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  1. I binged The Witcher on Netflix. You really have to be familiar with the lore & characters though. (Polish, historical, fantasy). (I'm not polish lol). Three games in the series, the last being a monumental worldwide success for the devs. State of the art special effects. Especially the ultra grisly sword fights. I don't go to the movies or anything and the story seemed to fizzle out a bit at the end. For the production qualities alone I'd give it a 12 out of 10.
  2. or soon to be Ex *cough 🤭
  3. I was shopping once (around 2010) and got verbally abused (in text) and called a ton of apparently hurtful names and cussing words by a >supposed< female gansta avi. As always you let people, (any sort of people), rant until you compute the ultimate smack-down reply. (doesn't take long lol). Was this a real female gansta avi? I have no idea, she? certainly had the text chat & RP look down. The abuse was such that any person would have copped the same single hit, gutter level reply from myself. (which under no circumstances mentioned any of the derogatory terms some associate with POC - of course). No matter who it was, my mocking laughter would have had the same effect. (she left, I didn't :P). For an instant I jumped to a stereotypical conclusion, then I distinctly remember thinking: Nooo.... its the attitude that's the problem, not who is represented. Then I had two thoughts, I doubt any genuine POC is really going to carry on like that. What a complete waste of time stressing out to that level, only to be guffawed at and none of the same miserable slurs cast back. Convincing RP perhaps? Totally! I was convinced the person was definitely a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. 🍩🥧🍕🌮= 👉🥴
  4. Has the maker ever considered writing tall stories? Might do better financially perhaps? 👀
  5. Having played with clothing mods for Morrowind, (2002) and subsequent ES and a host of other titles, (mainly file replacements & hex code modifying), around early 2009, a friend was telling me about a virtual world where you could MAKE clothes. and I'm like omg!, 😲 are you serious? 🤩 and here we are in 2020. 🥰 I dont even make stuff for SL anymore - lol It's all for Real Life. 8^) Ps: 🎂 @Eseme Nova\0/ ☺️
  6. I tried. I really did. And it was so much fun trying! 8^) ❤️ I am a fledgeling You-Tuber but not for SL. I cut my movie teeth in SL. 1. Bhriathrachan Bhea (Dancing with the wind). UNFINISHED. Nothing much after 2.44 Red shoes-ish, but for music. Two avies simultaneously travel the globe. Drawn by an unseen force. 😊. If music is hereditary it controls your entire life 👉🥰 Was meant to have 3 avies dancing at the end. 2. Premier pro workout - no name. UNFINISHED. Rock band tribute. As the lyrics dictate, Catwoman falls in love with mega rock star - 💕🙀😛 gets dumped. lmao. Hard drive failure with two verses and a guitar solo to go. I might finish it one day. What was the purpose of these very old videos? I gained the knowledge/idea to construct my own wooden camera lightbox/housing in RL enabling me to control the lighting for macro videos of small trinkets & items. The lightbox enables the latest custom PC RGB lighting control & patterns, (extended wires from PC case to custom LEDs) and also enables coloured laser effects of which a white one can be fired through prisms & crystals, giving rainbow lasers. I don't have a strobe effect yet. I just dream things up and select things from online catalogues and ask family members help to make it all work. On set doing my own stunts. Of Course ☺️ 2011? Waaaay pre mesh etc etc etc.
  7. Refused to "sit in" on a RL class today. High School kids are allowed back to high school now. At the campus I work at they, (high school kids), do lengthy work experience courses. This one class has been banned for three weeks before for "highly objectionable/violent threat" behaviour. (not to me). I can support my student electronically/remotely so that's ok. But no. Not accepting the Covid-19 threat. (probably never will again actually). Sack me. 😝 😥
  8. Where on earth do you get the time to read books? 😵 I type all day so my fave author must be... me.. lol 🙄☺️
  9. 1. Yes. My mother was a professional studio singer for a few years. 2. Female: Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin, any native exponent of traditional kulning which is sung from the heart & heavens, (Jonna Jinton is ok), Astrid Melissa Edwarda Horn Weitzberg , whose "breathy" vocals are so much like the one and only Olivia Newton John, My mum <3, (I still know the words to almost every nursery rhyme/song there is lol), Stine Grove, Sandy Denny......... etc etc etc etc. Male: Robert Plant, Gerry Humphries and a couple of others.
  10. I am glad that when I requested a periodic password reset for my day job, amidst the worlds dramas, the new password is the same as the name of "fatter crepes", then my birth year. Too yummy to forget THAT password lol. My life has hardly changed 1 iota since the lock-down Dano. I am very happy about that! 8^)
  11. I adore words and making the most efficient use of same. As a child in my fortunate life, (with only 1 truly horrific event), I was addicted to spelling. o.0 My escape. Rarely do words have as much value as Janet & Ashlyns.
  12. OMG just checking in to forums before leaving for campuses and this. Congratulations Sukubia!. To read this on my RL birthday \0/ is pure bliss indeed. This is the best forum result ever! ❤️
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