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  1. I said to myself, out loud and before I saw your header. "Jeannie! She's waiting for an astronaut to wash up onto her beach."
  2. I'm not into pastels much myself, though I will bend to them from time to time. I do like dots though, way better than plaid. That hat looks good on you. It works well with your hair and it doesn't seem too big. The matching shoes are a nice touch.
  3. You are lovely!
  4. You really took a lot of snapshots. I regret I didn't take more photos from my earlier days. I try to do better with that these days myself, by I don't always succeed.
  5. I'm at a wedding, at this moment, in Seattle. We'll, the reception part anyway. I swear, there's a guy here dancing to Love Shack who looks just like @Nostoll. The guy's beard is amazing. I almost can't see his shirt.
  6. "Hank you." *dabs her nose with a tissue*
  7. I added a bit more oats and heated it a bit more. It all worked out, and it was joined at my desk by a nice steaming cup of Yirgacheffe.
  8. I no longer have a daily routine. I used to spend most of every day in-world, except weekends. Now my kids have grown a lot, one has graduated high school, I got a job, I have gotten to know a lot more of the people in my city, some are even friends. All of this makes me far busier in the real world than I used to be. When I am online, there are still a few friends around I hang out with. I go shopping (I'm skint for the first time in a while). I spend time in either of my two houses, one in a Zindra sky, the other on a Horizons coast. I still create things, do some scripting to keep in practice. I have also begun once again to look at the large map and randomly teleport to places where a lot of green dots appear. My curiosity has never left me, despite all the changes I have gone through.
  9. Hippo birdies two ewes.
  10. I have put too much hot water in my oatmeal this morning. I have oat soup.
  11. Maybe someone already said something like this, somewhere. Pretty often, if I see a piece of furniture I like somewhere, I start thinking how I would go about modeling it, at what point I would UV map it, how I would texture it, do I want to use materials? "Hmm I like those rivets, maybe in silver."
  12. This is one of the sweetest things I have ever read in either these new forums, or the yesterforums.
  13. I may be getting to the point where I'd recognize you all in-world.
  14. /me gives Rioko another half of cookie.
  15. Smucholy.