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  1. Hi, I'm a hucow myself and I've opened up my little dairy farm and home for wayward livestock looking for a home. Message me in SL: Theresa Ravenheart. I belong to a few hucow places as well and would be happy to show you around!
  2. Just a simple HuCow caring for baby chicks.
  3. Been working on my character for Runeterra, photo taken at Runeterra (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunbronze/33/31/3505).
  4. Hi KoolaidH! I tried to find you in SL so I could say hi! We seem to have a lot in common, here's my post. I am Theresa Ravenheart in SL if you'd like to chat! I hope you are having a great day!
  5. Hello! I'm Theresa Ravenheart, and I've been in SL since 2005 (dead alt). I'm in SL to meet family & friends, grow, create, explore, and play. I adore gore, horror, the macabe, satanic, pagan, and goth aesthetics, the broken and the damned, fallen angels, and all things that go bump in the night. I'm a shapeshifter in SL, my shifting is an expression of my creativity, my moods & needs, and my shopping addiction. シ I have human, elf, demon, android, drow, furry, scalie, tiny, feral, and many more looks. I'm a disabled, artistic, spiritual, nerdy gamer that loves all things pink, yami kawaii, cute, space themed, and sparkly. I highly value honesty, directness, loyalty, compassion, open and loving hearts and minds, and being non-judgmental and accepting of others differences. I love to chat about space, aliens, art, the ancient world, metaphysics and epistemology philosophy, natural and cruelty-free living, gaming, K-Pop music (honestly it is the only kind of music I listen to), anime, and anything else. My SL hobbies and interests include spending time with my family, creating new avatar looks, shopping, taking and editing photos, roleplaying, decorating, horseback riding, medieval combat, sailing, flying, driving, building, texture creation, avatar modding, exploring, going on hunts and fun events, dancing, live music, visiting cultural places, 7 Seas Fishing, playing Krafties, breeding PlantPets, watching movies, playing games like Greedy and CAH, and more. I am usually up for most things! My RL hobbies and interests range from trying to learn Hangul and failing miserably, watching K-Dramas & K-Variety shows, arts & crafts, graphic design, digital and pixel art, traditional acrylic and watercolor painting, reading and listening to audio books, watching ASMR videos, collecting cute things and crystals, playing pc, console and handheld games, meditating, writing, roleplaying, and so much more. I'm in much need of a close and accepting circle of friends that don't mind if I show up human one day and a Tiny Jedi the next, that are open minded, accepting and all around neat people to be around. You can find me as Theresa Ravenheart in SL. ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノ
  6. Hi! I'm Theresa and I have been in SL since 2010 on this avatar, my first and now deceased avatar is from 2005. I'm in the MST timezone but due to being disabled my sleep schedule can get seriously messy (I do try and fix it) but I'm online most days, usually in the SLT evening and late night. I am in SL to enjoy myself, explore, create, and hopefully enrich the lives of those I care about. In RL, I am interested in pc and handheld gaming, anime, watching Youtube, k-pop, k-drama, other cultures, kawaii and yami kawaii aesthetics, my wife and our furbaby Stinker, spirituality and meditation, and eco-friendly and green lifestyles. In SL, my hobbies range from sailing and flying, GTFO! driving/deliveries, doing the weekly SL Drive, photography, building, decorating, horseback riding, medieval combat, family roleplay, playing games like Greedy, exploring sims, watching movies, dancing, and having fun. Currently I spend time in SL with my amazing Mother and family, or I'm off exploring, shopping, or standing around at home. I would love to form a close bond with a few friends or even add more family. Please IM me if you'd like to chat!
  7. I only communicate through text, I can throw headphones on and listen if it is a must...but I highly despise it and won't do it for long. I have fibromyalgia, which comes with sensory overload so listening to people rambling, kids screaming, dogs barking, and other noises can be very overwhelming. I have used voice in the past but I think it takes away from SL and the immersion. Also, my wifey and I share our bedroom/computer room, so me chatting away on voice while her and I are watching TV would be disruptive and rude to her and I'm sure no one wants to listen to us binge watching NCIS.
  8. I feel like a meanie now reading everyone's replies. 1. How liberal are you with the block/mute feature? I guess I am liberal with my block button compared to most here. It has a few objects on it, stores that I cannot unsubscribe from, but it is mostly people. I'm not in world now but I would guess that I have 20 to 25 people on it and 8 to 15 stores on it. 2. What sort of offending action does someone have to do to make it onto your list? It mostly has people that come to my home who are not invited and/or cause issues, they get added to the land ban list too. I live in a closed skybox and my land is not listed, plus I have had the land for 9 years. If you end up in my house you did it on purpose, its not an accidental teleport. To keep the sim nice, we don't use ban lines or restrict it by group (build is of course restricted to my group), and I just really hate security orbs. The rest on the list are verbally abusive people, creeps who don't understand no or send unsolicited (which they always are) below the belt pics, and jerks that I have come across in my 9-ish years here. Honestly I have taken very few people off my block list cause I just don't care to. To me, block/mute is a piece of mind and is a tool to aid my in-world enjoyment.
  9. It sounds like we have so much in common! My little prince and I would love to go exploring with you and your daughter, sounds like so much fun! I'll message you in world.
  10. I love Star Trek too! I have a really embarrassing story about getting so drunk at the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas and crying on Spock's space coffin. I'll message you in world!
  11. Thank you for the advise, I added my timezone and usually online time. Also thanks for the well wishes!
  12. Hiyas! I'm Theresa Ravenheart! I am on the search for some amazing gal pals, ideally they would be family oriented, accepting of families with Zooby and SL kids, open to other species and lifestyles, compassionate, silly, and all around good people. I am engaged to the most amazing man, Stevie Raizer, we have a 4 year old son, and we are also expecting! We live at the Cedar Creek Township, a Family RP sim, and we also are opening up a yoga and wellness center there. My SL hobbies are shopping (way too much), decorating, content creation, graphic designing, exploring sims, photography, modding and playing with various avatar looks, dressing up, having family dinners and roleplay, going to amusement parks, playing games like Greedy, horseback riding, going to live music events, dancing, watching movies or random youtube vids while cuddling, playing with Krafties, hunting Glytchs, killing zombies, roleplaying, and a lot more! As far as other interests, I am obsessed with K-Pop music (honestly it is the only kind of music I listen to), trying to learn Hangul and failing miserably, listening to ASMR videos and maybe making them in the future, Gothy Kawaii themes, meditation, crystals, witchy & pagan themes and practices, anything nerdy, geeky, and sci-fi, creative writing, and collecting cute things. My fiance and I have started planning for a big wedding in a few months but as I was thinking about it, I got really sad thinking about my bridal party because I don't really have a bestie or other women that I am close to in SL and it is something that I sorely miss. I am looking for people that I can show my totally goofy side, my nurturing and caring side, my sensitive side, my geek and nerd side as we discuss Star Wars lore, and more. I would love to have people to go shopping with, have Zooby and kids playdates, take photos together, eat a ton of ice cream and watch scary or sci-fi movies, and everything else that besties and friends do together. I mentioned that I would want people that are accepting of other lifestyles because my fiance and I are in a DD/lg relationship as well; it is something private for us (aka we keep it behind closed doors and away from kids) but I would love to have friends that are also babygirls; I would love to be around someone I can bond with, be silly and color with, go stuffie and clothes shopping with, and talk to about D/s stuff. As far as being accepting of other species, I am "usually" human with little elf/nymph ears but I have TONS of other avatar looks from feral animals, furry, anime, and more; so if any of those are big no's for you, we wouldn't be a great match as friends. Also, if you mostly use voice, we would also run into challenges since I rarely voice and honestly don't enjoy it; I don't mind listening to others voice from time to time. but I rarely talk on it. I don't expect anyone to fit a mold and be all of these things, friendship doesn't work that way; I just wanted to be as detailed a possible in the hopes of finding a bestie and more that I really bond with. I highly value honesty, directness, loyalty, compassion, open and loving hearts and minds, non-judgmental people, sensitive people, living a cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and green lifestyle, and happiness. I am currently living in the EST timezone but sometime within the next year I will be moving back home to Colorado (which is MST), however I am disabled so my time online is quite flexible; lately I have been getting on SL around 12pm SLT and staying on for a number of hours (way too many hours). If I sound like someone you would vibe with, please leave me a message here or contact me in SL (Theresa.Ravenheart). I look forward to hearing from you!!
  13. Before SL, I was in Habbo Hotel, There, MUDs/Mushes, WoW, TSO and a few others.
  14. Oh, I will have to try a controller instead of my mouse sometime. As far as my lights, I had my curtains open and it was a nice sunny-ish day, I also had a floor lamp turned on, but its like 8 feet from my system. I've never really thought about how light could impact motion sickness, I have never had motion sickness, so it's all new to me.
  15. I've never had a single motion sickness issue in SL, or in any FPS game, IMAX Theater, motion rides at amusement parks, or even when using the big old clunky VR booths at arcades. I do not get motion sick ever, but I do in Sansar. So I don't get it either.
  16. But I don't, and I wasn't using a VR headset. I do not suffer from any motion sickness, not in cars, boats, planes, 3D movies, or anything else. So yea...
  17. I just spent 30 mins or so exploring Sansar, without VR. The load times are horrid and I'm was using my newish i7 Alienware with 16gigs of Ram. Also, I want to throw up! I don't get motion sick easily or at all really, but first person view made me extremely motion sick, like green in the face, laying in bed while writing this, with a nauseous tummy, sick! So sick that I just closed it and uninstalled it. I know it's in its early stages and SL has changed a lot since the beginning, so it's logical that Sansar will too. I was in first person because I had to squint to read or see anything in third person...I have a 23in monitor, I shouldn't have to squint. 3rd person also felt choppy, like playing Morrowind 3 or something very outdated and running poorly on a new system. So both of the ways to view Sansar are unsettling, awkward, and leave a lot to be desired for me personally. I looked at the Sansar control webpage but did not find a way to zoom in when in 3rd person, but I could have missed it. Did I? It honestly reminded me of an updated and very pretty There, an old virtual world, but there was still more to do in There. I read the post about the "exciting" news about using the stupidly expensive Marvelous Designer for making clothes for Sansar. But I question if there would ever be a huge market in Sansar for clothing? If you are walking around in 1st person or in VR, you don't even see yourself and since there is not really anything to do there but look at things and talk to people, would you ever invest money in clothes there? Even if I got past it making me motion sick, I don't think I would put a single penny in it. I buy a lot of clothes and things in SL because I am "living" a virtual life there; going on dates with my wife, decorating my home, spending xmas with family, going skiing, or clubbing, killing zombies, or a million other things; there are clear reasons to have lots of different outfits in SL. I'm super curious about people opinions on the matter, creators and consumers. I'm a hobbyist content creator in SL; I make things I need or want, my family or friends want, or just for the sheer joy of building and creating. The professional tools and skills needed for Sansar make it discouraging and pretty much impossible for me; Maya and Marvelous Designer cost way more then I'd be willing to invest in a hobby or entertainment. I know Blender is an option, but it's something I am still learning and I find it a huge pain in the butt. The beauty of in-world creation tools is I can be spending time with my loved ones and friends while working, minus tabbing out to do something quick in PS, but if I'm on voice I'm still engaged with them. The thought of spending hours with my nose in Blender, an audio studio program, and who knows what else sounds more like work than fun to me. I know I'm not in the target audience for Sansar, I don't have a VR system nor have future plans to buy one. Also, I find walking around virtual places with very little interaction possibilities extremely boring! I want to "live" my virtual life, not just look at pretty things. The Star Wars experience was beautiful, the textures really stood out and looked amazing, but it only entertained me for 3 minutes max and there is no draw or incentive to revisit it. I wonder how long it took to create the whole experience? Is creating all of those models, sounds, textures, voice overs, and other assets worth a few minutes of mild entertainment? What is their ROI (return on investment)? I wonder how creators are planning on bringing visitors back after the first visit? I would think that the novelty of each experience would wear out quickly, it did for me. Just my two cents...and I still feel ill from the motion sickness. One day I might take a peak again, maybe...but doubtful. For now, my experiment and step into Sansar is over.
  18. Not even a little Gopi. You can click that little [x] and escape any situation, nothing can happen to your physical body and anything that effects your mental health, you are allowing it to happen by not leaving/blocked/closing SL. I am sorry, but being a female in SL can never, ever, compare to what it is like in RL!
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