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  1. Because the first thing I do is to reverse the "traditional" knife and fork arrangement. That's the most comfortable for me. I'm not a lefty either.
  2. Hiding? mhm yes. Let me tell you why... Elite International artisans guild membership, (1800 members only worldwide at last count), International copyright protection concerns for art, International copyright protection concerns for music, International copyright protection concerns for 3d mesh, Personal privacy & safety concerns, Absolutely rabid guarding of my business, personal & families personal data. But most importantly = Nunya 😛
  3. I do miss hearing from Curiosity Rover 8-/ But I don't think its worth getting back on twitter for Perseverance. Twitter IS the Uranus of the social media universe after all. (before FB went all nazi on Australia that is).
  4. I've been invited to see a rare vintage sundial, in a beautiful rose garden - next week lol. All USA "days" should be rolled into one day. Valenweens day or something. 🙄
  5. Oh you mean pleasures that I should feel REAL guilty about? Well....... Trying to synch an Alesis SR18 to PC via a Mark Of The Unicorn fast-lane because my MOTU MIDI Express XT is just sooo old....*sighs (all for the love of Rickenbacker bass and custom voiced drums. Ofc). And then there's the MOTU M4 interface that I'll get very soon, (which comes with Digital Performer & Ableton lite versions). Then I want my custom Maton Messiah 12 string, then an Irish Bouzouki or mandocello would be rly rly nice. Any fender guitar with a hockey-puck headstock <3. Then a 2011 Fender custom
  6. They're 2 x 27 's now lol. omg mms lol. whuups!
  7. At least we managed to squeeze another avatar thread in w0.0t! 😆
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