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  1. Wow you are quick aren't you? @Gatogateau I'm so sorry, that was THREE posts in ONE minute. 😂 I don't drink alcohol, let alone beer 🤮 lol Certainly I have just finished mowing one third of the lawn in 30c heat after congratulating 30 students today on their success this morning. Same tomorrow. Then you expect me to read the snipey tripe of an alt? 😝😂 Ponder your "quick draw" abilities here: and weep.
  2. Pep was a pushover, wa$ted was fun, 3 posts in 2 minutes and adding sad emotes to my original post makes you merely a loose cannon. Do continue.....
  3. You are an alt, (or something), you have ZERO credibility. Continue your charade with someone else.
  4. I am employed partly as an official government Dept of Education Scribe in one of my 3 jobs. I won't be reading anything more closely. But thank you anyway.
  5. You just did exactly what I said. There is little hope for anyone there. 🥴
  6. Record reports of USA infections here in Oz today.....I'm so sorry everyone. The issue is FAR ABOVE personal political preferences in importance. C'mon you guys, please, no government will save you. You have to protect each other. 😪😷
  7. There's nothing better than cruising into packed sims/sales as a premium member of SL ❤️ Waltz in, blinged out, get what you want and gone in the blink of an eye. There's this thing called lag....🧐 apparently....🤭
  8. Slink BOM redux. All in one body feet and hands. Absolutely exquisite ❤️
  9. Slink Physique. The "crowd" in their "keep up with the joneses" eternal challenge forgets this body led the field regarding BOM implementation and is absolutely superb. Less popular lol. 😂🙄
  10. Frost Breath I have it. But Eddy is correct too.
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