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  1. (Retrieves the batteries, and orders out for dinner)
  2. Welcome home, Tex!!!!
  3. (yells through the door) DON'T COME IN, I'LL BE OUT IN A BIT, WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT THEN, I'M (cough cough) BUSY!!!"
  4. Clearly, using his brain before he speaks is not his thing
  5. Wow, not sure what YOU'RE looking at, she looks like a perfectly normal sized woman. Bet you're no catch, yourself.
  6. I loved that song when I was a kid, lol! I double, dirty dog dare you, Rhonda, lol!
  7. SWEET BABY JESUS!!!!! (runs to bathroom and locks the door)
  8. ROLLLLLL TIDE!! My alma mater!! I went to nursing school there!!! Bear Bryant is considered a God!
  9. I've popped in and chatted with him a few times, lol!
  10. @Nostoll, I hope you tipped our Talli well!!!
  11. (Looks left at Snuggs and right @Madelaine McMasters, sighs with exasperation) "MOMMMMMMM, THEY'RE BREATHING AT ME AGAIN".
  12. I LOVE Elizabethtown! When I was growing up, we'd (my parents and I) always stay at the Holiday Inn in Elizabethtown on our way down home to Tennessee and Alabama (where my mom and dad were from). It was kind our little tradition to always stop and stay there. It's such a pretty town!
  13. I like the way you think! lol!