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  1. Do nothing, because me sitting outside is how I always work on beautiful days. It's best when my supervisor drives in to the campus, (once every month or two), parks and comes and sits with me. I do the same at home when working on my business, coffee, breather, smell the plentiful roses, jasmine. tiger lily. 8^)
  2. Touche' roseelvira! Not my beloved grandmother Jeannie's 😘 exact recipie but: Sherry/Wine Trifle. ❤️ 😍🥰 Pic Courtesy of the Australian Womens Weekly. Photography: Dean Wilmot, styling: Jennifer Tolhurst, Vicki Liley.
  3. Fidgeting Lazily On The Uncomfortable... #6 = Sofa lol F L O A T
  4. Back in ye olden days of mesh underwear 🙄 *cough cough The trick was to buy only FITTED mesh. Not fitmesh, sized mesh or any other form of "close enough is good enough" mesh.. >FITTED< mesh. Fitted mesh combined with anything less than will always give you problems. Remember that fitted mesh came out first, very quickly followed by umpteen variations on proper fitted mesh. It was a tall order for those not yet experienced in LL avi attachment points and precision 3d rigging, hence = close enough was good enough. Apparently. Now BOM means ANYONE can make their own lovely textured lingerie very easily and obtain the most perfect results that have ever been possible. With the added advantage of adding fitted mesh items as well. BOM is here, BOM is now & BOM rules! allowing flexibility like never before. Thank you LL ❤️
  5. Where is the much awaited Chuck Norris/McGyver Home Improvement/criminal slapdown movie? ^^ 😄
  6. Flirtatious Lindens Eventually Eloped Eagerly G O O E Y
  7. Geriatric Avatars Meandering Effortlessly Sideways. CODGE
  8. Ants Move Plenty Heavy Insect - Ahh-so. *bows K F W N Q
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