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  1. 1,for head https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-AK/8659276 for body 2.https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-Belleza/6412085 1 and 2 are just instalers not skins, scripts made to prepare your body and head ready for the skins 3. skin for all body : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MR-Style-Skin-Antony-For-Akeruka-AK-Omega-Catwa-Lelutka-Signature-Belleza-Adam-Slink-GIFT/17478742 try this , is free, and test how is working all pack
  2. although I am almost the same in sl with rl, the similarities are only in terms of beliefs, ideals, feelings. What I do not like in rl I do not like in sl too.I like the same music, I love the same arrangements, I like to explore new things in both worlds.at the same time, in rl I am constrained by many things that do not exist in sl. age and biology do not exist in sl, as well as geographical locations, or the need for transportation between them. My avatar is ageless, i'm not.if anyone likes me, it is for what I represent in sl. I don't think it's important that I am x, y, z years old, or living in the x, y, z, or that I have x, y, z weight, height, shoe numbers. I can have 10 children or none, maybe I am in my tenth marriage or I have never had a rl partner.how does this influence a dance with someone in a club or a few moments under the moonlight with someone? no rl infos, no rl meetings because I do not use sl as a dating app, I am not physically interested in the person behind the avatar.
  3. if they had ownership, the chairs will be branded with the norix logo, or any logo of the owner. Those are common designs, and not very hard to recreate
  4. they also have a no demo policy, and after i got some items, i understand why. meshes are nice made, but the rig is bad. Most of the time don't fit.
  5. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/39126 "You CAN do the following -Sell this product in your store with the following permissions: Copy only,Mod only,Transfer only,Copy & mod NO transfer,Mod&Transfer NO copy. -Re-texture it and edit the 3D model. -You can price is as you like but I would advise not to underprice ,this is however up to you. "
  6. 1. for me , i will think of dating the avatar not the typist. I'll prefer a good mistery than a bad lie. Even if u ask, how do you know he will tell the truth? 2. If you can't accept the mistery for all your sl relation, have that "serious talk " now. Tell him how you feel and decide together for your common journey . You will avoid lame talks in the future ( you know , the kind : he : i used to have my friday poker night with the guys and you accepted that " she : " yeah, but you are in a relation, you should dedicate your time more for me " , he : " i don't want to change " she: You have to change for me "" etc,etc,etc. we tend to see a relation as a new life and we are ready for changes.. guys, usually they like to keep what they have and see us as an extra bonus .. 3.ask yourself, do you really want to know who is behind the curtain? remember wizard of oz.we are visual persons here. We build the images of our friends based on how they look in secondlife. And 99,99% we don't look like the avatars ( shhh.we look better but don"t tell anyone this ) 4.wrong.no bonus for you now . i see my avatar as my barbie doll ( more like "monster high" dolls since were my favs, but still a doll) or as the white piece of paper where i write my next novel, so she's not me.Is not my story here, is Kweopi's story .I don't tell anyone about my Rl, and i don't ask.All my friends know this and they accepted. But i have to admit it.. is a short list. most people tend to ask for RL information and get upset if they don't receive it. Conclusion enjoy the ride, how long will it take. Sl relations, mhh, they are not famous for their length, but for their intensity. here you do everything you cannot do in reality, you can be everything you cannot be in reality. the only real thing I can say about myself is that I am, in reality, the house cat, and log in second life when the owners are not home. But come on, you know how hard it is to write fast with these little claws ? you have a kiss from Kweopi for that nice line.Not from the person behind the keybord, let's keep the mistery 🥰
  7. I like the ideea of having al kind of models on stage, oversized, senior, etc. For too much time fashion included only one type of body, a bit to skinny for my taste. We came in all forms, shapes and ages, so it nice to see a bit of realism. But, honest, she need to do something with that hair. a bit of color will reduce at least 10 yrs from her look.
  8. they will. and if they focus on that will be fixed in 4-5 years
  9. I've never seen anything more creepy than walking with your head in your hand. If this becomes fashionable, I think I'll stay in the house longer
  10. i have a proposal for her group
  11. From Firestorm help pages: "One aspect of SL that is often underestimated is the importance of your network bandwidth setting. Having this too high or too low can lead to all kinds of problems, from simple TP failure to being disconnected - among other things. So it is advisable to not rely on the bandwidth stated by your provider, but to check for yourself. SpeedTest will give some indication of the quality of your connection. But another very useful indication is ping and packet loss.You can determine these from within the viewer by accessing the statistics bar (press Shift-Ctrl-1). Look for Packet Loss and Ping SIM. Ideally, these should be 0.0% and under 150ms, respectively. The stats bar gives data based on your present location in the SL grid.1)Why the location matters. Second Life has data centers in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. This is why you need to select that city when measuring your bandwidth. If you live far away and do the default test, it will be to a city close to you, which will not give a good indication of your connection to Second Life servers.2)NOTE: The city recommended is not exactly where SL has servers, but is close enough to serve as a guide in determining a good value for bandwidth." i posted that in other section too : i have a lousy i3 with 2gb vram and 8 gb ram. Constantly i got 100 fps or more ( around 150 in totaly empty sims - like animesh test ones, and around 20 in crowded events. it might not be the only thing who save the day net helps a lot
  12. off, you just ruined my all secondlife experience. Now what, you are gonna tell me all cats in sl are not real cats ? how can i secondlive now?
  13. I couldn't care less about that. i don't date the typist, i date the persona created in game.i found once the person involved was opposite sex, but the date was amazing, so , who am i to judge? ( don't tell anyone, sex was great too )
  14. try a marketplace search with "gift" as search word , apparel category . you wil be surprised https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?search[category_id]=3&search[copy_permission]=0&search[keywords]=gift&search[layout]=gallery&search[maturity][]=General&search[maturity][]=Moderate&search[maturity][]=Adult&search[modify_permission]=0&search =1&search[per_page]=96&search[transfer_permission]=0
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