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  1. A post asking for specific info on using mesh heads. OP name respectfully removed. Head Genius šŸ˜‹
  2. I don't really know how to look someone up outside of SL and to be honest I don't really care. (that much).
  3. On holidays from day job so I was dancing with 48 other avies 6:30am this morning at a fave club. Wont be in for a few days as I am going on a road trip to help out in bushfire regions. ā¤ļø
  4. Praise the LAWD it's a sign! šŸ˜²ā˜ļøšŸ‘»šŸ‘€šŸ„³šŸŽ‰
  5. Well..... geeez... Ok. Totally time to fess up....šŸ˜®šŸ˜¬ I am actually an Alchemist and a Scribe in RL šŸ˜²ā˜ŗļø But there's not a chance in hell that i'm telling anyone in-world that!
  6. I might port through the TC and come in as Lurch or Cousin IT from the Addams family 8^)
  7. He must love swimming in grease & oil šŸ˜‹
  8. I do have a extremely high quality sound studio special effects unit which has absolute state of the art pitch shifting algorithms in it. (TC Electronic rack unit) But I've only ever used it on musical instrument signals. I presume that's what voice morphing is.
  9. Can't say I am aware of ever hearing voice morphing. Is it robotic and laughable like listening to rappers and stuff? Should I turn sound on in SL? šŸ¤”
  10. Boisterous Innuendo leaves lindens yelping - GROSS šŸ˜‚
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