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What are you doing today!? :D

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too late for that I´m afraid... enjoy your undead life... please don´t eat our brains ;)  (but then I´m stupid so I´m prolly safe)

been bored af, browsing some bulletjournaling groups on my rl fb, searched for SL BuJo groups on Kashas FB, went back inworld, got dressed, went to the wash card sale, and am now hopping around clicking boards...

oh and I bought some stuff at truth

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4 hours ago, Clover Jinx said:

Saw this on your flickr, you find beautiful places.

Thank you!

This one was an easy find for me - it's up the hill on the estate where I live, which after the snowy winter has had a miraculously early Spring.  (So credit for the beauty goes to Par) 

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Whelp, foudn out how to get rid of the yellow tape that invaded my lounge space, but found out i'm close to where my brother in laws home is, so i'll have to deal with that guy that likes randomly invading peoples homes. why do people think they're entitled to be places where they're clearly not wanted?


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On 1/26/2018 at 12:20 PM, Rhonda Huntress said:

Nurse:  /nərs/ (noun)
The first person a hick sees after saying "hold my beer a sec."



Being a nurse in a sub acute facility (people who have had hip replacement, knee replacement, etc and have been discharged from the hosp, but aren't well enough to go home) quite often my patients story starts with "Well, it all started like this" !! LOL! In other words, "Here, hold my beer"

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Oh, by the way, about bento...
Now there are bento male appendixes available in the Marketplace. My friend tested one demo and I was allowed to be the witness of the experiment. :D
It was quite amazing to see something similar on male body in SL how the thing acts in RL.
Bento animated one is the way to go if you are after reality. It moves realistically when you walk or run.
Sure enough the animator had put some hilarious animations there too. Snake kind of animation for example.
OMG! But yay for the bento thing. Looks a lot better than frozen non animated ones.

This message is as a hint to our dear male forum members who might be reading this... :x;)

(And no pictures this time. Because...)

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