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  1. Thank you Ebbe, you will be missed. 😌
  2. Strolls in..... (popcorn burp) oooeee! ^^ ðŸĨī This is for the forums.... right? 😂😆😂😂😋ðŸĪ­
  3. I should clarify - sore arm but just a little bit more than a normal flu needle. That started at about 4hrs in, slept like a log, (overslept by 15 minutes actually) and sore for about 6 hrs at work. But then hardly noticeable. Please don't let my comments dissuade anyone from getting the vaccination. (2 x needles). You deserve the best defence you can get against this horrendous pandemic. 😷
  4. My arm is hurting! 😭 At least it hasn't swollen to two times its size like when I had an erythromiacin injection years ago. ðŸĪŠâ˜ ïļðŸ˜Đ Deffo allergic to dat $hiz. Hence - Pfizer shot 1 for me.
  5. Okay lets go the bling route. I've suggested this before too..... A simple Music BPM to animations synchroniser. ðŸ˜ē Yes you heard right! SMPTE code on, SMPTE code off. Imagine perfectly synchronised BPM dance parties! You can't tell me that wouldn't go viral hmmm? That would be sooo cool.
  6. The magic key is 3d creation. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Look at Garys Mod? Which I've never had a go of but I've watched a video or two. People just import 3d stuff to muck about with it seems. Zero gravity and all that ^^. SL should have a library of 3d stuff just for this. Playing about. Most modern games have creation modes or sandboxes to do stuff and the ability to import 3d stuff from libraries or they supply a library of 3d things. Do you recall 3Dsmax had G-Max? A free version of 3dsMax specifically tailored to certain games. Ages ago. It's the only wa
  7. Thank you! Its a big old lonely world out there! 🙄 Most appreciated Zidaya. ðŸĪ—
  8. Dayum! I'm going to take my own syringe metinx. This ones been in the clan since about 1860 so, yeah, lol 😆
  9. Someone save me from the left tard - right tard BS. I get Pfizer #1 shot tomorrow, that's all I care about. Taking my mum too âĪïļ
  10. On an notification list with my doctor and it looks like clotalot Atsra Zeneca. I think I mentioned this elsewhere but in publicised medical discussions here they used the incredibly low rate of being allergic to Erythromiacin as an example: 1 in 17,000 in AZ causing blood clotting. Guess what my singular allergy is? Yep -> Erythromiacin. ðŸ˜ą ðŸĨĩ noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! But my Doc is cool. She'll arrange me Pfizer jab I'm sure. I think. I hope.... If not.... nice knowing you all. \0_ xoxo
  11. I would give my eye teeth for a 2021 3d graphics, super complicated top down scrolling space invaders clone. I didn't know my teeth had eyes so I wouldn't be missing them anyways 😋 I cant find one! 😊 I have spied a couple of Myst like point & clickers lately tho. 🧐
  12. Prompted by the fact that I could hardly understand a word the W.H.O's Tedross Mumblerohsoconfuseos said, 🙄 I did my own research by reading everything I could about the Spanish Flu epidemic and concluded it had to be aerosol borne. I mean really, it couldn't be anything else the way it spreads. Hence - a p3 mask from day 1 that I heard about it.
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