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How does your avatar look today ?


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3 hours ago, Clover Jinx said:

The kitsune in color. I'm about ready to strip down to my alpha to at least try and grab demos from Epiphany.

Oh damn...its time for Epiphany again? Is it even possible to *realistically* get on that sim?

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Thanks Clover for the complements.9_9 I couldn't have done it without all the help on the forum, and in world!!!

My latest clubbing outfit, fresh today!!! One taken inside Bond's Aston Martin. I'm getting bolder.......

The other on the quayside. Both at the Glam Affair sim, which I love..........................



secondlife 68.jpg

secondlife 70.jpg

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Today I asked the lovely Catrie what I should wear, and after her advice and some inventory searching that involved me trying to find something not black, red or purple and lot's of "What is this" I came up with this dress, add the hair, lighten the makeup and take a shot that I actually am very happy with and I have to say... Cat has a great eye the entire look was great!


I keep this updated more with random antics as of late, but I'm trying to remember to post here as well https://flic.kr/ps/3mrNjS

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18 hours ago, Akasha Sternberg said:


Talli - ABSOLUTELY!!!!!! Bloody awesome in total^^

Night- thanks hun *-* keep up the awesome work


Thank you!!! :x:x:x

Each photo I post here should have a redirect to Flickr and there you can find the credits for the stuff I have on ;)

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