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  1. How does your avatar look today ?

    Just in time! I hear ice cream is in season again.
  2. How does your avatar look today ?

    One of my first visits to Backdrop City.
  3. A Derail Thread

    There’s a lot of keming going on out there in the big wide world.
  4. A Derail Thread

    That feeling when you're dancing at a club and you're unfamiliar with the dance ball. You try out different dances, with names that mean nothing to you. "Nope, not my style. Nope not that. Nope, too slow for this tune. Nope too fast. NOPE, omg definitely not my style. Nope nope... oh! here we go....." *song changes*
  5. Is everyone in SL pansexual?

    /me gasps. You said toast. *swoons*
  6. Mesh again!!!!! Just when you think you know........

    I have a bowl of macadamias. Would you please open them for me?
  7. A Derail Thread

    I live and work/drive in wine country. Often on gravel roads. Apparently, dust isn't good for grapevines. Some vineyards, realizing that asking drivers to "raise no dust" doesn't really work, opt instead to have their roads coated. They grow stuff that is meant to be, ultimately, consumed, so I can hardly blame them for seeking eco-friendly road treatments. But still, I can only describe the result of having to drive over roads that are coated with what smells like barbecue sauce as "Gross".
  8. drawbridge

    Writing a good door or drawbridge script should probably include a function to reset the script and redefine the position and rotation parameters whenever it is moved. Since position is not an integer returned by the changed event, a timer, periodically checking the current position against the last known position might be needed.
  9. Group tag fun and frolics

    "You are here."
  10. A Derail Thread

    I love it when I'm shopping, planning baked, stuffed potatoes for dinner. I look over the Russets and find a perfect one, then spend ten minutes looking for three more that are just as nice.
  11. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    I hugged my cat this morning while getting ready for work. She looked at me like "What do you think you are doing? I was asleep."
  12. Racism in player profiles

    If I'm meeting someone, face to face, for the first time, I don't usually read profiles immediately. I'll engage in a little conversation first, sort of get to know someone just through the words they'll share with me. After a while, if I remember to, I'll look over their profile. I have found that I can enjoy whatever humor may be there a little more if I have chatted with them beforehand. I think I do this because I like comparing the first, live look with what's in the history. If I find racism, I do what I do when I find one of my loaves of bread has gone moldy; throw it away, with perhaps a quick "Well..... that was fast.", and forget about it. Misogyny and other, overt forms of persecution will pretty much bring about the same result.
  13. A Derail Thread

    If I had a bird in a birdcage I could line the bottom of it with offers of credit and internet service provider “deals”.
  14. Lines that annoy you most

    "User RandomPerson1234 has offered to teleport you to their location." In these instances, the absence of any preamble whatsoever makes it somehow worse.
  15. Is Second Life only about sex?

    Second Life is about what you want from it. It's kind of like real life that way.