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  1. I had the spare tier, so I grabbed one. I like that you can choose between any of the houses and color it from among the decoration choices. On the 1024 parcels, the house footprint to yard space ratio is pretty high, 5.5 in my case. Inside the house feels like a comfortable amount of space to me, like I don't have to fill it up with a lot of stuff just to make it feel lived in.
  2. And at least give him a slice of bread at least. Right?..... Right?
  3. If the alpha mode drop down box is grayed out, then your texture is in fact not 32 bit and it has no alpha channel.
  4. Well, if it's a 32 bit file, and your alpha channel has white for everything you want to glow and black for what you do not, and you've enabled ALM, and you've set the object diffuse texture alpha mode to emissive, I don't know what else could be wrong.
  5. Are you sure your graphics editor is saving it as a 32 bit file? Photoshop asks when I save as tga if I want 32 bit or 24 bit.
  6. The title of this thread could actually be edited to read: Is there virtue in being a thief who steals happiness and contentment from others? To me, the answer is obvious.
  7. I like your photos. You always have a sophisticated, pensive look. Calm and introspective.
  8. Malcolm Crowe doesn't exhibit any feline qualities.
  9. Was Schrödinger wrong? I ask because doesn't the cat always know whether it's alive or not?
  10. If anyone views my use of SL askance, telling me "Oh I heard about that. It's all about sex." I'd love to answer "Try it. You may be surprised to discover that it can be all about whatever it is you actually look for."
  11. I talk about my SL, and its various aspects, with my immediate family. They've all known about it from the beginning. While dancing with friends at a club or hanging out at the weekly Breakfast gathering I attend, I'll sometimes relate something funny that was said in local chat. Even some of the things that happen here in the forums sometimes become a topic of discussion with one or more of them. I may detail current building or scripting projects in which I might be engaged. My closest friends are aware of my involvement in SL. No one among them thinks it strange or unusual. But then nearly all of us have played together, off and on, in a few table top role playing games for a long time.
  12. Remunerated Denumerator. This came to me as I still waking up this morning. My apologies for making up a word. I was stumped. I've been thinking about this one, off and on, pretty much since you posted it. What I had in mind for cake shooter was trifle rifle. I know it's a stretch, there being very little cake in trifle. Tart dart was cute. pillow talk >>>?
  13. I'm seeing a lot of things with straps around legs this month in different event offerings. I started wondering if it was a theme some were trying to follow. But It's probably just a trend.
  14. Ermehgerd! I have an alt at Truth. Looking for different styles. My height is 1.67. There's a dude next to me who's nearly twice that. Why?!
  15. I notice you say you've checked the color option. Does this mean you checked the face colors in the SL editor? I've recently had uploaded mesh be colored grey. It turned out that Blender colored it. I was able to change it to white in the Viewer edit tools color picker.
  16. Ward Moore wrote a favorite of mine in 1953, Bring the Jubilee.
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