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  1. A dig at the irrelevance of a certain social media platform which began as a wonderful thing but soon deteriorated into its current yukky status.
  2. To return to the forums after all this time and engage in constructive, respectful, considerate & somewhat amusing discussions is pure bliss. To see veteran posters return and be comfortable here is surely a mammoth achievement by LL. (some of us never left). We can complain about moderation or anything else but the fact remains it is now a pleasant place to be. The old incredibly toxic forum, (once discarded by LL), went on to become the cesspool of filth & hatreds that is now known as "that little chirpy bird social platform" It was odd, curious fun to be involved in such a knockdown dragout slugfest and some of us learnt more about ourselves than others. = priceless. LuvU-SL ❤️ Thank you.
  3. SL was my first ever online multiplayer community so I actively sought out Le Fora. Of course, they really don't cater for Spanish people properly.... ^^ *cough cough, as we've come to be aware over time.... Then there are the supremely elite, highly esteemed few, who, (apparently), engage active mind control over all other forum users AND LL themselves. Is it Lunch time yet? 🤔
  4. Do come back. If only just to gussy yourself up "mesh style" and check your skill-set as much has changed. I've been a little ill of late but SL me remains in superb health and l0.0kin good! Be well on guard for those who may treat you ❤️ insensitively. Plenty of them out there.
  5. Living in a truly remote area in RL (yes dial-up internet) and being my first online/international adventure.... Shyly trying to make friends and being completely ignored repeatedly for about.... a week. H8 dem bots
  6. Prims: Evil, nasty, wicked, disgraceful conspiracy to drive users to mesh modelling for SL. Mesh: Once you know how, you don't create for SL anymore because there's real world money to be made. Conclusion: 💲💲 & stress free SL ❤️ Ps: Test grid was Aditi?
  7. A dollop of trollop is fine if you only go to certain places where it is considered normal and that's where your friends hang. Innit?
  8. I like to keep my creations outside SL these days. Perusing your posts, its not hard to see what you "make" for SL. Miss the point entirely did we ^^?
  9. Wow @ this thread! Not more than three weeks ago I made a suggestion, which was nuked in milliseconds and I got a 24hr ban! All for suggesting an offline install, specifically for creators to make-> dance movies, (was my suggestion), but could be used to create anything. A deluxe creators kit with a top notch animation tool and maybe other stuff to enhance usability OFFLINE. I have made some little movies in the past. They are awesome fun, look incredible and are a brilliant showcase for what SL can do. I was shocked at my 24hr ban I, like many others, have "subscriptions" to pro level software for creating things in RL. Hence to me, it is entirely logical to have an offline "creators" version of SL, priced quite reasonably - unlike "other" companies, who's subscription prices are more like highway robbery. The above would give an additional income stream rather than have to fiddle about with prices and things that people are used to. Benefits to LL. Subscription income for LL. Movie mania! Peoples movies all over the web showcasing what can be done with SL. Awesome cartoon strip stories - like Charolette Caxton used to make. Custom animations & dances - used in both of the above. SL's time WILL come again. Because its the only software that can do what it does, but there is a need to showcase the "best of". A need to shine a spotlight on anything other than questionable stuffs that may limit the user-base or turn away newcomers/new creators. Price of Deluxe SL offline Creators subscription? I dont know, so long as its reasonable. Maybe an incentive for a reduced sub if your "showcase" movie/cartoon/anims attract 100,000 likes/views on platform blah/blah/blah. The whole point being promotion of SL to a wider audience/attract more users. I hope I don't get a ban for this suggestion this time ^^
  10. To deal with the papparazzi. So tiresome.... ^.^ lol
  11. So many words. Words fade with time. Why bother? ❤️
  12. Whilst heart rending and somewhat agonising to endure, again, SL is a constant reminder to celebrate every second of whatever life you're in right now. In RL if someone passes you can escape to SL. Not so with SL though. The pain is equal in both worlds with those who have played a major role. I wonder if there's an SL up or down there perhaps ^^?
  13. maxxwell & Miiane... hone your skills in SL, then go RL. Its 10 times the endorpin recharge than SL. This is why I remain a dedicated SL supporter. It is purely a conduit for fine tuning creativity & technical skills. ❤️ uSL! 8^)
  14. Squllions of lindens you say? A BPM <-> dance animation <-> music synchroniser. Viewers can be synched. Not sure about real time tho. A pulse generator? synch tone? You're very welcome
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