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  1. Five word Story Game

    is heresy against David Bowie (I'm not a fan, I'm a GD DISCIPLE)!
  2. Who else came from other virtual world ie IMVU ?

    Sounds familiar, my RL best friend (since 3rd grade, mooons ago) moved from Michigan to Texas. I found SL, and we've hung out and done bestie stuff inworld for over 10 years now.
  3. Can I really be reported for this? This should be of help!!
  4. Five word Story Game

    requesting clearance for take off
  5. Five word Story Game

    now that I was bald
  6. What are you doing today!? :D

    Those eyes are GORGEOUS!
  7. Five word Story Game

    but a fantastic hair conditioner
  8. Five word Story Game

    so they added some mayo (snicker)
  9. Five word Story Game

    which is a foul beverage
  10. Today I learned ...

    @Dillon Levenque This prompted me to order some from the Netherlands! Can't wait!! Yummmmmmmm!
  11. Can I really be reported for this?

    My lucky rat tail! Just where I left it!!!
  12. Five word Story Game

    while dancing a spectacular merengue
  13. Five word Story Game

    unless it had extra bling
  14. Not Joking, Forums Helpful, Single or Not

    Exactly this! We all (mostly) know who Rhonda is talking about, and yes, I made a very snarky remark on his last post. If the OP had any clue as to the post history of this individual they might understand.
  15. Today I learned ...

    LOL, the Netherlands!
  16. Today I learned ...

    That is exactly where I had my first one!
  17. Can I really be reported for this?

    Oooo, another necro post!!
  18. A Derail Thread

    But naughts do naught go into guziintas!!! It will always end up naught!
  19. Five word Story Game

    I'll schnitzel your wiener, he
  20. A Derail Thread

    I prefer the "goes-intos"
  21. Today I learned ...

    I'd like white chocolate and black licorice (salted, of course) please!
  22. Five word Story Game

    because the reaper hates seafood!
  23. A Derail Thread

    Callum, I don't think I'd enjoy a salad covered in kitten fur
  24. Five word Story Game

    EXCEPT when they are asked
  25. Happy Chocolate Day!