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How does your avatar look today ?


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43 minutes ago, Orwar said:

   And here we call them suddgummin.

Well, viskelær over in my place :D

Had to check out the AK Cleo L$1 head (since I already was a member of the AK group...) - combined with a red hair (LB Alias) I got from a lucky letter at Little Bones and some minutes of tweaking the slider, the result became this:


Must say that I'm VERY impressed with the skins included with the head (Body appliers were also included...)!

Not that I ever going to change my IW look, but IF I were to, this might be one of the better alternatives I've found so far...

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Does anyone by chance know how to make things not do that thing that my ears are doing? Where sometimes some invisible outline of them appears and interferes with certain things in the background by making them disappear or...whatever it's doing? >.< I get that effect with some hairs, too, and normally I go into edit mode on them and toggle the phantom option off and on; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. ._. I also noticed that, for this particular instance, it only seemed to be doing this when I played with brighter sky-presets in SL. >>

Mura_021_021 (3).jpg

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"Does this mean that I can do all kinds of stuff without anyone recognizing me?"

"Your name is written over your head, silly!"


I had to take the "new look" out for a photo before she is mothballed and I am back to my normal self :D


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