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  1. I have a youtube channel where I record/stream either my building sessions in SL, building and inventory tutorials and sometimes just general SL life lessons. I've had my channel for over a year with 270 active videos. Personally, I find that sharing my experience and knowledge of being in SL for 16 years is not only helpful to others but therapeutic for me, as it helps me manage some of the communicative issues I have that stems from my diagnosed PTSD. I don't use editing software. I like to keep things raw and organic, because the physical world isn't perfect and certainly not SL. So, I just wanted to say that not everyone who has a Youtube channel does it for likes and promotes (not saying anyone above me is); I'm speaking in general terms. Some people just want to be able to share their SL in a way that is prolly safer for them to do so, on a personal level. I don't even have my Youtube channel listed in my in-world profile as I use a different name on Youtube. I know that's weird, having a channel and yet not openly advertising it. I can't explain it. It just is what it is. Kind Regards
  2. If you are using Firestorm, you can derender what you think is ugly. You can either derender it temporary and it will show up again the next time you log in or re-teleport back to your land. OR you can derender -forever- meaning that you'll never ever see it again:)
  3. The new logo reminds me of a Windows Store app. I prefer the old one.
  4. Oh yes, I know that - but public shaming is much more fun:) I like getting the notification when someone has used my furniture, then I can IM them and ask them if they had fun and the next time to please clean up after themselves:)
  5. My auto return is set to 1 minute. I was meaning after they use my furniture that they don't de-rez my balls or props from the furniture.
  6. I made a moocher detector to shame those that use my furniture and not de-rez anything afterwards. I don't like coming home to a mess of rezzed from furniture stuff. I don't mind who visits my land when I am not there, but I do mind when they don't clean up after themselves. I've had a couple of snoopers over the years, just standing on my land, watching me (before the feature of not seeing avatars on parcel) and not responding to my IMs. I soon realised that I actually enjoyed that so it doesn't bother me anymore. I suppose in that regard, that I've developed a fetish for it. I've learned a lot about people's behaviour whilst living on Mainland which has made me better able to adapt so I'm thankful for that. In SL no one really 'owns' anything, cept for the connection that our ISP provides that we pay for in order to connect to the Internet and SL. And by 'owning the connection' I mean regarding the user side, the computer/laptop, keyboard/monitor(s) the physical aspect; stuff that we paid for in order to be on the Internet to get to SL. Second Life is what a person makes it. If a person makes it crappy for other people, then mute that person. If someone rezzes out a questionable build next to your parcel then derender it all. At the end of the day, we all log on for different reasons. No one has the right to make another person feel like crap, but the power to prevent that is always in our hands. As in the physical world the same is true for the virtual world: If it doesn't seem right, feel right or makes you feel uneasy then pay attention to your gut because it's normally always 100% spot on. My heart belongs to Mainland. Sim crossings and all! 😆
  7. I suppose the old residents that are coming back, does not want to contend with banlines and moochers in their house, thus reason for a region. Or some people who are already in-world have issues in their RL that is allowing them to spend more time from home and they have unexpected money so they want to increase their SL empire. Or new resident noobs that have all these wonderful beautiful plans on what to do with a region, and then in a couple of months realise that it's too much effort and money to keep up so they'll stop owning. But regardless of reasons, it's good to see more people having attention again in SL, but don't be surprised if more than half of them end up considering SL the 'new' Adult Friend Finder. 🤣
  8. Use the 40 quid on hair, shoes and clothes instead! I realise this is a late reply but well, that's my input lol
  9. I'm glad that legacy names aren't returning. For us oldies, it wouldn't be right to have some young whipper snapper show up with a legacy name. Just... wouldn't be right. That's just my feel on it.
  10. I've responded to IMs in the past with 'Nope, sorry can't remember' when in fact I could. Usually it's from someone that I either forgot to block.
  11. ...later in the year... whichever year that will be! lol
  12. Don't say that! Someone might actually want that to happen! It would mean a Time Travel and we just aren't ready for that yet!
  13. Oh yes good point! Plus, we'll be getting our stimulus checks soon! lol
  14. Hah. I guess people will have to actually go by rez dates now to read the actual 'cool' factor of the person. (jk) Seriously, I'm glad this has finally come
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