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  1. I just realized how awful that sounds when put into RL context, lmao!
  2. The VaNiTy ThReAd

    HOLY CRAP, Clover!!!! Just,
  3. Omg, if only that would work in RL
  4. The Skill Games

    You clearly don't know anything at all about Tari. She is sweet, supportive (when it's realistic), and one hell of a person. I think that what you don't understand is that a lot of us have been here for a verrry long time and have watched all manners of attempts at making a RL profit in SL. Hell, a lot of us have tried it, (not me). I would say to you, go ahead, give it a try. Maybe you are the one out of the thousands who have tried that has the secret to SL success, I hope you are. When you come to the forums and ask for advice, you open yourself up to opposing views, but just because someone thinks differently doesn't mean they are attacking. Remember, you can't always judge a persons tone, or inflections from reading a typed message. It's easy to misjudge the emotion in the forum. I've been on both sides of that coin. Good luck in whatever you decide to pursue in your SL.
  5. Default avatars don't look too appealing?

    Which was usually worn on the OUTSIDE of the clothing, if they WORE clothing!
  6. Default avatars don't look too appealing?

    How could I possibly forget the torch??? LOL!
  7. Default avatars don't look too appealing?

    I wish I could find a pic of the female goth starter avie, that's what I had. Omg, we were soooo not sexy back then, lmao! These kids today think they have it rough, orientation island was uphill, both ways, in the snow. All we had for fun were sticks and rocks....lmao!
  8. RIP Harry Dean Stanton

    As a true teen of the 80's, whenever I think of him, I think of his role as the dad in Pretty in Pink
  9. Need an App Before I can start?

    Does it drive anyone else crazy when someone posts something like this, then never returns to follow up? I NEED CLOSURE, DARN IT!!
  10. Ah well

    You may be exactly right. I may have misread that. At least I learned something new!! lol!
  11. Ah well

    I came back to it specifically to see if there were any new replies.
  12. Ah well

    Oops, now I have to post another to return the settings, lol!
  13. Ah well

    It did!!!!
  14. Ignore threads

    Rhonda, try opening a new reply from you in the thread and turning off the notify of replies button then post. You can write something, or leave it blank. I think that should work! ETA, I'm trying that in another thread (one I wish I hadn't started), but won't know for sure till someone replies to it. ETA again to add, it worked!