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  1. Bless you, Alwin (you grumpy f*#k, lol! ), I think I found a fix in your links. I tried Googling, and came up with so many different things that didn't work. ETA: I could HUG you!!! The 3rd link seemed to contain the answer!!!! I have tried SOOO many that were just WRONG!!!!
  2. No go (sob) Here's a pic of my view
  3. Omg, lmaooo!
  4. I absolutely know this goes elsewhere, but I'm hoping to get an answer quickly, and I think more people look here, soooo, Does anyone know how to reset your camera angle to the default position (or a better one?) I've tried a few things that I Googled (and found in the knowledge base) but I don't seem to be doing something right, or whatever (Gah). I even tried a clean install of Firestorm hoping to rid it of the settings it's using. PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR POSTING THIS HERE!! I'm inworld and can't see in front of myself when I walk, it's looking downward (ugh) HELP!! lol
  5. OH BABY!! lol (weren't we just a mess back then?? LMAO)
  6. I spent the entire day snoozing today, so now I'm wide awake at 12:30 am. This is what happens when you work midnights. I've always been a night owl anyway, so no biggie, really. I just lost one of my beloved pet rats a few days ago (His name was Touille), so I'm spending extra time snuggling TidBit because he has to be lonely. (TidBit is the FATTEST rat in the world!! lol). Watching Bell, Book, and Candle (one of my absolute FAVORITE movies!) and snuggling a rat is my evening, lol! Here's a pic of my boys, Touille is on the left, TidBit on the right. TidBit is sooo much fatter now, lol! This really doesn't do them justice, Touille was a beautiful gray, double rex coat (semi bald) and TidBit (who is his son) is a gorgeous champagne colored single rex coat (very thick and curly/wavy). I "accidentally" had a litter of 13 babies, after a biologist mistakenly sexed the buddy I got for Touille as male. 12 babies plus the mother went to a rescue, TidBit was the only one I kept, he was such a tiny little pinkie, (hence TidBit, lol) Sorry for rambling about them, but I'm really missing Touille.
  7. We've had strange weather here, in Michigan, as well (But climate change is a hoax (facepalm)). The days have either been around 80F or 60F not much in between! We generally count on the last big snowstorm in April, (being in the southern part of Mich) but that's not even something to count on anymore.
  8. I sooo envy your life (Okay, the part you posted, anyway, lol)
  9. Absolute classic!!!!
  10. My RL best friend, SL sister(s) (her alts, lol) lives in Dallas, I live in our home state, Michigan. We've both brought up teleporting while on the phone.
  11. I think the second is my favorite!
  12. I remember when I first discovered SL, I was so totally clueless. I used to wander the grid and explore peoples houses not knowing that it was just plain rude, lol! It was so much fun in those days, everything was so new and amazing! I honestly had no idea what I had found, I came upon it entirely by accident, don't even remember how. I met an Italian guy who was also a newb and we wandered the grid together trying everything! (and I mean EVERYTHING, hahaha) Yep, good times!
  13. I don't have any pics of my very first avie, the one I originally rezzed with, but it was the femal goth avie (facepalm). This is the first modified version of Ais, though! (Bringing sexy back, lmaoo)
  14. Yep! That whole series was called Boys Keep Swinging
  15. I figured that since my 10th rez day is approaching, I should probably do a little thinning of the inventory. I came across the very first dress I ever bought! I had to go back to my old system avie to wear it, but what a hoot!