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  1. Hi. I do not edit my photos either, however I'm starting to do it but ahh I'm too lazy jajaj. I have a technician at Phootoshop and corel. I like it when I can edit my photos without so much work (and in phootoshop it can be done quickly, but if you want to add effects or something innovative, the time is longer). But I started uploading pictures of my avatar without any editing.
  2. What is your favorite photo editor? Personally, I prefer Phootoshop because it is very complete, however, there are times that I feel lazy when using it and I look for one online or use an application from my mobile. The online is www.fotor.com and the application is a photo editor / photo collage. Of course, both are not as complete as Phootoshop but for a quick edit they are very good. Only that I would like to change the application because now it is becoming very limited.
  3. Hi, I'm Ion I was also in IMVU and now I'm here in Sl. Although I am sincere in IMVU it is easier to make friends, the advantages that I found in SL is more than in IMVU. My hobbies: -Read -Listen to music -I play the cello -To draw -Photography -Watch Anime -Netflix and movies -Read mangas -Edit my avatar -Collect gifts I am a free avatar. Therefore I am not a shopping partner, but I am a great person. I speak Spanish, English and a little Italian.
  4. Hi, we can talk if you're interested. Find me on SL IonLorder
  5. Hi, I'm also looking for friends. I would love to be your friend.
  6. He estado visitando muchos sitios pero me gustaría saber ¿Que lugares me recomienda, ya sea para pasar un buen rato con amigos o disfrutar la vista?. El día de hoy quise usar cosas de fantasía.
  7. Hola a todos. Llevo hace ya unos meses en SL a pesar de que mi avatar fue creado ya hace unos 3 años.En los meses que llevo he tratado de conocer gente y poder hacer amistades pero no lo he logrado. Me gustaría saber que lugares recomienda ustedes para conocer personas y que me aconsejan. 😘😘 Muchas gracias.
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