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  1. I've performed an exhaustive search, both in the marketplace and in-world for a hairstyle used in a marketplace makeup listing. It's a very short, punky style. It can be seen here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Oceane-Mistress-Make-ups-Mega-Pack-Omega/10210153 I'm planning to contact the owner of the listing, and would appreciate it if anyone here familiar with it could let me know. Thanks for your time.
  2. "Your requested region is unavailable. You have been rerouted to... blah blah..."
  3. Nowhere did I read anything about being limited to one entry form submission.
  4. In the official contest information page, it was stated the winners may be posted on the Second Life web site, forum and/or facebook page. I didn't say they would be posted. But a SASE can be sent to LL to obtain the winners' Names and/or user names.
  5. Apron! /me nods sagely Very important kitchen garment.
  6. It's the bug. I just experienced it. Lovely photo in any case. Lovely subject too.
  7. After finding time to make some adjustments, I've gotten my face closer to, if not my original look, at least closer to what I like, I'd forgotten how tricky face editing and slider tweaking could be. This post actually serves two purposes. One, to show off all my hard work and how much fun I'm having. And two, so that @Scylla Rhiadracan gloat about her powers of persuasion.
  8. Maitreya themselves make their own BoM relay. I'm sure Genus must also include some BoM functionality by now. In either case, Do Not wear an alpha later. Have all your system skin visible to you, so that BoM can also see it an and apply it to your body and your head. BoM automatically hides your system body parts after this process.
  9. I think it's so nice of the trolls to point out these system shortcomings as that may make LL able to do something about them, like actually allowing us an ability to revoke all permissions we have given, anywhere. Are there any old, dusty JIRAs having to do with this?
  10. I hope you are right and that new system layer skins and makeups tattoos continue to be created by talented and motivated people.
  11. If this happens, it would be awesome. It would also be good for anyone who prefers not to wear mesh avatars. As mesh heads became more and more prevalent, I bemoaned the fact that system makeups got harder to find. A resurgence in those as well would be most welcome.
  12. I don't think BoM is a good answer for someone who likes to find new skins to wear, and maybe change looks often. Like system makeups, new system skins, which are fundamental to how BoM works, may get more difficult to find as time goes by and mesh bodies and their appliers become more widely adopted.
  13. I would smile a lot, and laugh. If I type /me smiles in chat, it's because that's what I'm doing. I hope I don't eyeroll very much.
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