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  1. Wow the memories!! I loved Curio Skins! I never knew that there was a Curio scandal, still don't know what happened. And I use to wear the heck out of my Nyte and Day outfits! Those were two of my favorite shops!
  2. I would be really interested in learning more about the roleplay. Is there a general backstory? Do you have any roles for D/s switches, or would you allow them to be in two roles. like Domme and submissive? I am a switch and I have a few slaves that I think would enjoy this roleplay as well, so some flexibility in roles would be nice. What are the expectations and rules within the roleplay for everyone, and what are the submissive and slave specific roles? I look forward to hearing more about your roleplay kingdom.
  3. My SL husband and I like to play with others, we text emote and roleplay D/s, BDSM, and sex scenes in detail, in semi-para to para rp depending on the scene and how much time we have. We don't voice or discuss RL while being intimate. We have a little family of slaves, subs, and pets that we include in our scenes when they are around. I am fine with little OOC interaction before ERP, sometimes he just tp's someone over and a minute later we are having fun. Within our family, we are all close and very bonded with each other and we also spend non-sexual time together, relaxing and enjoying being
  4. When you're excited about a post and then look at who posted it, and it just happens to be your SL Dad! 😅🤣 Hi Dad! I hope that you are collecting some lovely slaves! 👽
  5. Hi, I'm a hucow myself and I've opened up my little dairy farm and home for wayward livestock looking for a home. Message me in SL: Theresa Ravenheart. I belong to a few hucow places as well and would be happy to show you around!
  6. Just a simple HuCow caring for baby chicks.
  7. Been working on my character for Runeterra, photo taken at Runeterra (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunbronze/33/31/3505).
  8. Hi KoolaidH! I tried to find you in SL so I could say hi! We seem to have a lot in common, here's my post. I am Theresa Ravenheart in SL if you'd like to chat! I hope you are having a great day!
  9. Hello! I'm Theresa Ravenheart, and I've been in SL since 2005 (dead alt). I'm in SL to meet family & friends, grow, create, explore, and play. I adore gore, horror, the macabe, satanic, pagan, and goth aesthetics, the broken and the damned, fallen angels, and all things that go bump in the night. I'm a shapeshifter in SL, my shifting is an expression of my creativity, my moods & needs, and my shopping addiction. シ I have human, elf, demon, android, drow, furry, scalie, tiny, feral, and many more looks. I'm a disabled, artistic, spiritual, nerdy gamer that loves all things pink, y
  10. Hi! I'm Theresa and I have been in SL since 2010 on this avatar, my first and now deceased avatar is from 2005. I'm in the MST timezone but due to being disabled my sleep schedule can get seriously messy (I do try and fix it) but I'm online most days, usually in the SLT evening and late night. I am in SL to enjoy myself, explore, create, and hopefully enrich the lives of those I care about. In RL, I am interested in pc and handheld gaming, anime, watching Youtube, k-pop, k-drama, other cultures, kawaii and yami kawaii aesthetics, my wife and our furbaby Stinker, spirituality and meditation, an
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