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  1. Oh dear me. Aren't you making an assumption yourself about me? Here is some positivity for you: I'm absolutely happy to continue living my life not defending my emotions nor words to someone who has a forum title of 'newbie'. If you would like to continue this inspiring debate regarding the pods themselves, please do contact me in world. I would utterly love to sit down and have a chat with you. And have an awesome day!
  2. Good evening, Hi, Hello, How are ya'll? If you are looking for updates: The Pod Riders Group in-world - We have an update and Q&A chat time in group, so far it's been happening at 2pm EST (11am SLT) We also have an official discord server - the link is in group notices. Please don't be offended upon joining the in-world group and the answer to your question is: Check Group Notices - consider it your welcome to the group! I want to thank everyone who has sent their well wishes to Yavanna. All the IMs and notecards of thanks and support, will be copied and pasted in
  3. What Yavanna sells is on the MP and it's a complete Pod Tour system for sims. Here is the link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/YavaScript-Pod-Guided-Tour-System-V50/226138 and this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/YavaScript-Pod-Guided-Tour-System-V33/226164
  4. Thanks, @ChinRey - I emailed Yavanna with a copy and paste of Patch's post. Because, with all the messages of support to Yavanna, her offlines will get capped, if not already have.
  5. As of where things stand now this is what is important to know: Pod stations are remaining where they are. But pods won't go out onto the road by themselves without a rider. If you take a pod from a station, you can still ride it but once you leave the pod the pod will vanish within 5 mins instead of carrying on it's route like it normally would. The ferries are working as they normally do, for they weren't on the same system as the pods. All Yavanna has to to, and these are her words, is to flip the switch back to on located on her server, in order to allow the pods to run
  6. About the Pod Stations themselves as well as the Pod Stops, a big majority of those areas have been sponsored by the land owners of which they are placed. People who have wanted to host a pod station or pod rest in aid of making the pods more accessible to everyone on Mainland. Once this is requested to Yavanna, she creates the station or pod stop - again this shows just how integral the Yava Pods are. Regarding the rezzing on demand - yes the pods themselves can be rezzed on demand from any pod station. You go to a pod station, you don't want to wait for the next pod to appear, you clic
  7. We in the Pod Riders group, Yavanna's official pod group, are not planning to 'fight city hall'. What we aim to do is to show how important the pods are to us, share our experiences with the pods in a positive way. Yavanna has always been open with us, letting us know what was broken, what was added and things of that nature. We support her and will continue to do so, but in no way shape or form will we spread negativity or 'fight city hall' mindset in her name, or for the pods or even for Mainland itself. https://modemworld.me/2020/08/21/yavascript-pod-tours-mainland-operations-suspen
  8. I am a moderator for the Pod Rider group in-world. I am not here to advocate for what is right or what is wrong. So, if you do reply to this, then I hope it is in the same positive mindset of which I am sharing here. I have been a lover of the Pods for a long time. I have used them to explore Mainland. I have seen things that I would not know existed without riding a pod. I have met other residents on Mainland because of a common interest of Mainland through the use of the pods. As a long time resident of SL from 2006 I have been apart of different communities, but the pod rid
  9. I have a youtube channel where I record/stream either my building sessions in SL, building and inventory tutorials and sometimes just general SL life lessons. I've had my channel for over a year with 270 active videos. Personally, I find that sharing my experience and knowledge of being in SL for 16 years is not only helpful to others but therapeutic for me, as it helps me manage some of the communicative issues I have that stems from my diagnosed PTSD. I don't use editing software. I like to keep things raw and organic, because the physical world isn't perfect and certainly not SL. S
  10. If you are using Firestorm, you can derender what you think is ugly. You can either derender it temporary and it will show up again the next time you log in or re-teleport back to your land. OR you can derender -forever- meaning that you'll never ever see it again:)
  11. The new logo reminds me of a Windows Store app. I prefer the old one.
  12. Oh yes, I know that - but public shaming is much more fun:) I like getting the notification when someone has used my furniture, then I can IM them and ask them if they had fun and the next time to please clean up after themselves:)
  13. My auto return is set to 1 minute. I was meaning after they use my furniture that they don't de-rez my balls or props from the furniture.
  14. I made a moocher detector to shame those that use my furniture and not de-rez anything afterwards. I don't like coming home to a mess of rezzed from furniture stuff. I don't mind who visits my land when I am not there, but I do mind when they don't clean up after themselves. I've had a couple of snoopers over the years, just standing on my land, watching me (before the feature of not seeing avatars on parcel) and not responding to my IMs. I soon realised that I actually enjoyed that so it doesn't bother me anymore. I suppose in that regard, that I've developed a fetish for it. I've le
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