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  1. tested. i wanted to check compatibility tmp vs legacy (clothes, skins, tattoo etc since they claim you can find your old items in the hud too - and is correct , all are there)
  2. sadly, i don't want to spend my Second life "grounded".i like my time building on my platform (1500+) .Since i own almost every other body in sl, at least the main ones, i am not in a hury to get a new one. btwm old tmp was seamless at any hights. i guess is true when they say legacy is not tmp
  3. in the demo i see lot of empty lines in the body. anyone know if is fixed in full version?
  4. Is this one dirty enough?
  5. You got me here. Exchanging dirty pictures is ok, as long you give me time to find some nice ones on internet.100% guarantee will be me
  6. that's the real challenge of SL. or is just me, but i never save...
  7. As result, you can marry to yourself and make a third avie to be your own child.. etc. your imagination is the limit
  8. i wasn't lucky enough to get a last name.When my avatar was sl born, last names was already history and all new avatars became part of the great /funny/ hated Resident family.I wanted something original ( not 123456 of other) and with a cute sound.So, after lot of trial and errors, Kweopi was born. I am still not sure about the cute part, but, at least, if i google it, my avie show in first search.
  9. I am not sure about that. and i am not the only one who will read them all, i bet ?
  10. try [Ak] heads , Altamura, Logo ( logo have one on a nice sale at ebento fair) the heads usually came with skins but,for better look and no neck lines , i'll sugest some complete omega skins, but is a personal choice. (90% of the look is the skin)
  11. Like any other improvement in any game, BOM will face people who think is the best thing ever made and people with " meh"..overall will give you, posibly, a better control over your mesh body, at least for people with texturing skill, so we can espect a lot of tattoos, freckles, dimples, moles, eyeliners to play with.And , of course, some free video memory on our grafic cards ( for some people that wasn't the problem at all- for some was a big deal) when animesh was released, had same history. i saw lot of sims / persons acompanied by zillions of dancing companions, plus , of course, the slave/ sexdoll industry. and the bad side.. land impact.Animesh was not for all. A regular plot , 1024, canot support more than 1-2 animesh items , (plus your house, the sexbed and all that furniture). For me , i'll just wait to see how BOM will impact the mesh bodies and skin industry . I have only few good old skins in my inventory, and i am not a very big fan of tattoos.As for the lag from onion bodies and big textures loading time,my sl experience is decent, so i am not in 'wow' side,also not in "meh' side too. not in " i wish to..." section
  12. i use my alts to voice verify , and they always can vouch for me .
  13. some people are just looking for friendship ( translated here as sex). Do you think they are registered in sl for the book club to read something? Joke aside, in RL, we usually "read" new people before starting a conversation. How to dress, how clean they are, their apparent age, etc. there are important things, which from our point of view define a certain person. Not reading the profile of a person you want to "be your friend" is like giving yourself to a person who has a wedding ring on his finger. it's not rude, it's stupid. or it is usually male arrogance that he thinks is enough to throw a few words for the girls to fall at his feet.it amuses me the importance that men give to those Pickup Lines that they think are infallible. Come on, let's be serious. from the moment you approached me, I analyzed you, labeled you , already decided whether we have a future or not.
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