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  1. I'm sure that there are a few parcels for rent in the south of the Sharp continent, that is a very snowy series of regions! 🙂
  2. OpenShot, also free, opensource, lightweight, and opensource. Available for Windows, OSX and Linux. I occasionally also use Kdenlive but not as often as I used to.
  3. Don't worry Gadget Portal, I get the joke 😁😁😁
  4. You need software that can stream to a Shoutcast server. I looked at the Recordbox website and there is no mention of Shoutcast, so I am assuming that Recordbox can NOT be used for DJing on SL. Just get Mixxx (it's free), forget about tutorials, and just play around with it. I found it really easy to figure out. And yes, your deck should be supported.
  5. Not necessarily, the MP is full of free and low-cost security systems. The one that I used to use (before moving to Bellisseria) is called " 'Sly' the Security System ", costs only a single L$ and did exactly what I wanted, which is to keep interlopers out of a range of 64 meters around my skybox. A Larger range is possible, but I did not need that.
  6. That's exactly how SL works. You do not get preferential treatment because you paid for an avatar. After 2 years in SL, you ought to know that.
  7. OOOOH! Look at you feeling all entitled! Here's the deal, whether you pay for your avatar or not, we all get the same issues. If you are too dumb to understand that, then perhaps you should not be on SL.
  8. What difference does it make? Did you really think that just because you pay for something, it will work better? But instead of acting all indignent because you paid for your crap, how about UPDATING your viewers?
  9. Have you relogged yet? Did you clear your cache? HAve you looked at https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_missing_inventory (which can be helpful, even if you don't use Firestorm)
  10. The best one is the one that you like best. Just drop by some stores, collect demos, compare features, play around with the shape, and so forth. DO NOT let someone else make your decision for you, because what they consider the best may be utter rubbish to you.
  11. A little update: Jun and Chun are "Deluxe" heads by [AK] and each cost L$5,000, which in my case is not an amount that I could easily cough up. The Kumiko head, which I have on my alt (and which does NOT seem to have a group gift ) has been dramatically discounted and although not available in the [AK] in-world store, it can still be found on the MP for L$800 The demo for the Kumiko head can be found at https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AK-Kumiko-Bento-Head-Vers-26-DEMO/12939237 Note that [AK] will start offering some of the Deluxe heads for L$500 to group members in the next week. Membership is 150, and there are frequent valuable gifts (like heads), so you may want to consider popping by soon.
  12. There is another possibility, it is easy enough to write a script which checks someone's location (on teleport, or just every 5 minutes or so) then send that location to someone else's email,. or send it to IM or whatever. It's a privacy violation and I am pretty sure it's also a TOS violation, but it can easily be done. So if you are still wearing something that she gave you, stop wearing that and see if she can still locate you. And if you have RLV enabled in your viewer, try disabling that too. RLV has some built-in methods to allow someone to be located although that does require an attachment, like a collar or implant.
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