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What are you doing today!? :D

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3 hours ago, Akasha Sternberg said:

So? It´s a trailer, trailer bathrooms are tiny and smaller... so she was sunbathing, had to go to the loo and then washed her hands on the way back out or after reapplying new sunscreen... ;)


Except if you wear this to sunbathe, you get tan lines ?


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Having an annimation glitch.  I was stuck in a stand position and 'stop all annimations' didn't fix it.  Thus I TPd away, which usually always fixes these kinds of things.  Instead I ended up in a handstand, kicking my legs back and forth.  I was able to 'stand' on a pose stand, but as soon as I got off of that, I was right back into the handstand.  It held no matter what other annimation I tried to play.  I don't think I even have a handstand annimation.  It took a relog to clear this one - I haven't had that happen in years.


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32 minutes ago, Coby Foden said:

Your log in was successful. Welcome to Second Life!
Aww... :S. But don't worry, this is not so bad as it might look. Your avatar will arrange itself shortly. Regards, LL. :D
:|. . .:(. . .:o

I seem to be seeing a lot more of that lately -- with others and myself.  It seems like mesh is much slower to rez these past couple of weeks or so.

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