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  1. I can see why you would thing Magika, but I didn't see this style.
  2. Who does this hair? Thanks for any help.
  3. Oh derp, just figured it out 😊
  4. Hello! I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Trying to do BOM for Lara X. I enabled it in the HUD, took off my body alpha, put on a BOM skin AND..........my body is invisible. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!
  5. The beauty of SL is that peace is but a TP or mute away lol. Drama and toxicity can be found in every corner of the internet as many have already said. I personally don't participate in it and go to my happy place and decorate my house!
  6. I can't afford land/my own house in RL unfortunately BUT I can in SL!! I really enjoy decorating/landscaping and having a place to call my own!
  7. So I've accepted the fact that I kinda suck at terraforming. My question is how do I (a terraforming idiot) know if it's because I suck and don't know what I'm doing to get the desired effect or it's just not possible due to possible land restrictions? I do have mainland waterfront and I'm trying to raise my land along my water front just a bit and can't seem to get there. Is there a SL Terraforming master class???? lol Pic below my land extends underwater to the start of that ugly green thing. Any help appreciated.
  8. My first thought was Doux, but unless I'm blind (which is possible lol) I didn't see it. Thanks for any help!
  9. I even have it down to one particular area, but I don't see anything
  10. I've been looking around and I see nothing, but yes the only place I've noticed it is at home and I can't see that it's attached to me. I there a way to do an area search that I'm missing?
  11. Hello! SO I had this bumper attachment called MrEploit's Super Kick Bumper. If someone runs into you it kicks you far away or some such.....the thing is it kicks me when I walk around and bump my couch lol The frustrating part is that I thought I didn't have it attached anymore and it doesn't show on my current outfit and it actually does show up when I search for it in my inventory either, but I keep getting tossed up to my second floor on the regular :o( I've tried Avatar Health Stop Animations and revoke permissions but that hasn't helped. Not sure what to do...........anyone?? Thanks. Oh and I get this when I get tossed:
  12. Hey all....anyone have an idea where this hair is from? Looks like it's a pony tail style. Thanks for any assistance!
  13. Shopping spree at WarPaint lol, shadow and lashes in this pic
  14. Thanks for the help! I actually found some by a brand called Loies on the MP.
  15. Hello! I'm wondering if anyone knows where I could find the nails below? Thanks for any help in advance!
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