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  1. I would think the material they're made of may also be a very good indicator. What if they're metal knickers? What if they're metal knickers with a padlock?
  2. Objects of the dead

    lol, I was referring to 8pm my time tonight
  3. Objects of the dead

    Brisbane QLD, Australia is 14 hours ahead of Lansing, MI 10:36 AM Wednesday, in Lansing, MI is 12:36 AM Thursday, in Brisbane QLD, Australia Okay, I think I've got this now, lmao! If we did it at 8 pm my time , it would be 10 am your time (the next weird, lol) Would that work for you?
  4. Objects of the dead

    lol, yes, it's 10 am here on the 11th!
  5. Objects of the dead

    Oooo, no! I'm in the Eastern time zone!
  6. Objects of the dead

    let's plan on my 4 for now, that way I can get a nap in when I get home in the morning In the meantime, you could go inworld and look up the profile of (I imagine it's okay to say his name here) Willworkfor Food (we called him Will) if you'd like to see it.
  7. Objects of the dead

    I won't be available till tomorrow. I just got home from work, and have to get some sleep before I have to be back (I work 7p to 7a). If tomorrow afternoon would be okay for you, that would be perfect. I'll get in and dig up the note cards!
  8. Objects of the dead

    I would be more than happy to.
  9. Objects of the dead

    In my early (ish) years, I had an SL married couple living next door. We became close friends. In RL, he was from New York, and she from Brazil, they were engaged in RL until he died of a heart attack. The people on the sim we lived on were all very friendly with each other. We created a PayPal account for donations to get her to New York for his funeral, and we actually collected quite a good amount. What we didnt collect, his family covered for her trip. I sat "shiva style" with her for 2 days before she left for New York, as she was so distraught that SL was the only thing that comforted her, the home that they had built together. One by one, neighbors came to sit with us, and tell funny stories about him. It was heartbreaking, and I will never forget him. I still have all the notecards from then, my "eulogy' that was passed among the neighbors. I still visit his profile every now and then and remember him.
  10. how does a person like me go for an avatar?

    My credit is so messed up due to medical bills (and a few other things that were my fault) that when I found out that my info was one of the many hacked from Equifax (credit reporting company) I have been praying that someone would try to use it, see how awful it is, feel bad for me, and repair it for me, lmao!
  11. 50,000th post!!

    Good job, Moustache! (LMAO) Clearly, you have fantastic taste in shows, hahaha!
  12. It's so easy to fix

    Oh for the love of .....(shakes head) It's WITH each other, not ON each other. (Just wanted you to feel included)
  13. Can anyone tell me what the original camera settings are under the debug menu? (Yes, I fubarred them, lol)
  14. OutWorld email to inworld IM?

    This is not the only one, just an example. I've had one for years. Yes, you can initiate convos with other Residents from email
  15. I just realized how awful that sounds when put into RL context, lmao!
  16. The VaNiTy ThReAd

    HOLY CRAP, Clover!!!! Just,
  17. Omg, if only that would work in RL
  18. The Skill Games

    You clearly don't know anything at all about Tari. She is sweet, supportive (when it's realistic), and one hell of a person. I think that what you don't understand is that a lot of us have been here for a verrry long time and have watched all manners of attempts at making a RL profit in SL. Hell, a lot of us have tried it, (not me). I would say to you, go ahead, give it a try. Maybe you are the one out of the thousands who have tried that has the secret to SL success, I hope you are. When you come to the forums and ask for advice, you open yourself up to opposing views, but just because someone thinks differently doesn't mean they are attacking. Remember, you can't always judge a persons tone, or inflections from reading a typed message. It's easy to misjudge the emotion in the forum. I've been on both sides of that coin. Good luck in whatever you decide to pursue in your SL.
  19. Default avatars don't look too appealing?

    Which was usually worn on the OUTSIDE of the clothing, if they WORE clothing!
  20. Default avatars don't look too appealing?

    How could I possibly forget the torch??? LOL!
  21. Default avatars don't look too appealing?

    I wish I could find a pic of the female goth starter avie, that's what I had. Omg, we were soooo not sexy back then, lmao! These kids today think they have it rough, orientation island was uphill, both ways, in the snow. All we had for fun were sticks and rocks....lmao!
  22. RIP Harry Dean Stanton

    As a true teen of the 80's, whenever I think of him, I think of his role as the dad in Pretty in Pink
  23. Need an App Before I can start?

    Does it drive anyone else crazy when someone posts something like this, then never returns to follow up? I NEED CLOSURE, DARN IT!!
  24. Ah well

    So much for our warm, fuzzy start to the new forum. The egos, and attitudes have returned