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  1. Cookies! Wienerstube… And Pepparkakor. I'm going to try this year to see how they turn out with gluten free flour. I've also been very fond of nice dark beers. But unfortunately my wibbly dietary needs preclude the consumption of wheat and barley based things.
  2. Terrestrially Etched Xenoglyphs Acknowledged Nietzsche LINGO
  3. Generic Nomenclature Obviates Mnemonic Enhancements SPEAK
  4. Bra, sometimes. Panties, yes, if I'm wearing a dress or skirt. I've found a couple different mesh panties that work with quite a few of them and seem often to rez before any other mesh clothes, which is fortuitous. Otherwise it'll be appliers. I think underwear is one thing for which appliers are fairly well suited, as long as the textures are well made.
  5. Avatars are partly made up of bits and pieces of their creators' souls.
  6. Thank you @Chic Aeon for your pioneering spirit.
  7. Three Recent Incidences Precipitated Serenity. PEACE
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