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  1. Unless you change the parcel shapes and sizes so as to make it possible to reach protected water from any parcel on Fortenlost, hardly anyone who values their ability to sail will buy your land. And those that do buy it will regret it because they can't sail the rest of the Corsica island because of the ban lines which you would allow to exist.
  2. Remember, the stil homes will have to be put somewhere. The preview on SL17B Enchant shows a very condensed version of what they are planning. Some of these stil homes will be completely on dry land, others will be completely in the middle of open water, and yet others will be partially in water, partially on land. The region seen in the pic would be perfect for stilt homes in water. Here's a pic of SL17B Enchant, just for the heck of it 🙂
  3. @FairreLilette It seems that so far, most people say "yes, strippable, but not scripted". So, you have a few options here... You can include a scripted AND an unscripted version of the product in the same pack. You could offer a separate scripted and unscripted version. Those that don't like the scripted ones can yank the scripts out of a scripted version 🙂
  4. I like stripable clothing, preferably in multiple stages. BTW, also look into Project Clothing (it's by Caeil Resident) which has caught my eye but I have not yet had a chance to play with it. It adds wet/dry and dripping wich responds to SL water. It also responds to shifting clothes and more. Again, I have had no chance yet to play with it, but the people that I have met who use it are quite enthusiastic about it. You can probably add some kind of support for that system if you wish.
  5. Okay, FINALLY figured it out.... I went back to my general preferences in the preferences screen, and saw that I had "only if too complex" on. I turned it off and POOF! my toggle works and I see other people's complexity/ACL/ACI/ARW or whichever acronym one wishes to slap on it. Thanks to all who tried to help.
  6. I DO use name tags, so how is it useless?
  7. That looks to me like they have reverted an update for reasons unknown to us. If that is what they did, then I'm sure something broke in the 6.4.5 viewer which they need to fix before they send out a new update.
  8. @Lindal Kidd : Update, I cried victory too soon and I blame a quick test on myself without other people near to test on. "Show ACL" (which is bound to FSTagShowARW) does not show other people's render cost, suggesting that it may be deprecated(?). "Show Own ACL" is bound to FSTagShowOwnARW and only when both of these are enabled will it show my ACL in my tag. However, other people's ACL will still be absent. @Whirly Fizzle Can you perhaps help? I want to add a toggle for Show Avatar Complexity Information to my quick prefs. Do you know which debug setting I need for this?
  9. The white dot is a visible indication that you have voice enabled. It shows for you and for everyone else. The only way to make the dot go away is to turn off voice.
  10. Pro tip: Name your home something dumb, like "kjhkjhkjh" or "." or sometyhing equally simple because the faster you are, the more likely it will be that you actually get the home you selected because it will not be held for you while you choose a name! After you get the home you want, you can always go and change the name of your parcel to something better, like "My lovely houseboat on Belliseria, I love it so!", assuming that fits 🙂
  11. You will have to choose Belliseria, then from there you should find one or more available themes. Note that there are currently 5 themes and a 6th on the way. But these homes are in high demand, so what's available depends on luck.
  12. I have noticed the same (recent) behaviour that copy/pasting these things to an outfit folder no longer works. I solve it by opening a second copy of the inventory and drag the stuff that I want to copy over to the other inventory window where the target folder is waiting and willing to take my links, even if I had selected more than one item or link.
  13. Perhaps MBC stands for Meauxle Bureaux Construction. After all, the current Meauxle Bureaux is aging, not to mention that it is far away from the community which they helped so hard to create.
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