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  1. That's awfully low. Mine is set to 3,000kb/s, consider increasing that number and see if it has any effect (yes, I know what the slider says. Another thing I noticed is that your graphics drivers are rather old. The current version for Windows is 445.75, I am currently on version 440.64, you are on 388.57. Not that it will help you with your current issue, but you may still want to update y9our graphics drivers.
  2. The answer is simple, you have used some weird characters in your user name, and SL doesn;t like that, so it reset it to something sensible, which in this case is your user name. Just stick to normal characters, and you will be fine.
  3. Wifi is notorious for its dropped connections. Switch to wired ethernet and your problem should be solved.
  4. That's not going to help one single bit. That version expired in 2013
  5. If you laid the egg, then what's inside is a tiny little human too. If not, then ask yourself which of your virtual sexual partners does it look like, then that's the daddy.
  6. First wear Jake, then wear the installer (it's a HUD!). Touch the installer. A message should show in local saying "thank you for installing/activating Omega" or something like that. After this you can remove the installer, you will not need it anymore until Jake gets an update of sorts. Next, wear the APPLIER HUD, click the appropriate button (apply it to the tattoo layer if you can), and enjoy your body hair.
  7. Or.... And this may not even be a stretch... Patch may be setting us up for an April fool's joke!
  8. December 13 Man tried to pay for McDonald's with bag of weed
  9. A quick Google search revealed the following:
  10. Not true. There is no pizza!
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