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  1. Do it for two weeks and then come back to modern again. Feel the relief!
  2. Not that I can do anything about it, at least I now know it isn't just me.
  3. I remember feeling annoyed and untrusted because of the unassisted flight ceiling. Acquiring my Mystitool fixed that and gave me other powers, some of which were a surprise. I have a very good friend, someone I've gotten to know much better these days than in my early days. At one point during my first months he was teaching me about the various ways one can be griefed. He had something that can push avatars, like a watermelon gun I think. We stood in the middle of a sim of which I had the fortune to be temporary caretaker. He got the watermelon gun or whatever ready. "Ok, ready? Here goes..." And he shot some watermelons at me. The watermelons bonked against me and pushed me back a bit, but my friend had vanished. I cammed around me. No friend. I cammed all over the sim. No friend. Then: "Can you TP me please?" Apparently he had been orbited by something. The only thing we could think of was that it had something to do the Mystitool, like maybe it had some automatic personal protection capabilities. I'm still not sure. Anyway, we were both laughing so much about it. It's a very fond memory.
  4. I can close and exit any viewer I am using in less then five seconds. But then, I'm pretty savvy with computers.
  5. "Honey, the dress is lovely but you've accidentally replaced your body with it. You should have clicked 'add'."
  6. This will take more than one sentence to answer. The relationship is complex and has changed over time. At first, she was just this thing I made because that was a part of being here. She was my explorer and my adventurer, and then, my dress up doll. She looked me up and down, appraisingly, and showed me how to be more fashion conscious in my real life. Over time, she became part the gentle current that drew me out of my shell. I met more and more people here. I talked with them, boldly taking part in disparate conversations that all occurred simultaneously. They were taxing, I was sometimes exhausted at the end of any given day, but I learned better how to do it. As a result, I got more comfortable with and better at talking to and with people in real space, and to larger groups of them. I wasn't someone who loved speech class in high school. Then she became my experimenter, my vehicle for trying new things for which, in my real life, I lack either the freedom, the bravery, the opportunity, or any combination thereof. She is my builder, my engineer, my programmer, my sailor, my mermaid, my demon, my socialite, my skydiver. There will be more, I am sure.
  7. Rather than flinging prims at avatars that then disappear, llDamageAgent() would be handy for creating an environmentally hazardous area in which an agent takes damage.
  8. I've been listening to eighties music today. It's my husband's fault. He started it, listening to it on Spotify. He walked into the living room, where I was (am) and said, suddenly, "OMG!" As I turned to him, he was approaching me slowly, looking at my face, studying me, inspecting me." He brushed his fingers against my cheek. He touched my chin with his thumb. Then he said "Oh Honey! Your face! This music... it's... it's making you younger."
  9. I used to play gachas a bit. I got to the point where they just feel like broken vendors to me. So I don't put money into them any more.
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