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  1. Also from Inara's blog: "TPVs are free to continue to offer their own viewer-side means of uploading to the likes of Flickr that do not require LL’s back-end support, if they so wish. Firestorm has already done this." So just don't use the LL viewer, but Firestorm (or another that still allows uploading to social media)
  2. To answer your questions: 1. Yes, old system skins work with BoM. That one of the things that I find so appealing about BoM because I have old system skins which I used to wear all the time, and now I get to wear them again! 2. Your Omega tattoo, or any other tattoo applier still works. If, however, that applier came with a system tattoo then you now have the choice between wearing that system layer, use the applier, or.... both! That may not look good but you can still do it if you wish. IMPORTANT! In case you have not used BoM in the past, make sure to NOT wear any alpha layers, or your avatar will look bright red when enabling BoM on your body.
  3. The body has very little to do with physics. You will want a physics layer, which anyone can create in-world. Go ahead, try it, it's easy! You can not only make boobs wobble, but also butt and even the belly.
  4. Can you show me which regions (3 months or newer) are clones of each other?
  5. That too is a possibility, I know that in OpenSim it is possible to use a static maptile (like a pic of your cat, an old map tile from 5 years ago, empty water, or whatever) to represent a region, but I don't know if the LL servers contain a similar functionality, but if it does, then your suggestion could be right on the money.
  6. Good question, but I think it would be easier to cover the regions in question with prims that have the color of empty water (#1E465F in hex, or in LSL you can use llSetColor(<0.12, 0.27, 0.37>, ALL_SIDES); if you wish to use a script for that), it would hide them so well that you can only find them by accident. Like zooming in where it is until the region name is visible. Hmmm... I wonder if the servers support names like " " (a single space) which would allow for even the name to be hidden.
  7. We have rather sneaky moles, and it's not unthinkable that they have figured out a way to hide regions that they are actively working on, not only to mess with us (which I find amusing), but also to preserve surprises, cut down on potentially unwelcome speculations and do some experimenting. Sometimes experiments don't work out well, like some that were done on Belli, so they will want to hide those to prevent confusion and to also make sure these experiments don't give rise to certain expectations, which may not come to be after the results of the experiment causes the idea to get abandoned. Anyway, in the olden days, SL had some 15 separate grids, most of them were not open to the public. Of those, Agni and Aiditi are the only ones that (as far as we know) remain from those days. It's very well possible that the LDPW is using a non-public, secret grid to develop the areas which seemingly appeared overnight. It's rather trivial to make a backup of those regions, then restore them on the main grid. At least, in my mind it is. LOL
  8. Coincidentally, mere minutes before I saw your comment above, I came across this topic from a week before Bellisseria opened. I tried to resist the urge to share it, but... Well, I am weak 🙂 My point is that since that person got their wish just weeks after making the post below, you actually stand a pretty good chance of getting your wish fulfilled. Not to mention that when exploring the old Linden homes regions, I came across a large (and rather ugly) bridge connecting the regions of Nakamura and Chakin. So it can definitely happen.
  9. It is true that they have duplicated many regions, but it must be noted that after doing that 3 times on Bellisseria, it was decided that the third time (IIRC it was on SSP246 and SSP262, now called Arvee and Purtis) simply did not work, and to the best of my knowledge, this has not been done since.
  10. An airstrip, but not at all in the LL/Moles style as we know it. So I think this is either a placeholder, or @Squeaky Mole is messing with us 🙂 BTW, when I went there 5 minutes ago to check who made that airstrip, I saw that the "lights" surrounding the runway were gone. So if that doesn't show that it's still a work in process, then I don't know what would. EDIT: There are now also pink "Fix me" markers on the runway. Click to enlarge:
  11. I think that all the patches, including the green strip between the southern part of Belli, are deliberately being kept secret from us. Everyone in the LDPW are very well aware that we are scrutinizing the map and that, even though many people keep guessing wrong about stuff, others guess correctly (like with the trailers) and that kind of ruins the surprise when the stuff is finally revealed. So I embrace the secrecy because I like surprises! P.S. I still think that the southern addition wil have Victorian style homes. I can't wait for the Winter Expo, when I will be proven correct 🙂
  12. So I was wondering what the map would look like with Bellisseria and the new southern addition put in place. So I did a little of cutting and pasting and this is what things more or less will eventually look like. Basically, the two things that jump out at me is the disappearance of (most of) the channel that connect Sansara to Jeogeot via Belliseria, and how close the southern tip of Bellisseria will be to the northern tip of Jeogeot. I do hope that the LDPW will add some regions to pad Bellisseria because yes, the water on its west coast may be navigable, but there are definitely spots where one has to be very careful not to run aground and where you actually run the risk of lagging into the home of an unsuspecting resident if you happen to have a fast boat and/or a bad day for region crossings on SL. As for the patches off the east coast of Bellisseria, we know that they are not permanent, so they don't count. P.S. I added the names of the Sansara and Jeogeot continent for those who may read this and be unfamiliar with their names. If you are not one of those people, please ignore the text in the pic because you already know their names
  13. I think you answered your own question.
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