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  1. I got the same message a while back. Since I hadn't emptied my trash in, ohhhh, FOREVER, I went ahead and clicked. Thankfully, I'm not missed anything important yet. Actually, now that I think about it, there are a few houses that I KNOW I didn't delete that are missing, but I guess it could be worse.
  2. Beautiful pic! I think the lighting enhances the mood, personally.
  3. I have a friend who quite frequently turns off all inworld messaging when she just wants to be alone. When you PM her, the message clearly states that she is not accepting any messages.
  4. I used the same giftcard the other day and had no issues. I did chat with the store owner because she accidentally sent me 3 cards (I returned 2 of them) She was on very late at night, or very early depending on your point of view, lol! (Eastern time for me) Not sure if that's her usual time on, but that's when I found her.
  5. Not sure if I prefer complex simplicity or simple complexity
  6. Fascinating topic! My RL brother and I have distinctly different versions of a couple different events from our youth, and to this day we "argue" about whose version is the real one! I imagine the truth is a mixture of both! As for mixing up SL and RL, I've also looked at things in RL and wondered about the prim count, lol!
  7. That's the cleverest back story I've heard to date!! Love it!
  8. Cake.....or Death
  9. Oh my.....(swoons) lol!
  10. Exactly! Who cares? It's a persons attitude, not their numbers or "rank"
  11. Interesting thought, Phil. I've been on both sides, off and on, throughout the years, and I never even thought about it. I don't know that I've ever known anyone that harbored those thoughts, either. If they did, they never said anything. Honestly, it seems like a really petty thing to have resentments over, in my opinion.
  12. They absolutely did!! The creator was an acquaintance of mine. She tried relentlessly to get me into it, but, yeahhhhh, breedable shoes.(Nuff said) lol!
  13. You seemed to have missed a very important event on April 13th. On that day, in 1973, David Bowie released the album Aladdin Sane!!!!
  14. LOL, I thought they were ridiculous!!!
  15. That the fact that, at some point in time, you could purchase BREEDABLE SHOES deserves its own thread. So there