like myself, I think most make a valiant effort, no matter how often, or how terribly, we may stumble now and then. There are always going to be differing views on everything, and what sl is to people is absolutely no exception to that rule. A meeting of the minds doesn't have to mean 100% agreement on all facets, it merely means we do our best to come together somewhere in the middle of it all.
  7. I bolded the part in my actual answer, which answers that question quite nicely. The word specifically qualifies it, because when you buy ad services from other vendors, you ARE specifically paying for that, it is part of the package, it is discussed/mentioned/whatever, sometimes ad nauseum, in the agreement and/or fine print of that service offering. The enhanced listing offerings from LL don't get that specific, and that is how I know you aren't specifically paying for that experience. I never said it's not the experience people get, (end users) or buy (merchants), I used the word specifically for a reason, because it tied into the other questions and answers about just wat kind of service LL offers in enheanced listings. AND yes, you could've fooled me that we were on the same page, since you argued against most of what I said, that's not the same page, at all, lol.
  8. You seem to be mixing both the end user (the viewer of the ads) and the merchant (the person paying for the ads) experiences together in your replies and expecting a universal answer to your questions. I'll try to address them each. But first...the end user experience with ads is that they see them. That is both the beginning and the end of the user/viewer's experience, like I already stated. There is nothing TO their experience beyond that, there is no expectations f understanding the mechanics, or even understanding the experience of the merchant paying for the ad (which is NOT the same as the end user/viewer...they truly are separate). End users see ads, the end users aren't paying for ANY ad experience, they simply receive one (a very limited one). When I said that people are specifically paying for that experience, I am discussing the MERCHANT experience. When you purchase advertising methods from a vendor, in MOST cases, you are paying for a specific experience that includes a certain number of impressions and nearly always includes specifics (though it's often times in the fine print no one ever wants to read, lol) about repeated ads over the course of X amount of time or uses some other mode of measure (some even include things like per user, etc..). Where I get the idea that you aren't paying for "that ad experience on MP", is that...you're not. The ad experience (for merchants) doesn't get that specific. Of course you won't see anything from LL indicating that. Why on earth would they say "yes, we don't use the same methods other advertising vendors use", that wild be stupid of them. No advertising vendor would ever do that, it would be stupid of them to do it too, lol. No, it wasn't, but that was your interpretation of what I said....it just doesn't match up with what I was trying to convey. I know how the algorithm DOESN'T work, which is what my entire reply, well, nearly all of them really, is about. You don't need to know the exact things involved to know that some things aren't. It's not a vague way of explaining anything. LL doesn't include unique impressions, end of. Other advertising vendors do, because they realize this should play a much bigger role in advertising methods than it has in the past. There's nothing complicated about that part, lol. See the above. Yes, it is VERY much an antiquated method to not include anything that is commonplace in advertising methods today. And, like I said, other websites that may also use outdated methods (and yes, some of them ARE outdated), doesn't make it a good idea. My point on that stands regardless of the topic, lol. Monkey see monkey do isn't always the best option. The fact that LL doesn't utilize them in the algorithm at all and doesn't report them at all (and they don't, because if they did, they'd have to state it, even if it's in the fine print, so to speak, and...it would be on the report, lol) doesn't follow current advertising methods offered by MOST advertising vendors. That's also kind of obvious. This is where you're totally mixing up the merchant and end user experiences, and they can't be mixed like that. No, you cannot track the search and spending habits of individuals, or base your advertisement off that. That is NOT how enhanced listings on the MP work, at all. I don't know if you are, but you might be thinking of the advertising off on the sides of the page (which isn't actually SL related at all, or controlled by LL at all, they is advertising THEY pay for, from another vendor, lol). The enhanced listings are just that, enhanced listings, they are NOT specific to the end user, or that person's experience (including spending and search habits). Enhanced listings, regardless of where the merchant chooses to put it (main page of the MP, top page of a category) is NOT targeted marketing, they do not work that way, at all. Enhanced listings are based entirely on the category the merchant puts it in, there is nothing more specific to it than that. When you buy enhanced listings you are paying for impressions only, and that your chosen item is seen at the top of (insert whatever category you choose). You're not buying targeted marketing, it doesn't play a role in enhanced listings. It's not part of the algorithm, because it's not that KIND of advertising. The fact that you see things in enhanced listings similar to things you've bought is more coincidence than it is intentional, unless of course you're seeing those enhanced listings on a page other than the home page. If you're seeing them in, for example, women's dresses...and you've bought women's dresses before, you're not seeing the enhanced listing because you've purchased women's dresses before. You're seeing the enhanced listing there because that is where those merchants placed their enhanced listing...because it's a woman's dress, lol. It has nothing to do with your personal experience as an end user, except that you happened to go to the category where such an enhancement has been purchased. Targeted marketing is a commonplace thing that merchants pay for when buying advertising methods today. Take ad sense, for example, that uses targeted marketing algorithms to follow your search, spending and web viewing habits to cater the ads you see on websites that have ad sense advertising (most of the time, not always, you'll still see unrelated ads, lol) to those categories of things. So, for example, let's say I do a lot of reading, or searching about gardening....When I go to websites that have advertising (assuming I don't use ad blockers), the ads I will see on the page (in the margins typically, but not always) may very well be garden related. Why? Because that's how targeted marketing works, and it uses various different algorithms to determine the best places, times and to which users, to advertise a merchant's purchased ad. The MP doesn't use that kind of advertising, because listing enhancements don't work that way, they aren't targeted. The lack of targeted marketing methods is one, pretty specific and pretty big, way that the MP method for offering listing enhancements (ie advertising) is an outdated method. Before targeted marketing was perfected (to where we are today with it), all advertising methods functioned without it.
  9. I never said they aren't category specific, lmao. The enhanced listings are precisely where the merchant chooses for them to be by selecting the category. I have no idea where you got that idea in anything I posted, because I didn't say anything of the sort, lol. Enhancements aren't just arbitrarily tossed on top of a category at a whim, the merchant has to pick where it goes. You have homepage listings, which will show up on the main page of the MP. Then we have top category enhancements, which show up on the "home" or "top" page of a category. (I honestly have no idea what you're on about that part at all, it makes no sense to me, whatsoever, because I didn't even mention that, anywhere as being a problem). The ads you see on many websites, when you see the same ad repeatedly...is by design (and also often includes multiple impressions of the same, or very similar ad...people are specifically paying for THAT ad experience (the people paying for the ad. You, the viewer, get no say...unless you block ads, lol). I never said showing it only once to a person is effective-unique impressions are important though, they SHOULD play a very big role in things and SHOULD exist in the algorithm, but often don't...and yes THAT is an outdated methodology. Just because other companies, websites, programming...use that method too, doesn't make it a good idea. However, using tech that shows the ad to the person PAYING for it, is ineffective, ridiculous, a waste of money, and, well, friggen stupid (and by today's standards, not a current method, most algorithms account for that). People shouldn't be seeing their own ads on the MP. I answered Prok when it was said that my experience of seeing the same ad multiple times per session was not universal. It very much IS universal and not just my experience, it's by design, it's how the bit of code works. The main problem with it is that unique impressions play almost no role whatsoever, which, again, is not a current standard. Also, I never stated that seeing the same ad multiple times is necessarily a problem in and of itself. For the MP and how very small it actually is (compared to the vast majority of other websites that tend to all utilize a similar if not the same ad services, and I'm speaking both of "size" and also target audience/user base), this CAN prove to be problematic for some merchants who may take ages to get their enhanced listings seen by anyone at all, much less their target audience. The MP isn't the same as many other websites, in that it needs some unique things, code, programming, methods, whatever have you that is specifically geared towards sl residents (merchants and consumers alike) and the sl experiences that go along with that. Using off the shelf, or out of the box solutions for something like the MP, is a bad road to go down...but it's one LL is holding firm to....for reasons I will never understand, and they will never share.
  10. From a viewer/end user point of view, it works precisely as you'd expect...you get to view ads. That's the end of the viewer involvement until that viewer of the ad then takes their own personal involvement with the ad further (ie. viewing the end product and/or purchasing, etc..) From a merchant point of view, the one paying for the ad...the methodology LL uses, or rather, methodologies, is as outdated as most other things they do with the MP, and ineffective. It's mechanically dysfunctional as all get out. This can happen when you use outdated methods and code written by someone else you're trying to adapt for your use, but it really isn't well suited. Then again, I don't think anyone wants me re-hashing that old chestnut, rofl.
  11. Prison break, at the moment, for about the 8th time, but nearly done Last week I finished Criminal MInds (the original and suspect behavior) for the...umm, I don't know how many'th time. Here let me look at my list of shows I've being watched over the last year (yes, I keep a list, lmao): Gold Rush, Law and Order SVU (to the current, also one I've watched tons), 911, Grey's Anatomy, Eureka, ER, Naked and Afraid (original and XL), The Great Food Truck Race, How to get Away with Murder, Last Man on Earth, Superstore, Born Behind Bars, Survivor, Amazing Race, The Last Ship, Lost, The Expanse Warehouse 13, The Sanctuary, Timeless, CSI (all versions), The I-land, Blacklist, the 4400, Colony, Jeremiah, iZombie, Jericho, Secret City, Designated Survivor, the 100, Between, I'm sorry, Working Moms, Northern Rescue, the Dark, the Rain, Dark Matter....and I think I'll stop there...I have a very large list, you don't want them all lmao. Have I mentioned I have way too much time on my hands sometimes? I also sometimes put things on as background noise while working, or doing other things (if I don't have music on). Insomnia is a fickle female dog though, she can just go kick rocks.
  12. Well you totally ran with that in a direction....I can't even describe, lol. I sensed absolutely no evil and ill will in your post, whatsoever. I actually answered your questions. Yes, I do know what you're talking about. The simple answer is.....listing enhancements do not work as we(you, I, everyone) suspects they SHOULD, they only work the way they're coded to work...which is wrong by today's standards. That's not me knocking YOU or your experience...but rather LL and their...eh hem, attempt at creating an advertising method they thought would work. Re-read what I said and don't start taking offense from the first letter, or assume there's some ill will towards you in any of that, there's really not, lol. I actually support your belief (because it's an actual fact, not just your belief, or mine, but reality) that enhancements are basically a crock of useless poop. If that's not what you were trying to convey, then disregard everything I said. But if your point was "enhancements aren't working like I think they should"..you're right, and you can read the explanation as to why in my posts, or in the plethora of other enhanced listing threads on this forum. Stop being offended all the time just because you're expecting poor treatment. I promise if I intend ill will, it's always VERY obvious, I don't hide it, lol. My ill will on this subject is 100% geared at LL (this should come as no surprise to anyone).
  13. You asked why you don't see your own ad, not whether or not impressions actually work. But I did answer that question as well. No, it does not work, not as it should work, not as current standards dictate it should work, not in the way such activities work on ANY other website out there that was made after 2000. But yes it does work by MP standards, which, are very odd indeed If by "how do I know it works" you mean "how do I know if anyone is seeing my ad at all?"( your question isn't really clear yet at this point). You'll know by whether or not your stats page for that ad shows impressions. If it shows that you have indeed gotten impressions, then yes, by that token it "functions". Again, not as it SHOULD., but as it is expected by MP standards...which, again, are not normal standards anywhere in the world..so, take that as you will. I'm not overthnking anything, lmao, I simply know how such things work (regardless of cost, they should only function one way, follow one set of current standards, and not use outdated methodologies, also, this is an oooooooold topic, we've discussed it a lot on this forum over the years). My experience is very much universal if you do as I actually said and scroll through the ads, not merely stay on one page and not allow all the ads to load. Go ahead and try it, go tot he home page, or even the top page of any category that has enhanced listings. Now scroll through them, all of them, now refresh and do it again. Bam, you'll see at the very least some of the very same ads all over again. You might have some new ones, in categories where a LOT Of people buy ad space, but you won't find an entirely new set, at least some will always be repeats. That is how it has functioned since day one, and hasn't changed an iota. Not that it really matters, as I said at the end...it's a worthless endeavor for nearly anyone (and on a personal note, it actually surprises me that anyone even uses enhanced listings at all anymore, but I do suspect some bought it once, or twice and then just have it on repeat, because they've got the funding to do so and never stopped. But your own experience with never viewing those ads actually answers your own question too, that it does not function as it should (if it did, more of us would look at those ads, lol). That's part of why it costs what it does, because it's so ineffective an advertising method. You're right that such features usually cost a great deal. This one is actually way over cost, imo, given how it works (or does not, as the case may be). Advertising in a virtual space isn't quite as expensive as it is in other places, for other things, but if this were up to current standards, it would definitely cost more (don't give LL any ideas...though truth be told, they'd be complete fools to ever increase this cost, it would be a guaranteed loss of most buyers,) Through sales...at least, that is how the MP functions regarding that matter. The more sales you get for a listing, the higher up on the page it goes (this has nothing to do with enhanced listings). Views are of course included in that, because people can't buy if they don't open your listing page, lol. But buys are the important factor and enhanced listings rarely, if ever actually lead to many of those sales. Odds are better that the person will see your listing NOT in the enhanced listing spot, but rather on the page when searching or merely browsing, and click through form there. Like I said...enhanced listings, those advertisements at the top of the home page and on the top pages of categories.....they're all stupid, and a waste of money. They've been that way for ages (look through the threads about them here on this forum if you want more info, but they're pretty boring and say everything I've already said here).
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