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  1. It';s jut a matter of creating a new physics layer and playing around with the sliders until your body parts move in a way which you feel is good. Just don;t turn ANY of the sliders all the way up, that makes your wobbly bits go way out of control. It's fun to see for like 3 seconds, but very annoying after the 4th second 🙂
  2. Remember, you are NOT the admin of these forums.
  3. That's just evidence of how large and devastating the Great Heterocea Pickle Factory Explosion of 2003 (or tGHPFE2003 for short) was! All these artifacts were strewn around Belliseria, landing in the seas and oceans a decade and a half before the Moles tribe came in and started to convert the area to land. All the signs still point to the legends being true. The Primitar people must have known how to make pickles! I have included a graphic which shows evidence of tGHPFE2003. A note about the cone of destruction: One would think that there would be an abundance of artefacts inside and somewhat outside of the cone of destruction (3) on Sansara, but one must keep in mind that the area has been inhabited for a very long time and the vast amount of artefacts were recovered by residents who were clueless about the importance of those finds. Not rarely have the pickles and other artefacts that landed there been used as fertilizer, as building materials, as light bulbs, or as necklaces, causing them to get lost forever, at a great cost to the scientific community.
  4. Scholars have hypothesized that pickle making could have ended up in Bellisseria through an extinct civilization, known as the Primitars. They may have found delivery boxes of pickles, which drifted to Bellisseria after the blast threw them into the sea. The Primitars figured how to create primitive pickles but the art of pickle making on Bellisseria was lost after the Primitars went extinct. Fast forward 15½ years, and an industrious tribe, known as the Moles rediscovered the lands and decided to develop it for future habitation. It is rumoured that some members of this Moles tribe excavated some artefacts whilst preparing the lands for cultivation. One of the more stubborn rumours tell of the excavation of a glass jar of pickles, predating the Mole civilization. Obviously, the jar could not have been thrown here by the explosion of the pickle factory, so the only logical conclusion is that the Primitars developed the art of pickle making, possibly after the pickle disaster dumped thousands of delivery crates with pickles and pickle-making supplies in the surrounding oceans. Some of these crates may have washed ashore, allowing the Primitar people to learn how to make pickles. At least, that is one theory.
  5. Well, duh! The fact that the Heterocea Pickle factory was found in Belliseria (after it had been lost for all these years) shows that it was a very big explosion. EDIT: Congrats on locating the landing spot of the factory!
  6. The factory was destroyed in an enormous explosion, somewhere in 2003. It created the central crater on Heterocea as an indelible scar on the face of the virtual world. I understand that you did not know about that, it was the blackest page in SL history and caused a worldwide pickle shortage, an event that LL prefers would get lost in the mists of time. However, the geographical evidence is undeniable. I have included a map with the approximate former location of the pickle factory.
  7. First we get Sion chickens, and now lion chickens?
  8. All joking and banter aside, there is/was a Second Life Historical Society which goal it was to record and preserve historical objects and locations in SL. Unfortunately, all that remains is a group with 10 members, 8 of which look like they haven't logged in since 2010 or so. Perhaps we should start a similar society again. Heck, then as a group, perhaps we can even give the Moles a friendly kick in the pants to motivate them to drop some stuffs in the The Molemart at ttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Leafminer/210/149/34 (which contains items used to build Heterocea and Sansara, the roads and railroads, and some other stuffs)
  9. It might show, but it will also show your system head though your Catwa head. And I say that it might show, because I have noticed that some mesh heads have their eyes positioned different from the system bodies. But give it a go, you can always put your alpha layer back on.
  10. That does help, because this tells me that you bought SYSTEM eyes, not mesh or prim eyes. If you were to take off your head, and your alpha layers, you will see that you, in fact, are wearing the eyes, they they will probably look as advertised, but it will be on your system shape, which probably will look rather wonky, considering how shapes get deformed in order to make mesh body parts look good. So yeah, when buying eyes, make sure that they are either prim, or mesh eyes, or your alpha layer will most likely hide them.
  11. I'm afraid that I can;t help with troubleshooting, but I can help you with suggesting that you'd use the latest AVSitter version from https://github.com/AVsitter/AVsitter and see if that helps at all. Because if what you are experiencing is a bug, it may have been fixed in the latest version.
  12. The answer is simple. The animation is missing from the HUD. There are three things that you could do: Contact the creator, explain the problem and hope they are decent people and will replace your HUD with one that does contain the jana 00 animation. Throw away the HUD, never look back. Keep closing the error message There is really no fourth option.
  13. You can check out the Sine Wave dances on the upper deck of my houseboat in Fourze (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fourze/100/225/27). I stuffed the dances in this dance ball:
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