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  1. This link may help you on your way. It shows how to make a shirt, but the same procedure is the same for tattoos, makeup, skins, etc. You just change the shirt to a tattoo, or a skin, or whatever. http://www.secondlife-shirts.com/secondlife_tutorials.htm This is a good one too: http://nicolaescher.com/tutorials And if you want to find your own tutorials, here's a good collection of them. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Clothing_Tutorials
  2. Right-click your avatar, choose Appearance, then Edit Shape. Now move those sliders around until you have a slim athletic look. Good luck, and show us the result!
  3. Did you recently use MetaChat? There is currently an issue with that client which can cause this. See https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/3mnd3071dh9p
  4. I just found out about the status and was about to post it,. You've beat me to it though (by 6 hours. LOL!). I can still post a screenshot of the status though
  5. The screenshot is of a normal viewer. Firestorm, by the look of it. So there's your answer, it does it in a normal viewer too. A quick google search showed me that the inventory window in MetaChat looks like this:
  6. I wouldn't think you could delete those folders, they are system folders. What I was trying is to get you to at least wear something else other than greyness. The excess system folders can only be deleted by LL, so no use even trying to delete that. However, I had hoped that there would at least be a way for you to wear a system skin, system shape, system eyes and system hair and have something to work from. Anyway, if NONE of the things helped, not even in the slightest way, then it's time to file a ticket with LL and ask for them to have a look and see if they can fix things for yo
  7. Try opening the outfits folder and wear an outfit. As for the multiple "current look" folders, let the MetaChat people know, they need to know about this if this is indeed caused by that.
  8. Did you also do this (copied from the FS page)? - Try removing all the HUDs and other attachments and testing them one at a time: test each one, then remove it, then test another. I would like to add the following twist to this one: take off EVERYTHING. Not just HUDs but also clothing, hair, body, every attachment and wear nothing but system body, system skin, system eyes and system hair (yeah, you will look ugly, but we are trying to figure out what is going on). Then, one by one, wear each attachment and the HUD which goes with it, test it, see if it works. Then when you have an ase
  9. Your lists are filling up, and then the script is trying to add more to the list. That is what a stack heap collision is. Molly's advice is sound, so give that a go.
  10. You have been around long enough to know that the cloud would have no effect on your FPS. Also, where the regions are hosted have nothing to do with your graphics settings. Something else is going on with your machine, like a driver update, or a dying graphics card, or whatever. Your issues are simply not possibly due to the uplift.
  11. Stealing it. No... I already stole it and sharing it all over the interwebs!
  12. It has. Moreover, she is depriving you of an income, therefore blocking the parcel to deprive HER of an income is anything but excessive, it is responding in kind. But yes, especially since she has been ignoring your requests to vacate, the next step would be to tell her "get out or else...".
  13. How about a variant of #2: Block public access to the parcel except to the tenant who has been in arrears for way to long already, effectively closing her shop. Send a message that she is to pick up her stuff no later than Friday 12:00 SLT and if it's still there after that time, everything will be returned to her, potentially messing up her vendors. She is not paying rent anymore, so she really is no longer your tenant. If she does not vacate the parcel then the consequences are for her to bear. You have been patient enough with her. Oh, and in addition to this, I would add optio
  14. Translation: I like to fap while staring at female avatars, but my ding-a-ling goes all soft when I see a man.
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