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  1. You may be getting some unwanted Specular effect coming from a 32 bit Normal map via Specular Exponent. Check the bit depth of your normal map(s). If they're 32 bit and you don't need them that way, change them to 24 bit. If you want them to be 32 bit, carefully edit their alpha channels so that they are black everywhere except the wound(s) detail.
  2. I'm an introvert, INFP. I used to be very shy, a complete wallflower, and proactively avoided contact in-world. SL helped me to be a lot more outgoing, both in-world, and out in real space. I can engage in lengthy social interactions. It even feels very rewarding to do so, but I need a commensurate amount of time by myself afterward.
  3. Mine can be pretty high. I most often get demos for only the things that instantly interest me. But I do get adventurous and curious sometimes. Many of the demos I try lead to purchases. Every now and then a demo will have particularly irksome qualities, such as a short time limit, or intentionally disabled demo HUD color options. Those just go right into the bin.
  4. I've only ever dreamed about SL once. I can't say with certainty I was my avatar. I couldn't see myself and, as with many dreams, this one had a very nebulous quality. In it, I was me and she was her, or as close an approximation as my mind could make with everything she's described, so she wasn't her avatar, or perhaps she was a blend of her avatar and what she's told me. The dream had romantic overtones and some nice things had apparently happened, but not anything I could remember, not anything that was explicitly part of the dream. It was as if the setting had been described by some unseen, unheard narrator, and the tale began with the two of us on a picnic blanket. As far as in-world or not, I think it was just a peculiar blend of the two. The fact that we had chosen to place the blanket on the incline of a hillside might be telling. We sat there together, quite close to one another. I looked up at her suddenly, feeling very surprised. "Hey, how did you how to find me? I never told you my address." She just looked at me with a sort of gleeful, nefarious benevolence. There was more after that, but the strange specificity of it goes beyond the scope of this post.
  5. I don't understand the cyclical need for discussions here, drawing appreciable distinctions between human behavior here in SL, and in real space.
  6. When you friend someone, they are given a copy of your calling card. This is an inventory item which will ever after show your online status to those who possess it.
  7. An ongoing pet peeve of mine is how the build tool in Firestorm produces unreliable and unpredictable link numbers when linking together primitives and objects.
  8. When I want something to have glossiness, I rely solely on the Specular Map for it. I've seen the issues @Gael Streeter is seeing when using a normal map containing an alpha channel. In the wiki she references, the Specular Map is what controls shine and glossiness, along with reflected light colors. The alpha channel of the Normal Map provides a Specular Exponent, which to my mind suggests that it can have a very strong influence on the amount of shine, maybe having the corollary effect of making small compression artifacts much more evident. The fact that these "defects" do not appear when local textures are used, and hence contain no compression artifacts, seems to support this theory.
  9. I've had difficulties getting in there recently as well. I learned through the use of this tool that some of the ADITI regions are down. Specifying an up and running region at the login page helped for me.
  10. I've had this happen to me. HUDs will sometimes detach. It's hard to notice when it happens, and when I realize the HUD is no longer where it should be, I search my inventory for it. Each time it's been in the L&F folder.
  11. Bleargh. I stayed up too late, and had to get up early. I took a bit of a nap between then and now, but I still feel like I'm thinking through wads of batting. I hope coffee will help.
  12. If a you're going to insist on using timed demos, and really want to consider what a reasonable time limit should be, you might consider for how long you expect a potential customer to be in your store, spending their own time browsing through what's available. Even browsing through a Marketplace store takes time, collecting demos, going through the invoice process, rezzing in-world etc... I've had the experience of browsing through a newly discovered shop, liking what I saw and spending a good 45 minutes looking around and collecting some demos, only to get back home to try them on, look for quality; Fit, Texture, Movement; and find that I had five minutes to gauge all of this. It was insulting. Customers in stores are there to buy. How they are treated throughout the shopping experience can make or break a sale.
  13. I was glad to see, in the scripting function llSetAgentEnvironment(), creators can specify a transition time during which one environment will change to a new one. I hope creators take advantage of it and I look forward to seeing how it gets used. I'm going to experiment with it myself, to see what it looks like.
  14. During testing, I remember there being the ability to add a second satellite. It looks like this is no longer an option.
  15. While you can use any shape with a demo head, many people shop for a head based on how it looks in a vendor image, and want to use the included shape and tweak it to see how closely that head can approximate their look. If you wear one with some other shape, like the one you've been using for a while, you're likely to find yourself on a long road to what you're looking for, with no real idea if you can get there.
  16. I'm fascinated by feathers, especially longer, more ornate ones. It amazes me how something so complex and intricate originates, grows and matures from a single follicle. Peacock feathers, especially. Great photos too!
  17. You can clear things from your blacklist as they become unnecessary.
  18. I've learned that I won't actually go insane if I don't have periods of time wherein I can be truly alone. However, I did just get some over-ear, noise canceling headphones that I often use for SL and/or listening to music. More data may be necessary.
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