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  1. No. I had a lot to learn back then. Still do.
  2. Maryanne Solo

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    Voodoo Child
  3. Threatening to take the owner of bloodlines to court because he had my data and.... > my soul <... and I was deadly serious.... *cue the horrid SL gesture laugh.... nothing to see here folks... move along now...
  4. Maryanne Solo

    Picture Group?

    8 years ago the Hippiestock image was produced. Wow. What hilarious fun it was to be involved On the topic of Our Lady of perpetual silence... roflz No amount of coaxing or cajoling could entice her from her trance like state, much to the fascination of forumites of the day lol. Many people tried ever complicated & calculated means of helping her. Alas, she never responded. I undertook a pilgrimage across the whole of SL in an attempt to save her 8-/ What became of her? To this day.... no one knows...... o.0 ‎ Pictures dated: Monday, ‎September ‎26, ‎2011, ‏‎11:39:31 AM The picture threads then morphed into funny cartoon strips created by Charolette Caxton. Raising the comedy bar to new heights. Fascinating & hilarious times indeed.
  5. Maryanne Solo

    Picture Group?

    ^.^? Go on, I dares ya! YES it is awesome fun. It's not too hard to imagine the nefarious culprit responsible for this SL gem of years gone by. Le fora shrunk this down. The original is 6016 x 3066 pixels & 3.71mb in size. (not sure of the amount of compression that is applied to the .jpg as I did not create the final image and I am too tired to open it in an editor atmo).
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    Take a word leave a word (game)

    Enough rope... (free troll service )
  7. Maryanne Solo

    If you were a teacher how would you use SL?

    If students are obsessed with their mobile phones in classes by the most inane content, (what I see are posts such as "oooh get a load of him/her" "wow I got soo smashed at lectro boom-tish festival" I fail to see how SL could grab their attention unfortunately. They simply cannot see they are being used by the Zuckerberg parasites of this world. It's pretty sad OoooooK.... I just watched the above video. One tutor I observe regularly uses "Kahoot" the online test/game app for mobile/cell phones to construct revision challenges prior to formal exams. It really is the funniest thing you've ever seen because it keeps a running score of who has the most correct answers. The thing I like about it the most is that the least "hip" student usually wins. I also made one app which I have never released, but shown to students and they absolutely loved it. So I would have to say, outrageous, FUN creativity unleashed IS the way of the future in education. I'm just not sure where SL fits in. I wish LL would target that audience.
  8. Maryanne Solo

    Five word Story Game

    in fact... any old pool
  9. Maryanne Solo

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    chocolate bilby
  10. the Linden revolt shall be overcome by an alt, she spake with a wry little smile
  11. Maryanne Solo

    Deanonymization because of copyright, whats next?

    Oh wow. I hope this person cremates their avatar. Otherwise genetic material will still reside on EVERY sim they've ever been to We all know the ramifications of that once "they" link it to real life 0.o
  12. Maryanne Solo

    Five word Story Game

    and trollilly report the thread
  13. Maryanne Solo

    Somebody loves me...

    This is a very perplexing thread. When I was little, I didn't try and fit in. I wasn't prepared to put myself in a position of possible rejection. Family was the absolute centre of our universe. Sure we played and had fun. I had friends. It didn't really matter if they came and went over the passage of time. We were deeply religious then, ensconced and shielded from such scenarios as mentioned by family & faith. I was a spelling and comprehension nutcase. Addicted to reading and writing to the point of obsession from the moment I realised words had value. These things combined allowed me to exist in my own little universe. I was never lonely. Animals, insects, birds, trees & flowers, then music. (hereditary, not learnt). I am extremely disheartened the teacher would put a child in such a risky position. I suggest the teacher was incredibly negligent to not forsee such a hurtful scenario might eventuate. I am....(was?)..... *looks about & whispers...... roman catholic. I will also add, less than 8 hours ago, I coaxed a young student out of his own world, to attempt an exam, which he agreed to undertake quite reluctantly, (wanted to defer). I created a stress free environment, assisted when asked to, gave a smile here and there whilst not imposing and he topped the class. Inclusion is not a "given". It doesn't happen automatically. We tend to forget this.