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  1. SL is not a game, it's a virtual world.
  2. I certainly agree with that - LL does need to start being more careful with what they promise, how quickly that promise will be delivered and giving us more of a this is what you will get if you do this - upfront.
  3. Give it a few years and we will know then, maybe, what is on offer if we do upgrade. Still waiting on the ability to change non display names.... '...later in the year' Suuurrreeeeee. Which year?! lol All in good fun, cause we're paying for it XD
  4. It's 2:56am and I'm sitting here replying to this long thread. Normally I wouldn't do this; however, from reading all the previous posts, I thought this would fill my self imposed quota for the week of being social. Salutations! I'm Asadora! I'm old! An ancient in-world and 42 in the physical world. I'm an anxious introvert with PTSD, but I use live streaming to help gain confidence in my own voice again. I find it really difficult to 'just' go out and meet other people, meet them well enough and long enough to actually have a productive conversation where each can share and learn from the experiences that they share. Btw, have you ever noticed that whenever you add the word 'just' to anything, it suddenly makes it easier... or at least most people think it does... well it doesn't. I'm a self taught builder. I actually enjoy sorting through the abyss that is my inventory, it truly is like orgasmic candy for my brain. I love all things brainy, it's just the social aspect of that brainy where I tend to have problems. So, that's all me! Oh, and I also have therapy once a week, so any one thinking that I wouldn't be the good friend material, don't be scared of the fact that I have mental health issues. That is what the therapy in the physical world is for!
  5. My land is in Urqhart, Corsica. I own both sides of Trendone Rd in this part of Corscia. I bought this land a year and a half ago. I love the rolling hills around and being able to look out at the back of my Epic Tree House to see the ocean. My land is 5056sqm at the max of me and my land alt's tier levels at $17 USD a month. I am a true Mainlander. Love all things about Mainland, the good, the bad, the ugly and the questionable. I tend to use natural terraforming skills to create a more realistic organic flow around me. I'm very proud of living on Mainland and being able to show it to others, so thank you for this thread! Anyone is welcome to come for a visit:) The Epic Tree House and most of the landscaping I hand built and lived streamed myself doing it and I enjoyed every minute of doing it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Urqhart/212/95/31
  6. More like years away:-p This time next year we'll be still waiting for the superdupershineynewpremium. XD
  7. Back in my younger rez days, I used to be quite a busy person, managing a full residential region sim for ten years, teaching myself how to build, using non erotic roleplay sims as an outlet for the starving writer inside me. A couple of years ago, things changed for me in SL and in my physical world. Now, I mainly keep to myself, tend to my own land and continue to build and maintain my lil shop in Satori. For the last two years; however, I have been streaming my building sessions on Youtube, and it's been quite therapeutic for me. I am a very anxious introvert and honestly, I just have no 'umph' to try to go beyond my comfort zone to be social in-world; Either it's the wrong places or the wrong type of people or... it's just me being me that is a problem. Or maybe I just have forgotten how to be social in Second Life, not that I'm any better at it in the physical world mind you. So, yes I'm a loner in SL but at least I can share my SL through streaming and it helps me to gain confidence in my voice again, whilst I help people build a better Second Life for themselves. Thank you to the OP for this thread! Kind Regards and Happy Mainlanding
  8. Lines that annoy me the most... ban lines... badda bing! XD
  9. There is an undo feature....it's ctrl+z ..... so no need to ask for it - we already have that ability:)
  10. I wonder what will come with this Super Shiney Premium Level membership as well... but as the Lindens say... '...later in the year...' But they never say which year! However, until it happens here is my crack pipe wish list: An increased bonus tier Increase on weekly stipend at least 100L more a week More pick tabs in profiles Better, less primmy and actually usable premium gifts - one every month or at least a different one every six months with the option to 'catch up' on the previous one that was missed Return to the option of being able to purchase a quarterly membership for the super shiney premium level That concludes my little crack pipe wish list:) Woooo 'later in the year' whichever year that will be
  11. The quarterly membership was their most popular plan, as stated on the premium membership page - though not sure if that lil graphic of 'most popular' is still on there or not. I had my land alt on quarterly, but I will be downgrading her back to basic, keeping my main at premium only.
  12. I get L$500 a week and I'm premium. Before I became premium, I had a stipend of L$50 a week on basic. The join window for residents getting that was very short back in 2006 and I was just lucky to have discovered SL on one of them days. If LL increases the stipend from L$300 for premium memberships (the new ones ) then I would hope that they would raise the stipends across the board for all premium memberships - and maybe call the 'old old' accounts stipend 'pensions' instead of stipends - that would be cool:)
  13. WOOO! I just now saw this! Yay!!! We were listened too! Woooo!! And out of all the things that upset us the most was the 'group thing' it shows how much we do communicate with each other, find each other, meet and socialize with each other through groups. SL will be forever the social experiment that it first was all those many years ago. It may have all started with a cube; however, it will continue with the Human need to socialize and communicate with one another. Thank you, LL!
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