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  1. OK OK I apologise profusely. Thank you for commenting Rhonda. Just bitterly disappointed to see peeps I hold in such high regard having a stoush. I'm sorry Pamela.
  2. Quite fine love cause I did say Bless you and a couple of xx at the end of it. Got a like so I"m ok. Want me to scrutinise your posts too ^^? and let me add the target was all alone. You just don't do that $hit. DO YA! ???!!!
  3. Normally............. Up @ 5:50am, check e-mail, get dressed, check look, hop in car, drive thru Mc Clown faces for a coffee, medium cap, 3 raw shoogz and full cream milk, drive 22kms, start work @ 7:30. Hardest part is getting car out of the backyard via second driveway. (huge corner block - gates n stuff). I park it right up against a wall and sometimes it gets stuck, (totally my fault), so its back and forth, back and forth sneaking it out 1 degree of steering wheel at a time until its free. Got a super new radio fitted to the little old thing, (don't own any cassettes lol), and sound is incredible so that makes it all worth the effort. Drives off... boom tish, boom tish, boom tish....... cyaaaa~! 🖐️🤘✌️
  4. Just stop it you guys! 😝 Forum legends bickering over some irrelevant ->💩<- 😷🙄 I h8 when this happens. Get over it or I'll call wuhan spam back in to give you all another dose of uselessness 😖
  5. My butcher has a locked door policy now and will only admit people he knows well. He had a surge of unknowns stampede his shop and spat the dummy completely. So its normal cooking and eating for me. Thank goodness.
  6. For personal/family care if you don't have a mask a hanky sized high gsm cotton cloth or natural fibre cloth could be used to cough into to ensure family members are protected. Having recent vaccination and a slight flu from it I have been doing this rather than wear a face mask when with family. The I spray the cloth with isopropyl alcohol immediately to make sure any potential virus is killed. It dries quickly so I re-alcohol it to wipe any surfaces like door handles, fridge or light switches I know I have touched on the way back to my section of the house. I'm definitely keen to kill a virus outright immediately rather than try and filter it, even with my P3 rated mask. From the research I have done this seems to be correct. Remember to make your own decisions based on your own research or advice from doctors/authorities.
  7. Completing all the working from home training modules required to be working from home which I have been mostly doing since 2012 but of course now the thousands of teachers and staff all want to copy me and do the same *sigh lolololol.🤭 About time they approved my activities & routines! No wonder my lovely colleague and I lead the field and set the standard in our work. Prior to this it was oh mai GAWD 😲 are you allowed to do that? 😬 and I was like, well as soon as your level of tech & network reliability matches mine I'll stay at the campus and work. Until then? pppffft! *fiddle minger! So as I'm working forums are open going DING! DING! DING! Takes a lot of discipline not to be nattering away like...... I'm doing now 😋😆 Getting paid a full wage too which is quite ok for a casual employee! I feel great now! *ok so wheres that half a vanilla slice I couldn't finish last night 😂
  8. I'm out for the night. Wave goodbye to the spammer for me LL :))) (stomp it).
  9. I'm trying to figure what mindset drives this type of thing.
  10. The name of BB didnt appeal at all but I might watch it now.
  11. Or Take out Chinese I think USA peeps say.
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