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  1. Hey everyone! I haven't been here in quite a while, but when I saw this thread, I had to jump in, lol! The only fur I wear!
  2. WOW! If you don't mind my asking, where did you get your shape and skin? I promise not to clone you, lol!
  3. I never thought I'd miss George W. lol!
  4. I was lucky enough that when we switched from 8 hour shifts to 12 hour, we were given the opportunity to make our own schedules. Twice a schedule I get 8 glorious days off! It totally makes a difference in how I feel about my job, lol!
  5. When you get tired, or overwhelmed, it's perfectly okay to take a break. This is something all choir performers learn, and it totally fits.
  6. Well, I said I wouldn't do it again, lol! I also never thought this person would be back in my SL! I'm deliriously happy today!
  7. My favorite is from the Eddie Izzard Fan Club group, the tag is "Cake or Death" It's been a great conversation starter for years!
  8. I'll be at work in RL You guys have fun, though!!
  9. SO MUCH THIS!!! lol! Or, "You have such a sexy avie". It's almost never an innocent compliment.
  10. I absolutely love this thread, it gives me so many ideas, and such inspiration!!!
  11. I've dabbled in Meeroos in the past, they're just too adorable! When it got to be a hassle buying food and such, I packed it in. I may have a couple still in my inventory, I think I'll check!
  12. I know I've mentioned this in the past, but did you ever see the breedable shoes? Yes, you read that correctly, SHOES. That was a few years ago. The creator was an acquaintance, and tried to get me to invest. Weird, just weird, lol!
  13. Thanks!!! I just took my (my sons) avie and he now has more than one outfit!! lol!
  14. EXACTLY!! Skell is the only one I approached for help in creating a male avie for my RL son. I adore his sense of style!!!
  15. Wow, memoriessssssss, light the cornersss of my miiiiiiiiind. Okay, Bought my first home comp back in the '80s (some version of a Tandy color complete with dot matrix printer) instantly fell in love with the games (Leisure Suit Larry, Maniac Mansion, etc) then came dial up and I discovered chat rooms, used Prodigy, and all the typical stuff of the time. In the late 90's, David Bowie, being the ever forward thinking genius that he was, launched the ISP BowieNet, which was amazing for it's time. The chat on the Bowie website was always great, and the great man was known to lurk and even occasionally post! I eventually stumbled on SL around 2006 with my first avie whose name I can no longer remember https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/jan/11/david-bowie-bowienet-isp-internet
  16. The OP hasn't visited the forum since Feb 2017 ETA They no longer exist inworld, either.
  17. DARN! I was just hitting like, love, thanks, etc. I didn't even notice it was a decrepit old necro thread (facepalm)
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