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  1. Remember, that where people spend money or not, is their choice. No one forces anyone to buy or maintain ownership or rentalship of anything. It is a choice. And when a person makes that choice, they would be a fool not to realise the consequences of such.
  2. There are few who are able to govern themselves according to the guidelines. There are many who do not regard the guidelines simply because they are just that - guidelines. Guidelines are simply just that, to guide - and for the most part, they are not enforceable, thus why they are guidelines. We did all agree to the TOS in order to log into SL; however, not everyone reads the TOS or at least not enough to make it towards the end of it. We who have been in SL for eons, have seen the changes over the years to the TOS, so we are pretty familiar with it already. But the newer residents are not. I'm just adding my .5L here that's all.
  3. @Bitsy Buccaneer Haha! So glad to know that it's not just me! I don't have any problem with people using my land when I'm not there; however, I just do not want to know what they do! lol Every guest should always wipe after themselves, especially if they have done anything uh.. wipeable XD Woooo! Yours was a good idea too. Though I think that what really got their attention most likely was: 'Your name has been recorded.' I don't think people pay much attention to what is or what isn't a private residence anymore... I suppose that short sentence is TLTR hahaha
  4. I dislike ban lines very much. And I'd rather use the prim for something pretty other than wasting it on a security orb, so I don't use those either. I do not mind people visiting my land, not at all, even whilst I am not there. But, what I do mind is that they don't wipe the balls clean when they are done using my furniture. I came home one day and saw that the poseballs on my couch were left out. And they were left in the sexual poses. It annoyed me because they didn't clean up after themselves. This particular piece of furniture doesn't have it's own security system built in. So, what I did was make a 'moocher dector', by using a simple greeter. I don't like to ban people from my land, as Mainland is for all I've always believed, but I have no problem what so ever with shaming people off my land if they can't even wipe their balls clean when they are done! 😂
  5. Even old information is still relevant, it's called history. How something was originally done to how something isn't done anymore. Some people like to know the history of something or even the history of a information chain where there are different degrees of input to which can sum up the overall user ability factor of that function regardless if it's still active or not. Personally, if I am searching for a particular answer to a question, regardless if it's two to five years old, I still am interested in reading that thread. Because it can and it has provided me with answers of either using the right name for what I'm looking for or trying to do. Old threads are springboards of information that despite being 'dead' still provide even limit amount of information to whomever seeks such on the relevant topic. Some people would find it useful. Others would not. This is called individualized perception. Regarding posting to these 'dead threads' I do not personally, see a problem with this. If information is relevant to that thread then yes it makes sense to post it. Adding new to the old, where it's in a more suitable place than another thread where someone asks a question regarding that topic within the last year to have no replies to their question of: 'I have a computer and I use it to log on to Second Life. How do I make money to pay for my computer?' (or some such) And if there are replies to that thread then it will most often be people linking a previous thread on the matter that was dated from 2003. (It's early and the coffee hasn't sunk in yet). Anyway, if the issue here is necro posting clutters up the forum, then isn't posting about necro posting doing the same thing? Maybe a year to two years from now, someone will make another thread regarding this same topic. Making the whole 'anti necro posting' a reincarnated annoyance, one of the things that is being complained about by some. Locking down threads to prevent further comments on 'dead threads', LL has many times locked threads not to receive any further comments on threads that has caused more than a usual fair of forum drama. Or locking down threads with an explanation of 'Hey, thanks for your input! This thread is now closed!' So, if LL wanted to ultra police the entire forum that way, they would not have the time to work on the proper things for us... like the promise of giving us the ability to change last names.... whenever that 'later in the year' shall come. There are a lot of actual general user in-world features that could be worked on/fixed/implemented that would benefit the whole instead of the few. Personally, the former is far more appealing to me than the latter. This 'stop the necro posting' is surely not one of them.
  6. SL is not a game, it's a virtual world.
  7. I certainly agree with that - LL does need to start being more careful with what they promise, how quickly that promise will be delivered and giving us more of a this is what you will get if you do this - upfront.
  8. Give it a few years and we will know then, maybe, what is on offer if we do upgrade. Still waiting on the ability to change non display names.... '...later in the year' Suuurrreeeeee. Which year?! lol All in good fun, cause we're paying for it XD
  9. It's 2:56am and I'm sitting here replying to this long thread. Normally I wouldn't do this; however, from reading all the previous posts, I thought this would fill my self imposed quota for the week of being social. Salutations! I'm Asadora! I'm old! An ancient in-world and 42 in the physical world. I'm an anxious introvert with PTSD, but I use live streaming to help gain confidence in my own voice again. I find it really difficult to 'just' go out and meet other people, meet them well enough and long enough to actually have a productive conversation where each can share and learn from the experiences that they share. Btw, have you ever noticed that whenever you add the word 'just' to anything, it suddenly makes it easier... or at least most people think it does... well it doesn't. I'm a self taught builder. I actually enjoy sorting through the abyss that is my inventory, it truly is like orgasmic candy for my brain. I love all things brainy, it's just the social aspect of that brainy where I tend to have problems. So, that's all me! Oh, and I also have therapy once a week, so any one thinking that I wouldn't be the good friend material, don't be scared of the fact that I have mental health issues. That is what the therapy in the physical world is for!
  10. My land is in Urqhart, Corsica. I own both sides of Trendone Rd in this part of Corscia. I bought this land a year and a half ago. I love the rolling hills around and being able to look out at the back of my Epic Tree House to see the ocean. My land is 5056sqm at the max of me and my land alt's tier levels at $17 USD a month. I am a true Mainlander. Love all things about Mainland, the good, the bad, the ugly and the questionable. I tend to use natural terraforming skills to create a more realistic organic flow around me. I'm very proud of living on Mainland and being able to show it to others, so thank you for this thread! Anyone is welcome to come for a visit:) The Epic Tree House and most of the landscaping I hand built and lived streamed myself doing it and I enjoyed every minute of doing it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Urqhart/212/95/31
  11. More like years away:-p This time next year we'll be still waiting for the superdupershineynewpremium. XD
  12. Back in my younger rez days, I used to be quite a busy person, managing a full residential region sim for ten years, teaching myself how to build, using non erotic roleplay sims as an outlet for the starving writer inside me. A couple of years ago, things changed for me in SL and in my physical world. Now, I mainly keep to myself, tend to my own land and continue to build and maintain my lil shop in Satori. For the last two years; however, I have been streaming my building sessions on Youtube, and it's been quite therapeutic for me. I am a very anxious introvert and honestly, I just have no 'umph' to try to go beyond my comfort zone to be social in-world; Either it's the wrong places or the wrong type of people or... it's just me being me that is a problem. Or maybe I just have forgotten how to be social in Second Life, not that I'm any better at it in the physical world mind you. So, yes I'm a loner in SL but at least I can share my SL through streaming and it helps me to gain confidence in my voice again, whilst I help people build a better Second Life for themselves. Thank you to the OP for this thread! Kind Regards and Happy Mainlanding
  13. Lines that annoy me the most... ban lines... badda bing! XD
  14. There is an undo feature....it's ctrl+z ..... so no need to ask for it - we already have that ability:)
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